Cutting a dog’s hair is an essential step for grooming a dog. It is essential to have the best dog clippers, especially for certain breeds such as the poodle or the Yorkshire terrier.

Be careful when choosing the device, as it may not adapt to the quality of the fur of your furry companion.

Indeed, the use of a defective device is dangerous for the animal, because that could inflict real injuries to him.

Then, an item that is too noisy may scare the dog. The latter may not hold in place during mowing.

Among other things, a model that does not adapt to the type of hair of the dog may not offer the expected result. Similarly, it may injure the animal.

To make the best choice and find a good quality product, it is enough to know the factors that determine a high-end dog clipper.

The best dog grooming clippers in comparison

We already knew everything we need to know before buying a dog clippers to shave our pet when the hair no longer allows them to visualize their surroundings well, but nevertheless, we must now learn about the best products of this nature that are available in the physical and electronic stores.

1. Pecute Dog Clippers with 5 Speeds

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This dog clipper is designed for long-term use with its powerful 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery. Charging takes place quickly.

Indeed, the full charge time is approximately 3.5-4 hours. As for the autonomy of the product, it can be used for 4 hours.

The product is light and adapts perfectly to manual use. Its long-term use will not generate pressure or pain in the wrist. On the design side, the model benefits from an intelligent constant voltage design with fixed motor speed.

2. Moser Clam-Shell, Animal Clipper-Set

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If your dog is one of those that are disturbed by noises, Moser is perfect clippers for it, since it is a little noisy compared to other fur trimmers, and also does not heat up.

It has an electric power of 10 watts, which with blade trimmers of stainless steel can cut hair with a size of 1 to 3 millimetres. It comes with a kit of four combs to untangle hair from 4.5 to 19 millimetres, plus a cleaning brush.

It is recommended to continuously clean the hair that gets stuck in the machine after cleaning.

3. YIDON – Dog Clippers

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Silent operation and rechargeable batteries are some of the characteristics that describe the YIDON dog clippers since it has a motor that emits little sound, which will make your pets stress-free at the moment of their body cleanliness. It also contains a built-in lithium battery that will provide 90 minutes of continuous work.

Its blades are made of stainless steel and ceramic with four cut modes, ranging from 1 mm to 1.9 mm in length. It also has attached combs of various sizes, which are useful when shaving different hair sizes.

It is a razor that has an ergonomic design, so its use is simple, with buttons on, off and adjustment of the cutting blades.

4. Wahl Groom Pet Clipper

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It has a price a little higher than other pet hair clippers, however, it has other features that are also attractive, as, with a charging time of 4 or 5 hours, it can last 90 minutes on working.

It has a titanium blade and a mobile ceramic blade to cut the cat’s hair efficiently. Cutting blades are disposable and easy to change. It also has a greased head to prevent the animal scratches or feel pulls of hair.

It is also easily used, and if you find it difficult to use it, you can consult a guide that comes with it.

IParaAiluRy contains a motor with low noise and vibration, in order that the dog feels comfortable and does not cause fear every time he perceives that his coat will be cut.

5. Wahl Show Pro Animal Clipper Set

Wahl ShowPro Professional Animal Clipper Kit 09265-2018
  • Extra strong, incomparable 9 watts peak power handling as mains operated. The patented powerful V5000 motor gets to grips with...
  • Mains-powered pet clippers with precision-ground self-sharpening blades made from hardened special steel, as well as an adjustable...
  • Low-noise - perfect for skittish animals. Patented, more powerful and long life V 5000 motor with overheating protection.
  • Suitable For The Face, paws and full body. Easy to adjust the cut length from 1 to 3.5 mm with just one hand via the built-in...
  • 4 different comb attachments for cut lengths 3, 10, 13 and 25 mm. Including hardcover case, comb, scissors, instruction manual...

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If you are one of those who want to start cutting the hair of your furry, this mower is ideal to help you meet that task in the best way. It contains a power of 230 watts and 50 Hertz, with a silent motor of 5000 volts, which does not cause as much vibration as other machines to clean homemade animals.

As for the cutting blades, it has blades that measure 40 millimetres, which allow us to cut hair with a minimum length of 1 mm and a maximum of 3.5.

It serves both dogs and cats and includes combs, scissors and oil, in addition to receiving power when connected to a power outlet, as it is cable, not batteries.

There is an opinion that your consumers maintain before using this hair clipper, and it is to brush your hair well so that it does not get stuck on the appliance.

6. GHB Pet Grooming Clippers

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GHB is a less expensive product than others and brings a series of advantages, such as a rechargeable and wireless hair clipper, contains two batteries, for which the charging time is 8 hours, which will allow us to have the machine on for 90 continuous minutes.

This article hair trimmer has four interchangeable heads for different lengths of hairs. The heads are 3, 6, 9, 12 mm, additionally it also has adjustable blades, which measure 0.8; 1.1; 1.4; 1.7 and 2 mm. These sheets are bathed in titanium, which gives them long life, and additionally of a professional range because they do not get tangled with the hair and avoid hurting the animal’s skin.

This device for cutting is not very noisy and very easy to use.

7. Wahl U-Clip Dog Clipper Kit

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It is a little noisy and it is recommended to use it for small breeds, in coats that are already unravelled.

