When choosing a convector heater, you need to know what you are looking for. Otherwise, you risk wasting your money.

The most important thing you need to check is its power. In particular, look for a model with a maximum power of at least 2000 W because it will be very difficult to heat your room if it is more than 10 sq.m.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it offers several degrees of heating. You probably don’t plan always to use it at maximum power. Therefore, the ability to adjust the power is essential.

What are the best convector heaters on the market?

Take a look at the selection of the best models below. Whether you are looking for a more luxurious model with more features or a cheaper solution, we have included convectors for everyone’s needs. Be sure to read the complete purchase guide to help you choose the right product.

1. Dimplex 402BT Electric Convector Heater

Dimplex 402BT is a very thin connector heater, suitable for floor or wall. With a depth of 20 cm, this model can become invisible while doing its task of heating.

Like most convector heaters, it is also equipped with an automatic shut-off system in the event of tilting to avoid any risk or danger. It also has an adjustable thermostat with 3 heat settings, frost protection, an LED display and a 24-hour timer.

Its power is 2000 W and can be used both on the floor and mounted on a wall.

2. Devola Eco Electric Panel Convector Heater

This convector is one of the most loved by consumers. The 24-hour, 7-day digital timer saves energy.

Features such as overheating protection, digital control panel make it the ideal choice for your home.

Available with wall mounting.

3. Adax Neo Electric Panel Heater

Adax Neo has a far more attractive timer with the possibility of setting up to 7 days. In addition, the system is easily adjustable thanks to the LCD control panel.

Its black colour, tempered glass design and screen make this device a useful heating tool with a great look. It is also equipped with an anti-overheating system that will ensure the long life of the appliance.

This convector heater is modern because it also has a remote control system via WI-FI.

Includes legs and brackets for wall mounting, as well as an ergonomic handle for comfortable moving from room to room.

4. Devola Eco

Like the oil-filled radiators, Devola Eco is an impressive heating device in every room, as it has an adjustable thermostat and a power of 1500W. Therefore, it is a mobile heat source with a variable thermostat, including a light indicator and is protected from overheating.

This appliance can be used almost anywhere, but the recommended heating area is 17 sq.m.

5. Stiebel Eltron 236563 Convector

The heater from the company Stiebel Eltron combines an efficient LED screen with floor or wall mounting. This is an ideal device for heating rooms up to 25 square meters, suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and small rooms.

It also includes a practical temperature control function both during the day and at night. Possibility to adjust up to 7 days, which can reduce energy consumption.

This appliance also includes an efficient AutoOff function, which automatically switches off the heater in case of overheating. Very easy to install and use.

6. Aironic White Slimline convector heater

The Aironic allows three different temp levels with a maximum power of 1000 watts. With an adjustable thermostat, this model is a good option for any home where heating is required in winter.

It is also very quiet, which makes it a good option for use in bedrooms. Undoubtedly, this is a high-quality appliance that will be a good option for a modern and functional home. It also includes protection against overheating and the possibility of use on the floor or wall.

7. FUTURA Electric Wall Panel convector heater

The FUTURA has two power levels and includes a precision, electronic thermostat with a timer and several heat settings.

This is a portable appliance with which each room can be heated and which includes a quick heating function that will allow its use in a much more efficient way. Its design is simple but at the same time modern, which allows its placement in all types of homes, regardless of their interior design.

FUTURA is designed for wall mounting.

8. sparkLED 2000W Freestanding Wall Mount Convector Heater

This is a simple appliance that is very easy to transport anywhere. Suitable for floor use. It can heat any room very quickly, thanks to its Turbofan. It also includes an adjustable thermostat to maintain the desired room temperature.

Its power can be adjusted up to 750W, 1250W or 2000W and is ideal for home or office use. The turbo function can also be used both with the convector for fast heating and as a fan.

What is an convector heater?

Convectors are based on the principle of convection heating. This means that the appliance sucks cold air from its surroundings, passes it through a heating element and warms your room by blowing hot air. The convector heater also has a small fan that helps to circulate hot air in the room. Similar to electric fan heater.

Convection heat is an indirect form of heating. The heating element heats the cold air. The warm air rises to the ceiling while the descending air is cooled during the descent, allowing the procedure to be repeated repeatedly. The main advantage of the convector is that it heats the room more evenly than infrared stoves, for example.

Advantages of convector heater

Reliable, safe, aesthetic and silent, convectors are an ideal alternative to electric radiators. And unlike them, they do not have to be installed under a window.

Convectors work in much the same way as standard electric heating stoves but produce more even heat and, in most cases, consume less energy. They can be used as primary or backup heating for smaller rooms (bathroom, solarium, entrance, corridor and glazed terrace, etc.). Their main advantage remains comfort.

