Are you hot at night and wake up in a sweat, tired? A cooling pillow could help you sleep better. Most pillows of this type have acooling gel on one side of the pillow. While retaining the similar comfort of a classic memory foam pillow, this gel prevents your pillow from heating up in the contact with your head.

Cooling pillows are available in a wide variety of designs, with different materials, covers and trims. So it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. But don’t worry, we did our research and developed a comprehensive guide to cooling pillows.

What is the best cooling pillow?

I know well that the bad sleep accompanies many, is more common than we imagine and wreaks havoc with our body and with our emotional health. But, come on, I also know that there are many options too expensive. That is why I took on the mission of finding quality options at an economical price and I have found them because not cheap things are bad. That prejudice tends to keep us away from wonderful bargains and I know that well.

As a result of that search, this comparison has been left without waste so that you can also find the good rest you need so much:

Save Soft cooling pillow

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It has the ideal combination between memory foam and a lilac gel layer, which makes it ideal for people who get hot quickly when they sleep (hot sleepers), which, come on, we are many. It is highly recommended because its details are taken care of and even embellish your bed.

Cooling Pillow frosted pink waves 200-0A Hydraluxe

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Once you try and feel the power it has to relieve fatigue, night, sleep, will be inseparable because it has the perfect size and comfort you need for optimal rest with its outer layer of gel and spongy texture but firm.

Technogel Cooling Pillow

Technogel Sleeping Anatomic Pillow, Cotton, white, 66 x 42 x 07 cm
  • Gel pillow with 3D adjustment to fit the head and neck
  • Innovative structure made of gel surface and visco-elastic cold foam
  • Care Instructions: Cover is machine washable at 60 °C
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Dimensions: 66 x 42 cm

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Specially designed to adjust to the shape of your neck to eliminate pain and relieve muscle pressure. Its gel layer is ideal for summer nights, even to relieve the temperature of a mild fever.

Cooling Pillow Supportiback

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A therapeutic model, designed to wake up without pain or discomfort. It is flexible enough to adapt and support the weight of your head and neck. With the gel side, you will feel fresher, but if it is cold, you can go to the plush side for more warmth.

Jitsu cooling gel memory foam pillow

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You will feel your body like new with this pillow that improves the blood flow in the neck thanks to its design and its gel layer without leaks. This not only contributes to having the best rest but also accelerates the rehabilitation process after cervical injuries.

What is a cooling pillow?

This invention was developed by companies specializing in thermotherapy, that is to say, the use of temperature (heat or cool) for treatment or relaxation. These specialists realized that there was a real demand for people who have a specific need for freshness at the level of the pillow. Studies show that there are a huge number of people who suffer from sleep disturbances caused by heat in the head.

In fact, there are several types of cooling pillows, but it is rarely a pillow itself: it is either a cover with a special gel, or a foam over-pillow, or granules of gels scattered over a surface. However, the basic principle of the product remains the same: the gel or hydrophilic foam absorbs the heat given off by the head and breathes freshness overnight. The principle is simple but practical: it will save you sleepless nights from turning over in your bed.

cooling pillow

Advantages of having a cooling pillow

Cooling pillows have multiple advantages in terms of comfort and health. Here are the main advantages that this brilliant invention has:

  • When we are prone to stress or hormonal problems, we have trouble falling asleep because our body temperature rises, especially in the head. So we have to cool down because the low temperatures help us to sleep and relax. This is why the use of cooling pillows is recommended.
  • Cooling pillows lengthen the duration of sleep because when we sleep on a normal pillow it tends to warm up and once it is warm a flush of heat invades and wakes us up. By using a cooling pillow, you will dissipate heat for hours without waking up: you will have a longer and better quality sleep time.
  • The cooking pillow can also be used outside the bed and during the day. This invention can in particular help people who have problems with heavy legs, varicose veins and pain in the joints. Indeed, the cooling pillow improves blood circulation: for this, it is enough to place it under the legs.
  • In addition to helping insomniacs, the cooling pillow can also be used for people who have night sweating problems, because by regulating body temperature it also limits perspiration. Thanks to the cooling pillow, you will not have to wash your sheets every week.
  • It is a simple tool to use, it does not need any external energy source. You will not have to charge it or garnish it with batteries: it is enough to ventilate it well during the day to find it fresh and ready for use in the evening. It is, therefore, an economical solution against sleep disorders.
  • The cooling pillows are composed of a hydrogel composed of 70% water and 30% of a polymer gel, they do not contain any toxic product which could harm your health. There is, therefore, no need to worry about its health benefits since this product is recommended by doctors and approved by health services.
  • One of the big advantages of the cooling pillow is that the freshness that it diffuses limits the development of mites. It is, therefore, the ideal pillow for allergy sufferers.
  • Most models of cooling pillows are light and space-saving. You will, therefore, have no trouble taking them with you during your trips, because they fit very well in a small suitcase.
  • Very comfortable, the cooling pillows follow the shape of the body. The presence of the hydrogel surface does not cause any comfort problem: this product has been tested many times.
  • The cooling pillow is very easy to maintain, just ventilate it well during the day and wash it regularly.

