The boxers train very hard to become the best. They have at their disposal the rooms equipped with the training accessories. There is the heavy punch bag, which focuses on the development of strength and power, the speed bag which helps improve hand speed, coordination and timing. And then there is the double end punching ball.

The double end punching ball, also known as a dodge speedball is a small bag connected to both ends of the floor and the ceiling by an elastic cord. They vary in size and shape, with an adjustable rebound elasticity. He offers a myriad of ways to perform different exercises to improve the accuracy of his punches and kicks, in a club or at home.

The punching ball offers fighters the opportunity to experience any type of punch, but if you have never used one, you will quickly realize that these are very special punch ball because, at the slightest punch or kick, the speed ball will rebound fiercely with force after a blow so watch out for damage because you will have to dodge the returns. If you are not aware or a little too slow, the rebound can literally hit your face, but that is part of the charm and advantage of this unique training accessory.

What is the best double end punching ball?

Getting a good double end punching ball is not necessarily a brand affair, it is true that the most popular manufacturers usually offer quality, but it is also true that a cheap model can be just as good.

However, there are details to which you should pay special attention, including the material of the speed ball. The leather ones are the most resistant, but the synthetic leather ones are also good and cost less.

Size is also important because it will depend on the ease of hitting, before buying it can be useful to make a comparison between models and determine which of them is best suited to you.

Check the material is also of interest, rubber is good, but latex is faster to move, this will also depend on the cord, the heavier, more resistant should be this.

If you are already determined to find one for your training, maybe this list can help you.

Adidas Boxing Double End Punch Ball

Ideal for different forms of exercise, this pear is appropriate for any form of contact sport including various types of martial arts.

It is made with high-quality materials, resistant and durable that will provide you with greater ease for attack and defence routines.

As a safety measure, they come with a top and bottom rivet on the straps so that, during training, the cable connectors stay out of the striking area.

RDX – ​​Double end punching ball

Manufactured to improve the speed of the blows, this speed ball is the most suitable for resistance routines, since, due to its shape and materials, it supports and consolidates the body in long sessions of exercise.

It is a high-quality instrument, made with nylon straps, elastic, easy to assemble and very stable.

One of its main qualities is the elastic cords that calibrate the ball and allow you to receive blows from different angles.

RDX – ​​MMA Punch Speed Ball

If you want good coordination in the group of exercises, this pear may be the most recommended for you because, because of its construction and materials, it moves in all directions keeping attentive to possible blows.

They are of simple assembly, high-quality materials and rubber belts that incorporate the adjustment blocks at each end with screw fixation. This will give you more stability. It is suitable for mounting a small gym at home.

TurnerMAX Double End Punching Ball

Made of synthetic leather and sturdy hand-sewn vinyl, this is a professional accessory that will provide high-level exercises, professional quality and great resistance.

It comes with a group of adjustable hooks and rubber straps that will allow the fixation and stability of the equipment in the place where it is installed.

Those who already have it stand out for its robustness and ease of installation and use. Experts recommend inflating it at 85% pressure.

Double End Speed Ball MMA Workout Grofitness

Suitable for boxing, free combat exercises, kickboxing, MMA, as well as other contact sports, this punch ball provides a high impact training, ideal for amateurs as well as professionals in the area.

They are simple to assemble and made of high-quality leather. They are robust and, by their construction and assembly, provide stability and durability.

It is an economic model that you can use anywhere you decide to install a combat station.

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Advantages of using double end punching ball

Widely used by boxers, the double end punch ball is a cheap and super effective training accessory. This accessory improves:

The precision of your punches and kicks

Unlike the classic, heavy punching bag that you can hit when and where you want, the punching ball constantly challenges you. After the first punch, the double bag is rarely in the same place twice and never long . You cannot strike blindly without it taking revenge on you. You will learn to precisely counter the ball as if your opponent were in front of you in movement, a strike, a dodge and a response. Unlike a partner sparring, the movements of the hitting ball will be unpredictable.

Your timing and cadence

The rapid and largely unpredictable movements of the double-ended punching bag will force you to develop a sense of timing and rhythm. It is not always a matter of where to hit the target, but also when to hit it. If you have been hit while you move away from a punch it is that your timing and your distance are not good and if you are bad hello the damage and the knockout. Thanks to the double ball, each hit will keep the ball away and come back to you, you will have to learn to dodge the ball’s returns and counter at the right time. The more you train, the more your timing and cadence will improve.

Your punches and feet striking speed

Very fast the double-ended punch bag forces you to strike quickly and all the time, the more you hit the bag quickly and the faster it will come back to you. It is an important training tool for those who want a new challenge because many fighters get used to throwing punches on a heavy freestanding punch bag.

Reflexes and dodges

Double-ended elastic punching balls strike back, often with considerable speed. You cannot statically hit the bag without fear of reprisal. The double ball will sharpen your reflexes, not only to strike when the opportunity arises but also to block and move when necessary. It will also require you to keep your guard in place or take the risk of taking a blow to the face.

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The ball is very responsive and quick so the more responsive you are, the more you will learn to control the punch ball.

Endurance and resistance

The punching bags allow you to work on the power and the sequences of fists, knees, elbows, etc., but their big faults do not move, they absorb and absorb, they do not specifically improve your speed. 

If you try the same strikes on the bouncing ball, the target is long gone before coming back towards you forcefully. To hit fast-moving objects, like an opponent’s head, you need to have quick punches and excellent accuracy. Your muscles will be put to the test because they will have to be enduring and resistant.

Your strike force

Having a powerful strike force is good, being precise is even better but having the 2 skills is the best. Good technique and good training will make you a powerful puncher, but you must acquire skills in timing and precision to transfer the power of your shots to your opponent. This is why many top fighters use the double bag to work on precision, timing and strike force.

Combat distance

Thanks to the irregular movement of the punch ball, you cannot always work in the same place, at the slightest stroke, the ball will move in different directions. You will have to adapt your distance to hit and dodge the ball at the right time.

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