Stimulating immune function, balancing thyroid hormones, curing cardiovascular diseases, cancer and HIV, promoting weight loss, improving blood sugar, improving intestinal transit or increasing IQ, among others, are some of the benefits that are attributed to it to coconut oil.

What is the best coconut oil

After knowing the great accumulation of beneficial points of coconut oil, you must already be going to the market to buy this wonderful product that makes our lives easier and even serves as an economic saving, for its various uses.

However, it is also necessary to know which are the best coconut oils that exist, taking into account their price as well as the opinion of consumers.

Meavita Organic Coconut Oil

MeaVita Organic Coconut Oil, Virgin and Cold Pressed, 1-Pack (1x 1000 ml) in an Ironing jar
  • Here you acquire a high quality organic coconut oil in raw food quality from sustainable and fair ecological cultivation from Sri...
  • Our organic coconut oil is perfect for skin and hair care applications
  • It is 100% native, is obtained gently in a cold press and impresses with a gentle coconut note
  • MeaVita coconut oil is of course also ideally suited for cooking, roasting and baking
  • The high-quality, 100% natural oil is also ideal for the production of natural cosmetics

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Discover all the benefits and virtues of this extra-virgin coconut oil from the Mea Vita brand. This product is guaranteed 100% natural because the oil has been delicately treated in a cold press.

It is for this reason that this deliciously scented oil always contains the sweet exotic flavour of coconut in its pure state.

Depending on your taste, you can heat it, but you can also enjoy it directly as an alternative to butter and spreadable. Use it also to give a unique flavour to your dishes.

Coconut Merchant

Coconut Merchant Organic Coconut Oil 1L | Extra Virgin, Raw, Cold Pressed, Unrefined | Ethically...
  • 🥥 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC - Made from organic coconuts, our coconut oil is extracted using Cold Pressing, to help keep in the...
  • 🥥 ETHICALLY SOURCED: Ethical sourcing is core to everything we do - £2 goes directly to farmers for every litre of our oil...
  • 🥥 MULTI-PURPOSE COCONUT OIL - Wondering what to use it for? The possibilities are endless! You can cook it, fry it, bake it,...
  • 🥥 WHY COCONUT OIL? Our coconut oil is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), which are used to make energy in the liver....
  • 🥥 NATURALLY MILD AROMA - Because its all natural and unrefined, it has a mild coconut aroma that wont overpower your cooking...

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The Coconut Merchant is a virgin coconut oil of the best quality, manufactured in a cold-pressed, so it is raw and keeps intact all the natural compounds of coconut, among which are high contents of lauric acid and is rich in Saturated fats.

This article, which has a volume equivalent to one litre, is useful for health, beauty and cooking, in the case of culinary art it is ideal because it is also thermoresistant and serves various dishes of food and even pastry. It also has a mild aroma that will not spoil your dishes.

As for beauty, according to the opinion of consumers, it is used for the hydration of the hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

Natureed – Organic Coconut Oil 

Organic Coconut Oil Extra Virgin 500 ml - FREE Ebook - Cold Press Extraction - Natural Energy Source...
  • HIGHEST QUALITY CERTIFIED : Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil goes through all controls that certify it as a pure unrefined oil ,...
  • GLASS CONTAINER SEALED : maximum protection from coconut oil because it does not absorb waste that could release in plastic...
  • SAVE MONEY : Substitute butter , use it as moisturizing cream, as hair mask , as toothpaste , as supplement for your pets, and all...
  • FREE EBOOK : uses , benefits, beauty tips , recipes ... Discover this super product
  • NEW WEB : Visit our web naturseed . com, you will find all the information you need , free ebooks , promotions, offers ...

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This type of coconut oil stands out among all other brands, as it has an organic certificate that guarantees that it is pure, ecological and of high quality. It is also the only oily substance of this nature that has been awarded, after obtaining two stars in the ITQI awards. Everything indicates that it is the most natural fatty compound, and also of low price compared to others.

Natureed is cold-pressed and is distributed in glass containers that give maximum protection.

The list of uses of this article ranges from frying foods to whitening teeth. Use it as a substitute for butter, as a moisturizer, or to supplement your pets.