Different types of cooling pillows

As we just said in the description, you can find all kinds of cooling pillows in the market. Here is a list of the most common with their descriptions:

  • Hydrophilic foam: This is a special foam that reacts to water. To make it work, you just have to remove its hood and fill it with about two litres of water. Once the foam has absorbed water, it will redistribute the temperature of the water against the head. Note that you do not need to place the foam in the refrigerator for it to keep its normal temperature. Once you have used it, it will cool down during the day and you will find it cool again when you go to bed.
  • The cooling pillow cover: At first glance, it looks like a normal cover, but in fact, it is a cover with technology to keep the head cool overnight. The cover includes a flexible hydrogel composed of water and polymer gel. It is this hydrogel that will regulate the temperature of your head: when your body begins to emit heat, the hydrogel will absorb it while effectively cooling your brain. To use it, simply insert a cushion through one of these two openings. You can, therefore, transform any pillow into a fresh pillow.
  • The cooling pillow insert:  This is an insert pillow which has the same characteristics as the cooling cover. The cooling pillow is also made of a special hydrogel which has cooling properties. The principle remains the same: absorption of heat during hot flashes at night and redistribution of freshness. The cooling over-pillow slides under the pillowcase or is placed directly on the pillow. There are also models of cooling toppers.
  • Cooling ergonomic pillow:  This is a product combining the cooling property of flexible hydrogel and the comfort of an ergonomic pillow. It is a pillow of orthopaedic design given its shape and its properties: it perfectly matches the shapes of the skull, avoids compaction and twists of the spine. The latex surface of the pillow has holes to improve its ventilation and cooling gel granules, these are the granules which provide the cooling role. It is a quality product that is both cooling, orthopaedic and hypoallergenic.
  • The air-conditioned and connected pillow:  It is a thermo-regulated pillow connected to a box. To use this device, the memory membrane must be placed under the pillowcase. This membrane is connected to a small box by a pipe of about 160 cm. The temperature is regulated by the water circulating in the pipe, it can be cold or heated. Note that you can control the temperature of the pillow yourself through an application. The application even analyzes your sleep and gives you information such as duration, temperature variations, frequency of movements.
cooling cover

What to consider when choosing?

Do not spend this for something when buying:

Support for your position when sleeping

Each of us sleeps in a different position and we have different needs. A soft model is ideal for prevention and relief of back pain when sleeping on your back or upside down. A firm one is perfect when sleeping on its side and giving more support for the spine, ideal for headaches, migraine and recurrent neck pain.

Care and cleaning

Because of the frequency in which they are used, they attract dust particles and dust mites. So they will need constant cleaning, so it will be good to have one that is easy to clean.

Level of firmness

You should investigate how well the cooling pillow will support your head, neck and shoulders. When sleeping upside down, on the other hand, you will need thin and soft pillows, but you have to bear in mind that the same type of pillow would give you pain on the side of your neck and shoulders. It must be ergonomic and adjust to your needs.

Breathable fabric

For warm nights, which can cause insomnia, there is nothing like the cooling pillows, it is true, but if something is even better is that they are made with breathable fabrics because they increase the flow of air even more. Bamboo and cotton are ideal.

Machine washable vs. Manual

If you are the kind that comes hand wash, anyone will serve, but if this is not an option for you, you must review the specifications of it.

Based on gel or water?

Most of these cold pillows have an outer layer of gel, rarely water. This makes them cool because they work by absorbing body heat and dispersing it.

Depending on the brand and the quality, the gel performance will be higher. They are commonly used and are usually combined with memory foam for comfort. The water ones are usually heavy and somewhat noisy, but they are customizable, firm and adaptable to the contours.


These are the options you will find in the market:

  • Memory Foam: It adapts to the shape of your head and neck, relieving pressure points and providing firm support. It is dense and heavy, so it does not suit those who sleep on their stomachs.
  • Fibre gel: Breathable, washable and provides excellent support, but is softer and fluffier than viscoelastic foam.
  • Natural: It is hypoallergenic and can be buckwheat or bamboo.


You must choose based on your position when sleeping. Otherwise, you will be affected. Thin models are ideal for those who sleep on their backs or upside down. For those who sleep on their side, firmness is a priority and the highest tend to be a better option because they provide better support for the neck. The contours help to adopt a better position when sleeping on the back and on the side.


The guarantee is a great indicator of the quality of the pillow, it should not be less than 3 years.