The hot weather during summer can make it hard to focus at work or even fall asleep. To avoid this, make sure to get a good desk fan.

This is one of the smartest investments during this season because it is a device that has a size or compact enough and convenient to be conveniently placed on a desk or any other table, but without detracting power in its operation.

A table fan can provide a refreshing stream of air in an interior space to reduce or eliminate the unpleasant feeling of congestion that can occur regularly. In addition, they are very useful to ensure that homes and offices can be kept free of insects.

List with TOP 5 desk fans

Getting a good table fan can be a big concern, but so is the fact of getting it at a price that does not hit the savings. Fortunately, there is not only one but several types of table fans that vary greatly among the features they can offer and among which you can get one at an affordable price that meets the requirements you have.

To save the search for this product, we have dedicated ourselves to search and thoroughly review several of the models that are for sale in order to create the best and most detailed list comparing the top 7 of the best fan models to a really fantastic price that suits you. Take a look!

1. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Purifier

It has a modern white design. It is a model that purifies and refreshes the environment in an intelligent way thanks to its HEPA Glass 360 filter that eliminates potentially toxic contaminants and odors. It has two years of warranty and two applications for your mobile device that allows remote control.

2. Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme

This table fan has five blades and an integrated ergonomic handle to transport it more comfortably. It even has five speeds between which you can choose to get the intensity of the air you prefer. Includes turbo position and silent night position. Its reinforced grid provides a maximum of security.

3. Dyson AM06 Desk Fan

The bladeless fan from Dyson AM06 offers a continuous airflow that can be directed 360 degrees in a room. Its power of 26 W allows it to cool effectively. Thanks to a magnetic remote control which can be positioned on the fan, it is possible to modify the intensity of the flow (10 adjustment positions) and to program the shutdown of the device with predefined intervals ranging from 15 min to 9 h.

Very design, the fan can also tilt in addition to the oscillation movement, just rotate it on its own centre of gravity. Dyson has improved its technicality to reduce the turbulence of the airflow and thus offer a device 75% quieter than the AM01 fan, 56 dB, here, for the AM06.

Note: the number of decibels changes depending on the speed chosen. Many users recommend choosing a power not exceeding 5 to be able to sleep peacefully. Very easy to clean because without a blade and no scorch, just wipe it with a dry or damp cloth.

4. NETTA 3-Speed Oscillating Desk Fan

It is a telescopic model that also uses an exclusive patent of six blades for greater airflow and is positioned as one of the quietest models you can buy.

At the same time, it comes in sober black colour design and offers three speeds among which you can explore.

5. KLIM Breeze USB Desk Fan

With its small dimensions (14 X 12 X 18.5 cm), its low weight (250 g) and its handle located at the back, the KLIM Breeze fan is very easy to transport. It fits perfectly on a desk and can be connected to a computer thanks to its USB socket (or to an AC outlet with a USB adapter or on a portable battery).

Small pads placed under its base prevent it from moving and vibrating on the surface. Its orientation is quite limited: it pivots up and down and is not oscillating, but it can be moved easily thanks to its smallness. Equipped with 7 blades, it produces an efficient airflow and rotates at nearly 3,500 rotations per minute, which does not prevent it from remaining relatively silent.

6. Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan

It is a model with a beautiful and striking black colour that measures 30 cm. This model guarantees sufficient fresh air and adequate ventilation on hot days and is even suitable for continuous operation because it does not overheat.

It has a convenient weight that allows its transportation.

7. Pro Breeze Professional 6 inch Mini desk Fan

You can choose between the combination of white and black and a completely black model. It has a touch control panel and a casing with two levels of inclination and optional swing.

It has an integrated timer, is silent and capable of moving large amounts of air in several directions. Includes remote control!

