Many professional lorry drivers, buses and other vehicles use dash cam mounted on the windscreen and/or the rear window. And more and more private motorists are also installing onboard cameras to protect themselves.

The best dash cams in the UK

There are a number of things to know before choosing one dash cam over another. Some onboard cameras are unreliable and do not work very quickly after purchase. Others fail to capture the images at the critical moment of the accident and are therefore useless. This is the reason why I suggest you read my comparison of the best dash cams on the market.

1. Dash Cam iTracker Stealthcam II GPS

The Stealthcam II convinces above all by the high image quality and the simple and unobtrusive design. With a 2.1-megapixel image sensor and a 152-degree wide-angle lens, the dash cam can be pivoted vertically. The device delivers images with a resolution of 1,080 pixels in Full HD and records in the popular video format H.264. You can save the pictures on a Micro SD card from 10 to 64 gigabytes.

The Stealthcam II has a built-in GPS antenna, which records the routes and the speed accurately. For improved logging of the street events, this dash cam has a motion sensor. In addition, the date and time can be displayed as a stamp in the video. The recording of the cam begins when you start the engine. The camera will record permanently and the recordings will be write-protected either manually or through the G-sensor.

You can switch off the 2.45 TFT LCD display as well as the integrated microphone and the integrated loudspeaker if necessary. SanDisk memory cards are not compatible with the dash cam. You also need to keep in mind that shocks can trigger shots. This is especially true when the dash cam is in a battery-saving mode in the park-monitoring function.

In addition, it comes with a manual, the scope of delivery also includes a removable holder for the camera, including a transparent replacement adhesive tape. There are two cable clips as well as a USB transmission cable and a charging cable for the cigarette lighter. The menu is available in different languages.

2. VANTRUE N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam

    The VANTRUE model is a larger dash cam that has a salient feature: it is a car camera with two lenses. The front camera has an angle of view of about 170 degrees and points to the front. The second camera films the interior of the car and has an angle of 140 degrees. In the middle of the dash cam is the front camera, which allows shooting with 1440 pixels in Super HD.

    Another special feature of the model: On the camera, which films the vehicle interior, four infrared LEDs are mounted, which ensure that the recording of the interior is also in the dark. In addition, you can rotate the camera in a 45-degree angle.

    In addition, this dash cam has an HDMI port, a reset and a memory card slot. According to VANTRUE, the micro-SD card slot can hold up to a maximum of 256 gigabytes. The camera is not compatible with SD cards. There is a connection for the power cable. The energy or power supply is via a USB cable. Via the USB port, you connect the camera to the cigarette lighter.

    Further technical data of the Dash Cam briefly summarized:

    1. Resolutions: 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and 2,560 x 1,440 pixels
    2. Motion detection available
    3. continuous shooting
    4. G-force release available
    5. Integrated speaker and microphone
    6. LCD monitor
    7. Video format: H.264 / MP4
    8. Battery: 250 mega amps per hour

    The VANTRUE has a time-lapse function. Photos are taken at certain intervals and edited into a video. Thus, the images can be played much faster than in real time. The Time Lapse feature allows you to take pictures for a time-lapse video of a multi-day or multi-week trip.

    The scope of delivery includes an instruction manual in addition to the camera and the USB cable. 

    3. AUKEY Dual Dash Cam

    AUKEY Dual Dash Cam

    The AUKEY Dash Cam is characterized by two essentials:

    1. It records with a resolution of 1,080 pixels and 30 frames per 
      second in Full HD.
    2. It is WLAN-enabled and can be connected to the mobile phone through the “Luckycam” app 

    The camera offers further technical features because it also has a night vision function and a 170-degree wide-angle. In addition, it has a G-sensor, a 6G lens and the ability of motion detection. With the 2.4 inch LCD display you can easily monitor the traffic.

