A fireplace is a common artifact, especially in cold areas. However, with the arrival of modernity, the best electric fireplace is not only able to function as a small thermal radiator, but also add a decorative effect to our home to give it a more elegant appearance.

Depending on the fabricator and the model, the design can be ultra-realistic, giving the feeling that both the ember and the wood are consuming each other, just like a real one. However, you save the cleaning of ashes, and without having to look for firewood to make it work, and even, there are models to embed for more luxury.

In order to satisfy the most demanding needs, we have written a comparative list where we compile five electric fireplace models with high-quality standards, a preponderance of course, the excellent price. All of them labeled in an affordable, economical and less expensive way. Do you dare to give another touch to your house?

What is the best electric fireplace?

Determine certain important factors before any purchase. For example, in this type of products it is essential to know the size of the area where you plan to place this device; speaking regarding space, it may happen that it does not fit, or that there is a lack of space to put it.

Although it may be a very interesting and beautiful decorative effect, if you live in a very cold place, this chic touch does not help much. Make sure you know the emission of heat, so you can have a pleasant piece in your room that gives you the necessary heat for those moments where the cold penetrates you.

Finally, do not forget that any good product, coming from a good brand, should have a guarantee that supports its proper functioning. This is very important because otherwise in case of any damage, you have practically thrown your money without any refund. Take a look at our list, and sign up for the purchase.

Designer Celsi Firewall mounted fireplace

A very cache design

The presentation and aesthetics of this unit can be the perfect complement for those seeking simplicity combined with elegance. Its innovative technology includes three-speed settings, to configure the one you feel most appropriate.

This regulator will allow moving the video of flames conveniently and realistically, also, in a LED screen to give it a much more wonderful touch. To provide you with heat, it integrates a radiator with 2kW of thermal power. May winter not overshadow you!

It also has a thermostatic control of heat, and a variety of three colours for lighting. To give the consumer peace of mind, this company provides a guarantee of up to two years. More than necessary, no?

Electric fireplace Danby

How much modernity and elegance!

Beautiful aesthetic, covered in warm white colour on wood fiber to emphasize that taste for elegance. The movie that plays inside your LCD screen has full lighting through LED colours and fantastic effects.

For greater comfort of the user, this equipment integrates a remote control with which you can adjust not only the on or off; but also, you will have absolute control over the heat levels you want, varying from 1 to 2kW.

But as the flames are not enough, it also allows changing the background colour of the film, that is, adjusting the tone with which you identify more at the moment. It does not produce noise, and it is of low electrical consumption.

Endeavour Fires Castleton Electric Fireplace

Ready for a unique experience?

Beautiful appearance under a cream colour that gives a pretty harmonious touch. This Electric fireplace model provides state-of-the-art technology in the display of the fire effect through its fully LCD screen.

It will give you heat with a power of up to 2KW. The equipment also has a regulator or thermal controller to raise or lower the level of heat inside the room; all this through remote control.

Enjoy the variety of up to 13 colours offered to play, with the possibility of making these change every ten seconds, each with LED lighting. Your guarantee is one year.

Unionline 127cm in-Wall Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace

Very decorative

Feel free and without interruptions thanks to this non-intrusive electric fireplace, and without any noise emission; avoiding thus cut the flow of a love conversation with your partner. It has been specially designed to give all that romantic touch, typical of a fireplace.

There will be no noticeable difference really with this model, and a real one. It provides all the amazing structure that will make it look very realistic. It also has a thermostatic radiator, separated from its screen, to provide a caloric power of up to 900 or 1800 Watts.

A lot of brightness, a lot of intensity? Regulate the colours as you like, creating an atmosphere completely to your liking. Its remote control allows you to turn it off or turn it on quickly, although it also integrates a traditional switch.

Traditional Electric Fireplace Black or White

Something more classic but very nice

This cosy electric fireplace is ideal for those looking for something less sophisticated, and more straightforward for your home. Within a super cheap price range, this option is positioned for less baggy pockets.

However, it is capable of heating a room in only 15 minutes. Your safety measures prevent the unit from overheating, and the stove effect will make you feel warm quickly.

Your electricity consumption is standard, so do not worry when you have to pay the viles at the end of the month; By the way, if you only use it for decorative purposes, the final expense can be reduced up to 6 times.

