With the increasing rate at which people are getting busy with their day to day activities, it is very important to keep a check on your health and the blood pressure monitor is very vital in this process. When it comes to being more active in the fight for our health, this issue becomes crucial: selecting the right device. Some of the leading retailers like Argos and Boots have stocks of these monitors and they stock different types of monitors that should suit every individual. Regardless of whether a basic model or an extended one is the one you are looking for, you will easily find it.

When buying your groceries at Tesco or ASDA, you will realize that in addition to food items, they sell a range of healthcare devices and equipment necessary for home health monitoring. Many of these firms, including Superdrug, are dedicated to health and beauty; they offer a range of these devices to ensure that you can assess the options and make a purchase decision based on the machines’ capabilities and costs. Selecting the right model can be based on usefulness, efficiency, and effectiveness, which these retailers use when selecting products to offer to customers.

Using such a device to check your blood pressure is possible to ensure that the level is normal and that you are not at risk of developing complications associated with high blood pressure. Currently, there are many options in many trusted stores and you will surely find a model that will be suitable for you and your plans for a healthy lifestyle.

What is the best Blood Pressure Monitor?

Taking into account all the factors to consider when buying one of these devices it is necessary that you make comparisons with the available models and choose the one that best suits your needs and economic possibilities. We did a test of the features offered by these teams and we leave you this little guide so you can choose the one that best suits you.

1. Omron M7 Intelli IT 360 Degree Accuracy Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

OMRON M7 Intelli IT Uper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth and Intelli Wrap Cuff
  • Automatic blood pressure monitor with Intelli Wrap Cuff (22 - 42 cm) and automatically updates readings to your phone through the...
  • OMRON connect app: Keep track of all your blood pressure readings in one easy to use place. Follow how your readings change over...
  • Intelli Wrap Cuff: this easy-to-use, pre-formed upper arm cuff, measuring 22-42 cm, takes away the hassle of cuff placement and...
  • Three indicators: OMRON M3 displays a cuff wrap guide to show proper cuff placement while taking a measurement. And indicators if...
  • Items delivered: 1 x OMRON M7 Intelli IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Medium Cuff (22 - 32 cm), 4x AA batteries and...

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This Omron M7 blood pressure monitor has a special tracking memory. It will then be very easy for you to show your results to your doctor and to have optimal medical monitoring without having to write everything down.

This blood pressure monitor also has Intelliwrap technology. This means that his cuff has a 360 ° sensor for the most reliable measurement. There are no possible errors with this blood pressure monitor, especially since it also has an indicator light that tells you if the cuff is correctly positioned or not.

2. Omron MIT Elite Plus arm blood pressure monitor

Clinically validated

Omron MIT Elite Plus Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with download facility
  • Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor with Intellisense technology
  • Irregular heartbeat detection and hypertension indicator
  • PC connectivity
  • One-button operation and memory storage for 90 readings including date and time of reading
  • Clinically validated

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This model has arrhythmic pulse detection memory and has backlighting on the screen to be easily used in those places with low light.

It is a device made with resistant materials, it is clinically validated and it also has an indicator of high blood pressure and body movement detection.

It is a sophisticated and very simple to use a computer that incorporates Omron Health Management Software. The Omron device is available in black and comes with a digital thermometer.

3. Arm blood pressure monitor with Bluetooth Medisana BU-530

The most economical

Medisana BU 530 Bluetooth Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - Home Use Heartbeat Detector -...
  • Medical device: Autonomous blood pressure monitoring with WHO traffic-light colour scale for easy classification of results. There...
  • Arrhythmia display: The BU 530 can indicate the existence of potential pulse arrhythmias. Only your doctor can assess the type and...
  • Memory function: The upper arm blood pressure monitor is equipped with an internal memory, which can save 120 measurement results...
  • For the upper arm: The cuff is suitable for upper arm circumferences from 22 to 36 cm. It has a large display for systole,...
  • At home or out and about: The BU 530 blood pressure monitor is supplied with a practical storage bag for convenient, secure...

