5 best digging forks to enjoy your passion for gardening

Gardening is a wonderful pastime, practising it will bring countless benefits to your life, giving you the opportunity to consume and produce healthy foods, stay physically active, express your creative impulses, learn about nature, improve your personal relationships, relieve stress, bring a fuller and happier life, and last but not least, also allows you to save money on your monthly bill!

Now it’s time to assemble your gardener kit, the set of essential tools that will help you become an expert farmer, for that reason today we dedicate our delivery to the best digging fork, the most important tool to dig, break, level and oxygenate the soil of culture.

What is the best digging fork?

Users must face an overwhelming panorama when buying products of good quality, the challenge is to find the best option among a hundred brands and models.

This scenario also manifests itself when we talk about tools to work your garden. Rest assured, by following our guidelines you can easily navigate the market challenges. Keep in mind:

Your height and the size of the tool, the construction materials, the brand, the weight, the design and the cost of the equipment.

Consult our comparative list of products and discover in it the options best valued by the user community.

1. Fiskars Light Garden Fork

Great wear resistance

Fiskars Garden Fork
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It is a great garden pitchfork, perfect for working compact or stony ground floors. It has a handle made of fiberglass, with a T-shaped design, for a solid point of support.

2. Border Fork by Spear & Jackson

Made of forged carbon steel

Border Fork by Spear & Jackson
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For the novice gardener or for the expert looking for a good quality replacement.

It has a base and a head made of tough carbon steel, includes a waterproof hardwood shaft and a grip handle MYD. When you buy it you get a 10 year guarantee.

3. Bulldo Digging Fork

Excellent relation between quality and price

Bulldo Digging Fork
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It is the cheapest digging fork of our selection. The design of this fork has a long and solid base, resistant to water and alkaline metals in the soil.

It includes an ergonomic handle and has a net weight of 1.9kg.

4. Bentley Stainless Steel Garden Fork

Includes lifetime warranty

Bentley Stainless Steel Garden Fork
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It is a fork of economic gardening and great resistance. It has a shaft of ash wood with waterproof finish, a polished stainless steel head and an ergonomic handle. Weighs: 1.5kg and measures: 107cm

5. Select Stainless Digging Fork

Made of stainless steel

Select Stainless Digging Fork
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It stands out for its modular construction and ergonomic design. It offers versatility and solidity when weeding, digging and ventilating the farmland.

Made with an alloy of stainless steel and textured plastic. It has a total length of 117 cm.

Types of Digging Forks

Although all the digging forks look the same, if you look closely you can distinguish small differences in the shape and size of each tool.

Garden pitchforks

Designed to penetrate the most solid and stony soils. It has 4 sharp points to break more effectively the compact earth.

Excavation fork

They are a light equipment equipped with 4 triangular and flat tips, ideal for working clay or sandy soils, they also work to mix nutrients and harvest tubers.

Potato Forks

Designed to lift crops from the soil without causing damage to food, for that reason its head has 9 flat and thin tips.

Edge pitchforks

It is the small version of the garden pitchforks and is designed to work in narrow spaces, between the edges of the terraces and the plantations.

Compost gallows

Lightweight tools, designed to remove light organic matter from compost beds, have 4 or more teeth and a convex profile to prevent the gardener from leaning in each movement.

Extended gallows

It seems to be a completely different tool to the garden pitchforks, however, they fulfil the functions in less time and with less effort.

What to look for when buying a good garden fork

Teeth and Head

It is the most important part of the tool! Your best bet is to opt for a head made of carbon steel.

Shape of the teeth

There are different forms of teeth, each one designed to fulfill a special purpose. There are to harvest food, to remove light organic matter and to break the hardest soil.

The handle

The standard measurement is 30 inches, this length will be suitable for most applications in gardening. You can find them made of steel, wood and fiberglass.

Mango shape

They come in two forms: T and D. It will depend on you, choose the option with which you feel most comfortable.


Rivets and screws for modular constructions, the advantage of these are that you can replace only one piece if necessary and save a little money. One-piece designs tend to be more robust and resistant.


They come made of forged steel and stainless steel. Forged steel gives you long-term durability, as it does not bend or wear out so easily.


The best option is to choose shafts of hard and waterproofed wood.