Electric or manual, conical or with blades the coffee grinder comes in different types that it is not always easy to use. To choose the best model for you correctly, discover the main criteria to take into account through our coffee grinder buying guide.

coffee grinder bosch

What is the best coffee grinder?

Today there is a wide range of coffee grinders in which you can easily get lost when buying. Bosch, De’Longhi, Severin, Krups coffee grinder brands today compete in creativity to offer efficient and practical devices.

To help you find the model that best suits your needs, discover our comparison of the best coffee grinders.

Krups coffee grinder

Krups Expert Burr, Automatic Coffee Grinder, Easy Clean, black&silver, GVX231
  • Consistent results: 17 settings adjust the distance between the two burrs for a fine or coarse result. Enjoy your grounds just how...
  • Precise portions: Make two or 12 cups at once on the handy cup selector. The grinder turns off automatically as soon as your...
  • Durable design: Crafted from durable stainless steel, this burr grinder is built to last. So, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee,...
  • Fresh flavour: The KRUPS expert burr grinder is equipped with a large-capacity 225g bean hopper that's airtight to keep your...
  • Fuss-free cleaning: The removable upper burr and ground coffee container allow easy and thorough cleaning. The brushed...

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An extra-fine grind and its silence are some of the virtues that have placed it as a favourite in this comparison.

Coffee experts recommend it one hundred percent for several reasons:

  • Its power of 110 watts and its 17 grinding options, from ultrathin to ultra-thick. In this way, coffee beans can be ground according to the infusion method and the type of coffee desired.
  • Your tank with a capacity of up to 225 grams, with which you can prepare from 2 to 12 cups. Therefore, it is perfect for large occasions where there are numerous diners.
  • Its automatic shutdown, which is activated when the desired amount has been reached.
  • Its flat wheels made of stainless steel, which maintain the maximum aroma of coffee and prevent the device from overheating. It is also equipped with a safety lid that preserves fresh beans.
  • Its special cleaning brush (included) that allows the remains to be removed daily.

As for the design in black and silver, experts believe that it is quite successful combining it with any kitchen style. If you do not want to be always visible, its size is quite small, so it can be stored.

Coffee grinder Bosch MKM6003

Bosch MKM6003 Coffee Grinder, Black
  • Stainless steel beater for high precision and fine grinding
  • Ensure the best incomparable taste
  • Excellent infusion for full bodied aroma
  • Removable filter for fast cleaning
  • Removable tank for fast filling

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The Bosch appliance brand has always been characterized by the quality and confidence that its products offer. The electric grinder MKM6003 is one of the best due to its excellent value for money. Like the less known model TSM6A013B from Bosch that has a diameter of 9 centimetres and a capacity of coffee beans of 75 grams.

It offers a compact design, in white or black, with a power of 180 watts more than enough to get a good grind and a capacity of 75 grams perfect for single people or couples.

Simply press the switch on the cover to start it. Its security system prevents its operation if it is not tightly closed.

The blades and the tray are made of stainless steel that guarantees a fine grind and, for the outside, they have used a plastic cover of great resistance.

The only downside that experts have found is that it does not have a space to store the cable and can be uncomfortable when picking it up in the closet.

In summary: the Bosch MKM6003 coffee grinder has the best price, a trusted brand that supports it and is a durable, quiet, functional and safe appliance.

Severin S73873 Coffee Grinder

Severin S73873 Coffee Grinder with 150 W of Power KM 3873, White-Silver
  • Included Components: 1 x Coffee grinder with 150 W of power from Severing KM 3873, user manual

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t the present time it produces internationally renewed appliances with an unbeatable price and quality.

This model has been chosen for the most demanding palates who enjoy good espresso coffee and are hard to please. The grinding should be precise so that they are not dissatisfied. Therefore, the Severin grinder offers 55 settings to choose the type of grind and quantity and, in this way, please the coffee experts.

The crushing mechanism is made through conical stainless steel wheels that keep the aroma at its best and result in 100 grams of freshly ground coffee.