Pipkin – Coconut Oil

Pipkin 100% Organic Coconut Oil 1L, Cold Pressed Raw Pure Extra Virgin, Multi-Purpose, Non-GM, For...
  • 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY THE SOIL ASSOCIATION - 100% Raw, Pure, Cold-Pressed, Unrefined, Unbleached, Virgin Coconut Oil, No Added...
  • NON-GMO - Harvested from coconut plantations in Sri Lanka
  • NATURAL REPLACEMENT for all processed oils, butters and margarin
  • MULTIPURPOSE COCONUT OIL - Pipkin Coconut Oil can be used for various purposes such as COOKING, BEAUTY, SKIN & HAIR, PETS,...
  • SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS - Dairy-free, gluten-free & cholesterol free. A healthy fat that can increase mental and...

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Pipkin has a peculiarity and is that it is suitable for people with a diet of a vegetarian condition since it does not contain dairy or gluten. It is also an oil of good quality, fresh and raw that is extracted from the meat of the coconuts of organic farming.

It has a typical and soft smell of coconut, and with it you can roast, fry, bake. It is advisable to consume it quickly after opening.

Sevenhills Wholefoods

Sevenhills Wholefoods 1L Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil (Cold-Pressed), Glass Jar, For...
  • Great Taste Award Winner 2017 and 2018 - 1 Star, Simply Delicious
  • Use for cooking, baking, frying, smoothies, shakes, salad dressings, and as a moisturiser or hair care product.
  • Raw, processing temperatures remain below 45°C to retain vitamins and minerals; animal welfare is important to us, no monkeys are...
  • 100% pure with nothing added, allergen free, certified organic by the UK Soil Association, environmentally sustainable practices...
  • Supplied in a durable resealable upright pouch to maintain freshness and prevent spillage. *Note: Packaging may vary but contents...

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Senvenhills Wholefoods is a company that is known for selling high-quality products. This company manufactures coconut oils, which are described as extra virgin and cold-pressed, a process that decreases the loss of nutrients from the greasy property.

This oily liquid from the palm fruit is not refined, bleached, deodorized or hydrogenated. Its content is 100% natural, without fillers, or dyes. One of its key components is lauric acid, which covers half the content of the substance. It is also the least expensive coconut oil on the market.

Alternatively, it is ideal to be added to protein shakes or salads, such as dressing.

TheHealthyTree Company

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by TheHealthyTree Company - for Cooking, Baking, Hair and Skin -...
  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by TheHealthyTree Company with absolutely nothing added or taken away.
  • For Cooking - Enhance your favourite dishes with the fabulous yet mild aroma and taste of coconut
  • Hair and Skin - Our raw, unprocessed extra virgin coconut oil can be used as hair moisturiser and on lips and skin, leaving them...
  • From Sunny Indonesia - Packed and tested in the UK for the finest quality pure coconut oil
  • 100% Vegan and Organic - Our leading certification with the Soil Association ensures that our oil is always of the highest...

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Banaban is coconut oil that is characterized by a list of advantages, one of which is that it is a product that can be taken anywhere because it has a presentation of 30 envelopes, something positive for people who need to eat coconut but do not dare to carry a heavy bag in tow.

It is also described by its quality and its organic essence that positions it as a healthy compound. It is a gluten-free and lactose-free food, suitable for vegetarians. Its best use is for cooking, which makes it indispensable for frequent consumption, depending on the culinary use of each person.

It has a very good coconut flavour, and a light and pleasant aromatic character.

Organic Coconut Oil – Coconut Merchant 4L

Coconut Merchant Organic Coconut Oil 4L | Extra Virgin, Raw, Cold Pressed, Unrefined | Ethically...
  • 🥥 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC - Made from organic coconuts, our coconut oil is extracted using Cold Pressing, to help keep in the...
  • 🥥 MULTI-PURPOSE COCONUT OIL - Wondering what to use it for? The possibilities are endless! You can cook it, fry it, bake it,...
  • 🥥 WHY COCONUT OIL? Our coconut oil is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), which are used to make energy in the liver....
  • 🥥 NATURALLY MILD AROMA - It has a mild coconut aroma that wont overpower your cooking but will give you just the right touch of...
  • 🥥 ETHICALLY SOURCED: Ethical sourcing is core to everything we do - £2 goes directly to farmers for every litre of our oil...