    The built-in G-sensor automatically films as soon as the camera is switched on and you start to drive. If a head-on collision or other accident is unavoidable, the sensor will automatically lock the films. In addition, the camera has a looping function (video loop). If you turn this on, the beginning of the video will be overwritten over and over again so that new material can be recorded. This saves you a lot of space on your Micro SD card. If you use an SD card, it should not be higher than class 10. We recommend a Micro SD card class 10 with a maximum of 32 gigabytes. According to the manufacturer, it does not include.

    4. APEMAN Dash Cam with Superior Night Vision

    APEMAN Dash Cam with night vision

    The apeman dash cam captures full HD motion pictures with a resolution of 1,080 pixels and photos with 4,032 x 3,024 pixels. The high resolution in full HD is not the only feature of the camera. It has a 170-degree wide-angle lens, which drastically reduces the blind areas when shooting. Instead, the wide-angle capture a large area of ​​the road and the road environment.

    Other features of the camera include the G-sensor, the GPS function and the loop recording. In addition, it has an infrared sensor and the motion detection function. Through the infrared sensor, you can accurately perceive all the details during night driving. The risk of driving over a deer or other deer at night is reduced by the infrared sensor.

    More technical details in a nutshell:

    1. Video recording in H.264 format
    2. The photos are saved as JPG
    3. A built-in microphone is available
    4. The recordings are saved on an external SD card. From 4G to 32G everything is supported
    5. There is a timestamp that is displayed in the monitor
    6. Clear and sharp images thanks to WDR Technology (Wide Dynamic Range)
    7. Parking monitoring is supported. The camera also records when you park the car
    8. The menu is programmed in several languages.

    If you want to use the GPS function of the camera, you need a GPS antenna but the dash cam is not compatible with the following antenna: B01NCJVNTE.

    Also, the model does’t come with micro SD card. The card should be class 10 or higher. Before using the camera for the first time, the SD card should be formatted.

    5. 2K Road Angel Dash Cam

    2K Road Angel Dash Cam

      The Road Angel Dash Cams are characterized by records in 2K as well as a sleek and timeless design. The pictures are taken with a resolution of 2560 x 1520 pixels and are razor-sharp even at night. The manufacturer wants to meet the camera with the claim to capture everything at night while driving. This is made possible by a 170-degree wide-angle lens that records everything in front of and behind your car during both driving and parking.

      The Road Angel dash cam is equipped with a loop function. Once the SD card is full, older videos will automatically be overwritten. The Loop feature never stops recording and continues to film instead. 

      Further technical details:

      1. motion detection
      2. Timelapse recording is supported
      3. HDMI port
      4. With USB 2.0 you can watch the pictures and videos on your TV or laptop.

      The Road Angel Dash Cam also has a G-sensor. In the event of an accident, the records are protected and automatically locked. They also can not be overwritten. In addition, the camera has an intelligent parking mode that detects vibrations and can switch to video mode, even when the car is stationary.

      The recordings are made in the usual MOV video format. Supports a Micro SD memory card up to 32 gigabytes, which is not included, and GPS tracking. In addition to the camera, the scope of delivery also includes a car charger cable, a suction attachment and a user manual.

      6. TOGUARD Mini Dash Cam

      TOGUARD Mini Dash Cam

      Looping function, G-sensor, motion detection and 1080 pixel images are the key features of the TOGUARD Mini. The camera is equipped with a 120-degree wide-angle lens, through which you have visibility on three lanes. The 1.5-inch LCD screen shows you the shots in real-time. This makes it easier to attach and adjust the camera.

      Another feature of the camera: It is compact and handy, does not take up much space and can be hidden behind the interior mirror. In addition, the camera has intelligent impact protection and a time stamp. The mini-cam has motion detection. It records everything and the fear of groundless property damage to the car is reduced. In addition, the manufacturer promises you a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

      Customer inquiries are usually answered by the manufacturer within 24 hours. Installing TOGUARD dash cam is very easy. All you need to do is connect it to the suction cup and insert the supplied charging cable into the cigarette lighter of your car. This will automatically turn the camera on and off when the ignition is turned on and off.