Things to consider when you are looking for a desk fan

Thanks to the desire of human beings to generate cool or cold breeze over the years, today we can enjoy sophisticated appliances and not so much that we are relieved by the summer heat. But it is, specifically, to the breakthroughs that have occurred in the area of the fan, that it is possible that we can enjoy almost completely silent and adjustable fans that are perfect to have in our desks or other spaces in the office or the home, to sleep or do the tasks on day to day basis.

In addition to the space saving it means and the low level of sound generated during operation, there are several other things that are important to consider to ensure that your fan is of good quality, has an optimal performance and that it is convenient enough for You like having oscillation function, remote control, timer, which is easy to clean, among many other things that are not even related to its operation but with which the purchase is satisfactory as the fact that it has a low price, for example. Next, the most important of them:

Fan design

The desk fans are for all tastes and opinions, and it is precisely the design that has often affected that some are less expensive than others. Normally you are in stores and on the web, the most common model of these table fans for home and office is the axial flow. It is the most popular and has a rotating beam with a number of fan blades that rotate in parallel to the beam and, therefore, drive the air flow. These are characterized by having an exterior design that can be both round and square, in addition to an impeller shaft in the exact centre that normally blows air through a grid.

A more modern version of these practical fans is the tower and every time gains more ground in the preference of users because it is very convenient in terms of saving space and has a much more discreet design. It is known by this name because it has an elongated and high vertical shape, instead of the old circular or square design in the form of squatting.

In this case, the impeller shaft has a vertical orientation and is located in the center of the fan. As the shaft rotates, the blades push the air up and down (as opposed to horizontal, as in a standard axial flow fan), while the outside of the fan contains carefully designed outlets to direct the air flow .

On the other hand, there is another type of fan that is called bladeless, that is, “without blades”. It is one of the latest technology models that few brands have developed and, as the name implies, dispenses with the blades, making it one of the safest to use. It works by rotating fans inside a base and then a motor pushes the air flowing through an exposed ring where the airflow is focused on a directed “breeze”.

Air flow

The airflow is the first element to check when you want to determine the type of fan to choose based on the area of ​​a room. It is a considerable parameter allowing to know the efficiency of a device. The fan power can be evaluated by its airflow which is expressed in cubic meters per hour or per minute (m3 / h or m3 / mn):

  • The airflow of 15 m3 / min is suitable for a work office.
  • An airflow of 120 m3 / min minimum is necessary for a bedroom, while for a living room, an airflow of 150 m3 / min will be effective.
  • An airflow of 350 to 400 m3 / min is required if it is a very spacious room.

The airflow rate of a device is often indicated in its technical sheet. Otherwise, you can assess it using an anemometer to be placed in front of the fan air outlet. The power is also expressed in Watts, a fairly powerful model at around 40 Watts approximately.


This point is related to the direction of the airflow that the fan emits to “swing” from side to side. Regardless of whether it is a tower fan type or an axial flow fan type, it is important that you know that the fan’s ability to oscillate ensures an even greater volume of air circulation in a given space without having to increase the speed to the one that the blades are rotating.

Power supply

Most of the models that you can find are electric, but this does not stop the way in which they are powered by energy to work. For example, most models and the most common require a cable that must be plugged into a socket to work.

This means that the shorter the cable, the drier you must put it on the plug, which can be a problem if you do not have an outlet near where you need to place it.

However, there are other options on the market that are much more technological and practical to power fans that range from those that include batteries that can be either rechargeable or replaceable to others that are powered by USB ports.

Both options are ideal when you want your fan to be portable. However, a desktop fan that can be charged with a USB port is a practical benefit for those who prefer not to spend extra money on batteries and who also plan to use it near a computer or other electrical device that may work well to power external devices like this one.

Timers and Programming

In case you are thinking of buying room model, you can benefit from a model that is not only silent, but that allows you to program it and that has a timer.

In terms of security, this is a very useful feature that ensures that the fan will stop working at a certain point during the night while you sleep. This option is usually available in models that are not as cheap as the traditional ones that do not include it.