The most used child bike seat is mounted on the bike’s back or fixed on the frame. It is the most used because it is the most economical, the simplest and the easiest to set up. It becomes an absolute pleasure to go cycling with your boy or girl.

Among the type mounted on the back, some are fixed to the frame, which will be more suitable for larger bikes. Others are fixed to the luggage rack.

The models mounted at the front will be positioned between the handlebars and the saddle. The front-mounted child seat has the critical advantage of having an eye on the baby at all times. Although less widespread, it has grown a lot in recent years with the arrival on the market of ingenious systems like that of the WeeRide Safe Front Classic.

Which child bike seat is the best?

We know you want to buy the best so that you and your child are calm and happy at all times. That is why we have prepared a complete comparative list with the best models available today. With these child bike seats, you can enjoy the greatest security for your baby and the best comfort for both.

WeeRide Classic Safe Front Mounted Child Bike Seat

Best for 1 to 4 years old

WeeRide Classic Safe Front Mounted Child Bike Seat
Image: WeeRide 

    This model is excellent since the backrest comes with a patented central bar that distributes the weight correctly throughout the entire system.

    It is adaptable to any bike, even with full 16-inch suspensions. In turn, you can stay calm because it has a 5-point safety strap and closed mobile footrests.

    The manufacturer recommends it for children from 1 to 4 years old or even from 6 or 9 months. Everything depends on the child already has well-developed neck muscles and can stand on its own.

    Also, the seat is easy to assemble and disassemble in just 20 minutes, offers a front view and gives your little one the best comfort with its padded backrest and headrest.

    Britax Römer Child Bike Seat

    Best for 9 months to 5 years old

    Britax Römer Child Bike Seat
    Image: Britax

      It is in black colour, with an excellent design and reasonable safety measures for your little one and good quality. That model is suitable for children from 9 months to 5 years of age and up to 22 kg of weight.

      It has a fully padded harness and 3 points to give you more peace of mind and avoid any accident or fall with your little one.

      It has a simple tilt function that can be performed with one hand and can choose between five different reclining settings.

      This bike accessory is shown as easy to use, with an innovative design that allows intuitive and safe handling so that you and your child are calm in whatever path they take.

      Thule Unisex’s Yepp Mini Seat Bike

      Best for children from 9 months to 3 years

      Thule Unisex's Yepp Mini Seat Bike
      Image: Yepp

        This is a child bike seat carrier very sought after by users because of its comfort, ease of use and the variety of options it offers, as it is available in purple, black or silver.

        It is an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight, comfortable, high-backed model, a pleasant and soft texture and interchangeable designs.

        It also comes with an anti-theft key and a lock to prevent the chair from falling off when riding a bike.

        Users recommend more this accessory for bicycles for a commuter than for mountaineers, since, due to its size and specifications, it is more comfortable to ride on regular bikes.

        It is an excellent model that is also made of superior materials and easy to assemble and safe.

        Thule Ride Along Unisex Children’s Bicycle Seat

        Good price-quality ratio

        Thule Ride Along Unisex Children's Bicycle Seat
        Image: Thule

          We come to a pretty affordable model made for children between 9 months and 6 years of age or up to 22 kg in weight. However, it is recommended that you consult with a paediatrician before assembling children under one year.

          It has an easy-to-use universal safety system that allows you to mount and disassemble the bicycle seat at any time and in a few seconds. It even comes with indicators, so you know when the seat is properly mounted on the bike.

          It has adjustable footrests with a single pass and also adjustable bands so that the system adapts to your baby while it is growing.

          It is recommended that only be placed on round tubes with a 28 to 40 mm diameter and oval 28.6 mm in diameter. Remember that the harness has 3 adjustment points, so you can travel with good confidence.

          Polisport Boodie Child Seat

          Best cheap model

          Polisport Boodie Child Seat
          Image: Polisport

            This model is available in two colours: blue or black with red, and you can also buy it for a low price, in fact, the lowest in the market, which places it on our list as the cheapest.

            It has a very comfortable, safe and reliable design and is used to mount it on the bike’s back, but not in the front. Anyway, it comes with all the necessary tools to quickly mount it.
            This model is relatively easy to assemble and can be used in children from 2 to 4 years old without any problem, although some users have used it with younger children.

            One of the users’ observations is their comfort since, although it is not padded, the child can sit quietly and enjoy comfortable walks.

            Safe-T-Seat Forward Facing Childs Bike Safe T Seat

            Safe-T-Seat Forward Facing Childs Bike Safe T Seat
            Image: I Bert

            It is one of the best bike seats for a reasonable price. The model also offers comfort, safety, and a different and innovative design for both the whole family and the little ones’ enjoyment.

            It is a good quality front model that fits between the arms of the driver and the handlebar of the bike, giving good space to manoeuvre and keeping the child in sight and reach of the responsible adult.

            At the same time, it is a fun bike and trailers seat for boys/girls that includes a steering wheel to play with at any time and feel like the real riders.

            It also has a new fixation and security system to offer more excellent stability throughout the system while riding with the child.

            How to mount a child bike seat

            Buying guide

            If you like physical activity and enjoy long bike rides, you probably think that your child’s arrival changes these habits. And while the weight of the baby carrier and baby can make your usual route very different, be aware of these aspects that we present below when making the purchase of the bicycle chair for your little one, will help you to optimize the experience:


            Having your baby on the bike indeed increases the danger and must increase the rider’s vigilance. The bike is slightly heavier due to the baby’s weight, so take all the necessary precautions.

            The baby bike seats have a centre of gravity height more than a trailer. As a result, the risks are higher with a child bike seat in the event of an accident.

