5 Best Hydraulic Jacks for Easy repairing your car

We do not want to run into a poor quality hydraulic jack anymore, and we know you do not either. It is enough to have the damaged car in the middle of the road so that the cat will not have problems or it will be so easy to use. Beginning with the models of small wheels that do not even turn well, which get stuck in the pavement or other irregular floors. Then there are the short and ergonomic handles that are not recommended at all since they make it very difficult to operate the device.

Beyond that, we have found ourselves with models that are too cheap to hold tons of weight, when in reality they expire after a short time and yield to the weight of light vehicles. If you do not want to go through that experience again, we invite you to consult this guide on how to buy an economical and useful model.

The best hydraulic jacks

What is hydraulic jack?

First, it is essential to think about the material of the equipment, which should be steel floor since it resists higher weights. However, aluminium works best. If you need a model that weighs a little less. Then you should check the load volume, which is usually measured in tons and is often 1 or 2. Although some different models raise up to 3 tons.

We must consider the lifting speed. This is measured in how many times you have to operate the device to load its limit volume, and it is usually ten times. Finally, the elevation range and the design are checked. In the case of big vehicles, you need a jack that reaches enough height. For low profile cars, low elevators are recommended.

Now we invite you to choose one of our comparative list with the best models in the market.

How hydraulic jacks work?

Hydraulic pressure creation moves oil between two cylinders. When pulling the plunger backwards the pump opens a valve that supplies oil to the pump chamber. When pressed down, the oil passes through an external valve and in the cylinder chamber. The suction valve closes and causes pressure in the chamber. Here, the piston in the camera moves up and thus raises the vehicle.

1. Hydraulic jack Rodcraft RH 135 (1,3 tons, 80-540 mm)

Good capacity

Rodcraft RH135 Hydraulic Trolley Jack, 1.3 Tons
241 Reviews
Rodcraft RH135 Hydraulic Trolley Jack, 1.3 Tons
  • Height adjustment of up to 3.15 inch (80 mm) 14.76 inch...

Lift any lightweight car with this hydraulic jack, 1.3-ton capacity and a range of elevation between 8 and 54 cm. It is a very resistant and robust model that withstands many uses without yielding or losing position, so it will make you feel calm under the car. It has rotating wheels on the part of the handle to facilitate the transfer.

2. Hydraulic jack Unitec 10022

Robust and convenient

Unitec 10022 Trolley Jack Aluminium 1.5 Tons
150 Reviews
Unitec 10022 Trolley Jack Aluminium 1.5 Tons
  • Bold 1.5 tonnes lifting capacity. Aluminium/Steel...
  • High quality, solid construction
  • Padded hand lever in the bottom to avoid damage to the...
  • Double Hub cylinder and large hub plate with rubber...

hydraulic jack that has a capacity of a ton and half that works well for both the garage of your home and for a mechanical workshop. It is made with an aluminium base and is rigid and high quality. It protects the car with the included rubber block and comes with a fairly long and easy-to-use handle, so you do not have to work when you operate it.

3. Hydraulic Jack, Load Capacity 2 T Michelin 92416

Capable and resistant

Michelin 92416 Hydraulic Lifting Jack 1800KG
788 Reviews
Michelin 92416 Hydraulic Lifting Jack 1800KG
  • Lifting height 105 to 350 mm, lifting capacity 1800 kg
  • With ergonomic carrying handle. Very sturdy design for...
  • Magnetic tray for wheel nuts. Very maneuverable swivel...
  • Gentle to the car due to rubber discs

Being a leading brand in tires and mechanics, it is not surprising that this Michelin hydraulic skate or trolley jack is so good. It has a load capacity of 2 ton and a lifting range of 10.5 to 35 cm. The wheels and body are made of steel and include a rubber block on the base in contact with the car.

4. Hydraulic Jack, Large Lift, 2.25 t ProLift F5210

Powerful and reliable

Pro Lift G-4630JSC 3 Ton Garage Jack Stand and Creeper Combo
24 Reviews
Pro Lift G-4630JSC 3 Ton Garage Jack Stand and Creeper Combo
  • Pro Lift G-4630JSC Mechanics Set features 3 Garage...
  • The Garage Jack with the the 3 Ton Capacity features...
  • The Garage Jack is designed to lift, but not support...
  • The jack stands has the 3 Ton capacity. Install the...

This low profile hydraulic jack allows a significant elevation of 15 to 53 cm. It is also having the ability to carry up to 2.25 tons of weight and is made of steel, so you know that it has the necessary resistance to give you peace of mind in your car repairs or even DIY jobs. Besides, it weighs 20 kg and the lever measures 60 cm.

5. Metalworks CAT25TL trolley jack

With enough force

Metalworks CAT25TL – 2.5 Tonne Hydraulic Car Jack
40 Reviews
Metalworks CAT25TL – 2.5 Tonne Hydraulic Car Jack
  • 2-piece rubber handle for lifting loads simply and...
  • Technical features:
  • Capacity: 2,5 tn. / Minimum height: 3 1⁄2in
  • Maximum height: 17 63⁄64in / Dimensions: 27...

This is not a bottle model, but a trolley jack, which has a capacity of 2.5 tons, rims made with steel for greater durability and the body made of steel. It has a low profile for low cars that allows it to reach up to 3.5 inch, while the highest point is 17 inch. The wheels near the handle are rotating.

There are many hydraulic jacks on the market that you can buy. We have presented 5 models that deserve attention. Always remember that before lifting a vehicle, make sure you use the right equipment for the purpose.