If you expect twins or a second baby, you will need a double buggy, also called “tandem” or “side by side”.

This type of stroller has two seats oriented in different ways. Depending on the model, they can be located next to each other or one behind the other. The market is flooded with various models and many brands, which makes the choice difficult.

Buying the best stroller when you are a mother for the first time can be a real challenge. We advise you to look at the models in the ranking to make your choice as simple as possible.

Why buy a double buggy?

For some people, the double buggy is necessarily associated with the arrival of twins in the family. However, many parents do not use these pushchairs for this reason alone.

Indeed, families expecting twins resort to buying double buggies, but they are also infinitely comfortable when you have children with a small age difference. Many of the models on the market are adapted from birth to about 36 months. Some also offer different baskets and seats that attach to the stroller frame, depending on your child’s age. This way, the double pushchairs will save you money. Once invested, it can be used for a long time.

The double buggy side by side allows both kids to see in front of them. This could be their mother or the landscape in front of them. When they grow a little older, communication between them will also be easier. This type of stroller also has a larger and more comfortable trunk.

The other type of double buggy for twins is when the two kids are one behind the other. The children cannot be seen with them. The good thing about them is that if one child is not sleeping, it is harder to wake the other. These models are also more compact and easy to operate. The disadvantage is that their trunk is much smaller.

We recommend that you pay attention to whether these pushchairs’ width would be a problem for you before deciding on a model. Make sure the buggy passes through the doors of your home.

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Buying guide


The first criterion to consider is the type of double buggy. You can choose between a side-by-side model or a tandem. Consult a guide to buy the best double buggies to make your choice easier and make a successful purchase.

Side-by-side models create a real friendliness for babies who can see and touch. They wake up with the same view of the road and easily communicate with each other. This type is especially suitable for kids from 6 months who are beginning to be interested in the world around them. Also, this configuration is more practical, as the chassis of the stroller is one. Adjusting the seats is easy, and the trunk provides enough space for everything you need. This type of pushchair is also very stable. The disadvantage is that they are more voluminous due to their width.

The other model is one in which the two children are placed one behind the other. Parents often prefer it with kids of close age than those with twins. In this type of double buggy, the older child is put in the front seat to see the world around him. Thus, each walk will be filled with new experiences, and the child will feel calm and happy. On the other hand, the baby needs peace and privacy, so the back seat is the right choice for him.

Many parents are expecting twins choose this model because it is more compact and easy to manoeuvre. For crossing narrow spaces or using public transport, they also make it a preferred model.


The issue of safety is the most important, so it should not be neglected in any case. The chosen model should ensure the safety of your young children while offering comfort. Pay attention to the braking system as well as the way the stroller folds. Belts are also essential for the safety of your kids.

The brakes must be proven effective, as double pushchairs are heavier and sometimes difficult to stop. Use them whenever the stroller is at rest and your children are inside. Choose a model with comfortable and easy to use brakes.

When choosing a model, make sure it has the appropriate security certificates. In child care, there is a European standard EN 1888 and NF S 54-001. Be very careful when choosing, as most models of double pushchairs have safety standards.

Seat belts are just as important. It’s nice to be multi-point and adjustable. It is mandatory to use them every time you drive your kids, no matter how short it is. Only in this way will you ensure their safety and avoid possible accidents.


During a walk, your children’s comfort is extremely important for your kids to be calm and happy. The model should be tailored to their age. Some models are recommended for children from 6 months, be careful when choosing a model. It is essential that the seats can be placed in a fully reclined position if you have newborn babies. Young kids sleep most of the day, and paediatricians also recommend that they be in an ideal lying position.

Young children need constant contact with their mother, they want to see her, and so they feel at ease. While they are babies, the mother also feels the need to watch the little ones and know that they are well. Check that the model you have chosen allows the seats to rotate facing the mother. That would be an advantage.

The upholstery of the buggy also contributes to the comfort of the kids. It should be soft, comfortable and made of breathable materials. Only in this way you will create a real cosy nest for your little treasures.

Last but not least, you need to think about your comfort. You are the one who has to push the buggy, and it must be relatively light, with comfortable handles and easy to operate.

Look at the weight of the selected model. You can’t expect it to weigh as much as a single stroller, but the materials it’s made of must be lightweight. A model with an aluminium chassis, for example, is a good choice. Choose a more compact model for better manoeuvrability. Make sure it folds easily, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your home also, whether it will fit in your trunk if you drive.

The adjustable handlebar

The adjustable handlebar is also very important for your comfort. You can adjust it according to your height and preferences. This way, the walk will be pleasant and comfortable not only for the children but also for you.