It is designed in white and silver, and has rubber sliding legs so that it is firm on the countertop.

Experts believe that this grinder has amazing resistance and endures over time, which balances its highest price.

Aigostar Breath 30KYI Coffee grinder

Aigostar Electric Coffee Grinder, Stainless Steel Blade, 150W, 60g Capacity, Cord Storage, Portable...
  • 【Effective & Durable】 With twin stainless steel blades for even grinding and powerful 150W motor running 10000-15000 r/min,...
  • 【Multifunctional】 In addition to daily use for grinding coffee beans, the black coffee grinder can also grind spices, herbs,...
  • 【Simple Push Button Control】 By simply pressing the button control for longer or shorter time, you can get the desired...
  • 【Safety Switch for Added Security】 The coffee beans crusher can only work when the grinding bowl is locked in place and the...
  • 【BPA-free & Big Capacity】 The grinder for nuts and seeds is made of 100% Bisphenol-free food-grade plastic, free of any type...

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Aigostar is a company that works as a manufacturer and distributor of its own brand. It has different distribution points throughout Europe and is responsible for controlling the traceability of each product from its manufacture to its final delivery to the customer. Its philosophy is to create good-class products at a price that few can compete with.

For this occasion, Aigostar invites the client to have an exquisite freshly ground coffee with his Breath 30CFR electric grinder specially designed for this.

This small SUV has enough power 150 watts and is effective in obtaining a fine grind of up to 60 grams in less than 20 seconds.

The body of the grinder is made of high-quality plastic-free of harmful components such as BPA. In addition, it is completely safe since the grinder, like other models, will not start if the lid is not properly placed.

As for its interior, the blades and the collection container are made of stainless steel with anti-wear sheets that maintain all the coffee’s properties.

It is very easy to use using a single button that must be pressed to start grinding and release when the desired texture is achieved. You can always see how the grind goes thanks to its transparent lid.

Like almost all blade models, it also crushes seeds, spices or cereal grains.

SHARDOR Coffee Grinder

SHARDOR Coffee Grinder Electric with Removable Stainless Steel Bowl,Grinder for Dried Spice, Pepper,...
  • Uniform Grinding All The Time: The SHARDOR electric coffee grinder uses no rim blade design that grinding sharply and evenly, and...
  • Powerful & Efficient Grinding: High power motor with 24000 r/min, within 8-15 seconds. you could easily get coarse or fine coffee...
  • Easy To Clean: Food-grade stainless steel bowl can be removed from the base, It’s very easy for you to pour powder and water to...
  • Multipurpose : The electric grinders which can be used to grind hard and dry foods, such as dried spice,coffee beans, pepper, rock...
  • Safety Operation: The spice grinders electric can only work when the grinding bowl is locked in place and the lid is correctly...

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Three qualities stand out in this electric coffee grinder: its extraordinary power, its safety switch and its versatility.

With this small appliance, coffee beans will release all their aromatic and taste essences. Its strong engine is ideal for those who want an efficient, fast and fine grinding.
It is made of stainless steel with high-quality materials, durability and free of toxic substances such as Bisphenol-A.

In addition, it is so safe that it is only put into operation when the lid is correctly placed (avoiding accidents if there are children around).

But it is not only useful for grinding coffee beans. Seeds, spices or nuts of all kinds can be crushed with this device effortlessly and get an amount of up to 100 grams in its deposit.

Another positive aspect is its elegant black design and small size that allows it to be placed in any corner of the kitchen or stored in a small closet without problems. Its attractive aesthetic of modern lines makes it the ideal gift for that friend or family member addicted to coffee.

The manufacturer indicates recommendations before its first use, such as not using it empty or with any liquid, spacing the grinding times to avoid overheating the device and not immersing it in water.

De’Longhi Blade KG49 Coffee Grinder

De'Longhi Blade KG49 Coffee Grinder - Black
  • Electric coffee grinder with 90 g or 12-cup grinding capacity
  • Push-to-grind on/off pulse lid
  • Stainless steel grinding blade
  • Transparent removable bean container
  • Integrated cleaning brush, cord storage and non-slip rubber feet

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What is the coffee grinder?

