If you’ve ever watched training videos focusing on physical preparation or athletic strength, you may have already noticed that some people are using fat grips.
There are indeed “thick” versions of many bodybuilding accessories: bar, dumbbell, pull-up bar, handles, etc. Particularly popular across the Atlantic, many recognized American coaches have been advocating their use for a long time.

What are the best dumbbell fat grips?

Although it may seem strange, the use of handles increases the strength that must be done to lift the weight (but in a safe way for the muscles) and at the same time, help reduce injuries and improve recovery.

That translates into more effective training. But to choose you must first consider that they are made of hard rubber so that the grip is firmer and wider. That helps increase muscle mechanics to lift weights. However, its appearance is spongy and may be available in different colours to cover the tastes of each person.

Almost always have an elongated and cylindrical shape to adapt well to the bars, although some come in the form of an anatomical ball that improves grip.

If you want suggestions this comparison with the best fat grips can help you. They are of high quality and have a cheap price.

Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz Pro (2.25") - The Simple Proven Way to Get Big Biceps & Forearms Fast
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Easily recognizable thanks to its blue colour, it is undoubtedly the best known among those available on the market. Dimensions:
– Relatively long (12.7cm), it is not necessarily suitable for all types of dumbbells and handles.
– Regarding the diameter, it is 5.7cm. It can be really big for some hands.

Gunsmith Fitness Grenadier Grips 

Grenadier Grips - Unique Fat Bar Dumbell/Barbell Grips For Huge Size Gains, Explosive Power,...
  • EXPLOSIVE PUMPS ★ GRENADIER GRIPS recruit more muscle fibers in the upper body, great for building your arms,more strength and...
  • IMPROVED SPORTS PERFORMANCE ★ Use them to strengthen your upper body for pitching, tennis, bowling, and other related motions...
  • EASY TO USE ★ GRENADIER GRIPS instantly convert dumbbells, barbells, pull up bars, push up bars, kettlebells, cable attachments...
  • INCREASED COMFORT ★ GRENADIER GRIPS alleviate wrist, elbow and other joint and tendonitis issues as they increase strength in...
  • SUPER GRIP STRENGTH ★ GRENADIER GRIPS fix the common weak link for many athletes

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This accessory has the particularity of having a spherical shape, which offers still other advantages in addition to the increase in diameter. The Grenadier Grips allow in particular to use a neutral grip with a straight bar (bench press in the neutral grip for example).
In pronation and supination, the angle of the hand is changed.
Finally, the spherical shape also makes it possible to have a fairly large contact surface with the palm of the hand or even to use 3-finger grips.

Blaster Plus arm for thickness support / Fat Bar Training Core Prodigy

Cannon Curl + Fit Grips - Arm Blaster Support Plus Thick/Fat Bar Training
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This equipment is ideal for those who want good grip and better support when lifting curved bars. It also serves for common bars, dumbbells and helps protect hands.

Thick bar grippers Alpha Grips 2.5 Iron Bull Strength

Iron Bull Strength Alpha Grips 2.5 - Extreme Arm Blaster - Best Dumbbell and Barbell Thick Bar...
  • BUILD BIGGER, STRONGER ARMS: The Alpha Grips will instantly recruit more muscle fibers in your arms and forearms by increasing the...
  • FULLY VERSTAILE: Simply wrap the Alpha Grips around any regular dumbbell, barbell, pull up bar, push up bar, cable attachment or...
  • PATENTED ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our unique and patented curved design gives more support and a more natural hand placement on the bar...
  • USED BY TOP BODYBUILDERS: Thick bar training is used by NFL players, MMA fighters, bodybuilders, cross-fitters, powerlifters and...
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: The Alpha Grips are made from a highly durable rubber material that don't compress under heavy weight. Unlike...

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These handles, which come in two beautiful colours to choose from, can turn any bar into a thick bar. They are firm, do not slip and are used by various sports professionals.

Beast Gear Dumbbell Handle

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This pair of handles double the diameter of the dumbbells up to 5cm which helps to increase muscle strength. If you have injuries this help reduce them and recover.

Grofitness Hand Grip Ball

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If you want an original model of handles you can make with this pair in the form of a sphere available in various colours. They relieve problems of tendinitis, they are anatomical and easy to grasp.

Barbell Squat Pad – POWER GUIDANCE

POWER GUIDANCE Barbell Squat Pad - Neck & Shoulder Protective Pad - Great for Squats, Lunges, Hip...
  • REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY - Distribute weight & relieves painful pressure on your neck, shouder or hips, allow you to perform the...
  • ANTI-SLIP - Advanced material ensures the pad will not shift or roll around from the bar, designed for upmost comfort.
  • MULTI EXERCISE - Our barbell pad has a high grip surface, perfect for exercises like squats, lunges and hip thrusts.
  • PORTABLE - Light weight design, perfect for carrying in gym bags without extra weight. Easy to install and remove, but remains...

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Those who find the fuchsia colour irresistible in their sports teams have to be done with this pair of high-quality silicone handles and military-grade, very durable.

Thick Barbell Grips

Benefits of using fat grips

Here are the main benefits of using fat grips:

  • Increase in the contact surface between the hand and the accessory (bar, dumbbell, etc.).
  • Better placement of the hand and wrist relative to the axis of the forearm.
  • Reduction of the stresses applied to the elbow during certain exercises.
  • Improved transmission of force from the hands to other muscle groups.
  • Possibility to immediately win a few repetitions on certain movements (developed, dips, etc.).
  • Strengthening of the grip and greater intervention of the muscles of the forearm.

In the United Kingdom, these fat grips are extremely rare in the gyms. And even if they are not essential, it can be really interesting to try them, whatever your objective.
If you do not have access to this type of material, you can find tips to increase the diameter otherwise. For example, you can place a small piece of gym mat or pipe insulation between your hand and the bar. If these solutions are completely valid and especially customizable (you can adapt to the size of your hand), be aware that there are accessories specially designed to change the diameter of the bars and dumbbells.
I will show you four with a particular shape and characteristics so that you can discover the main existing models.