To strengthen and tone your lower and upper muscles, you can perform low impact resistance exercises that do not require force majeure. To help you with this type of training, the core sliders were created. They are designed so that you can slide on wooden surfaces, ceramics, carpets and more, these will allow you to perform a dynamic training with smooth and fluid movements, they will also help to improve coordination, agility, strength, aerobic capacity and balance. Then we leave you the best core sliders and a routine for you to learn to use them.

What are the best Core Sliders?

Any of the discs chosen for this comparison offers the possibility of varying and intensifying the classic exercises that are done on the floor, both standing and sitting or lying down, but it is important to consider certain elements before buying a pair of sliding discs: weight, size, shape, materials, functionality and personal needs.

The discs expand your training possibilities and will make your whole body work. They are fabulous because you can start very slowly and gain speed while improving your physical condition and having fun. It’s like skating!

Here we leave you the best core sliders:

Core Flyte PRO – Flyte Fitness Core Sliders

They are fantastic. Lightweight, portable, durable and easy to store the discs designed by this brand,with rotating balls of displacement are also suitable on non-slip floors of rubber, carpet or wood. Recommended for those who take training with passion.

Core Sliders for carpet – Tumbl Trak

Very useful for gymnasts because it allows bodywork in a coordinated, intense and rhythmic way to develop sports qualities in the upper and lower areas of the body. It is very versatile and offers many possibilities of use.

Super sliding pads – Stop! Fitness

Increase the range of body movement and also the difficulty of the exercise. On any smooth surface, you can work with your own weight against the resistance of friction and soon you will see a “six-pack” in your abdomen.

Core Sliders Beast Gear

The double side allows a glide on any floor, even carpets and floors, where the flat face perfectly runs, while the rough face works for hard floors. They are economical and functional.

Core Sliders – TomShoo

To train with a wide range of balance exercises and tone all muscle groups, these core sliders come in a compact and lightweight storage bag to take you where you go and continue your training without excuses.

Core Exercise Sliders Elite Sportz Equipment

Although they are cheap, these “core sliders” are made of good quality materials and their polished plastic face slides quite well on the lawn or carpet. They serve to train the whole body with fitness results.

FitBeast Core Sliders

Ideal for gym, fitness, yoga, rehabilitation exercises for injuries or any other physical practice because it always works the muscles of the abdomen and the middle and lower back to build a powerful core, useful in any other sports practice.

Gliding Discs – Hardwood Floor

Although you see elegant movements, smooth and fluid, the effort is usually very intense and that brings fast results. The “Gliding Disc” training is light and very easy to use, just control the bodywork to achieve the objectives.

Core Sliders – Alpha Slide

A system of “sliders” that hardly occupies space in the bag for you to train where you like, reduce localized fat and strengthen the abdominal region. They are also very useful to relieve pain and discomfort in the lower back or lower back.

Core Sliders – Cologus

For steel abs without sacrificing fun and movement. These tools offer the possibility to meet any training goal and build authentic muscle strength in the abdomen and flexibility in the core. The possibilities for exercising with sliding discs are endless.

What are the core sliders?

These small discs are one of the most effective tools for bodywork. Designed to achieve the harmonious movement of the body on itself, without lifting hands and feet off the ground, it produces stretches and tensions that imply physical work with visible results in a short time.

They usually have a double face to guarantee sliding on smooth or rough floors. The discs move and allow a great number of exercises to advance in the goal towards the desired body, while good results are achieved in cardiovascular function, body weight, strength, flexibility and resistance.

Benefits of using core sliders

The core sliders are very useful because they allow taking training without impact or very low joint tension, so effective that it adds to the physical rehabilitation therapy for athletes who want to keep fit while recovering from an injury.

Apt to use in almost any corporal condition – under medical approval – because the hands and the feet never take-off of the ground, but they glide smoothly on him to do the corporal work without causing impacts.

The amount and variety of exercises that can be done with the discs are so complete and diverse that it inspires you to design more creative training circuits.

Well if you want to do pilates to lengthen the tissues and improve body posture, or if you prepare for Olympic competition, the core sliders will be useful in any case because they allow high impact exercises very particular, effective and little impact.

