The dumbbell is a bodybuilding accessory which consists of asmall bar and two heavy objects at each end. It is used for straining the muscles of the upper body, such as the biceps, the triceps, those shoulders, the chest, etc. Its main advantage compared to other weight training equipment is the fact that it is the least bulky of all, so easy to store. You can also take it with you anywhere, especially if it’s adumbbell adjustable by a wheel. However, each model has its specificity and that complicates the choice if you want to buy it. So, to help you quickly find the one that meets your requirements, we have written abuying guide for you that explains in detail the different criteria to be observed during its purchase. But before we start this paragraph, we will describe the most recommended dumbbells right now.

What is the best dumbbell?

To buy the best dumbbells in the market, you will have to follow some simple recommendations. Of course, do not worry, because anyway, we will give you a complete comparative list with the best options you can buy today. And they are all very economical.

The first thing is to choose the material. We recommend dumbbells are made of urethane, which is very resistant and of high quality. Then there is the SBX and the rubber, SBX being the preferred one because it is more durable than the second. Finally, the steel ones are quite classic, attractive and traditional but can be hard with the hands. Apart from that, you should look for them in adjustable weights that can go from 1 to 50 kg. Thus you will have a wide range of exercise possibilities.

Also, think about the type of routines you plan to do since there are more ideal models for certain activities.

Mirafit Hex Dumbbells Set

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Do not be fooled, this product is not only the weight rack but comes with a set of 10 or 11 hexagonal dumbbells in weights from 1 to 12.5 kg. It is an excellent set.

PROIRON Adjustable Dumbbell Weights

PROIRON Steel Dumbbell with Walnut Handle - 20kg Adjustable Dumbellsweights Set for Men Women, Hand...
  • Innovative adjustable dumbbell set made of solid steel and walnut wood.
  • Solid steel handle with solid walnut wood grip.
  • Solid steel spinlock collar with our unique double anti-loose design.
  • Walnut dumbbell trays are perfect combination for the dumbbell set wherever home or office gym.
  • Remember to add the trays to shopping cart and you get a pair of walnut dumbbell trays £5 off!

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If you like durability and elegance, this set of 20 kg dumbbells made with solid steel handle and walnut is ideal. It has a secure closure and for those are dumbbells for home or office.

Capital Sports Hexbell Dumbbell Pair of Weights

CAPITAL SPORTS Hexbell dumbbell 35 kg
  • Two solids Lenker Small 5 kg for body building, cross training or functional training | cover made of hard rubber thick and...
  • When waxed wind and weather: Suitable for use to the outside | colour: black
  • Weight embossing in the handle for quick recognition within the set | head of the handlebar Hexagon Head: A Secure Grip for such...
  • That's biceps bank, cross training or functional training, with the handlebars Pic Coli Hexbell capital Sports you will always...
  • In a rugged rubber armour, holding there are two hearts Iron balanced, the the Hexbell dumbells your weight. With Hexbell, is...

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We bring you these two dumbbells of the CapitalSports brand of 12.5 kg each, made with hard rubber and bar made with black steel and grooves. They are good for the outdoors and even CrossFit. They will improve your metabolism.

ScSPORTS – Briefcase with weights and chrome dumbbell

ScSPORTS Chrome Dumbbell Case Set - 15kg
  • 2 x short dumbbell bars with screw thread and a diameter of 30mm
  • 4 x screw locks
  • 8 x 1kg weight discs
  • 4 x 0.5kg weight discs
  • Plastic case with handle

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Nothing better than having several adjustable dumbbells with short bar with thread lock with a diameter of 30 cm and even a great transport box. It has 8 discs of 1 kg and 4 of 0.5 kg.

Leogreen – dumbbell set

Leogreen - Ladies Weights, Coated Fixed-Weight Dumbbells, Dull polish, Pink/Purple/Blue, 22 lbs,...
  • ✅ Practicality: Suitable for individuals and professionals Very handy: dumbbells are differentiated by sharp colors and marked...
  • ✅ Fitness tool to keep fit, also recommended by health professionals and professional athletes Non-slip and high quality...
  • ✅ Function: Practical fitness tool helps you exercise your arm muscle and your abs Can be cleaned with a wet cloth or a damp...
  • ✅ Convenient to use: Specifically designed for indoor use, especially used in the exercise room The rust-proof material and...
  • ✅ Weight set: (2x) 1 kg (2x) 1.5 kg (2x) 2.5 kg

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A varied set of weights with 2 pairs of 1 kg, another of 1.5 kg and the third of 2.5 kg. They come in various colours and are made of cast iron. They bring ABS base to place them neatly.

What is dumbbell?