      7. SuperEye Dash Cam

      SuperEye Dash Cam

      The SuperEye dash cam has all the technical features that are standard features of a dash cam today. This includes, for example, the Sony sensor. Especially at night when driving, it offers clear pictures in a high resolution, even in low light conditions.

      With a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels for moving pictures and a resolution of 4,032 x 3,024 pixels for photos, you get crisp images. These appear directly on the 1.5-inch display. The clear images are enhanced by a 170-degree wide-angle lens that gives you a broader view of the road and the immediate surroundings. In addition, SuperEye dash cam comes with additional features:

      1. G-Sensor
      2. Loop Recording
      3. Park monitoring
      4. Time and date stamp
      5. Streamlined design

      The camera supports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and has a USB 2.0 interface. On Micro SD cards from class 10 and up to 32 gigabytes, the recordings are stored. In addition to the camera, the delivery set includes a car charger, a suction mount, a mini USB cable and a user manual.

      8. AUKEY Full HD Dash Cam

      Full HD dash cam

      This model from Aukey is inconspicuous and is mounted behind the rearview mirror. Also with this model, a Sony sensor ensures pin-sharp images with a Full HD resolution of 1080 pixels and 30 frames per second. In addition, you have through the 170-degree wide-angle lens even in low light conditions a wide field of view.

      When driving at night you get through the camera technology sharp images in high resolution. In addition, there is a highlight in the dash cam: You can switch to the emergency recording mode. This mode records unexpected incidents while driving. In addition, there is protection against overwriting videos as well as a time-lapse feature for taking a time-lapse video.

      The dash cam has a park mode. With small vibrations, it turns on automatically and records the events in front of the car. Power is supplied to the camera via the standard car outlet (12V/24V). In addition, a charging cable with two USB ports is included. The manufacturer promises a warranty of 24 months when buying this dash cam. If you insert the Micro SD card into the camera, you should format it beforehand. When transferring the data to your laptop or PC, you should use a micro SD card reader and your own mini USB cable.

      9. Dash Cam Crosstour

      Dash Cam Crosstour

      The Crosstour Mini Car Camera has four important features:

      1. Full HD with crisp images even at night
      2. 10-degree wide-angle and six glass focusing lenses
      3. Gravity sensor technology
      4. HDR technology

      With a full HD resolution of 1,080 pixels, detailed and sharp images are delivered to the camera’s LCD screen. Through the wide-angle lens, you have an overview of four lanes. Far-sightedness barely conceals a detail of a possible accident. In addition to the loop recording and motion detection, the vibration sensor and the parking monitor are also common features.

      Another feature of the camera: Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be quickly and easily mounted on the windshield and also remove it again. Your view will not be affected while driving. In addition, the manufacturer recommends formatting the micro SD card before using the camera for the first time, and then continue it at monthly intervals. The cam has a warranty period of twelve months. After the purchase, you can take 24 hours a day the advice to complete.

      10. Innosinpo


      The Innosinpo dash cam is a camera with a maximum Full HD resolution of 1080 pixels. The camera gives you crystal-clear pictures and videos showing every detail on the street. The 6.1-centimetre display and 120-degree wide-angle also provide more clarity on the conditions on the road and at the roadside.

      An essential feature of the Innosinpo: it can be easily installed on the windscreen without disturbing the view of the road. In addition, the cam is equipped with other technologies:

      1. G-Sensor
      2. Park monitor
      3. Gravity induction
      4. night vision
      5. Loop Recording
      6. motion detection

      The videos are recorded in MOV format. The images are saved as JPEG on the micro SD card, which is not part of the delivery. The dash cam has a built-in battery, but only has a lifespan of about 15 minutes. If you want to get the camera up and running for several hours, you need to connect it to your car’s cigarette lighter with a USB cable.

      dashcam with streen

      Buying Guide

      One reason for the growing popularity of dash cams is the technical specifications that the cameras are equipped with. The almost invisible companions should contribute to more safety on the roads and avoid bad accidents. Nevertheless, dash cams are still controversial, also concerning privacy.

