To preserve the aromas of your cigars, while waiting for them to be consumed, the use of a cigar humidor is essential. This “treasure chest” of any cigar lover prevents them from being physically assaulted, but above all from dry out due to their exposure to ambient air. 

Only here, if the usefulness of a cigar humidor is no longer to demonstrate, because of many models available on the market is enough to confuse. Our buying guide, composed of a comparison and the best models that we have subjected to meticulous tests/opinions, is therefore intended to help you make an acquisition that takes into account your needs and your budget.

Whether you are a simple cigar lover, a collector or a professional, the range of cigar humidors is rich enough to choose from. This storage solution, available in various forms, colours and price ranges, must nevertheless be chosen essentially on the basis of conservation efficiency and aesthetic appearance.

What is the best cigar humidor?

So that you can find the best one in the market and add it to your studio or office, we will show you this comparative list with the best cigar humidors. We take care of adding the best quality options, all with excellent appearance, the best woods and, of course, the best ability to keep your collection of cigars always fresh and ready for you to enjoy them all.

There is also good variety because we know that not all users seek the same. Just as there are some who want one for their office, other people want another electric or smaller, ideal for travel, to give to a loved one or because they have a small collection and do not need such a large one.

1. Adorini Novara Deluxe cigar humidor

There is nothing you can not like about this model, as it is elegant, modern, with very high-quality materials and an exquisite finish. It also comes equipped with a built-in hygrometer, so you will not need to make any additional purchases. Apart from that, it uses a humidification system of distilled water, it includes divisions for cigars, it has a functional capacity for your collection, and it gives an exquisite aroma.

2.Adorini Chianti Deluxe cigar humidor

We are talking about a perfect humidifier to include in your office or in your studio at home since it has all the air of elegance you are looking for. It has three trays of cedarwood, a door with a magnetic closure to maintain freshness at all times and a high precision hair hygrometer. The humidifier is bathed in gold and humidified with acrylic fibres and adjustable ventilation openings.

3. Germanus cigar humidor

This model has four easy to clean compartments in which you can store an approximate 40 cigars to preserve its exquisite aroma and freshness. It also comes with a built-in hydroscope and has an exquisite appearance in the shape of a box in brown or black. It also includes a beautiful glass door and weighs 3.6 kg, while the dimensions are 25 x 23 x 23 cm.

4. Large black humidor with crystal by Angelo

We speak of a large humidor made for those who have essential collections of cigars and want to keep them always fresh. In this case, this model has the capacity for about 100 cigars with its cedar trays and its four compartments well subdivided. It has a lock with key, hygrometer and front cover made of glass, the humidifier works with crystals of acrylic polymer, and the whole box is made with cedarwood.

5. Humidor with a hygrometer for 25 cigars, cigars or cigars Egoist JK00181

In this model, you will be able to store about 25 cigarettes and keep them at the moisture level you were looking for. It is also made with resistant materials and high quality that allow optimal results. As for the mechanism, it includes the moisture reader, the compartment to place water, and even good scissors to cut the cigars. It weighs 1.5 kg and finished in red.

best cigar humidor

Types of cigar humidors

When you buy your dream humidifier, you have to check among the different types that are on the market. Here we explain to them:

Humidification room

It is the kind of humidor that we find in specialised stores and stores.

Furniture style

You can find them in the look of a cabinet or a table too, and they can be huge, like some that can hold hundreds to thousands of cigars. They also come with glass doors or different compartments so you can place your cigars in the most organised way possible. It is essential to beware to the material, the most important being cedarwood.


They are sophisticated to have in the study of your home or the office, they can carry between 20 and 100 cigarettes at a time and are usually cheap. For all that, they are ideal for those who start in this.


If you are an executive and travel a lot or want to have your cigars always with you and at the correct humidity level, you need a travel one, which takes at most ten cigars.

How to choose a cigar humidor

Even if there are also models entirely made of Plexiglas, the wooden cigar humidors retain the aromas of your cigars better. However, apart from the manufacturing material, these boxes, essential for the conservation of cigars in the best conditions of temperature, humidity and protected from physical aggression, are classified into three main families:

  • travel cigar humidor: these are small boxes made of plastic or wood, which make it easier to keep your cigars on the go. On the market, there are some that are waterproof and shockproof, with a storage capacity ranging from 10 to 25 cigars. However, as an alternative to travel cellars, you can use cigar cases – usually leather – to travel lighter.
  • the classic cigar boxes which are often made of Spanish cedar, and which allow you to store cigars before tasting them.
  • cigar cabinets that are designed to keep cigars longer

Once you have decided on the use you want to make of the cigar humidor, you should have an idea of ​​the number of cigars to store there. When taking this parameter into account, you should know that it is advisable not to expose all the nominal capacity indicated. For a capacity of 30 cigars, you can, for example, put 25 rods for example.

In addition, the cigar humidor also has a decorative function which assumes that special attention must be paid to its aesthetic appearance. Fortunately, manufacturers are creative, to say the least in the design of their products, which can come in various shapes (rectangular, pyramidal, etc.) and colours.

Apart from the criteria mentioned earlier, keep an eye on internal storage conditions. This requires a judicious choice of hygrometers and humidifiers. These are all parameters that will allow you to choose the cigar humidor that suits you.

How to use cigar humidor?

There are a few rules you should observe when purchasing your cigar humidor for optimal use. And for good reason, at its acquisition, the latter remains dry. You will, therefore, need to humidify it before any operation.

To achieve this, wet a cloth with mineralized water and rub all the compartments of the cellar, then close it about five minutes later. You must repeat this operation until the wood in the cellar can no longer absorb the water. You will conclude that the humidity has reached the required level.

To be more radical, lock up in the cellar overnight, a box full of water. After this first step, you must prepare the humidifier to properly fulfil its role of regulating internal humidity. So dip the latter in a container containing 3 to 4 cm of water, until it is completely soaked with the liquid. Then wipe the outside until it is dry before putting it back in the cellar.

Checking the proper functioning of the hygrometer is also useful before using your cigar humidor. To check, you need to find salt, a container and a Tupperware. After putting salt at the bottom of the container, add a few drops of mineralized water. After these prerequisites, leave the container and the hygrometer to be tested in the Tupperware for at least eight hours. Beyond this time, your hygrometer should display between 95% and 100%. Only then will you know it is working well.