At the era of new technologies with tablets and computers might have thought that the pencil and paper would be relayed to the back of the closet. Yet the development of creativity and manual hobbies means that many people turn to more classic things. Whether it is drawing or even creative hobbies such as making wooden boat models, for example, you need a suitable working environment. A solution exists with the drawing table. 

This very specific furniture is mainly used as its name suggests for drawing, whether artistic or professional. It is a table suitable for drawing in the best possible position. It offers different inclinations which will allow the artist to be able to work up close without hurting his back.

It is a practical and functional tool that we will be able to adjust according to our needs. For example, in the context of creative leisure, it is quite possible to use the table in a horizontal position to place your objects on it. Robust and well thought out, it is often a table that allows you to store your small objects such as scissors, paper or why not small paintings for carrying out your work.

Choosing a drawing table well is not necessarily easy, however, due to the notable differences between the models. This is how we will encounter lighter tubular structures or materials not suited to creativity. This, therefore, invites us to make a detail of the elements to take into account to choose the best drawing table. But before going into detail let’s look at what it looks like this type of table with four trendy models currently.

What is the best drawing table?

Today you can find all the products you need by connecting to the internet, accessing the digital market is an excellent way to take advantage of your valuable time.

However, we understand how complex it is to navigate among dozens of options, that is why we invite you to be informed before choosing and buying the final product.

Check our comparative selection and find the ideal model for you.

Stationery Island NAURU Artist Table

STATIONERY ISLAND Drawing Table Nauru - Art and Crafts Desk - Height Adjustable Artist Drafting...
  • BUILT FOR ARTISTS - Our art desks are bound to be the centrepiece of any studio, perfect for all forms of arts, crafts, and...
  • STOOL & CLIPS - Our black matte drafting table with drawers comes with a set of 8 clips, allowing you to attach paper or reminders...
  • GENEROUS SPACE - With its spacious 96x60cm workspace, our drawing table with storage allows you to stay inspired and organised...
  • TILTABLE - Make neck and back pains a thing of the past by adjusting the artist table to your desired angle (from a choice of 18),...
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Getting back to the drawing board has never been easier, our craft table has everything you need to provide a...

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Whether you are an apprentice or a professional designer, it is certain that you would like to find a drawing table intended for long-term use. Not only for economic reasons but also to be able to keep your markers as long as possible and always draw in the best conditions. To opt for a robust product, we invite you to discover the Stationery Island Nauru.

At first glance, you will already feel that this drawing table exudes robustness and solidity. In addition, its elegant look with its matte black color will enhance the modern look of your interior. Her test tells us that she will really be a part of the decor in her own right in the room.

Studio Designs drawing table

Studio Designs Triflex Drawing Table, Metal, Charcoal Black/Clear Glass, 104 x 74 x 79 cm
  • Overall dimensions: 103.5W x 73.6D x 79H/glass top: 89.5W x 60D x 6mm thick
  • Can be used as a writing, drafting, stand up desk, or a light table with additional purchase of light table support Bars. (#10074,...
  • Adjustable angle top with dual tilt designs: sitting desk, 79H with a 68 Degree tilt/standing desk, 100H with a 22 Degree tilt
  • Slide up pencil ledge: 60cmW
  • Four 2wide floor levellers for stability

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It is a tough, versatile and inexpensive drawing table, provided with an adjustable tilt level to give the user greater comfort.

The table is made of steel and the design includes an additional storage shelf, a simple shelf at the bottom and a padded work stool.

Multi-purpose table for drawing Fobuy

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If you are looking for an economical, beautiful and resistant design this model may be ideal for you. It is a drawing table made of wood and steel easy to install.

The user can adjust the degree of inclination and the height of the table, between 58 and 87 cm, for a comfortable and productive working day. In addition, it is provided with a measurement rule.

hjh OFFICE tiltable wooden and metal desk

hjh OFFICE Table, Melamine Resin Laminated Chipboard, Powdered-Co, Beech
  • Recommended for ages: 4 - 17 years
  • Table top can be tilted to 10 different positions thanks to its solid metal fittings
  • Children and Youth desk with robust veneered chipboard desk top (thickness: 20 mm) with rounded edges - simply wipes clean
  • All connecting parts are in powder coated steel
  • School bag shelf mounted on both sides

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It is a super stable and comfortable drawing table to perform technical or artistic works. Its design offers great resistance, thanks to its composition of steel and melamine chipboard.

The table has an adjustable height and tilt system, a measuring ruler, a basket to store markers and a side hook to accommodate your personal bag.


MIADOMODO® Drawing Desk – Stool, Tiltable Tabletop, Height Adjustable, Underdesk Storage, 2...
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ IDEAL: This drawing desk is perfect for architects and artists alike, and their job-related and hobby activities,...
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ PERFECT PACKAGE: Our drafting desk comes with a matching stool, and straightforward instructions for easy home...
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ DISTINCT: The drawing table has the two drawers, under-desk storage and place for pens and drawing materials on...
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ BASICS: The tabletop of our tiltable desk measures 115 / 60 cm, while the height can be adjusted within the range...
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ PRACTICAL DESIGN: Thanks to its classic style, the artist desk can fit into any interior and what is even more...

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It is a drawing board with a large reclining board. The stylized design is provided with a side shelf with 3 work drawers and a lower shelf to store your tools.

It gives the user a wide working surface of 120 cm wide by 76 cm high. When you buy the package you get a user manual for installation and a padded stool.

JRB drawing table

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It is a work package equipped with a solid drawing table made of steel tubes. The table is provided with an easel with angle and height adjustment to adapt to the needs of each artist.

