When it comes to diving, having the right diving mask not only allows you to see underwater marine life clearly, but it isalso vital for you to see hand signals and read indicators when diving.

This new design has been growing in frequency and allows you to breathe “normally” with your nose and mouth. This is due to the fact that these masks cover the entire face from the front to the chin with a fixed breathing tube that protrudes from the top to prevent water from entering when a wave hits.

However, with so many more snorkelling scales available it is important that you know what characteristics the ideal one must-have for you before buying one, so we will leave you the best top of diving masks, which will surely help you.

Rank Brand Colour Lens type
1 HELLOYEE Diving Mask 150 2+2 year
2 Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Diving Mask 150 3- year
3 Vaporcombo Snorkel 180° Snorkel Mask 700 Single Lens
4 ADIWI diving mask with 180 degree view 700 1-year
5 WSTOO 180° full snorkel mask 700 1-year

The best diving masks in comparison

We know that you want to get a model at a very good price but we also know that the idea is not that it is a cheap one, but that it has a balance with quality. We also know that it can be a bit difficult to choose one of the many options that are online because they all look great. Well, the truth is that in the current market there are many lightweight masks, excellent adhesion and durability, and even with frames for GoPro. However, there are also others that are not so much and this is where we come in to help you.

Luckily, we have already researched in depth the best options of the present and that is why we have made the following comparative list in which we include masks with valves that prevent the entry of water, breathing tubes on the top, mounts for action cameras and high-quality materials.

1. HELLOYEE Diving Mask

This mask is available in various colours for both men and women and even in smaller models for children, making it one of the most versatile there is currently. Apart from that, it has several advantages such as a design that prevents the entry of water, a snorkel tube longer than usual to explore more comfortably and a wide lens for 180º vision.

2. Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Diving Mask

Ocean Reef is one of the best brands of products for water and this full face mask you will surely love because its design allows you to breathe through your nose, making it even more difficult to inhale water by mistake, as it comes with a tube in the top At the same time, the lens is anti-fog, comes in pink or orange and the whole product is light and durable.

3. Vaporcombo Snorkel 180° Snorkel Mask

If you were looking for a perfect model for girls, then you should take a look at this one, which, due to its pink colour, could be just perfect, although it also comes in other colours. Besides, it has a snorkel on the upper part, a 180º lens, which prevents the formation of fog and a 180º panoramic view, as well as a hypoallergenic and soft silicone strap for total comfort. It comes in small and large sizes.

4. ADIWI diving mask with 180 degree view

The first thing that stands out when seeing this model is its mount for GoPro, which is something that many people want to have to record their underwater adventures with ease and share them with friends or simply save them for the memory. It comes equipped with a long snorkel on the top, 180º lens with anti-fog technology and special valves that prevent leaks and help drain any drop of water.

5. WSTOO 180° full snorkel mask

We are talking about a complete lens model that gives you a perfect field of vision for underwater exploration, as it has anti-leakage design and prevents fogging. Apart from that, the silicone band is hypoallergenic and has a system that prevents the entry of water by mistake automatically. To finish, you’ll love that it has a mount for action cameras like the GoPro.

What is diving mask?

A diving mask is a dedicated accessory for nautical activities, especially for spearfishing, apnea, recreational diving and snorkelling. In addition to providing the user with better vision, it allows him to breathe naturally with a more pleasant feeling.

A mask is also used to protect yourself from the cold. It is a type of hermetic goggle made up of different parts, including the optical glasses, the clip, the skirt, the adjustable strap, the adjustable buckles and the strapping. The mask is thus fixed on the face so as to prevent the penetration of water into the eyes and the nose.

girl with diving mask

Different types of diving masks

Single lens mask

It is the “classic” mask which offers the greatest field of vision. There is only one glass and therefore no bar separating the two eyes. It is generally towards this type of mask that informed divers head down several meters deep. You can see it correctly, and it’s comfortable to wear. When going deeper, the plating effect is a little more powerful than with a twin lens mask. For this kind of practice, you should choose a mask as compact as possible to reduce this effect.

Twin lens mask

This is similar to swimming goggles. At the entry-level, most of the masks are effectively twin lens. Many divers are used to this type of mask and therefore we find masks of this type at the top of the range. The best twin-lens have tilted lenses to be closer to the eyes, and thus offer a greater angle of vision. This type of mask is generally appreciated by people wearing contact lenses. For deep dives and for apnea, it is also an appreciable mask, since it is often more compact, and therefore reduces plating and air loss.