      It remains unclear to a large majority of motorists, to what extent the records of the cams in court are allowed as evidence when the accident and the associated question of guilt should be clarified. These legal and other aspects are explained below. We also give you some tips on what to pay attention to when think of buying.


      The design of the camera must be right size! In general, the devices should be so small that they do not restrict the view while driving. Most cameras today are so handy and compact that they can be easily mounted to the windshield or the rear window of the car. The advantage of a dash cam with display: You can use it without your smartphone. For cameras, without a display, you always need an app that you can use with your mobile phone. But they are much smaller and less noticeable.

      There are cameras that are mounted using a suction cup mount. Other cams, on the other hand, are “taped” or glued to the windshield. The suction cup attachment has corresponding advantages. Not only can you quickly remove them when changing vehicles, but also when you are travelling to EU countries. Dash cams are still not allowed in countries such as Luxembourg, Belgium or Portugal.

      dash cam with parking mode

      Picture quality

      The most crucial criterion when buying a dash cam is the image quality. Many factors play a role here, beyond the Full HD resolution. Questions about the photosensitivity of the lens and the sensor as well as the opening angle play an equally important role. In addition, you should clarify before buying, if the camera supports Wide Dynamic Range.

      The models that we have presented to you, all with 1080 pixels in Full HD on. There are also dash cams that record with 4K. These models are however higher priced. The cheap dash cams record with 720 pixels. The disadvantage of these models: The images are mostly washed out and out of focus. In addition, the image stability in the cheap models is not always given. Shaky pictures are the result.

      Angle of view

      The angle of view decides what you see in the picture. If the angle is low, you only see what is happening right in front of the car. At a higher angle, you also have insight into what’s going on left and right. Most models are equipped with a 17-degree wide-angle. With these Dash cams, you have a broad overview of the street happenings. Other cams, on the other hand, are only equipped with a 120-degree wide-angle, which limits the field of view. When buying, make sure that the angle of view is at least 120 degrees. Cameras with a lower angle of view are usually not useful.

      Night vision function

      If you also want to record at night, the dash cam should have a night vision feature. Most cameras support WDR and HDR. Both technologies promise an improvement of the pictures in darkness or in backlight.

      The operation of both technologies is quite different: While WDR records the video signal based on the tone curves, the HDR captures multiple exposure times and combines them with the appropriate software. Experts advise buying a dash cam with HDR function because the quality is better than WDR.

      Loop Recording

      When buying you should absolutely make sure that the function Loop recording is available. If she misses, you are violating applicable data law. The loop function ensures that old recordings are overwritten as soon as the memory card is full. For most models, you can choose how long each video clip should be. For other models, the clip length is not adjustable. The videos and images are stored on a micro SD card. Usually, you have to buy them in addition to the camera. Most manufacturers do not supply the memory card.

      G-sensor and motion detector

      Another important purchase criterion is the presence of a so-called G-sensor and a motion detector. The sensor reacts to vibrations and triggers the emergency recordings on the camera. If there is a collision on the road, the sensor will register and save the file in a separate folder so that it can not be overwritten. This is also the case when you have to do full braking.

      The motion detector reacts as soon as a movement is detected in the field of view of the camera. The benefits of a motion detector: The camera is capable of recording parking bumps. In addition, you do not have to start the recordings manually at the start of the journey. However, there can be problems in busy residential areas when the motion detector constantly starts.

      Dash Cams with GPS receiver

      There are dash cams with built-in GPS receiver. They record the position and speed. In addition, there are also WLAN-enabled cameras with an app connected to the smartphone. With these cameras, the data of the mobile phone are used. If you have an accident, the police can confiscate and sift the memory card. On the map, you can also see if you have always kept to the speed limits and if you have disregarded other traffic signs.

      There are also particularly high-priced models with distance and radar detector.

      Frame rate

      To get reasonably smooth images, the frame rate should be as high as possible. Low frame rate cams deliver shaky images. That, in turn, spoils the fun of viewing the recordings. When buying the camera, make sure that the frame rate is at least 25 fps (frames per second).