It is good to pay attention to the accessories that the selected model has. Winter bags are one of the most important when it comes to young kids and their comfort. They are soft, comfortable and protect children from the cold winter temperatures. Besides, the children are covenant in them.

Other accessories that a stroller can offer are cup holders or a small snack and a bag for storing the most important things needed for a walk. Also, a raincoat, which is an absolute must. The weather often changes and could catch you unprepared, so wear a raincoat whenever you go for a walk.

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Best practices for pushchair rides

The double pushchair is a small vehicle but essential for parents of twins or those with children whose age is close. Investing in such a purchase will make your life easier and worth it.

Ensuring that your children are safe and their walk is comfortable makes it a habit to check its condition before you put your children in it.

Choose the right double pushchair

Whichever twin stroller model you choose, it is essential to check that it meets the safety standards 7409: 1996 or BS EN 1888: 2003. These standards ensure that the buggy meets the safety requirements. The cart must also have the manufacturer’s name and serial number. As for the brand, you do not need to buy an expensive model, but it is good to choose a specialized brand to produce baby strollers and children’s goods. Finally, it is essential to choose a pushchair adapted to the age of your children.

Check the folding and brakes

Before placing your children in the stroller, it is always wise to check the folding and braking system. Suddenly unfolding the stroller can be very dangerous for your child. That’s why it’s essential to unfold it properly before putting your babies in it. Once your babies are comfortable in the double buggy, it is important to check the wheel lock regularly, whether on level ground or on a slope. Be sure to apply the brake system at each stop to prevent the trolley from moving and accidents.

Avoid overload

One of the factors for a single or double buggy accident is tilting. Parents who want to have their hands free tend to attach many items to the stroller’s handlebars. This is a terrible idea! Without realizing it, the stroller will destabilize and turn over, dragging your children. Be responsible and put luggage only in the designated compartment.

Think about child safety

Always keep your children under direct supervision when you are out for a walk. Do not move away from the pushchair and even if they are asleep, always watch them. Only then will you ensure their safety.

Also, remember the importance of using seat belts. If any of them are damaged, be sure to replace them as soon as possible. Poorly fastened fasteners cannot hold your children in place and can cause accidents. In the same order, avoid buying a used pushchair. The various second-hand stroller attachment and suspension systems can now be damaged, endangering your children’s lives.

Pushchair maintenance

It is imperative that you properly maintain your child’s stroller so that it can serve them for a long time. Store it in a dry and clean place when not in use. Please keep it clean and choose one with the ability to remove the upholstery easily. This will make it easier to wash it. When your children grow up and start eating snacks, spotting is inevitable. When not using the stroller, it is good to store it away from direct sunlight to avoid bleaching the fabrics.

What is the best double buggy?

Each mother has individual preferences and different tastes, so it is very difficult to determine the perfect double buggy. Before embarking on a search for the ideal model, you need to be aware of yourself and what are the important amenities and extras for you, the ones you want to offer your dream stroller for twins.

The first thing is to set your budget. This is the easiest way to eliminate models you can’t afford.

Then decide which model you prefer. Would you like your children to be next to each other in a side-by-side stroller? This model allows the mother to watch her two children easily and comfortably. The disadvantage is that these strollers are more voluminous. If you are looking for a more compact model, a “tandem” could be a better choice.

Another factor to consider is the wheels, brakes, stability, safety and comfort of your children. Compatibility with car seats is also an essential factor.

We offer you a list that will introduce you to the different models, and you will be able to get a clearer idea of ​​what you need.

1. Hauck Tandem Double Stroller Duett 2

Hauck Duett 2 Double Pushchair, Black - Baby & Toddler Tandem, Reversible Seat, Compact & Foldable,...
  • DOUBLE BUGGY FOR NEWBORN AND TODDLER: The main seat can be attached either parent-facing or forward-facing and converted into a...
  • PRACTICAL STROLLER FOR TODDLERS: This stroller pushchair comes with two raincovers that protect the kids against bad weather, an...
  • TRAVEL SYSTEM POSSIBLE: The double seat stroller is compatible with the separately available hauck Comfort Fix baby car seat by...
  • EASY TO PUSH: Thanks to the light aluminium frame, suspension, swivelling front wheels, as well as rear wheels with protection,...
  • SAFE: The twin pushchair is approved to the European safety standard EN 1888; each seat has a 5-point harness and can be used for...

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The stroller Hauck, which we will present to you now, is one of the strollers for any terrain. Therefore it is a multifunctional double buggy!