Full face mask

More recently, this mask is only studied for snorkelling. It encompasses the whole face, and thus offers a total vision to its user. It has an integrated snorkel, but without a mouthpiece. We can then breathe directly inside the mask, and especially naturally, both through the nose and through the mouth. Comfort is very good when you stay on the surface, but the mask quickly squeezes your face when you descend only a few meters in apnea.

How to choose a diving mask?

Let’s talk, then, about what it takes to make a diving mask the ideal one. The first, of course, is that it fits well to your body without being too tight or too loose, because the first will hurt your face and the second could cause water to enter the mask and make it impossible to breathe all right.


The size is a determining criterion in the choice of a full face mask. It is essential that the latter is perfectly adapted to the face of the user in order to ensure maximum sealing and comfort. So you have to check what age category the equipment is intended for. While some models are specially designed for adults or for children, others are suitable for all head sizes.

However, the best way to find the perfect mask is to try it on. To do this, place it on your face without its strap and check that the frame does not touch the bridge of your nose. To make sure the equipment is right for you, breathe in slowly through your nose, then hold your breath. It must remain in place without you holding it.


To evaluate this, it is good that, when testing the mask, you make sure that the gums create a hermetic seal and that they fit evenly along your face. You can also adjust the straps to make sure you are totally comfortable with your diving mask. Then, try adding the breathing tube so you can see if there is any change in the setting or if you lose visibility.


After the size, the material is also an essential point to take into account when buying a diving mask. The equipment must be made from quality material, not only to be effective and comfortable but also so that it is not dangerous to health.

Avoid buying a plastic mask with normal glass, as these materials tend to leak, crack, or even break. The best models of the moment are designed in silicones. In addition to ensuring good flexibility, these types of masks are not likely to injure the face or irritate the skin. There is also equipment fitted with a rubber coating. As for glasses, they are often made of tempered glass.

Full face diving mask

Lens quality

One of the most important things is that the lens is anti-fog and, although it is practically impossible to make the lens remain fog-free in any situation. There are lenses with special materials to avoid fog or improve visibility underwater.

Apart from that, there are single-lens diving masks, which have no dividing frame in the middle and can not be customized as prescription glasses; of multiple lenses, which contains two separate, so it gives a more panoramic view and a feeling of more space; and a single second-generation lens, which has a flat panel that gives a better view than the traditional ones.


The strap is an important part of the mask because it keeps it on the face. First, it must be easily adjustable and lockable. The loops are as always directly connected to the rigid frame through a rubber seal.

These can be swivelled for easy and quick adjustment. It is essential that the strap is flexible to enjoy optimal comfort. This is the reason why we advise you to favour the silicone ones. Finally, a strap that guarantees good support has a specific shape so that it perfectly matches the back of the skull.

Other options

In addition to the size, material and strap, the options offered by the mask are also among the defining characteristics. Not all equipment offers the same functionality. Your choice will, therefore, depend on your needs and your use.

If you want to film your underwater adventures, prefer masks with practical support allowing you to fix a Gopro camera on top. If you are an apnea lover, you should rather turn to a model with a patented membrane surrounding the nasal bag and a system designed to prevent the formation of fogging on the glasses. Essential characteristics to isolate the glasses and the main chamber from the air coming from the nose. Finally, those who wear glasses can opt for diving masks with corrective lenses.

Maintenance of a diving mask

The footballer takes care of his crampons, the boxer of his gloves, the table tennis player of his racket. The diver must also take care of his equipment and especially his diving mask. The first thing to do after an outing is to rinse the mask well with fresh water.

No matter where you dived, whether in the ocean, in a lake or in a swimming pool, you will have to remove potentially harmful substances as well as bacteria. So rinse your mask perfectly by passing your thumb and rubbing the glass a little. Take good care of the outline of the skirt, the curls or the nose inside and outside, where the sediments could accumulate.

Then it must be dried perfectly. This is an important step because storing your wet equipment in a bag or crate will encourage the multiplication of bacteria. Your mask will then deteriorate faster, and it may even smell musty. You will wear it on your face, so as much as it smells good or smells nothing, it’s still more pleasant.