The coffee grinder is an electric machine which is better known as a coffee grinder, it is the improved version of the manual coffee grinder.

This machine allows its user to crush the coffee beans to obtain a freshly ground coffee with a rich aroma. So you can crush the number of coffee beans you want at any time. You also have the option of ground coffee that you could use at a later time. However, you will need to have good storage technique for your coffee. 

Depending on the use you would like to make of coffee, the machine can produce a very refined product for you. It is, therefore, a very good idea to easily make espresso or Turkish coffee with great precision. The coffee grinder, therefore, allows you to have a perfect brewing of superior quality. Most coffee grinders have a very efficient and multitasking crusher. It is, therefore, a very advantageous solution for those who would like to use this equipment on a regular basis.

Different types

manual coffee mill

The manual coffee grinder is certainly the ancestor of coffee grinders, but it has since undergone many transformations which have made it an object in complete accord with its time.

The main advantage of using a manual grinder is, of course, it’s zero impact on your energy consumption, but it is also the possibility of taking it everywhere with you and therefore of not being satisfied when travelling ground coffee. The biggest drawbacks are the small amount of coffee you can grind and the time it takes!


The electric coffee grinder is much more sophisticated than the manual grinder and allows you to grind a larger quantity of coffee in a short time. It sort of alleviates the defects of the manual grinder.

In addition, the grind obtained is much finer and more regular than with its manual counterpart.

On the other hand, the quantity of ground coffee is always quite reduced, you may have to use it often in certain circumstances and this will have an impact on your electricity bill.

It is important to note, too, that electric models are most of the time more expensive than manual models.

coffee mill

How to choose the best coffee grinder?

To make a good choice for your coffee grinder, it is essential to know the main criteria of a grinding machine. The first criterion is the ability of the machine to quickly give you a homogeneous and fine grind so that your coffee has an intense scent. 

The machine must also be multifunctional and at least allow you to select your version. The ideal is to buy a machine that can be cleaned very easily. It is also important to know that the use of washing up liquid is not recommended. Because it can change the taste of your coffee. It is, therefore, necessary to opt for a robust and silent machine. 

But the most important thing is to choose a coffee grinder according to your needs. The blade grinder is ideal if you would like to grind other grains, unlike the grinding machine. Indeed for wheel machines, special attention should be paid to the shape of the grinding stones. Because the ones that are flat and light are the fastest. Wheels that have a cone shape are more fluid and can contain more grains.

In the choice of coffee grinder, one must also take into account the materials of manufacture. There it is advisable to opt for stainless steel which is more resistant than ceramic. However, it should be noted that the ceramic coffee grinder lasts longer and has the ability to crush more grains than the steel one. It is also necessary to take into account the existence of dispenser. These can prove to be essential when it is a grinder with a large capacity.

If you are a real coffee lover you may find interesting reading our article with the best espresso machines.

How to use it?

grinding coffee

The first thing to do before using the grinder is to measure the coffee beans according to your preference to put in your coffee machine. Then put the beans in the machine in a place reserved for them. The place to put the beans is often provided with a cover for safety. Finally, you just have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to start the coffee grinder. It must be said that the electric coffee grinder does not require the use of a crank as for manual grinders. Some models even start after they are plugged in. On other models, you just have to press a start button.


This is a crucial point to address. Maintaining your coffee grinder well is the assurance of ensuring its longevity. It is important to know that these devices, whether manual or electric, do not like water and even fewer detergent products, whether internally or on the outside.

Most of the time cloth and a brush will suffice to ensure optimum maintenance. Some models are easily disassembled and therefore allow more precise cleaning.

If you use your electric model to grind something other than coffee, be careful because some seeds foul the solicited elements much more significantly and require cleaning each time you use it if only to guarantee the primary function of your device which is to grind coffee!