7 Best Dog Grooming Clippers

Getting dog clipper will save your visit to the dog grooming salon, that can bring benefits, such as more time and more money.

Trimming the hair of our dog or cat, or changing the look, is something you can do from the comfort of your home, making the cut you want or the one that best suits our animal, but for this, it is essential that you use the best pet hair clipper.

In order to choose an ideal cutting machine to clean our dog, and that includes suitable blades, it is important to know what is the main use we will give you and what kind of cutting we will do.


We already knew everything we need to know before buying a dog clippers to shave our pet when the hair no longer allows them to visualize their surroundings well, but nevertheless, we must now learn about the best products of this nature that are available in the physical and electronic stores.

1. Moser Clam-Shell, Animal Clipper-Set

If your dog is one of those that are disturbed by noises, Moser is perfect clippers for it, since it is a little noisy compared to other fur trimmers, and also does not heat up.

It has an electric power of 10 watts, which with blade trimmers of stainless steel can cut hair with a size of 1 to 3 millimetres. It comes with a kit of four combs to untangle hair from 4.5 to 19 millimetres, plus a cleaning brush.

It is recommended to continuously clean the hair that gets stuck in the machine after cleaning.

2. YIDON – Dog Clippers

YIDON Dog Clippers, Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers Low Noise,Quiet...
279 Reviews
YIDON Dog Clippers, Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers Low Noise,Quiet...
  • 【Professional Pet Grooming Set】The pet grooming kit...
  • 【Upgrade Battery Performance】The professional...
  • 【Super Quiet】Dog clippers low noise with precision...
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Silent operation and rechargeable batteries are some of the characteristics that describe the YIDON dog clippers since it has a motor that emits little sound, which will make your pets stress-free at the moment of their body cleanliness. It also contains a built-in lithium battery that will provide 90 minutes of continuous work.

Its blades are made of stainless steel and ceramic with four cut modes, ranging from 1 mm to 1.9 mm in length. It also has attached combs of various sizes, which are useful when shaving different hair sizes.

It is a razor that has an ergonomic design, so its use is simple, with buttons on, off and adjustment of the cutting blades.

3. Wahl Groom Pet Clipper

Wahl Dog Clippers, Supergroom Premium Dog Grooming Kit, Full Coat Dog...
162 Reviews
Wahl Dog Clippers, Supergroom Premium Dog Grooming Kit, Full Coat Dog...
  • The Wahl Super Groom Clipper offers high performance...
  • The precision ground blade is detachable and can be...
  • 100 minutes of cordless operation with a quick charge...
  • The blade features integrated cutting length adjustment...

It has a price a little higher than other pet hair clippers, however, it has other features that are also attractive, as, with a charging time of 4 or 5 hours, it can last 90 minutes on working.

It has a titanium blade and a mobile ceramic blade to cut the cat’s hair efficiently. Cutting blades are disposable and easy to change. It also has a greased head to prevent the animal scratches or feel pulls of hair.

It is also easily used, and if you find it difficult to use it, you can consult a guide that comes with it.

IParaAiluRy contains a motor with low noise and vibration, in order that the dog feels comfortable and does not cause fear every time he perceives that his coat will be cut.

4. Wahl Show Pro Animal Clipper Set

Wahl Show Pro Animal Clipper Set
1,332 Reviews
Wahl Show Pro Animal Clipper Set
  • Extra strong, incomparable 9 watts peak power handling...
  • Mains-powered pet clippers with precision-ground...
  • Low-noise - perfect for skittish animals. Patented,...
  • Suitable For The Face, paws and full body. Easy to...

If you are one of those who want to start cutting the hair of your furry, this mower is ideal to help you meet that task in the best way. It contains a power of 230 watts and 50 Hertz, with a silent motor of 5000 volts, which does not cause as much vibration as other machines to clean homemade animals.

As for the cutting blades, it has blades that measure 40 millimetres, which allow us to cut hair with a minimum length of 1 mm and a maximum of 3.5.

It serves both dogs and cats and includes combs, scissors and oil, in addition to receiving power when connected to a power outlet, as it is cable, not batteries.

There is an opinion that your consumers maintain before using this hair clipper, and it is to brush your hair well so that it does not get stuck on the appliance.

5. GHB Pet Grooming Clippers

GHB Dog Clippers Pet Grooming Clippers Cordless Dog Grooming Trimmers...
15 Reviews
GHB Dog Clippers Pet Grooming Clippers Cordless Dog Grooming Trimmers...
  • Cordless dog hair grooming kit, quiet dogs shavers with...
  • Professional LCD screen indicates the running speed,...
  • 5 Running Speeds (5000/ 5500/ 6000/ 6500/ 7000RPM) for...
  • Precise blade length adjustment 1.0/ 1.3/ 1.6/ 1.9mm...

GHB is a less expensive product than others and brings a series of advantages, such as a rechargeable and wireless hair clipper, contains two batteries, for which the charging time is 8 hours, which will allow us to have the machine on for 90 continuous minutes.

