Are you looking for Dolce Gusto machine at the best price? Want to buy the best model?

Today we have prepared some of the best Dolce Gusto machines that you can find on the market right now to help you choose the model that best suits your needs.

They have a unique and innovative design, as well as the latest technology to give an indescribable experience in your kitchen or office. Make delicious coffees, teas and other hot and cold drinks.

Advantages of Dolce Gusto machines

In recent years, capsule machines have become very popular, and brands have tried to build a good image in this sector. But if anyone has managed to gain more market share, that is the Dolce Gusto machine.

The boom that these coffee machines have registered is not the result of chance but of a number of aspects that make them very interesting for the end user. Some of the benefits that consumers enjoy are the following:

  • With them, we can prepare a good espresso and other hot and cold drinks. This is an aspect that sets it apart from other competing brands. So we can prepare ice tea, hot chocolate and more.
  • In addition, the price of these coffee machines varies at a price of about £30 – £120, but sometimes we can take advantage of offers and promotions offered by the brand or major retailers.
  • They have an attractive and modern design that we can be proud of in our kitchen. They also take up little space due to their compact size.
  • Finally, their capsules can be easily purchased at any supermarket, or if we prefer, we can buy it online.

From the author: How did I try Dolce Gusto?

I am one of those people who cannot wake up completely if they do not drink coffee in the morning. I’m sleepy all day, and I can’t concentrate on my work.

Some time ago, every morning on the way to work, I stopped for coffee, but I lost a lot of time in the end. First, I was looking for a place to park and then I was waiting in queue to have my drink ready.

It’s the same if I use an espresso machine: too much time and attention to achieve a good quality drink.

All of us who love to start our day with a cup of quality coffee know that it is not just about mixing coffee with water. In fact, making good coffee is an art.

Includes choosing the right coffee between different varieties. Then the type of drink: strong, decaffeinated or caramelized; we may like to add cream without having to use a milk frother; we have to choose the taste: natural, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, etc .; how much sugar or sweetener if prepared for diabetics. And this is just the beginning, there is also the amount of foam in latte, cappuccino or mocha, the right temperature, the consistency of coffee, whether it is espresso or creamy. So I can go on, the characteristics of a coffee are endless.

Tired of waiting in lines every day and considering that most colleagues drink coffee, I offered to buy a machine, and everyone agreed. Then we made a list of the best models and soon chose a model.

Overall, we are very pleased with the machine we chose. We make coffee with her every morning, and the conversations during that time brought us closer as a work team.

Dolce Gusto Reviews

Dolce gusto or Nespresso?

We have to start with both are very good, but each model adapts to different tastes and specifications.


For example, as I said, we use this machine in the office. In this case, the best option is a large-capacity Dolce Gusto. It won’t make all the drinks of the day, but at least you won’t have to refill it very often.


It is good to offer coffee and the opportunity to prepare other types of drinks that adapt to each person’s taste: for example, tea is suitable for those who do not drink coffee or hot chocolate.

  • Nespresso has many varieties of coffee: they are of high quality and are ideal for those with strict requirements for this drink.
  • Dolce gusto has many coffee flavours and has capsules for infusions and chocolate, all with quality taste. This machine adapts to all tastes.


Capsules are essential not only for the variety of flavours but also for economy and practicality of use.

I must clarify that both capsules are from the Nestle brand: the difference is in the ingredients used and the portions.

  • For example, Nespresso capsules are smaller. If you are one of those who like coffee with a greater intensity of taste, you will need to use two.
  • As for the Dolce Gusto capsules, they are larger and are quite sufficient for the preparation of a large glass. The only drawback is that they have little water left after use.


In addition to the wide selection of recipes for preparation is important and easy to use, which does everything at once: heat milk or water, foam cappuccino and everything with one or two buttons.

  • With Nespresso, you have to heat the milk separately, while with Dolce Gusto, the same machine can make cappuccino after preparing an infusion.
  • Nespresso has only two cup sizes: small and standard. A typical 250 ml glass and a small measure of espresso.
  • Dolce Gusto has seven different cup sizes for each special drink: this allows you to make large cups of coffee if you like long drinks.


When I buy a product, I hope that it meets all my expectations. Therefore, in addition to performing all the necessary functions, the machine should also have an appearance.

  • Dolce Gusto wins here. Nespresso has a rough design.
  • Dolce Gusto coffee machines have a more striking design, bright colours, and the cable is usually red, completely different from the usual boring appliances.

These are the main differences between the two machines. The decision is yours alone and will depend on your tastes and needs. If you like the design and want to focus only on making coffee, you can choose Nespresso. That is why the market offers a wide variety of models.

In the end, we chose the Dolce Gusto coffee machine, and we are very pleased. Anyone can use it as it prepares different drinks and also adapts to large cup sizes.

But there are other factors to consider before making your choice.