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This extra virgin, unrefined oil is obtained by cold pressing. It is virgin and contains all the natural benefits of this plant. Once melted, it reveals a smooth, non-greasy texture for your food.

Rich in lauric acid and saturated fatty acid, it can be used for cooking, baking or to moisturize skin and hair.

It is also used as a makeup remover, disinfectant, mouthwash or moisturizer for babies.

Vita Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Vita Coco Organic Coconut Oil 750 ml, Extra Virgin, Gluten Free, Use As Cooking Oil, Skin...
  • 100% ORGANIC COLD-PRESSED UNREFINED VIRGIN COCONUT OIL - Non-GMO and naturally made, organically grown coconuts are cold pressed...
  • SPREAD MIX OR MELT IT - Coconut oil is a strong foundation to any lifestyle and is one of the most versatile and beneficial oils...
  • THE ULTIMATE SKINCARE SUPPLEMENT - Coconut oil has a variety of uses as a skin or body supplement. Apply it as a face cleanser,...
  • THE USES ARE ENDLESS - Coconut oil has a variety of uses, from a cooking aid to a flavor additive. Try it for soapmaking and...
  • GLASS JAR - No need to deal with pouches, plastic jugs, packs, or small packets. This simple jar allows for the perfect amount of...

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What is coconut oil?

Coconut oil is an oil of vegetable origin, which is also called butter because it is generally in a solid state when it is at temperatures below 23 to 25°C. Exceeding this temperature it abruptly passes to the liquid state. Within its nutritional properties, it mainly contains medium-chain saturated fatty acids within its composition and it is here that the question of whether its consumption is good or bad begins, since the fact that it mainly contains saturated fats is also associated with the harmful effect they have for cardiovascular health. So why are so many good things said about coconut oil? What I found in some documents indicate that:

  1. First, it is one of the few saturated fats that we find with these characteristics and that comes from the vegetable kingdom in its natural state. Generally, saturated fats are found in derivatives of animal origin.
  2. Second, one of the advantages of coconut oil is its resistance to oxidation and polymerization, in simple words, it is stable cooking oil. For example, it is suitable for sautéing food, but only for a short time, since continuous frying with a lot of fat can lead to the production of potentially carcinogenic substances by overheating.
  3. Third, it contains medium-chain saturated fatty acids, which allows it to use its energy quickly, unlike the energy that we can obtain from other oils, which require more complex processes to obtain energy.
coconut oil

Why buy coconut oil?

Choosing to buy coconut oil is choosing a product that has multiple virtues for your health. Coconut is an excellent source of iron, a mineral essential for oxygen transport, the formation of red blood cells, new cells, hormones and neurotransmitters.

It is also an excellent source of manganese, an enzyme booster that facilitates many metabolic processes and participates in the prevention of damage caused by free radicals, and copper, necessary for the formation of haemoglobin and collagen.

Then, it is full of phosphorus, which plays an essential role in the good health of bones and teeth, helps in tissue renewal and good blood pH maintenance. It is also full of selenium, which prevents the formation of free radicals in the body.

It is a good source of magnesium, an essential mineral which contributes to the construction of proteins, muscle contraction, bone development, enzymatic actions, dental health or the proper functioning of the immune system.

Finally, it also contains potassium, good for digestion and the nervous system, zinc, ideal for a good hormonal balance, vitamins B3 and B6, necessary for the production of energy and the good functioning of the immune system, and is a source of folate and pantothenic acid.

Benefits of coconut oil


From the improvement of cholesterol levels in the blood to be excellent digestive support for its content of compounds that destroy bad bacteria, there are some functionalities in the long list that positions coconut oil as a highly healthy vegetable substance.