How to calculate the required power?

Determine which model is best suited for the room you want to heat, considering its power, appearance, convenience, energy efficiency and comfort.

To determine how much power a heater should have for your room, it is enough to remember that about 100 watts are enough to heat an area of ​​one square meter. In this way, a room of about 10 sq.m will be heated well with a model with at least 1000 chat power. The bedroom is the only room where using a convector is less profitable because, at night, the body mainly needs the heat it produces under the covers. If the house has ten or more rooms, an energy-efficient central heating system will probably be more useful than installing convectors in all rooms.

Types of convector heaters

  • Free Standing: The advantage of the free standing convector heater is that its owner has the opportunity to move it to a room of his choice. This type is ideal for apartments with one or two residents. Instead of installing electric stoves in all rooms, you can buy an free standing heater and move it to the rooms where you want to heat.
  • Wall-mounted: Unlike the free standing convector, the wall-mounted convector, as its name suggests, is wall-mounted. Its advantage is that it does not take up space, which is good, especially in small rooms. Once mounted on the wall, it blends perfectly with the decor while heating behind the scenes. It works in the same way as the free standing convector. The only difference is that it will be stationary when mounted on a wall. This also gives it a slight advantage because it will be more durable as it is unlikely to suffer a shock that could damage it.

What should you keep in mind before buying an convector heater?


The idea is to heat rooms with an appliance, light and with practical handles so that you can move it from one place to another. Take it to the office or between classrooms. When you enter the house it will quickly provide you with a comfortable environment for your first activities without suffering from the cold. You need to take care of the length of the cable and know where to position it in the room.

Its power and space for heating

Of course, raising the temperature in a small bathroom is not the same as in the living room, which is usually the largest room in the house.

If your home is small, such as a studio, a 1500 W model may be enough to get rid of the cold. But when it comes to an apartment of 80 square meters, we can assume that the rooms are larger and therefore will be more difficult to heat. In this case, you will need a heater with at least 2000 W of power.

Of course, unless you can afford to graze a powerful model for hours because it will affect your electricity bill.

If your house is already considered spacious and you want to heat rooms with an area over 12 square meters, you should choose TESY or models like DeLonghi, which we showed you at the beginning.


These devices generate very high temperatures, and therefore they must have specific safety measures.

It is important that the appliance is stable. One of the important things is to check the description of the manufacturers. Make sure it has a solid base so that it is difficult to fall, even if you accidentally push it.

Another measure is to have a thermostat with which you can specify the maximum room temperature, and once it reaches it, continue to work minimally, to maintain it. This is a handy feature.

One of the most important safety precautions is that the surface will not burn you when touched. This is extremely important for people with young children or pets. They want to be sure that nothing will happen to them if the children lean back or touch the convector heater for some reason.

Noise levels

In general, convectors without a fan are not noisy. If they eventually make noise, something is wrong, or they are not of excellent quality.

But when you buy a fan coil, it is advisable to read reviews and testimonials to determine what consumers who have already bought it think.

If it’s a little noisy, you can use it in the living room while cooking in the kitchen or even at work, because you won’t mind it making noise. But if you are going to sleep in the same room, you should know that even the slightest noise is heard throughout the house at night. So be careful with your choice!

Possibility of wall mounting

This is not something you should look for when buying a convector heater. In principle, you can use it on the floor. But if you want to hang it on the wall, keep in mind that not all models allow it.

Maintaining a uniform temperature

Definitely, its main function is to maintain a comfortable temperature. All it has to offer is a simple operation and an adjustable thermostat. Among other features, you will be able to get the most out of your heater. View the different opinions of customers and the description of the product to learn more about its heating process and so you can choose the ideal model for your home.

Stability and strength

Most of the convector heaters have the advantage that they can be transported, and with such a large movement, strong and stable constructions are needed. Check the materials it is made of, as well as the design of the legs and handles. Don’t waste time and money on products of dubious quality. Make comparisons before choosing and buying. Ensure that the model has a system for protection against overheating and frost protection. This will give more value to your purchase and peace of mind during its use.

Turbo function

To be able to heat the room faster, it is good to choose a model that offers a turbo function. This is very convenient, especially when the room is not heated until now. Be sure to check if you have this option among its features. This will speed up the fulfilment of your ideal conditions for starting your routine activities.

Easy to control

If you want to use it as the main heating equipment in your room, consider the number of buttons it has. Depending on your needs, most features may not be useful to you. In the end, you get what you need: instant warmth. Also, practicality when working with it. We recommend that you choose the one with the simplest control, with just one or two buttons. You will see how easy it can be when you turn it on and off daily.


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