Manual or automatic

The solution is much simpler. Suffice it to say the following:

  • With an automatic coffee machine, you don’t have to worry that the cup will overflow if you are not careful when preparing the drink. This is because the right amount can be chosen from the beginning for different cup sizes. Remember that Dolce Gusto supports 7 different sizes.
  • If you have not checked the amount of water in the tank initially and ends just when you are making your coffee, the process will not stop, and instead of injecting water, it will inject air. This shouldn’t bother you; If this happens to you, you will have to wait for the air to come out of the capsule.
  • Finally, if you think that the preset portions of the automatic devices suit you, this is your type of machine. If you are one of those who want to change the portions or sizes, choose a manual model.

What are the best models of Dolce Gusto?

First of all, it should be noted that all the Dolce Gusto machines we have collected in this comparison do not have the same characteristics and sizes, thus forming a list of a wider choice. In addition, the prices of different models also differ.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Krups Lumio

Krups Lumio automatic coffee machine is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to enjoy a wide variety of drinks.

Machine operating with 15 bar pressure, including a system “Thermoblock” for offering hot drinks from the first glass. It can fit perfectly in any kitchen with a compact size (22 x 18 x 37 cm) and modern design. It is easy to use, as it is enough to put a capsule in the machine and select the dose through the Play & Select function, which allows you to adjust the coffee according to the user’s wishes. The machine stops automatically after the drink’s preparation and has an automatic shut-off system, which is activated after 1 minute of inactivity.

Includes adjustable and removable drip tray that can be used with different cup sizes. Each of the capsules is designed to automatically regulate the pressure according to its characteristics, thus achieving the best taste and aroma.

Dolce Gusto Infinissima

Infinissima has a spectacular and minimalist design in white or black. Its coffee brewing system is manual but very fast. Thanks to the built-in thermoblock and operation with 15 bar pressure, you can prepare sparkling and aromatic coffee. The machine has a movable water tank with a capacity of 1.2 litres, which makes it very easy to fill. In the same way, the drip tray can be adjusted to three different heights. You can enjoy your drink in the glass of your choice, including size XL. Finally, the machine is also suitable for hot chocolate, teas and cold drinks.

Dolce Gusto Mini-Me

Making a good coffee with a machine like this is as easy as putting the capsule of your favourite beverage in the holder. Thanks to Play & Select technology, you can select the amount of water, and the machine will stop automatically. In this way, it is possible to prepare hot drinks of good quality without waiting for a long time. Also, the thermoblock system makes it easy for the equipment to be ready in seconds from the moment you turn it on. On the other hand, the Mini-Me has an adjustable tray, so you can choose different heights depending on the size of the cup. Finally, pay attention to the good opinions of consumers in Amazon, and that this is a cheap model that you can often find in the offers of the seller.

Dolce Gusto Piccolo XS

This is a very easy to use manual coffee machine so that you can make delicious coffee in just a few seconds. In addition, this model has an automatic shut-off system after one minute of inactivity. The tray is adjustable so that you can prepare a drink in a completely personalized way, including with a large glass. The tray is also anti-drip to collect the tiny drops that may fall after the preparation of your drink. It is super easy to use to have more pleasant moments and always enjoy great hot drinks from Dolce Gusto.

Dolce Gusto Genius S

The Dolce Gusto Genio S automatic coffee machine is one of the cheapest models and maybe the machine you are looking for.

Enjoy more than 30 different recipes ranging from intense espresso or lungo to cappuccino in addition to hot chocolate or aromatic teas.

Each Dolce Gusto capsule is created with automatic pressure regulation depending on the type of drink and is hermetically sealed. The coffee retains all its freshness and will always enjoy its excellent aroma and creaminess.

Includes an adjustable tray for all types of drinks, which allows you to use different sizes of cups to make the most of the possibilities that the machine offers.

Extremely easy to use: insert a capsule and select the dose of your drink with the Play & Select function, which will allow you to create the coffee you want. The Genio S coffee machine will automatically stop at the right time.

Automatic coffee machine with capsules, working with 15 bar pressure, preparing coffee of professional quality, hot from the first cup thanks to its thermoblock system.

Compact size of 14.5 x 32.5 x 32.5 cm and stylish with technology capable of preparing more than 35 varieties of coffee and other beverages.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a Dolce Gusto machine?

Like other major brands in the coffee machine sector, Dolce Gusto can be found in any speciality home appliance store, shopping malls, and online stores. In fact, choosing an online store like Amazon is the most recommended option, as you can usually find offers at very reasonable prices.

Where can I buy Dolce Gusto capsules?

The capsules can be found in the same places as the coffee machines mentioned in the previous section, i.e. in speciality stores, shopping malls, Emag, and stores such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Asda.

Therefore, the capsules are straightforward to find, although you may not find all kinds of drinks in supermarkets, as they usually only offer some of them. For this reason, you will need to resort to online shopping to take advantage of all types.

What model should I buy?

One of the common doubts among those considering buying a Dolce Gusto coffee machine is which model to buy. As mentioned earlier, there is not much difference between the quality of coffee obtained between one or another model. There are differences between them only in terms of comfort and small additional features that can make it easier for you to prepare your drink. It will all depend on your preferences and available budget.


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