10 Best cooker hoods to say goodbye to unpleasant odours

I have spent several years of my life dedicating myself to gastronomy, I enjoy cooking new recipes that delight the palates of my guests and, above all, my family at home, so I am always looking for ways to improve my kitchen.

Living in a flat and practising my recipes frequently, one of my biggest problems was the smoke odours that could leave my home impregnated for days.

But, by getting the best cooker hood for my kitchen, I can say goodbye to those smells, since it frees you from annoying fumes and fumes.

What is the best cooker hood?

Looking for a quality cooker hood, I found different models, some adjustable, others even with touch screen, but if something interested me was to find one with good suction and air circulation, this being the most decisive factor, like a nice design that will combine with my kitchen.

Other functions such as recirculation, LED lighting and that is removable will also be very advantageous, so, choosing between one model or another, will depend on your needs and what you want to have at the time of cooking.

Here is the list of the best cooker hoods:

1. Klarstein UW60SR Cooker Hood

Excellent extraction flow

Klarstein UW60SR Cooker Hood Recirculating Hood...
2 Reviews
Klarstein UW60SR Cooker Hood Recirculating Hood...
  • The Klarstein UW60SR is a simple, yet...
  • The exhaust hood can operate at 3...
  • With its width of 60 cm, the extractor...

It is a cooker hood that stands out for its excellent quality, which will send the fumes produced by the cooking to its extraction flow, which allows to eliminate them in an efficient and silent way.

It is a hood with lighting, grease filter and made of aluminium, so it will be extremely resistant, not to mention that it has great power and will be efficient even at low speeds, achieving the capture effect.

2. CIARRA 60cm Black Visor Cooker Hood

With a high quality fan

CIARRA 60cm Black Visor Cooker Hood 600mm Wall...
36 Reviews
CIARRA 60cm Black Visor Cooker Hood 600mm Wall...
  • 3 Extraction Speeds: Different speeds...
  • Dual Extracting Modes for Chimney Hoods:...
  • Simple Installation ways: the Black...

We also have among the options of comparison, this very elegant design hood, which will look amazing in any modern kitchen.

To have a great speed is able to eliminate odours and pollutants since it is equipped with a powerful fan, but filters that purify the air when leaving.

It is extremely simple to clean, both the equipment and its filter that you can put in the dishwasher. It is also very light, with only 450 grams and dimensions of 44.4 x 15.2 x 91.4 cm.

3. Extractor hood Klarstein Remy

With LED lighting

Klarstein Remy & Bull; Exhaust Hood & Bull;...
1 Reviews
Klarstein Remy & Bull; Exhaust Hood & Bull;...
  • large appliances
  • Everything in view: switchable LED...
  • Energy efficiency class: A | Two...

On the other hand, you also have this kitchen extractor that, although it is not the most economical, is worth the investment due to its high quality, sophisticated design, remote control and stainless steel manufacturing that makes it very resistant.

It is a fully programmable cooker hood, so it keeps annoying odours and smokes at bay, preventing your entire house impregnated for hours.

It has three power levels, so it will be able to eliminate any type of smoke density, besides being quite discreet.

4. Bosch DHL885C cooker hood

Stainless steel

You can also choose this excellent silent and recessed hood that will eliminate smoke, odours and steam from your cooking area, so you can prepare your favourite dishes with total comfort.

It has an electric button control, with filters that prevent the appearance of grease and LED technology lighting, being able to expel air at 4 levels.

Its type of extraction is channeled and recirculates the air.

5. Klarstein Mirage 60 cooker hood

With three power levels

Klarstein Mirage 60 Cooker Extractor Hood • Wall...
  • PERFORMANCE: The Mirage 60 hood makes...
  • ECONOMICAL: Thanks to state-of-the-art...
  • LIGHTING: The switchable ambient...

With a safety glass and an extraction of 550m3 / h output, this cooker hood with excellent ecological efficiency allows to eliminate odours quickly, thanks to its high levels of performance, so you can prepare several dishes at once without the smells are mixed.

This hood has a lighting system on its plate, with nine different colours that allow you to decorate your kitchen, as well as having a very modern design.

6. Cooker hood CIARRA

High speed

CIARRA Angled Cooker Hood 60cm Glass Chimney Hoods...
10 Reviews
CIARRA Angled Cooker Hood 60cm Glass Chimney Hoods...
  • High extraction rate
  • Low noise level
  • Easy to install

If you are looking for a cheaper cooker hood option than the previous ones on the list, then this CIARRA model will be an excellent option to buy, since it has an excellent price-quality ratio, while absorbing vapours, smells and works in silence.

This bell is very easy to use, since it has buttons on the front that will be extremely intuitive, with three speeds to choose from and the possibility of using carbon filters when you can not have a fireplace outdoors.

7. Klarstein Limelight cooker hood

With two aluminum filters

Klarstein Limelight • Cooker Extractor Hood •...
  • Visual highlight in every kitchen:...
  • Optionally convertible:  washable...
  • On / off switch on the front | 2...