  • Alzheimer’s is a disease that mainly creates the cognitive decline of the senses. After several research studies, it has been proven that coconut oil can be a naturally effective treatment. It is recommended to eat 1 to 3 tablespoons per day.
  • People who catch a cold regularly can reduce these catarrhal conditions, with coconut oil, which boosts immunity.
  • To achieve a smooth, youthful and healthy skin, this item is ideal, since it is absorbed quickly and is not greasy. Moisturize your body clean, face, hands and even feet. You will see the softness that you will experience.
  • Its level of component acids help control blood pressure and promote heart health. The coconut is a marvel!
  • Although it sounds contradictory, coconut oil also works as fat burning, with just one spoon can help reduce abdominal fat, also allows forming a strong metabolism, which brings weight loss as an advantage.
  • The tired days are over! It is a great fuel for the body, filling it with energies.
  • It serves to soothe stomach upsets, reduce skin allergies and heal wounds and irritations in pets.
Vita Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Personal care

There are beauty products that are very expensive; With the accumulation of uses that coconut oil has, there is also a list of personal care for those it serves. Say goodbye to make-up removal creams and shaving lotions to use this 100% natural lubricant.

  • It is an excellent make-up remover. With a cotton ball or damp towel, add a little to remove the makeup.
  • Cleansing creams on the face usually contain high levels of chemicals that can sometimes generate effects on our face. Coconut oil can be a facial cleanser extracted from nature.
  • Moistening that helps eradicate skin disorders is another of its many advantages, hydrating the body, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and keeping the connective tissues strong and flexible.
  • Smoothes cuticles with just adding a small amount.
  • When combined with bicarbonate, it becomes an excellent deodorant, since it has antibacterial compounds that keep the bad sweat under control.


Coconut oil has everything to be a natural medicine, thanks to its fatty acids, which contains antimicrobials and antivirals, it is useful for the treatment of various pathologies, such as:

  • Infections of the ear: Cotton impregnated with oil should be placed in each ear so that it reduces the affections of the ear.
  • Fungal Infections: To cure athlete’s foot and dermatophytosis, it is recommended to mix a little, with oregano or tea tree oil.
  • Cold sores: Cold sores are often annoying, coconut oil is good natural medicine for the disappearance of this anomaly. It is advisable to mix a small amount with oregano oil.
  • Skin irritations: To cure chickenpox, herpes zoster, among others, it is necessary to apply a small amount to the affected area.
  • Insect repellent: You can repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats and bees with coconut oil. With drops of peppermint oil, rosemary, and tree oil the repellent is prepared.


Endless benefits give us coconut oil for our home. This fragrance of tropical fruit essence, allows us to disinfect and clean wooden furniture, soften leather goods, lubricate from hinges to the strings of the guitar.

  • It works as an excellent metal polisher. If you choose this option, you must make sure to try it first.
  • Polish wooden furniture, leaving them with a shiny and clean finish. It is recommended to use it when the wood is dry.
  • To give flavour to your vehicle, instead of buying expensive artificial fragrances, use coconut oil. Do it with a cloth by adding it inside the car, rub and wipe off the excess.
  • Something very annoying is when a gum sticks to someone’s hair or some object, remove that gum is a real headache, but in this case, the coconut oil makes the job easier and removes it from any area.
  • It is also a lubricant of hinges and guitar strings

How to choose coconut oil?

There are so many guys on the supermarket shelf. Here’s your guide to choosing the best product:


Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is an oil derived from very ripe flesh. It is the good fatty oil which results from the processing of the flesh. No chemicals are needed to extract all of this quality.

Extra virgin

The extra virgin product is no different from the virgin product. It is not, however, comparable to olive oil, simply because the two products are made with very different substances.


This oil is not considered the purest of all options. But it offers all the benefits of this product without the distinctive taste. It is also less likely to trigger an allergy.

Refined does not mean that unhealthy additives have been added. As long as the oil is pressed to expulsion (a natural, non-chemical extraction process), you will certainly not be exposed to harmful chemicals.


It is a natural oil which has been fractionated, with some remaining solids also extracted. It effectively remains in liquid form at room temperature, unlike the virgin extracted product.

However, it is treated to obtain its unique characteristics and certain key aspects are eliminated such as lauric acid which is, however, a very healthy fat.


RBD stands for Refined, Bleached and Deodorized. That is to say, it is refined, bleached and deodorized. It, therefore, has no taste or natural properties. It is also supplemented with often chemical products.

Where to buy coconut oil?

Coconut oil can be found everywhere, in supermarkets or online. The food version can be used for cosmetic use, the best being to buy coconut oil from organic farming.

It can be used in cooking, where its subtle taste will be very appreciated by adults as by children. Buying coconut oil is, therefore, a good way to take care of your body. and your taste buds!


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