This article hair trimmer has four interchangeable heads for different lengths of hairs. The heads are 3, 6, 9, 12 mm, additionally it also has adjustable blades, which measure 0.8; 1.1; 1.4; 1.7 and 2 mm. These sheets are bathed in titanium, which gives them a long life, and additionally of a professional range because they do not get tangled with the hair and avoid hurting the animal’s skin.

This device for cutting is not very noisy and very easy to use.

6. Wahl U-Clip Dog Clipper Kit

Wahl Dog Clippers, U-Clip Dog Grooming Kit with Colour Coded Combs,...
49 Reviews
Wahl Dog Clippers, U-Clip Dog Grooming Kit with Colour Coded Combs,...
  • This long lasting mains powered dog clipper features...
  • Fitted with precision ground, high carbon steel blades...
  • 8 coloured attachment combs make it easy to select the...
  • This ergonomically designed clipper is comfortable for...

It is a little noisy and it is recommended to use it for small breeds, in coats that are already unravelled.

7. Orbegozo CTP 5050 pet hair clipper

Orbegozo CTP 5050 Animal Hair Clipper
45 Reviews
Orbegozo CTP 5050 Animal Hair Clipper
  • Includes practical case
  • Precision cut
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Accessories: 3 heads, 2 combs, brush

Orbegozo is a dog clipper that has stainless steel blades and comes in a practical case, which includes three heads, two combs, scissors, and brush to clean. It has a powerful engine, and if you are one of those who are starting this because you want to save a little money, it is very easy to use, cut the hair wonderfully and its value is economical.

Buying Guide Dog Clipper

What is a Dog Grooming Clipper?

Dog clippers are devices used by pet owners, breeders and hairdressers, to keep the hair of the canines and cats trimmed and tidy, in order to avoid the abundance of hair that can cause discomfort in the animal.

In the market, there is the versatility of models of hair clippers, but looking for a good one, could be the difference of the easy cut of the coat and the look that you want to obtain.

Types of clipping

The kind of clip you make to your pet will be a determining point in the style and quality of the trimmer that is required. It is better to know the types and cuts, before acquiring a hair clipper.

  • Grooming your dog’s feet, or cutting out lost hair, for this utility does not require much investment since only a low set of scissors is needed. This is one of the lightest uses of dog and kitten hair clippers.
  • To preserve a furry coat on the animal, it is recommended to select a medium range of scissors, which has several blades. This product will not be of low price, but neither of a high cost.
  • If rather, you are looking for a set of scissors to trim and define the style of your dog’s furry coat on your own, you will have to acquire a set of professional quality, although it will be more expensive, you will have an item quality. In addition, this product includes more than one-speed style as well as several blades to choose from. Additionally, they can come with wireless functions.

Your dog’s coat type matters

The coat of your dog will be determinant in the scissors you need to use. There are quality machines to trim the coat.

  • Thin layers: If your dog has a thin layer it will not be necessary for you to acquire a set of high strength scissors. A kit of cutting machines that contain an electromagnetic motor will give us a lot of work. These machines are ideal for a dog that does not shave very often.
  • Medium coats: The machines with turning motors are the best to get this type of layer for our puppy, since it would contain more energy and thus a standard electric set.
  • Heavy layers: Hair clippers that have a rotary motor are ideal to get this type of coat. This class of devices is what they use in the professional field of dog aesthetics

What to look for when buying a dog clipper?

There is a list of features that you should take into account when buying a pet mower, then we present them to you.

  • Maintenance free: Find a cutter that does not need to be lubricated or greased, this makes it more comfortable.
  • Freshness: Buy a cutting machine that does not need a fan and ventilation channels, to keep the animal calm, these noises are usually annoying. Besides that the vents can cover the machine and can get hot, then it will be more difficult to handle it.
  • Ergonomic design: The idea is that the product is designed so that the consumer can keep it for long periods of time. This is a highlight for canine hairdressers.
  • Made of removable sheets: It is something more hygienic and comfortable, since the blades can be changed because they are disposable. Take into account also to buy clippers resistant to corrosion and with sheets that tolerate chemicals, this will make you have a cutter that lasts longer and will not risk shaving the furry with blades
  • Housing with resistance: That the machine contains a housing that resists blows and falls in an excellent plus, this will ensure that it does not break in case we slip from the hand.
  • Several speeds: If your pet has a lot of hair, that the hair clipper has at least two speeds, it will allow you to have flexibility when working with it.
  • Silent: The noise of hair clippers for pets like cats and dogs, can scare them. It is excellent that you acquire a mower that emits as little sound as possible, since the dogs tend to be sensitive to external noise, an example of this is when rockets explode.


As in the world, there are dogs of a large number of breeds, you should make a good selection of the trimmer blades to remove their hair without problems. However, in the market, there are different categories of blades.

  • Finishing blades: This kind of blades are used to adjust your dog’s hair after bathing. This can help you greatly if the canine has a furry coat that grows quickly.
  • Jumping tooth: If our pet has a dense coat, a machine with teeth can make the task of cutting easier.
  • Wide sheets: This type of cutting sheets are also known as T blades, and are ideal for large breeds of dogs because, with their width per pass, they will pull more hair