Once your baby starts to rummage in your cupboards, you will certainly need a child safety cupboard lock to protect him from possible injuries. This equipment, therefore, aims to secure both your toddler and your objects.

There are several models on the market. In order not to miss your investment, here is a buying guide to allow you to know how to choose the best child safety cupboard lock.

In this context, it is important to collect certain information on the main criteria to remember, including practicality, adhesive effectiveness and design. We also have a comparison list with the most popular products on the market.

Child Safety Cupboard Lock

What is the best child safety cupboard lock?

One of the things that we must take into account before making this purchase, is to determine how many closures we will need in order to keep closed all the existing drawers. It is useless to block the main cupboard if the little naughty will insist on opening all that remain. Make a count of how many cupboards you have in your house.

Also take into account the ease of installation, in general, these products are usually really easy to place, however, it is no longer necessary to make sure before installing them; this will avoid setbacks when placing them.

You will also know that these closures are made with an adhesive that must be strong enough to be durable and effective. However, there are brands in the market that do not meet satisfactory quality standards and end up delivering a sticker that lasts only three days, usually, they are usually the cheapest.

By the way, at some point, your little one will mature and there will be no need to use these closures anymore. It is important that the product that you are going to buy can be easily removed. It is not too much to add, that there are products in which you must wait up to 24 hours to be able to use them properly.

Always try to acquire a child safety cupboard lock that has an excellent value for money that does not hit your pocket extremely hard – especially if you are one of those who has more than one wardrobe. Make yourself also with a resistant model, that you do not have to change after three months.

You will be able to find them in different colours, and designs, you must choose which one will fit better to you, and which of them would best match the ambience of the room or kitchen where you plan to place it. But never of the never overlooked acquire these vital products; There are many risks related to cupboards.

Since the child can hurt his fingers when pushing hard on the door, or throw all the dishes, and glasses of the kitchen sideboard. Anyway, I hope that these products you like as much as I found them aesthetic, pleasant but above all, very functional in fulfilling their essential mission.

1. Child cupboard locks CLW10ABS Canwn

Very good option

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This child safety cupboard lock is a fantastic option for those looking for the perfect combination of functionality and durability. Manufactured with ABS plastic of maximum resistance, it offers an impeccable design that you can close and open with ease thanks to its rotating buckle. It has a more powerful adhesive than the typical 3M. Its installation does not require anything extra.

2. Balfer magnetic Child Safety Cupboard Lock

Keep elegance and glamour intact

Dokon Child Safety Magnetic Cupboard Locks (10 Locks + 2 Keys), No Tools Or Screws Needed, Baby...
  • Keep Your child Safe - The magnetic child safety lock is to keep your curious little kids away from drawers and cupboards filled...
  • No Drill or Screws Needed - Just stick the magnetic cabinet locks with strong adhesive tape in the proper place, no tool or screws...
  • Humanized Design - Dokon Baby locks have normal open close function (unlocked function). You can use this function when you baby...
  • Invisible from Outside - Locks install inside cabinet or drawer, completely concealed from children and guests, making your home...
  • Wide Compatibility - It works strong enough on any smooth surface that isn't more than 1.5inch(38mm) thick cupboard, cabinet or...

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If you are looking for a discreet insurer, this option is undoubtedly for you. Installed from the inside, without any cumbersome and dangerous drilling, it becomes a functional and discreet tool. The incorporation of magnets, makes your magnetic work almost immovable, thus reducing the risk of your child injuring a finger.

3. Cabinet lock for Babies Strap 10 Chuckle

A very easy installation

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Recommended for those who get along with DIY, this product offers a simple assembly, just attach the accessory to the surface with a super resistant adhesive and childproof. It maintains a discreet design, and its magnetic lock keeps babies away from any danger. Its removal does not leave any kind of trace. Amazing.

