A cordless drill is a great tool for do-it-yourselfers and heavy-duty construction workers because it makes it easy to do lots of work quickly.

So, if you are thinking of buying one of the best cordless drills, we will tell you everything you need to know about them so that you can make a perfect choice.

Best cordless drills in comparison

We have selected for you the best cordless drills that have come to market this year. Our experts in mechanical and electrical tools have reviewed the best drills that have managed to find and have drawn up a list of the highest quality items, with the best features and the most interesting finishes so you can review what are the most efficient devices for drilling this year.

1. Makita Brushless Cordless drill

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The different drilling models that Makita has are battery operated with a charging time of 60 minutes.

They have different mechanical gears with which to achieve an ideal force transmission, as well as good durability.

As for its design, it is completely ergonomic and comes with anon-slip handle.

This cordless drill allows 16 different positions to tighten and a direct position and also has self-locking to change the drill without danger and with one hand.

2. Black & Decker Cordless Drill

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The Black & Decker drill is a tool that has a power of 710 W and that works with a battery.

Its voltage is 230V and also includes a keyless drill holder. The size of the drill holder is 13 millimetres and has firing action.

The most valued by users who have used this type of machine is its power in the first place, which comes with some interesting finishes in a practical second box, which has a mechanism that tightens the bits manually in third place and, finally, that you can screw and unscrew any type of object thanks to the speed regulator.

3. Einhell Brushless Cordless drill

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If you are looking for a drilling tool that has a practical electronic unit that allows them to regulate the revolutions and preselect how many you want to go, Einhell drills are the best option.

These tools also include mandrels chucks of fast clamping to be able to change the tool of simple form and also a mechanism with which can rotate to right or to the left to screw and perforate.

In addition, the metal depth stop is very robust and among its features, this machine also has an ergonomic handle with anti-slip handle.

4. Dewalt Brushless Compact Drill

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The practical Dewalt drill runs on battery and has speed control and practical forward and reverse operation.

As for its ergonomics, this cordless drill is really interesting since it has an adjustable additional handle, really practical to hold the tool in delicate conditions.

This machine also has a maximum drilling capacity of 25 mm in wood, 16 mm in masonry and 13 mm in steel.

5. Ryobi Brushless Drill

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Ryobi cordless drill reaches a speed between 0 and 1700 revolutions per minute and includes a13 mm automatic drill bit holder.

In addition, these tools also have a drilling capacity of 16 mm in concrete, 13 in steel and 25 in wood.

They are machines with elegant and professional finishes and really are very practical since they work with a durable battery, allowing you to perform from work at home to professional tasks without having to continually look for a plug.

6. Bosch Professional Combi Drill

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Some of the Bosch cordless drills come with 85Nm hard torque and brushless EC motor for a fast work rate Robust All-metal chuck for the toughest applications. Personalise your power tool by changing settings.

Kickback Control or information about status changes all with your digital portal in the My Tools app (GCY 30-4 connectivity module required). It comes with Practical belt clip for conveniently hanging the tool on a belt.

In addition, they perforate up to 16 mm in concrete and come with a practical plastic box to transport them more easily.

7. Cordless hammer drill and lithium battery Einhell

Einhell Power X-Change 44Nm Cordless Drill Driver With 2 x Batteries And Charger - 18V, 3-in-1 Combi...
  • Suitable for the Einhell Power X-Change battery system
  • Lithium-ion battery: No self-discharging, small, light, easy to handle
  • Three functions: Screw driving, drilling, impact drilling in masonry
  • Two speed gearing for powerful screw driving and fast drilling
  • High-quality 13 mm quick-change drill chuck made of metal

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The versatile model that will allow us to screw and drill in wood, metal and plastic in an effective and professional way.

Its powerful engine (44 Nm) will allow us to perform all these types of actions without effort.

This cordless drill also has two speeds and rotation to both sides.

Despite carrying an 18-volt battery with great autonomy, it weighs very little, making the tool very light and easy to handle.

8. Terratek 18V Cordless Drill

Terratek 18V Cordless Drill Driver, Sensational Electric Screwdriver set complete with 13pc Drill...
  • POWERFUL: 18V Cordless Drill with 16 different torque settings and variable speeds which means it can easily drill through wood,...
  • ERGONOMIC: The Terratek 18V Cordless Screwdriver provides the user, total control with a comfortable soft grip and balanced,...
  • VERSATILE: Included in the Cordless Drill Set is a 13 piece kit that contains 1x magnet holder, 6x drill bits, 2x Pozi-drive...
  • EFFECTIVE: Utilising a powerful 18V 800 mAh NI-MH Battery, the Terratek 18V Cordless Drill Set proves itself to be a reliable tool...