A dumbbell, and not “one” as we often hear it, is an instrument made up of two discs or balls linked by a bar that can be grasped by the hand. This equipment is used during weight training or fitness exercises in order to add an additional load to the movements carried out, and thus to increase the difficulty of the exercises.

Among the best-known dumbbell exercises, we can do the biceps curls, lateral elevations, bench press, kick back, or even pullovers. This bodybuilding equipment thus allows working the biceps, triceps, shoulders and pectorals, but also the back, thighs, buttocks, calves, abs. A dumbbell is a tool which allows strengthening all the muscles of the body!

dumbbells with case

Why buy dumbbells?

It’s very simple, you will have a multitude of possible exercises to start with, so it will be impossible for you to feel a boring habit when you use them. After we can also say that the dumbbells do not only muscle the biceps and are not used only to lose weight. It is said that they also contribute to the good health of the heart, bones, muscles and organs because obviously sport is good for the body. And economically it will take away the price you can pay for indoor sports which are far too expensive these days. In addition, gyms can demotivate beginners by seeing others succeed where they fail. So we can say that dumbbells have many advantages which we will use to progress quickly and at our own pace.

Different types of dumbbells

On the fitness and bodybuilding market, you will find many models of dumbbells:

Fitness dumbbells for women

Weighing generally between 0.5 and 5 kg, the “fitness” dumbbells are intended for all those who wish to tone their body as part of fitness at home. They are also used in physiotherapists’ offices for the purpose of rehabilitation. Composed of a cast iron core covered with plastic-type vinyl or neoprene of multiple colours, they offer a comfortable grip, do not damage the floors and are easy to clean.

Rubber dumbbells

These dumbbells are more and more present in the weight room. We appreciate their robustness and the range of available loads, generally ranging from 2.5 to 50 kg. Again, easy to clean, the rubber provides good protection and greatly reduces noise in the event of an impact, and their hexagonal shape prevents them from rolling.

Adjustable dumbbells with cast iron discs

Widely used, these dumbbells are also a good choice for a training at home, especially if you live in a house or on the ground floor. Almost indestructible, we appreciate the fact that you can quickly change discs thanks to the easy to screw/unscrew nuts. On the other hand, beware of cast-iron discs which can cause damage in the event of a fall!

Automatically adjustable dumbbells

The automatically adjustable dumbbells are the ultimate for your workouts. With adjustable resistance, they suggest you go from 2.5 to 24 kg in a fraction of a second. Taking up little space, this is obviously the pair of dumbbells you need if your budget allows.

rubber coated dumbbells

How to choose a dumbbell set?

When you start your research, you will quickly notice, there are a very large number of dumbbells which all offer very specific characteristics.

Finding the right model is therefore not an easy task, which is why we wanted to support you by explaining to you in detail what are the points to examine very closely when choosing a dumbbell.

Materials of the discs and the coating

Among the dumbbell kits that you can find for purchase, the manufacturers have provided several types of discs as well as several levels of quality. Here are the different types of weight training discs:

  1. Rubber discs containing sand. They are often mounted on cheap dumbbells and offer a shorter lifespan than cast iron. If you’re on a budget, a dumbbell kit like this is best. But be careful to take good care of these discs which are more fragile than the others because they can tear if they are thrown too suddenly on the ground.
  2. Classic cast-iron discs. It is the best selling dumbbell set model in the world. It shines by its longevity but be careful when you put the weights on the ground. If you practice on tiling the discs can crack or damage the ground, think of placing on the ground a weight training floor mat which will absorb part of the weight of the discs.
  3. Cast iron discs covered with rubber. This is the top of what you can find on the market and they incorporate all of the best dumbbell sets. The weight is distributed evenly on the disc, and its coating makes it safe for the floor and makes no noise when your dumbbells touch. Quality at a price, however, and a bodybuilding kit of this type is often the most expensive.


The dumbbell is weight-lifting equipment that will require you to use a lot of physical effort to handle it.

It must, therefore, be as ergonomic as possible so that sport remains a pleasure for you and in no way becomes a chore.

You should, therefore, take the time to study the ease and comfort of using your dumbbell before ordering it.

Obviously, a brand will not tell you clearly that the model it offers is not ergonomic, however, there are some clues that allow you to know more about it.

