If you are expecting twins or if the second baby arrives shortly after the first, you will need a double buggy, also called a tandem stroller or twin stroller. 

These buggies have two seats oriented in different ways and choosing from the many models available on the internet can be difficult. Getting the best double buggy when you are first-time mother can be a real challenge. I advise you to locate the use that I recommend for each stroller to make your choice as simple as possible.

What is the best double buggy?

Every mother and every pair of twins has different experiences and needs, there is not a perfect chair with all the qualities, but any that comes close, so that you can make the best selection you must first know what to look for before buying the product.

The first thing to look at is the type you like: tandem or side by side double buggy, if your babies are big and strong maybe with one side or side they will feel more comfortable, but if you are interested in reducing space the tandem is the solution, with a comparison you will understand what I tell you.

Another factor to consider is the types of wheels, breaks and lock system, stability, safety and comfort of your kids. An important quality is that it is compatible with car seats.

With this list, maybe you can have a clearer idea of ​​what you need:

Hauck Duett 2, Tandem Double Buggy


    The Hauck pushchair that I am going to present to you now is one of the best-selling double buggies online. It is a city stroller suitable for Jogging and all terrain, therefore a very versatile double pushchair!

    With its large inflated rubber wheels, the Hauck Freerider pushchair can absorb small vibrations from the road. This gives a very comfortable ride (and installation comfort for children).

    The stroller with a 3-wheel profile allows it to be used for jogging, the front wheel gives the stroller great manoeuvrability. During my tests, however, it tended to hang from time to time.

    Finally, the reduced size of this stroller once folded makes it a great asset for walking around the city. In addition, the arrangement of the seats one last the other saves space in width.

    I recommend this double buggy to parents who want a versatile model for the city, the countryside and for jogging.

    Mamas & Papas Armadillo Twin Pushchair

    Comfortable and attachable

    Maybe you do not have a pair of twins but little ones in a row and it is difficult to take them out for a walk. Well, that’s no problem with this double stroller.

    This is its main advantage, since, thanks to the fact that it has carry-on baskets and seats, you can walk children of different ages.

    It is light, stable and safe. Has sturdy rubber wheels and padded harness with 5 attachment points. You can use it from birth.

    Zeta twin stroller by Beby Travel

    Of reduced dimensions

    Suitable for twins of any age, the biggest advantage of this stroller is that it is narrower than similar ones. It fits without problems in the doors, elevators with ease of manoeuvre.

    It is quite light and can support a weight of up to 15 kilograms per chair. It has suspension in its 4 wheels, a 5 point harness, adjustable handlebar and, in addition, it is foldable. It is a very stable secure attachment. It is easy to save.

    Hauck Roadster Duo

    Robust and of quality

      If you are in search of a double buggy that will serve you for long rides and that, besides, is solid and resistant, this is a good option to consider.

      It is economic and those who have it stand out its robustness, ease of folding and high quality. It is a recommended product if you are from those parents who need to go out often and take the kids in the absence of a babysitter. It is comfortable, stable and safe.

      Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller 

      Folding in one step

        The Baby Jogger brand brings you this twin baby seat with quick folding system patented by the manufacturer. In less than a minute you will have the car bent.

        Your system is ideal if your kids need attention at every moment and you can not neglect them or save the car.

        It is compact, elegant and luxurious, you can couple two carry-ons. It is stable and solid, has a 5-point harness, rotating wheels and is very easy to manoeuvre.

        Kids Kargo – Double Buggy

        Comfortable, light and beautiful

          The double buggy of the manufacturer Kids Kargo is suitable even for newborn babies.

          It is light equipment, easy to assemble, with adjustable shock absorbers and swivelling front wheels with locking capacity. The chairs are attached in different directions.

          It has hoods with mattress and washable cover. In addition, pose adjustable backrest. Those who have already used it emphasize its versatility and quality. They point their elongated shape as an advantage to get in and out of places more quickly.

          Why a double pushchair?

          For some people, a double pushchair is necessarily synonymous with the arrival of twins in the family. However, many parents do not use these strollers for a double birth.

          Certainly, double strollers can be used for the birth of twins, in addition, there are certain models adapted from birth to post-stroller age! This group purchase saves budget (Double strollers are worth less than two single strollers of the same quality), space (A double pushchair is more compact than two single pushchairs) and even some options that are specific to these models.

          Most of the time when parents need a double pushchair it is for children of close age. For example, I had my daughter 10 months after my son and they both moved around in a double stroller for a while. 

          The stroller side by side allows the two children to see the landscape and these are the ones I prefer, the children are very good and they can do without toys from one seat to another. Face-to-face strollers are more suitable for siblings who already get along well. Indeed the children face each other and they do not see the road, they will have to take care together and for that, it is better to have a cordial understanding! Face-to-face strollers can also often be tied in a leu-leu tail with one child behind the other.

          Please note when choosing a double buggy for your children, the width of these strollers is often more important than simple models and you must make sure that the stroller passes through your doors before any order.

          Buying guide

          The type

          The first criterion to consider is the type of double stroller. You have the choice between a side-by-side model and an online version. Consult a buying guide for the best double strollers to make your purchase successful. First, the first type creates a real friendliness for babies who can see and touch each other. They wake up together with the same view on the road.