8. Orbegozo CTP 5050 pet hair clipper

Orbegozo CTP 5050 Animal Hair Clipper
  • Includes practical case
  • Precision cut
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Accessories: 3 heads, 2 combs, brush

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Orbegozo is a dog clipper that has stainless steel blades and comes in a practical case, which includes three heads, two combs, scissors, and brush to clean. It has a powerful engine, and if you are one of those who are starting this because you want to save a little money, it is very easy to use, cut the hair wonderfully and its value is economical.

What is a Dog Clippers?

Dog clippers are devices used by pet owners, breeders and hairdressers, to keep the hair of the canines and cats trimmed and tidy, in order to avoid the abundance of hair that can cause discomfort in the animal.

In the market, there is the versatility of models of hair clippers, but looking for a good one, could be the difference of the easy cut of the coat and the look that you want to obtain.

Different types of dog clipers

There are two types of dog clippers. The first is called a semi-professional dog clipper. As for the second type, it is called a professional clipper. These two different varieties of dog clippers have their own advantages and specificities concerning their uses as well as their powers. Let’s take a closer look at these different types of dog clippers.

Semi-professional dog clippers

The general public uses the semi-professional dog clipper. The work of this model resembles the model used by men. Thus, this model contains a motor endowed with a relative power allowing to cut the fine non-woolly hairs. Then, the positive point of this model lies in its price. Indeed, this article is not expensive and accessible by all. In addition, its use is easy and its handling does not require a singular skill. However, this accessory does not apply to all types of hair, more particularly on coarse, dense and woolly hair.


As its name suggests, this variety of dog clipper is intended for the canine professional. In other words, the role of this model is to cut all types of dog, without exception, through their adapted powers. Thus, the advantage of this equipment is the fact that it is used for all types of hair of all breeds. In addition, several heads and hooves are delivered with this clipper so that it easily adapts to the nature of the dog’s coat. However, this dog tensioner is too expensive.

Benefits of dog clippers

Regular grooming will keep your dog comfortable and healthy. This especially applies to dogs living in warmer climates with sweltering summers.

Insulation protection

Among other things, proper grooming and cleaning also protects the animal from insulation and improves its weather resistance. Mowing is also very important for animals that live in cooler regions.

Save money

At aprofessional dog groomer, you have to pay around £25 to shear your dog. In one year, the sessions can cost you around £300. In addition, with certain breeds of dogs, you risk paying twice as much.

By using a pair of high-quality electric clippers, you will be able to do the task yourself at home. In addition, the device is designed to last a long time, so you will be quiet for months or even years.

You can increase the number of sessions according to your dog’s needs, especially during the moulting period.

dog clippers

Types of dog clipping

The type of clipping you make to your pet will be a determining point in the style and quality of the trimmer that is required. It is better to know the types and cuts, before acquiring a hair clipper.

  • Grooming your dog’s feet, or cutting out lost hair, for this utility does not require much investment since only a low set of scissors is needed. This is one of the lightest uses of dog and kitten hair clippers.
  • To preserve a furry coat on the animal, it is recommended to select a medium range of scissors, which has several blades. This product will not be of low price, but neither of a high cost.
  • If rather, you are looking for a set of scissors to trim and define the style of your dog’s furry coat on your own, you will have to acquire a set of professional quality, although it will be more expensive, you will have an item quality. In addition, this product includes more than one-speed style as well as several blades to choose from. Additionally, they can come with wireless functions.

Things to consider before buying a dog clipper?

Hair thickness

A good dog clipper chooses with great care so that it is effective during its use.

Before buying a clipper, you must take into account the thickness of your dog’s hair.

You have the choice between a hard-haired dog clipper and a fine-haired dog clipper.

The model of clipper to buy is not also the same for a woolly-haired dog or for a curly dog.

These kinds of hairs are difficult to trim.

Hair length

Knowing the length of your dog’s hair is essential before acquiring a clipper. In fact, it is thanks to this length that the mower’s shoe is chosen in order to modify the length of the cut.

Corded or cordless

The cordless dog trimmer is among the dog trimmers that have received positive reviews from users.

Currently, the cordless clipper is used primarily as a professional dog grooming clipper.

This type of canine clipper can be bought at a cheap price on the internet or in specialized stores.

Body or finish

The choice of a clipper is based on the type of blade. There is a blade for mowing the body. This ensures fast and efficient mowing in no time.

If it is a finish, opt for the canine trimmer with the associated cutting head. Thanks to this blade, the cuts are more detailed in order to create original cuts.


If your pet has a lot of hair, that the hair clipper has at least two speeds, it will allow you to have flexibility when working with it.


The noise of hair clippers for pets like cats and dogs can scare them. It is excellent that you acquire a mower that emits as little sound as possible, since the dogs tend to be sensitive to external noise, an example of this is when rockets explode.


As in the world, there are dogs of a large number of breeds, you should make a good selection of the trimmer blades to remove their hair without problems. However, in the market, there are different categories of blades.

  • Finishing blades: This kind of blades are used to adjust your dog’s hair after bathing. This can help you greatly if the canine has a furry hair that grows quickly.
  • Jumping tooth: If our pet has a dense coat, a machine with teeth can make the task of cutting easier.
  • Wide sheets: This type of cutting sheets are also known as T blades, and are ideal for large breeds of dogs because, with their width per pass, they will pull more hair

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