Disc stop

The so-called disc stopper is the part of the dumbbell used to lock the cast-iron weights on each side of the bar to prevent them from sliding out of the bar. This element which may appear as the detail is actually very important to avoid any accident with your dumbbells. A disc that breaks away from its bar can have very serious consequences. There are 4 types which are:

  • The classic disc stop spring. It is a steel rod worked to be able to follow the shape of a barbell. You have to pinch each of its sides to widen its centre and bring it into the bar. By releasing it, the pressure exerted is enough to keep the discs in place. Its main advantage is that it is easy to place and move. If you have to change weight regularly between each set of a strength exercise it can be an ideal choice.
  • The screw-on disc stop. It is used on dumbbell kits offering threaded bars. The idea here is to lock the cast-iron discs on the bar by gradually screwing in the disc stop which is also threaded. This system has the advantage of fixing really well, too well even and you will have to be careful not to tighten too much, otherwise, you will have trouble unscrewing it later! With a dumbbell kit fitted with disc stops of this type, you will never have any concern for safety.
  • The disc stops with a clamping screw. It is a necklace which is put around the bar of the dumbbell set and which has a hole in which is placed a screw used to tighten the disc stop around the bar. Impractical, it is increasingly neglected because it requires a lot of time each time the weight changes on the dumbbell.
  • The smart disc stop. Literally “smart disc stop”, it comes in the form of a ring to be placed around the disc which comes to grip by closing with a simple lever. We have not noticed any problem with the bar maintenance of the dumbbell sets and this system is really quick to set up.


Depending on your needs, you will need your dumbbellto offer you a higher or lower maximum weight.

Indeed, if you just want to tone your muscles or tighten your skin, you can opt for a simple model like this one.

Conversely, if your goal is to gain power and muscle mass, you will then have to favour a device offering a higher maximum weight like the impressive TCpick Electroplating Barbell Set which can allow you to lift up to 40 kg, 50 kg.

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It is therefore important that you have taken the time to list your different expectations beforehand in order to know very precisely what is the maximum weight you will need.

Finally, it will also be essential that you take into account your development and in fact that of your needs.

The more you train, the easier it will be for you to lift weights, which will encourage you to lift the weight to improve.

So remember to choose a product that allows you this evolution without requiring you to have to buy in the near future additional accessories.

Practical case

If you are training in your room, in a studio, or any other small space, you need a practical dumbbell kit that does not take up much space. The best solution available to you is to invest in adumbbell suitcase.

Different than a weight bench, the dumbbell set needs little space for storage! You just have to open the suitcase which contains at the same time the dumbbells, the weights, and the stop-discs to start your bodybuilding session. And once your training is finished, you can store your equipment in the suitcase and put it in the place you want.


The price will depend on what you want to practice as an activity. If you prefer to resume a rather light physical activity to tone up, opt for fixed dumbbells which have very affordable prices in all weight categories. On the contrary, to practice an intense activity and follow a bodybuilding program to gain muscle mass, you will, therefore, opt for adjustable dumbbells which will offer you the possibility of gaining muscle quickly by adding weight to each session.

cast iron

Where to buy dumbbells?

It is relatively easy to get or have your dumbbells delivered. Whether from online the shop like at Amazon or in a physical sports store, like at Decathlon and Sportsditrect, you will easily find dumbbells. These kits are in the form of a case grouping together discs (often made of cast iron), bars and nuts. In most cases, you will be able to choose different versions of 20 kg, 30 kg, 50 kg. This will depend on your level but also on your objective. Be aware that the chest, back or thighs may quickly require the use of a large load.

Safe training with dumbbells

Weight training with dumbbells has many interests. You have the opportunity to do a lot of exercises, in different postures. After a few months, you will surely have toned your biceps and triceps as you would have liked.

However, as with all good things, there is always a dark side. With dumbbells, you could cause damage to yourself, especially if you misuse them. In this, it is essential to know the safety instructions during the use of weight training tools.

Respect your weight

The first thing to consider before you even start exercising is the weight. Indeed, one does not get up on a whim to start lifting this or that mass. This is determined based on your body mass. It is advisable to take several weights in order to identify your limit, then start working on a dumbbell weighing 60% of it.

Be rigorous in movements

Dumbbells favour a large number of movements, and their forms favour liberal manipulation. However, if you indulge in some, not at all Catholic gestures, you risk hurting yourself. This is why it is important that you have great rigour during your exercises. Make only the useful gestures as indicated by the specialists. Otherwise, you run the risk of injuring yourself.

Use quality dumbbells

The quality of the dumbbell governs its degree of security. Indeed, the fact that dumbbells are used in delicate postures (as in the case of exercises in the supine position), requires that one be sure that the equipment will not derail. So, check the junction points of the discs (rust or improper fixing), also look at the manufacturing material (cast iron, steel, iron), and also the manufacturer’s security measures (such as the rubber cover for example).

Gradually remove the discs

This measurement only takes into account the classic modular dumbbells. With them, the variation of the weight of the machine is done according to the addition or removal of the number of discs. So to do this operation you must also observe certain precautions so as not to take risks.

You must, therefore, remove them simultaneously on each side, so as to respect the balance. Failure to do so may cause the device to rock and cause damage.