4. Adjustable Padlocks for drawers Clicky Innobeta

Great value for the price

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An excellent child safety cupboard lock made of ABS plastic without any type of contaminant. They are two padlocks for adjustable drawers that go over the cupboard, making it really difficult for the little one to discover their mechanism. You just have to put the adhesive tape. It is versatile and multipurpose, easy to open and close for adults. Lifetime warranty

5. Magnetic closure for drawers AYCORN

A leader in the market

AYCORN® Magnetic Safety Cupboard Locks for Children [10 Locks & 2 Keys] Child & Baby Safety...
  • 👑 AYCORN - THE UK'S TOP RATED British baby safety brand on Amazon! Designed by the UK's leading baby safety experts, Aycorn's...
  • 💪 SUPERIOR DESIGN & PROTECTION: Aycorn's child locks for kitchen cupboards feature a super strong premium 3M adhesive which...
  • 🔨 EASY INSTALLATION IN 30 SECONDS! We've included an easy installation tool which allows you to install our child safety locks...
  • 👶 DUAL LOCK & UNLOCK SETTINGS: Designed for parents, grandparents and child carers, Aycorn's locks feature an innovative...
  • ✔️ FOR KITCHENS, CUPBOARDS & CABINETS: Aycorn's Child proof locks are suitable for cupboards & drawers with a Pull-to-Open...

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Full of good reviews on the Internet, users show a pleasant satisfaction to be a product designed to combat the fussy attempts of children to open the lock. Its magnetic function makes it complicated to open, installed on the inside of the furniture for total discretion. It is a pack of 8 closures, and easy to install.

6. Shop window lock G715 Dreambaby

Shield your house

BabyDan Double Cabinet Lock Pack of 4
  • Secure cupboards which contain harmful items.
  • Designed to be mounted on the handles of two adjacent doors.
  • Lock extends from 55mm to 140mm. Simple to install.
  • Easy use for parents. Double lock system to deter toddlers.

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Keep any furniture, wastebasket or door armoured with this pair of padlocks that are placed on the knobs. No type of drilling or extra material is necessary. It has a very aesthetic finish, which will go very well with the chic attire of your home, keeping your children healthy and safe from any mischief. Flexible and easy to assemble.

7. Magnetic Child Safety Locks for Cupboards and Drawers

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Magnetic Child Safety Lock

Child Safety Cupboard Locks Buying Guide

The cupboard lock is an essential piece of equipment both to secure your children and to protect the objects that you store in the drawers. The ideal is to opt for a high-tech model with an opening system that offers maximum comfort. The installation does not in principle require drilling the furniture, just place the locks and voila.


Child Safety Cabinet Lock

There are almost no houses without cupboards. And when you really think about it, there are many things that you can easily find afterwards. But most of the time, they can contain objects or products dangerous for children. And though kids can easily open them. Every parent must, therefore, take precautions while avoiding too drastic measures, such as preventing the little one from wandering around as he wants in the house. And security question, the locker-cupboard remains one of the imperative auxiliaries that it will absolutely be necessary to obtain.

Know that there are selection criteria in this area, this to strengthen the protection of your children. For this, you can either refer to the buying guide for the best safety cupboard lock or ask advice from some experienced users on the subject. The main advantage of this accessory lies in its simplicity and its adhesive capacity.

Adhesive efficiency

On the question of how to buy better value for money child safety cupboard lock, you need to check the effectiveness of its adhesive mechanism. We are often surprised at the strength of your child. Also, take the time to test the item before you get it. There are varieties for furniture without and with handle. Others have a flexible locking system and are suitable for both, with a height adjustment mode. And in this case, why not opt ​​for a model with a press button?

Be careful, however, because some children have great intelligence and can easily remember how to remove this safety device. Most safety cupboard locks are made from very strong plastic. It is, however, possible to find steel references with a magnetic opening system which is placed inside the cabinet.


cabinet safety locks

No matter where to buy a new safety cupboard lock, there’s no shortage of choices. In fact, several models are as safe as they are easy to install. It is up to the parents to select the specimen that suits them, whether it is the magnetic one or the one with an external locking system.

Nevertheless, slide references remain the most popular. They are adjustable according to the size of the furniture and can also be used for other furniture such as the drawer. Besides, they do not contrast with the design of these with a touch of style. In this sense, the price can also vary, hence it is preferable to use price comparison to facilitate the task. You will be able to find a specimen that will fit into your budget.

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