          This type is especially suitable for children from 6 months, who begin to be interested in the world around them. In addition, this configuration is more practical, because the stroller chassis is in one piece. So the adjustments are easier, namely the inclination of the backrests and the height of the harnesses. However, it has the disadvantage of being a little bulky because of its width.

          Then there is the double stroller in line, that is, one seat behind the other. It is rather recommended for children of close ages than twins. Put the eldest in front so that he can enjoy the scenery and the youngest in the back so that he can rest comfortably. If you have two twins and want to lengthen them at the same time, take the opposite position. The double stroller in line is more practical to dodge the obstacles of urban routes since it is less wide. However, it is longer.


          The safety issue is very important if you want to know how to buy better value for money double stroller. The model chosen must guarantee the safety of your toddlers while offering a reasonable cost. Focus on the braking system.

          The brakes must be proven to be effective since it is easier to drive a single stroller than a double model which is heavier and it can sometimes be complicated to stop it. Choose an article that has a regulator on the handlebars. It is much more practical to brake progressively on descents.

          By consulting a price comparison, you will see that the cost of one stroller differs from that of another depending on their certifications. It is strongly advised to refer to the standards in force. In childcare, there is the European standard EN 1888 and NF S 54-001. Be very careful in your choice since most models of double stroller have safety standards. It just happens that some of them are not even recognized. Finally, make sure that this article has safety harnesses at the level of the seat to protect your children from possible accidents.


          Where to buy a new double stroller that will ensure the comfort of your little ones? Take into account the seating configuration. Some models are suitable from birth while others are intended for children over 6 months. In the first case, the seat must be able to lower completely so that the baby can sleep in his stroller. Prefer the evolutionary models that can accommodate newborns and that grow with your children.

          You can then remove the hammock to install a carrycot or a car seat when the baby grows. You will probably go out on sunny days. So use a stroller with a hood to protect the little ones from the sun’s rays. Choose a model with an opening to keep an eye on children at all times. Finally, it is wise to turn to a double stroller with a footrest, a padded seat and padded hammocks to create a real cosy nest for your little ones.

          Also think about the comfort of the mom, dad or the person pushing the stroller. Take a close look at the weight of the item. A model with an aluminium chassis is probably the lightest. But for some manoeuvrability, you have to choose an ultra-compact double model. It is possible to find on the market a foldable double stroller that can accompany you wherever you go, even during the holidays. Next, choose swivel wheels that promote the manoeuvrability of your double stroller. Opt for an adjustable handlebar which can be adjustable in height and which is easily controlled to facilitate your rides.

          Best practices for walks with double strollers

          The double stroller is this small vehicle essential for parents of twins or those with children whose ages closely follow each other. In all cases, having them allows them to better organize their lives and family outings. However, although they have many practical advantages, double strollers can be a real danger for children if they are not properly adjusted, used and maintained. Before any use, it is advisable to check certain aspects and to think above all about the safety of the children who will go on board.

          Choose the right double stroller

          Whichever model of double stroller you choose, it is important to check that it has the two mentions 7409:1996 or BS EN 1888:2003. Those standards guarantee that the buggy complies with the required safety requirements. The stroller must also bear the manufacturer’s name and a serial number. As for the brand, you do not have to buy an expensive model, but it is important to favour a known manufacturer. Finally, it is essential to opt for the stroller adapted to the age of your children.

          Check folding and braking systems

          Before putting your children in the double stroller, it is always prudent to check the folding and braking systems of the latter. A sudden unfolding of the machine can indeed be very dangerous for your child. It is therefore important to unfold the stroller properly, to make sure that it stays properly in place before placing your babies in it. It is also advisable to place your children away from it when you are going to open or close it to prevent their fingers from getting caught in the folding system. Once your babies are comfortably installed inside the double stroller, it is important to regularly check the wheel lock, whether on level ground or on a slope. Make sure to apply the brake system at each stop to prevent the stroller from moving.

          Avoid overloads

          One of the accident factors of a single or double stroller is tipping. Parents wanting to have their hands free tend to hang a lot of objects on the stroller handlebars. Which is a very bad idea since the objects will cause it to rock and it will easily lose balance, inevitably dragging your children into the fall. Also, think about the fact that the compartments of this article are intended for your babies. Avoid at all costs putting babies in the same compartment and using the other to store their things. This can destabilize the stroller and overturn it.

          Think about child safety

          Once the children are well settled and you are on the road, always keep in mind the safety of your babies. People pushing a stroller that carries children should never move away from it for any reason and leave children unattended. Even if they are sleeping, it is important to always watch them.

          Also, remember to tie them securely. If the safety strap is damaged, remember to change it as soon as possible. Badly tied fasteners cannot hold your children in place and can cause accidents. In the same order, avoid buying a second-hand stroller. The various attachment and braking systems of a second-hand double stroller can already be damaged, endangering the lives of your children.

          Stroller maintenance

          It is imperative to properly maintain your children’s stroller so that it can serve them for a long time. The first thing to do in this case is to place it in a dry and clean place when you are not using it. A daily gesture that you can do each time you use it is also to remove crumbs and other dirt that has become encrusted. To do this, you can use a vacuum cleaner or simply dust it. From time to time, this equipment will also need great cleaning. In all cases, it is important for the well-being and health of your babies to keep the baby clean. To ensure the safety of your children, remember to check the wear of the various parts that make up this product and replace them when necessary.