Another undeniable benefit is the portability implicit in the size and weight of the disks. The ease of taking them anywhere and keeping them in a small corner adds much to this multifunctional sports team.

Special mention must be made of the effectiveness of the exercise due to the constant tension that must be maintained to perform each movement with very obvious results in body balance.

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What factors did we consider when making the list of the best core sliders?

We compare more than one hundred core sliders from various manufacturers. To make our shopping guide as honest as possible, we take into consideration all important features, such as price, weight, material, assembly quality and many more. If you want to find the best core sliders for less money, our list will be very useful for you.

How do I know that the model I am buying is good?

Thanks to Amazon, you don’t have to worry about anything. Choosing core sliders on this site is very simple! You can check the pictures. Read the detailed description of any specific core sliders and read various user reviews. Learn from the experience of other people!

What guarantee should a core sliders have?

If you don’t want to buy a new core slider or spend money every time the product breaks, consider a model with a good warranty period. Otherwise, you will have to spend many resources to repair or replace it.

What are your comments based on?

To create this buying guide, we had to go through hundreds of user comments and compare dozens of models and brands core sliders. Finding the best core sliders today is a difficult task: the selection in the market is so high that it would take months to study all available options. Fortunately, our list will help you find a good sliding disc much faster.

What do I have to do to get a refund for core sliders?

Amazon has a good return policy, so most of the time will return your money without any problem. If you received malfunctioning core sliders, you will get a refund or a replacement easily. However, if you value your time, we recommend that you carefully review the item description before making a purchase.

How to train with gliding discs?

These thin discs, made of soft and resistant fabric, can be placed on the hands and feet to perform different movements that work for all muscle groups. It is what is also known as gliding training and it costs to do the exercises in a different way, with the added difficulty that our hands and feet slide while we perform them.

It is fun to incorporate it into your training at home, but also tremendously effective because toning the body with the core sliders involves developing an intense cardio activity that not only burns a significant amount of calories but also increases strength and agility in general.

If you train with gliding discs or core sliders, you work with your own weight, without impact (you don’t take off your feet from the ground) and you don’t need any more accessories than the glidings themselves. You can do many exercises, some very simple and others that involve some difficulty. In any case, it is an ideal activity for both beginners and people who train regularly and want to vary in their routines.

Exercise with core sliders to strengthen the muscles

Arms without sagging, firm buttocks, well-contoured legs and no accumulated fat, core like a rock. Training with core sliders gives excellent results if the goal is to lose but tone.

Remember that as in any other training a good warm-up is important. In addition, you should start with basic gliding training exercises until you master the sliding technique. The balance is essential not to end up on the ground. Start with smooth movements and, little by little, increase the difficulty. The movements must be short and fast.

Among the exercises with core sliders that should not be missing in your routine include:

1. Scissors Standing with your legs slightly apart and stepping on a disc with each of your feet make “earwigs”. Forward one leg first, return to the initial position and then advance the second. It seems very easy but it’s about doing it as fast as you can. Try, also to move forward as if you were walking (always with your feet on the sliders). If you look, that movement reminds the skaters. You can complete the exercise by making side openings. Open and close your legs quickly. Easy and effective!

2. Opening of arms in iron position. Lying on your stomach doing the iron, place the discs in your hands, which should be at shoulder height. Try to separate your arms as far as you can and return to the starting position. It is an exercise with core sliders really hard but ideal for toning arms. If the iron costs you a lot, you can do it with your knees supported.

3. Stride. Excellent for working your legs and increase your balance and coordination. In an upright position, with a disc on each foot, stride forward of one of your legs to bend the knee so that it forms an angle of 90º. The other leg must be extended. Hold on, return to the starting position and change legs.

4. The climber. Tone your muscles as a whole with this exercise with “gliding” discs. In a climber position (face down on the stretched arms and on your toes), place the discs under your feet and perform the “climber” movement, that is, pick up one knee, bringing it to the chest, then stretch and Do the same with the other Always with fast movements. With the discs, the difficulty of the exercise increases and its results, too.

5. Squat with a stretched leg. Standing, with your legs slightly apart, descend by doing the squat while stretching one leg laterally (always with the sliders). Return to the starting position and change legs trying, at all times, to maintain balance.