5 best sources of chocolate make your parties unforgettable

I am a true chocolate lover. I used to buy whole bars and melt them in the micro to eat it with fruits and cookies.

My kids enjoy this hobby with me, but after 5 minutes I was hard again and could not eat fruit or put it on the desserts.

Using the microphone for this task was cumbersome, everything was full of a sweet goop and, although it was a delight, cleaning it was an odyssey, more if we add the disorder of the children.

That’s why I decided to buy the best chocolate source available in the commercial offer.

Finding it translates into delicious layers in cakes and sweets and a constant party with the kids and the friends of the school where everything will be sweet and fun.

The important thing is that you have clarity in the product that you want to take home. An economic one, that covers your needs is the ideal thing.

What is the best source of chocolate?

Get the best, always be a test of fire, a brand that fits your needs is the most recommended when choosing.

That is why it is necessary that you know what to look for before buying the product. There are a number of factors that you should keep in mind when choosing

If you will use it at home, with a cheap model of little capacity will suffice; but if you will give it commercial use you will have to look at something bigger, more resistant and of better quality.

You will also have to take into account the ease of use and cleanliness. Washing a chocolate fountain can be the same hell, so if you are not patients you should make sure to find a removable and dishwasher safe

Weight and size is also essential, so if you are already determined, it is best to make a comparison of qualities. A little help is not over, here we leave our suggestions.

1. Chocolate Fountain Autocompra 68CM

Practice and quality

FORAVER 5-Tier Chocolate Fountain Commercial 68CM...
5 Reviews
FORAVER 5-Tier Chocolate Fountain Commercial 68CM...
  • Tiers: 5; Height: 27''(68 CM); Chocolate...
  • Temperature Regulation Scope:...
  • The chocolate fountain is made of 304...

With a capacity to melt between 4 and 5 kilograms of chocolate, this source is professional quality and is suitable for commercial use, especially if you have small business catering, events or candy.

Made of stainless steel, it is a machine of great quality and performance, solid and resistant, quite small for its five levels of height, so you can store it and take it from one place to another.

It works with voltage of 220 and has 80 watt motor power. The heating works at 150 watts. Saves energy and automatically controls temperature.

Great option to prepare fondue chocolate.

2. MyWave Master Chef Junior

Small and efficient

Elgento E26005R 3-Tier Mini Chocolate Fountain,...
100 Reviews
Elgento E26005R 3-Tier Mini Chocolate Fountain,...
  • Easy to use adjustable heat and flow...
  • Stainless steel three tier tower...
  • Portable countertop centrepiece feature

Mix the chocolate to melt it and prepare delicious sandwiches from the most select candy store, it is an amusement park with this fountain.

It is a device of small dimensions, heavy for its size, but ideal to have at home and use with children during parties and summer meetings. It works with 85 watts power.

One of the great advantages of its size is that it is very easy to store and you can place it almost anywhere.

On the other hand, its design is highly decorative, so you prefer to leave it on the countertop will be a perfect complement to your kitchen.

3. Chocolate fountain JMPosner

With waterfall flow

Sephra Select 16' Stainless Steel Mini Chocolate...
16 Reviews
Sephra Select 16" Stainless Steel Mini Chocolate...
  • Very high quality home chocolate...
  • It actually works, and is very quiet in...
  • This machine is also a little larger...

Chocolate fountains are often a striking accessory at parties and events, not to mention the wonderful delights you can prepare with it. Well this is all of that and more.

Made with stainless metal, this is ideal for use at home, in meetings and parties and even if you prepare sandwiches in small quantities.

Its striking cascade structure is one of its advantages because it is very aesthetic, and, in addition, chocolate has a perfect flow. Ideal to place in glasses of ice cream and as a cover in some types of dessert.

It is easy to clean and consumes little energy.

4. Lacor 69319

Resistant and elegant

Lacor 69319 Big Chocolate Fountain 80 W,...
  • Voltage 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz.
  • Perfect For Use In Home, Kitchen And...
  • Made From High Quality Material.

The model 69319 of the manufacturer Lacor will offer you one of the most aesthetically striking chocolate sources you will see in the market.

Its simplicity and ease of use make it an ideal device for home and, especially, for beginners.

You will get it with black base, along with the stainless metal of the source, it is a really solid and resistant device.

It has electrical operation, it is small, with barely enough capacity for 1.8 liters of chocolate, but heavy if one takes into account its capacity and size. It works with power of 80 watts at a temperature that ranges between 40 ° and 50 ° C.

5. Clatronic SKB 3248

Powerful and safe

Clatronic SKB 3248 Chocolate Fountain
3 Reviews
Clatronic SKB 3248 Chocolate Fountain
  • Power supply: 230 v, 50 hz, 170 w
  • For dipping in various types of...
  • Extra-smooth cascades for improved flow...

Made with adjustable feet in height to improve the fall of chocolate and a non-slip base that will avoid unnecessary scares and rollovers, this source is just what you were looking for.

It is perfect to meet with the panda of friends a weekend to watch movies and eat desserts or with the kids at school parties. It is small, with a capacity of one kg of chocolate.

Its great strength is that it works with voltage of 230 and power of 170 watts which makes the chocolate easy to melt and roll through the source with greater fluidity.

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