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With a high-quality LCD screen, the Medisana device is the most economical of our selection. It also has the option to classify the results with the colours of the traffic light, according to the standards of the World Health Organization.

It is a lightweight, comfortable and compact device developed with intelligent technology compatible with the VitaDock application and the IOS, iPhone 4S and higher systems, as well as with Android through Bluetooth transfer.

The device is capable of measuring tension, systole, diastole, arrhythmias, pulse and, in addition, shows the date and time with the oscillometric measurement method.

As an additional value, it displays large numbers on the screen for easier reading and is available in a sober white colour.

4. AEG BMG 5677 blood pressure monitor

Comfortable and affordable

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The AEG blood pressure monitor is fully automatic and is made with digital technology whose software is compatible with smart devices and the Windows operating system.

It has an irregular heart rate recognition method and displays three measurements, systole, diastole and pulse values ​​on the screen. It is coded with the classification of colours that is accepted by the WHO. It is a comfortable device to use and very manageable.

It is equipped with an LCD screen, a large number, illuminated control buttons, long sleeve and touch sensor XXL format.

Use AA batteries, but the product does not include them. It is an affordable device, it is available in the market in a practical black colour and comes with a storage case.

5. Arm blood pressure monitor Beurer BM 85

With automatic damper

Beurer BM85 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth Smart and Health Manager
  • Data transfer from BPM to smartphone using Bluetooth Smart or PC via USB cable
  • Monitoring via free HealthManager Web/PC/iOS/Android app
  • Risk indicator, arrhythmia detection: Warning in case of possible heart rhythm disturbance
  • Patented resting indicator for precise measurements (patent EP 1 673 009), medically certified grade II product
  • Average of all saved measured values and morning and evening blood pressure for the last seven days, 2 x 60 memory spaces/average...

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The Beurer brand offers you this next-generation device, easy to use, equipped with an LCD screen that lights up and Bluetooth technology with USB power supply.

It is a portable device capable of indicating the irregular heartbeat and issues an alert when it is misplaced. The screen offers large numbers fully legible following WHO standards and has a low battery indicator

It has no low price, comes with rechargeable lithium batteries and comes with a bag to store and move easily.

6. MOCACuff Bluetooth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Accurate and reliable

MOCACuff Portable Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor, Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff, Phone Connect...
  • [Easy to Wear] Simply wear MOCACuff on your wrist and let it do all the work. It measures heart rate and systolic bp and diastolic...
  • [Read Clearly] Results displayed on-screen, along with color-coded indicator corresponding to American Heart Association's blood...
  • [Data Syncing and Tracking] Sync and record all measurements wirelessly to your smartphone with a single tap of a button. Battery...
  • [Compatible with] Receive expertly curated health recommendations via MOCACARE App (iOS/Android) to improve or maintain your...
  • [Useful and Portable] Visualize health trends and see how your health is improving over time. FDA cleared/approved and CE...

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By using an automatic measurement technique, the MOCACuff digital blood pressure monitor gives you blood pressure results with accuracy and precision.

The device measures systole, diastole, heart rate and has a memory function to keep the records of 160 measurements with the date and time they were made.

It is a large device, ideal for desktop, made with good quality materials that offer quick results and yields reliable data about the patient’s health.

It has two years of warranty offered by the manufacturer and, in addition, those who already bought it have the opinion that it is the device with the best quality-price – value ratio of the entire selection.

It comes with four AAA batteries and a bag to store, protect and move easily.