            Several factors come into play. Indeed, if the child is small and light, for example, that the cyclist has a reasonably good level and is careful on the road, the risk with a baby seat is reduced until being the same as with a trailer.

            The road and traffic conditions also affect the measurement of risk: on certain roads and for certain traffic conditions, the trailer may be the best match, while for other factors, it would be the baby carrier. Unfortunately, you cannot, therefore, decide between the trailer and the child seat when it comes to safety. It all depends on the factors that come into play and the situation.

            These are important aspects for any parent. The tranquillity of your son and yours during the trip are the priority. But in addition to the use of a helmet during the journey, some features must meet the child seat to not put at risk neither:

            • Age of the child: they should support themselves and lift their heads without help, so the recommended age is 12 months and up. You should also pay special attention to the age and weight limit stipulated by the brands.
            • Secure seat: the seat you choose should have adjustable straps, easy to accommodate and secure. It is also highly recommended to have safety strips for the feet so that your legs do not hit you on the way.
            • Equipment: you should always dress your baby in the right helmet and clothing, without pieces or loose parts that can get caught with the bike. We recommend that you review the regulations and rules so that you can pedal with your child without problems.


            This feature is essential because it also allows your baby to enjoy the trip. In this sense, you will have to make sure that the child’s bicycle seat has enough space for your child to have ample room to move around within him.

            However, you must have a handlebar. This will give them something to cling to and prevent them from getting in a dangerous position during the ride, especially if they fall asleep.

            At the same time, you should consider that it also has headrests and shock absorbers that will be very useful so that the child is free to adopt comfortable positions in the child seat. It would help if you also have straps for your feet. This will help your feet are not suspended in the air, and they feel safe.

            Walking with a child bike seat

            This is definitely an aspect that you must consider before making your purchase of the best bike seat and trailer for boys and girls. And the experience of riding a bicycle will be completely different with a baby seat.

            For example, the bike will become heavier and inclined, so you should be very careful when riding and getting off the bike. Due to the extra weight of your baby and the chair, acceleration and braking will require more effort and time. In turn, your range of motion will be more limited with a front mounting bracket.

            We know that this sounds quite serious, but neglect, with much practice, you will overcome these difficulties with great ease. So do not be afraid.

            child bike seat in front

            Front vs. rear mount

            There are different kids bike seats in the market, which varies, among other things, the type of mounting. The choice should not be made lightly.

            To choose between one and another, you must consider if the bike has hooks for accessories in the back, as they are necessary to place these accessories for bicycles. You can find them in the triangle that forms on the back of your bike and, if they are, it means that your bike is compatible with these saddles.

            You should also know if your bike has disc brakes to make it compatible with baby seats.

            Size and age of the kids

            This is a decisive aspect when choosing the type. For example, the front-mount seats are much smaller than the rear seats. That is why they are best suited for children between 9 months and 3 years of age. Or, well, 15 kg.

            However, you have to check your country’s laws or your state because it is illegal to ride children under 12 months in these seats in some places.

            The higher the child is, the greater the space required. In this case, it is advisable to use a rear bike carrier that can support more than 21.7 kg. For this type of assembly, it is necessary to consider, with greater seriousness, safety aspects such as the use of helmets and belts.

            Safety belt

            safety belt

            The safety belt is ideal for keeping the kids safe and securing it against the bicycle’s sudden movements. Therefore, this belt must remain tight throughout the journey.

            However, these can vary significantly in design and functionality. For example, simple belt systems are much easier to use than those that require re-threading belts through a sliding buckle.

            Look for them to have adjustable height and be placed vertically just below the shoulder for a more secure and reliable fit.


            These are particularly useful because children often fall asleep during the ride. The reclining function of the seats minimizes the discomfort that your child’s neck moves from one side to the other. This not only makes it comfortable for the baby but safe.

            It is good to consider that the front mounting seats do not recline because it would interfere with the cyclist’s vision and space. Therefore, if you are interested in your chair having this aspect, you should consider one of the rear and high-end assembly.

            The shape of the seat

            The child seat’s very shape and design can make a difference in the comfort and safety of your baby. So do not neglect this when making your purchase. The low-back front seats tend to slide off the child’s shoulders, which prevents the child from being properly supported at the time of falling asleep during the journey.

            On the other hand, high-back seats help keep the shoulder straps in place and support the child’s body no matter if he is asleep or awake if he is restless or calm.

            Look for a model with a compartment for the helmet since this feature allows a space quite comfortable for the baby so that the seat does not hit or bother your head. In turn, look for protectors left on the sides to protect your fingers against objects that may harm them.


            This aspect helps to cushion the child from irregularities that may occur along the way, such as a sudden movement you make with the bicycle. And the bike seats and trailers for boys and girls in front mount do not have this.

            These are bars that hold the seat to the bike to bend to additional weight. These generally flex from 2.5 to 7.6 cm to absorb the impact of the sidewalk, speed controllers, potholes and more.

            Adjustable footrest

            child bike seat with adjustable footrest

            They propitiate adequate support to the feet and legs of the child. In the rear seats, these also help protect your lower extremities from rubbing with rubber and, in the case of the front, protect them from rubbing with the handlebar that, besides affecting them, can infer in the direction we take in our journey.

            The good quality ones come with simple height adjustments with buckles and straps for comfort and convenience.

            Accessories for front-mount seats

            The child bike seats are very favourable for the baby because of the direct relationship he will have with you during the trip. This is due to being closer to you during the ride, so it is necessary to make it much safer and more comfortable for the baby. This will be quiet for you and comfortable for the baby.

            Accessories such as control bars for children will make this a better experience because the route will be safer while your kid has something to hold on to. Some child bike seats also offer small windshields that help significantly reduce the discomfort of the wind on the child’s face during the ride.

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