With its large rubber wheels, the Duett 2 can absorb small bumps on the road. This contributes to a more comfortable trip and comfort for children.
Easy folding makes it easy to travel by car, bus or plane. Also, the arrangement of the seats one behind the other saves space. The model also allows for more excellent manoeuvrability.
We recommend this stroller for twins to parents who want a universal model for everyday use.

2. Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger

Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Twin Stroller, Black
  • Twin seated stroller
  • 4 Wheels to ensure even weight distribution
  • Independent reclining seats
  • Multiple lie back options for snoozy babies
  • Compact fold mechanism for ease of use. Lightweight

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If you do not have twins and babies with a small difference, it will still be difficult for you to take them for a walk. Well, that’s not a problem with Red Kite Push Me Twini.

Its main advantage is that thanks to the seats, withstanding up to 15 kg. each, you can walk children of different ages.

It is light, stable and safe. It has sturdy rubber wheels and padded belts with 5-point fastening. It is suitable for newborns.

3. Hauck Roadster Duo SLX Side by Side Double Buggy

Hauck Roadster Duo SLX - twin chair for twins and brothers from 0 months (combinable with soft...
  • NOTE! The 2in1 carrycot with basket is not included in the delivery.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL the Roadster Duo SLX is suitable from birth (in sleeping position) up to 36 kg (seat 15 kg + seat 15 kg + basket 3...
  • PRACTICAL Although the seats are next to each other, the stroller is only 76 cm wide, passes through doors or lifts with ease and...
  • COMFORTABLE The backrests, footrests and hoods can be adjusted individually, and the continuous handle allows you to push the...
  • BIG WHEELS Thanks to the large wheels and the swivel and fixed front wheels, the twin stroller is very practical both on steep...

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Suitable for twins aged between 0 and 36 months and for children with a small difference. The biggest advantage of this stroller is that it is narrower than many other models. It fits easily into standard doors and elevators. The presence of large rubber wheels makes it stable and comfortable.

It is quite light and can withstand a weight of up to 15 kilograms per seat.
It has a 5-point belt, adjustable handle and is also foldable. Its price is not the lowest, but it is worth it.

4. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal - Black
  • With elliptical frame tubes in contemporary angles
  • Features elegant stay clean wheels with repeat logo details to match name seat graphic
  • Lockable front swivel wheels, Size closed: 38 x 40 x 105 cm
  • Fully reclinable backrest using one hand easy adjust
  • Has a five-point safety harness with chest pads

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If you are looking for a stroller for twins, stable and durable, which will serve you for long walks, this is a model that is good to consider.
It is economical and has it stand out with its strength, ease of folding and high quality. The recommended product is if you are one of those parents who need to go out often and take the children in the absence of a babysitter. It is comfortable, stable and safe.

5. Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Double Buggy

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Double Pushchair | Lightweight, Foldable & Compact Double Stroller | Jet...
  • Lightweight and compact: remarkably manoeuvrable and always ready for adventure with two
  • Stroll from birth: now suitable from birth up to 22 kg for each seat, simply add up to 2 carrycots or 1 car seat to keep newborns...
  • Quick and simple fold: lift the straps on each seat and the pushchair folds itself simply and compactly; the auto-lock secures for...
  • Always comfortable: adjustable calf support and multi-position (with near-flat) seat recline ensure your baby is comfortable on...
  • Long distance strolling: foot brake plus lock or swivel front wheels with suspension are ideal for lengthy walks

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The Baby Jogger brand offers you this double buggy with a system for easy folding and unfolding. In just a minute or two, you will be able to load it into the car boot.
It is compact, elegant and high quality. Stable and robust, it has a 5-point belt, rotating wheels and is very easy to manoeuvre.

6. Graco Stadium Duo Click Connect Tandem Double Buggy

Graco Stadium Duo Tandem Double Pushchair - Suitable from birth to approx. 3 years (15kgs). Car Seat...
  • Back seat suitable from birth to approx. 3 years (0-15 kg)
  • Front seat suitable from 6 months to approx. 3 years (max. 15 kg)
  • Three position recline rear seat, two position recline front seat
  • One-hand fold mechanism for quick and easy folding
  • Removable front and rear child's tray

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Double buggy from the manufacturer Graco. Suitable for children from 0 to 36 months.
It is light, easy to assemble, with suspension, rotating front wheels and lockable.
Features awnings and a large luggage basket, as well as adjustable backrests.
This is a model with flexibility and quality. The elongated shape of the stroller is an advantage for faster passage through narrower spaces.