7. Omron Evolv arm blood pressure monitor

OMRON EVOLV Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor | Rated 'a' Which? Best Buy | Clinically...
  • HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT YOU CAN RELY ON: The OMRON range of blood pressure machines has been validated by respected clinics, based on...
  • SLEEK, ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN: the all in one blood pressure monitor with a compact design for convenient testing at home or on the go...
  • CLINICALLY VALIDATED: from the most recommended brand by cardiologists, the EVOLV is clinically validated for use in pregnant...
  • INTELLI WRAP UPPER ARM CUFF: this compact cuff, measuring 22-42 cm, has no tubes or wires and is simple to place correctly for...
  • TRACK YOUR HEALTH METRICS: thanks to smart monitoring, the EVOLV can sync your readings to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing...

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All in one device, the case of this blood pressure monitor is attached to the cuff. Easy to use, you just have to roll it up on your arm and fix it securely with the Velcro clasp. After pressing the start button, all that remains is to wait for the display of the result. Its high precision is its strong point. Easy to store, it can be carried everywhere with you when travelling. This blood pressure monitor is very comfortable to use since it does not have a cable. This device will have no trouble detecting blood pressure regardless of the position of the arm.

using blood pressure monitors

Types of blood pressure monitors

There is a wide variety of tensiometers, however, among the most popular or easiest to use, we can find:

Arm blood pressure monitor

They are similar to those commonly seen in the doctor’s office, have a flexible or semi-rigid handle and a sleeve that is placed around the arm and squeezed to measure blood pressure. It is usually very comfortable and you can sit naturally, with the arm to the side, it is usually less complicated than the wrist blood pressure monitor.

Wrist blood pressure monitor

As its name indicates, it is a device that looks for blood pressure in the wrist. This type of monitor is usually uncomfortable and difficult to use to find the pulse, you must hold the wrist in your chest at the level of the heart, if you move it a few inches from your chest or do not keep it immobile it will throw inaccurate results.

The advantages of a blood pressure monitor

blood pressure monintor

The first advantage of a blood pressure monitor is on its practical side. It saves you from having to go to your doctor for each measurement. But this is not its only advantage.

You will be able to have real medical monitoring by taking your blood pressure at regular times which is not necessarily possible when you have to go to your doctor.

You will also avoid the “white coat” effect which is much more common than you might think. It is very common that tension is high and therefore distorted by the mere fact of being in a medical office or in the presence of a doctor or nurse.

And finally, the blood pressure monitor allows you to control treatment, to monitor its blood pressure to react accordingly if the observed blood pressure is abnormal. It is a real medical device and not a gadget!

How to use a blood pressure monitor

How to choose the best blood pressure monitor?

When looking for a good blood pressure monitor, it is very useful to take into account a series of factors that may facilitate its use:

Easy to use


This is, without a doubt, an important quality, since it gives you the freedom to operate the device without being a great expert. The screen should be large, legible, the buttons long and intuitive and, ultimately, should not have a very complicated operation. Some models offer extra-large screens, illuminated buttons and voice announcements. Others, also have Bluetooth capability that gives you the option to read the results of the screen of your smartphone.

Detects irregular heartbeats

Some tensiometers have this quality that is very useful to know the characteristics of the patient and offer a wider reading of their health conditions.

Check the fit

If the cuff of the blood pressure monitor does not fit properly to your arm, it can not give accurate readings. So if it is adjustable this will allow you to use the tensiometer in people of different sizes and contexts.

The correct amount of pressure

You can not measure the tension with a brief, gentle squeeze of the bracelet, but nowadays, the best models use a relatively soft pressure to avoid turning a simple reading into a painful ordeal.


The best digital sphygmomanometers for arm store at least 90 readings in memory, a significant figure to record up to three months of daily measurements of blood pressure.

Average function

Experts say that the average of consecutive readings recorded over a period of time can give you a better projection of the patient’s cardiovascular health than that obtained from isolated measurements, so it is very important to consider this quality.

Help with proper positioning

Sometimes, if the device is not positioned correctly, it will not give you realistic or accurate readings and results, so tensiometers that issue alerts or guide lights to fix them when they are misplaced are always very useful.