This is an extractor hood with which you can say goodbye to the annoying smoke, besides being a wall extractor whose installation will not take you more than a few minutes.

Of all the options on the market, it is one of the best performers, with 600m3 / h and three power levels to choose from.

It has a silver colour that combines with multiple styles of cooking, from a rustic to the most sophisticated.

8. Bosch cooker hood DWB097A50

With silent motor

Bosch DWB097A50
  • Capacity calentamento []: 11600 Btu
  • Cooling capacity (BTU): 11900
  • Energy class warming

If you need a cooker hood that works in silence, this Bosh will be your best choice, having an engine with powerful EcoSilence technology that will eliminate all odours, vapours and smoke that may arise in your kitchen, but, working almost imperceptibly with only 55 decibels of noise.

And if we talk about extraction power, this is one of the most efficient bells, having automatic retraction that allows restoring the aspiration after 6 minutes of intense operation.

It has an illuminated control and can easily be mounted on the wall.

9. CDA EVA70BL Cooker Hood Chimney Extractor

Energy efficiency D

CDA EVA70BL Cooker Hood Chimney Extractor Angled...
4 Reviews
CDA EVA70BL Cooker Hood Chimney Extractor Angled...
  • Touch control, 3 Speeds
  • Peripheral aspiration
  • 2 x 2W LED lights

It is not a less expensive bell, but, its modern and minimalist design will be worth the investment since it has a large extraction capacity, integrated lighting, it is made of steel that resists corrosion and eliminates any smell or smoke that is in your kitchen.

Its buttons are tactile, so its use is also very simple, like its installation to be a bell that can be easily mounted on the wall.

10. Bosch Serie 2 DWQ64BC50 Cooker Hood

Width of 90 centimeters

Again with Bosch, you have a counter extractor that, with its 7 speeds, will easily eliminate the smoke and steam that is obtained when cooking different recipes at high temperatures.

It is made of steel and tempered glass, so it has a sophisticated appearance that will combine very well with any kitchen, especially those of minimalist style.

It has a maximum performance, getting a good quality of air in your kitchen. With integrated lighting and working in silence, it will be an ideal bell for fans of gastronomy.

Why use cooker hoods?

If cooking is one of your biggest hobbies, it’s no surprise that you want to have the best equipment in your work environment and new creations, where, among these tools, you can not miss an extractor hood. But what exactly do they do?

Extractor hoods are responsible for cleaning the air from the environment, eliminating the traces of nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide that are released when burning gas, which can be harmful in the appearance of respiratory symptoms, such as dyspnea, sneezing and asthma attacks frequent

If your kitchen does not have good ventilation, the gases will remain inside, as well as different scents that could affect your favorite recipes.

Therefore, these bells are recommended, since they will eliminate aromas, smoke and pollution that exist in the environment.

What to consider when choosing a cooker hood?

There are different factors in which you should look at when choosing one of these bells or appliances, but let’s start with the simplest and that every model of excellent quality should offer you:

Types of cooker hoods

The first thing is to define each one of the models of extractor hoods that exist, characterized mostly by their access point and among which you can find:

  • Under the cabinet: This is the type of hood that is installed in the bottom of a cabinet or wall cabinet.
  • Type wall chimneys: On the other hand, you have the extractor hoods that follow the designs of chimneys, this since they are installed directly on the wall, connected to the ventilation outside the home.
  • Island: Many kitchens have a central island, for this type of area there are also hoods, such as a roof extractor, that do not require a cabinet or wall to be installed.
  • Descending hoods: These bells are responsible for reversing the direction of the ascending smoke since they are expelled through different conduits that go below the floor.
  • Hoods without conduits: This is the type of hood that can be installed under a cabinet, on a wall or island, taking care of directing steam, heat and smoke away from the stove and have carbon filters that, being filtered, they catch the drops of oil and they avoid that the fat can spread by the air.

Air flow

You must remember that, the greater the amount of flow, you will have a much faster ventilation.

The speeds on its fans

For the most part, these bells have several speeds, which can range from 3 to 6 or even more, everything will depend on your needs.

Thermostat control

Many of these bells have the function of an integrated temperature control, which is responsible for turning it on once the kitchen is too hot.


Many of these bells have an automatic shutdown system that will stop the equipment after a certain time.

Size and style

This is another factor that will depend on your preferences and the size you have in the kitchen, since you will find a wide selection of bells in a lot of designs, larger or smaller.

Noise level

It is measured in decibels, these, on a larger scale, emit more noise. You will also find very silent models, ideal for quieter kitchens.

Cubit feet per minute

The flow of air is usually measured per cubic feet per minute and more of these, you will have a more powerful bell.

Other functions

The most recent bell models have other additional functions, such as lights, heat sensors, temperature indicators and others that can be beneficial when cooking.