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All the reliability and power of the Terratek brand can be found in this cordless model.

It is small, light and very handy, ideal for drilling or drilling different sizes of screws on wood and metal.

In addition to the drill, the pack includes your briefcase and two 18V batteries. These are easily interchangeable since they incorporate a rail type system.

cordless drill

What is cordless drill?

Also known as cordless drills, cordless drills are a tool that allows you to drill holes in various materials and surfaces.

Its main feature is portability since when working with a battery and not with a cable they can be used anywhere. Although they are usually less powerful than traditional ones, they offer greater comfort and versatility of use. In addition, they can be used as a screwdriver and screwdriver.

Advantages of the cordless drill

Very simple and comfortable use

The main advantage of a cordless drill is that it is simple and comfortable to use. You don’t have to be a professional to be able to use it. Just choose the right bit and insert it into the chuck.

Most models are fitted with a self-tightening chuck which allows tool-free tightening and quick change of bit and bit. The cordless drill is also characterized by its manoeuvrability. Operating on battery, it does not have a cable which can interfere with use. Its extremely short shape and its low weight facilitate drilling and screwing at height as well as in places that are difficult to access.

As efficient as its wire equivalent

It is often said that the weakness of wireless devices is the lack of power. MN assures you that the cordless drill is as efficient as a sector model.

Indeed, the various manufacturers now equip their Lithium-ion battery tools with a capacity and a voltage of up to 5 Ah and 36 V.

Even a cordless 18v 2 Ah drill is more than enough for large jobs. In addition, there are models which are supplied with two batteries thus offering uninterrupted use.

Types of drills: Cordless and Corded Drills

There are different types of drills in the market. The first differentiation and the basic one is that of those that work with cable or those that do it with battery. Among the tools that move by a battery can be found the cordless drills, recommended for almost all types of work, both at home and professionally.

This type of machines was designed to pierce metals but nowadays they are used in all kinds of materials and they can be attached to many accessories such as varied drills or templates. They are very practical tools and can be found in different sizes. They exist from column models that can be mounted on a support bench to larger ones. The power of these items changes according to the model in question and even some come with specific fasteners.

In addition, percussion must also be taken into account when choosing a good tool. The models that include percussion are those in which the drill bit and the hammering move at the same time. Depending on the use you want to give you, you can choose one with a hammer or one without percussion. Machines that do not include hammer are those that are usually used to do different tasks in which you need to screw or drill in any type of material, but not in concrete or bricks. In contrast, tools with percussion are those designed to drill all kinds of materials, even the hardest, including bricks and concrete, drilling and hitting at the same time.

Things to keep in mind when choosing cordless drill


As with any other DIY tool, power is an important criterion that must be taken into account when purchasing a cordless drill. Your choice will depend on the work to be performed and the frequency of use.

Be aware that the higher the voltage expressed in Volts, the more powerful the drill will be. If you plan to drill or screw into wood or steel, a machine with a voltage of 12 to 14 V could do the trick.

On the other hand, if you want to use it regularly for heavy work or to drill hard materials like concrete, a cordless drill 18v or more would be necessary.


The battery is also an essential element to favour because it is what powers the motor of the cordless drill. If a tool with a 1.5 Ah battery is suitable for light work and occasional use, a model with a 2 Ah battery is recommended for regular use.

Cordless drills 3 ah or more are essential for expert do-it-yourselfers who need a versatile and long-lasting tool. In addition to the capacity, it is also advisable to check the number of batteries included. There are models that come with a single battery and others with two or even three. Opt for a machine with two batteries which will allow you to avoid downtime during major work.


The rotation speed of a cordless drill varies from 800 to 3000 rpm. Like power, it is also chosen according to the type of material to be drilled. The higher the speed, the more efficient the machine is for hard materials, such as concrete or stone.

Low-speed drills are however the most suitable for drilling steel. In any case, MN advises you to turn to a model with a variable speed drive. This will allow you to adapt the drilling speed to the material to be worked.


A good cordless drill is also a tool that must be pleasant to use. To know if a model is comfortable, you have to take into account the ergonomics of the handle. Know that the best models are those that offer a good grip.

They are easier to control and offer more precision when drilling. Also, prefer drills which are lighter because they are more manoeuvrable. It is therefore essential that you find out about the weight of the tool with and without its battery before you start buying.

Other options

Apart from power, battery, speed and ergonomics, the options offered by the drill are also decisive characteristics. The more options the machine offers, the more practical and simple it is to use.

Some models are for example equipped with blocking of the switch preventing numbness of the index during long-term use and an LED light ensuring good visibility even in the dark.

Others are provided with a flexible mandrel extension in order to be able to reach places that are difficult to access. Do not forget to check the number of accessories included, including the number of bits and screwdrivers.


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