When you buy it you also get a drawing unit equipped with a 360 degree double articulated head, 15 clicks of blocking and a set of scale rules.

Tiltable Tabletop Drawing Table D4P Display4top

Display4top Tiltable Tabletop Drawing Table Drafting Easel - Includes stool, Multiple storage...
  • ◆ With matching stools, there is no need to worry about where to find a stool suitable for this table. The stool is equipped...
  • ◆ Sturdy construction and tempered safety glass roof - This watch is made of heavy-duty powder coated steel and 6mm thick...
  • ◆ Large-capacity storage space, 2 mesh metal drawers, 1 slide-out table on the side, and a storage rack under the table. Gravity...
  • ◆ 6 adjustable heights (27.95"-29.53" -31.1" -32.68" -34.25" -35.83") and angles make different working positions possible, the...
  • ◆ Overall size: 82.5 × 60 × (65-80) cm - Main table (Glass) Size: 60 × 90 cm - Auxiliary table size: 60 × 38 cm - Stool...

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If drawing is one of your great passions or more, your job, the D4P Display4top will quickly become your favourite working tool. By combining practicality, ergonomics and convenience, this article will have no trouble meeting the needs of the most demanding users.

Admittedly, this drawing table displays a modern and elegant design that will go with any type of decor. But it also offers efficient storage spaces so that your work tools are easily accessible and also allows you to organize yourself better. If you are a little demanding on the layout of your space, choosing this model will be the best decision for you.

drawing table

What is drawing table?

For architects, illustrators and model makers, the drawing table is a great ally. It comes in the form of a work plan placed on solid feet whose length can be adjustable. It promotes inspiration and allows you to benefit from the ideal angle to have good results on paper. In addition, it makes your job easier and protects you against back and neck pain due to incessant inclination.

The drawing table is made from solid materials such as wood and stainless steel. It can be declined in several models which allow you to use it for a use other than drawing. It can, for example, be used as a study table or small cabinet to store your tools and working documents.

Advantages of drawing table

The main advantage of the drawing table is the possibility of having a perfect angle for drawing. With that, goodbye the problems of distorted drawings or those that do not respect the expected rendering. In addition, you can tilt it as you see fit. Very flexible, the drawing table bends to the user’s will and is free to find the ideal position for drawing in the greatest comfort.

In addition, the drawing table is very easy to install, because the elements necessary for assembly do not resist. It saves you time and optimizes your efficiency and productivity. In addition, it is very elegant furniture that can enhance the aesthetics of any decoration. Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it.

How to choose a drawing table?

We know it has a good tool is essential for quality work, it is the same in the choice of his drawing table and even his seat which will have the effect of giving an environment without constraint for the realization of his work graphic. To fully understand how a table can have a beneficial effect on its work, we have produced a list of criteria to take into account when choosing the model most suited to its needs. This list is not exhaustive and may change as new products arrive regularly.

The dimensions of the table

The practice of graphic arts can require space so taking into account the dimensions of the drawing table seems to us the first criterion to look at. Knowing that it is necessary to know the overall size of the table which is not necessarily the size of the drawing surface. The wheelbase of the table can be larger due to the storage space or the shelf to be taken out to deposit tools. Finally, the drawing surface is to be checked knowing that we can generally have a trailing space of 90 x 60 cm which is already very good for drawing.

Another point to take into account is the comfort of his body, the drawing table should not be too low or too high. So we will favour tables with a height of 70 cm and a leg spacing between 65 and 70 cm. Note that the space for the body is important because you will move in all directions to draw, so it is essential to have extreme mobility in front of the table.

The material of the drawing table

For the structure of the table, there is no surprise, there are aluminium tubular to support the whole. Where you will find differences is essentially on the drawing board. You will meet tempered glass models and wooden models. For the latter, it is possible to have the wood natural colour or even in darker tones to improve the contrasts.

The choice of material for the drawing table is important depending on your activity. For pencil drawing, the wooden models are perfect, but as soon as you choose to work with painting or even creative hobbies based on glue it is more interesting to go on a glass tray more easily cleanable. There are also glass tables with small storage on the side for small parts in the model for example.

The ergonomics of the drawing table

It is the high point of the table that will allow you to work in the best conditions. The ergonomics lie for example in the possibilities of tilting the table. So remember to check that you have several choices and not just the horizontal and vertical option.

Finally, another practical side of the table is that it must have storage on the side to place a pencil, ruler and other small tools. We will also note the importance of the channel at the bottom of the table which will allow you to leave your pencils. Finally choosing a table with drawers or banners under the table optimizes the storage of tools. The most successful drawing tables will also have a shelf under the table to place the paper on.

Additional accessories can also be an asset for optimal artistic achievement such as drawing pliers which will hold the paper when the table is tilted. Finally the retractable shelf on the side is also an element to take into account which will improve and increase the workspace. A practical and functional drawing table is a tool that will not require you to move to get the eraser or the pencil, normally everything is within reach.

The seat of the table

The position of the body for creative hobbies is important, too “classic” sitting will not allow optimal concentration on your work. This is why we often find drawing tables with stools that will facilitate the rotation of the body. The stool should still be comfortable with a padded seat to avoid pain from sitting for hours. The stool also allows you to work with your legs apart which allows you to look into the drawing, which is why the dimensions of the table are important to take into account. Don’t be bothered by the feet of the drawing table.

This focus on the different criteria for choosing this type of product allows you to get a good idea of ​​your own needs. The market is currently very large and it is not easy to navigate. Sorting among the hundreds of different products can lead to strategic errors. To do this and on the basis of the criteria that we have just detailed above, we have established a list which seems to meet the expectations of the most numerous. This list is not exhaustive and may change as new products are released.