      If this value is given, the picture quality is usually correct. Meanwhile, there are dash cams, which have a frame rate of 120 fps. Most of the models we’ve introduced to you have a frame rate of 30 fps. For shake-free images in high Full HD resolution, this value is sufficient. The resolution and the frame rate should form a symbiosis with the camera. Too high a frame rate can also result in a low resolution of the image. Prefer a model with a low frame rate.

      Image stabilization

      When buying a dash cam you should also consider the image stabilization. This must be given, otherwise, you will benefit Full HD recordings and low frame rates. The best dash cams on the market are high priced but have a good image stabilizer, which records smooth images.

      With a good camera, you can also readjust or adjust the image stabilizer to adjust for changing road conditions. If you change from the highway to a jerky country road, the readjustment of the image stabilizer is advantageous.

      Sound quality

      If you buy a dash cam pay close attention to the picture quality as well as the sound. Most models are equipped with a microphone, which makes sense with the small car video cameras. If you also value a good sound in your recordings, you should see that the cam has an integrated microphone. Atmospheric sounds can give the videos their very own character.

      blackvue cloud 4K


      In addition to the individual factors that are part of the picture quality, the battery plays an important role in dash cams. The permanent recording by the loop function is heavily at the expense of the battery. Pay attention when buying especially on the life of the battery. The longer the battery life, the longer you can record. But there are also models with short battery life. With these, there is a risk that the camera automatically shuts off after some time. When it comes to an accident, nothing is recorded.

      Before buying, think about whether you need to buy additional charging stations or whether a charger is supplied by the manufacturer. In addition, you should be aware in advance if you can use different batteries. There are manufacturers who already equip their cameras with a replacement battery. Usually, the dash cams are connected via the power cable to the cigarette lighter of the car and thus supplied with electricity all the time.

      Price-quality ratio

      The less technical features the camera offers, the cheaper it usually is. Nevertheless, high-priced models do not necessarily have to be the best. Many specifications such as Abstandswarner her usually does not need. On the one hand, you should have enough experience from your driving experience to see how much distance it takes to get to the car in front of you. On the other hand, new cars nowadays have assistance systems. Among them is the distance warning.

      The manufacturer Garmin has cameras from various series in its range, which should contribute to road safety. Among other things, the cams warn you of collisions and have the lane departure warning. As Garmin announces on its website, individual Garmin dash cams have a start-up alarm. This is used when you are at an intersection or in a traffic jam and traffic suddenly starts to roll again. Even with online shopping, you can get advice all around. Numerous virtual stores offer you excellent customer service, which stands by your side with help and advice. Then decide which technical features you need and check if the desired cam does not burden the wallet too much.

      GoPro as an alternative

      If you don’t like a dash cam for various reasons, you can use the GoPro as an alternative. Normally, GoPros are mounted on a bicycle and other protective helmets to document impressive tours or daring jumps. The GoPro is not for nothing like a typical helmet camera and is versatile. For example, she is often used by parachute or bungee jumpers.

      If you want to use it, you can also attach it to the windscreen of the car with a suction cup mount. In addition, it is possible to mount GoPros on the outside of the vehicle using a special bracket. GoPros are generally the best in terms of image quality. The resolution is at least as high as in a conventional one. However, GoPro shots may blur if not properly attached.

      So that there is no confusion. GoPro is the name of the manufacturer. There are other companies that make the small helmet cameras. GoPro, however, has prevailed in recent years.

      Online purchase vs. shops

      If you want to buy a dash cam, you probably want to buy a device at a fair price-performance ratio. Then the question quickly comes up, whether the purchase is worthwhile in the specialized shop such as Halfords or an online shop. For the specialized trade speaks the extensive and competent advice and you can try the cam on site. Nevertheless, retail prices are usually much higher than online. Therefore, it makes more sense, if you inform yourself at a local dealer and the order triggers online.

      You can also consult customer reviews or contact the support team at each store. Often there are interesting guides available online like this one. Another argument for an online purchase is a simple comparison of different providers. So you can easily find the cheapest price from home with just a few clicks. The comparison of existing features online is also a breeze.

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