What is an electric fireplace?

It is a product that acts as a great complement to your room, for a couple of stations. Not only they are good as a complement to heat, which is also easy to control compared to the inclement true flames, but also provide a cosy atmosphere in places where placing a traditional fireplace is impossible.

Most of these machines can be operated regardless of whether you are in winter or not, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant glow in flames even when it is not necessary to have extra heat (spring, for example).

Unlike traditional fireplaces based on wood combustion, the electrical maintenance of these new models is quite easy since you do not need to have a constant routine of cleaning and maintenance.

The place to place these units is effortless, the only real limitation is the access to an outlet – although if the equipment cable is long, like that of our model Danby whose length is 1.7 meters, there will be no problems. The rest, just lean on your imagination and the area where you feel is most convenient.

What types of electric fireplace you can buy?

Because nothing else is enough with different colours and power to determine which is the best option for you. There are several types available in the market to get them each, for a different type of person. Do you dare to discover which one is yours? Let’s go there!

Mounted on wall

When you buy a product of this type, you will realise that it is straightforward to operate. To use this excellent model, you only need to connect the unit to an electrical outlet. Although, the roughest part of all is to screw it on the wall. However, it is not difficult to perform.

Most of these type of electric fireplace models are lightweight and easy to load. On many occasions, the installation or assembly does not require an extra person, and it will be enough for you to do the process alone, although, undoubtedly, it is much faster to assemble with someone else.

These models are usually installed at a mid-point of the wall. There is no limitation – beyond the plug – on the area where you want to hang the unit, which makes it very appropriate to keep it away from children and pet sleepers. The flexibility in the location of this type makes it very safe.

Electric grafts

Do you have a traditional fireplace, rudimentary and stubborn at home, but want to turn it into an electric model? This is super easy, without the need to make drastic changes to your traditional stove. These grafts are achieved by two different types: accessories in electric logs, or under a firebox powered by electricity.

These grafts will offer a realistic aesthetic next to the typical flame and trunk appearance. Some of these types even have a type of coal that gives a great shine to the stove, without having any of the drawbacks of real fireplaces.

You can find a wide variety of these accessories to modify your stove, you have to make sure you find the right dimensions for a good fit.

However, it is fair to mention that you will not get features that come with new electric stoves, such as the remote control, or a lighting and temperature regulator.

Electric fireplace frame

If you still do not have one of these pieces, and you love the aesthetics of traditional fireplace, you should consider an electrical structure. These frames are specially designed to securely wrap a fireplace insert, allowing you to add extra heat to your home without creating any holes in the wall, or doing invasive work inside the house.

This frame looks just like a traditional piece, providing a genuinely fantastic decoration in your home. Often, there are additional features built into these types of chimneys. Many of them are controlled remotely, and others even have an integrated air purifier to improve the oxygen found in the surroundings.

Electric Stoves

Stoves have been a very popular way over the years to produce heat. However, the problem lies in their demand for ventilation and frequent maintenance. If you like the appearance of stoves, but do not want to install a combustion-based unit, then, Eureka, you can choose an electric unit.

The good thing about these heaters is that they do not need to be screwed or stuck on somewhere, and much less have to worry about giving them adequate ventilation. You only need to connect the equipment to a socket, and that’s it. No installation fees.

Models like Kenley, are efficient in electricity consumption and allows you to control it very easily. Even, thanks to its heat radiator is separated, you can turn it off and enjoy only some beautiful flames decorating the living room of your home.

Independent vs. Bolted

The different models listed above can be found either as separate or bolted. In general, the type you choose depends on your house and your personal preferences.

The independent option is excellent for those who do not want or can not make any changes to your home – as in rented apartments -, also, which allows the savings of all assembly costs that its counterparts inherent.

However, if on the contrary, you have your own apartment, but with minimal space, a hanging wall model would be quite ideal for you, by saving as much space as possible. Besides, they are undoubtedly more secure and provide a more glamorous style.

How to choose the perfect option for me?

If you are convinced to buy this product, but you want to make sure of the technical specifications so as not to waste your money, we invite you to read the following key points that will make your mind clearer.


Size is also an essential aspect to consider when you buy one of these items. The first important factor to consider is how much space you have available to perform the installation. The electric fireplace models are very convenient because they come in an immense variety of sizes, and models designed to fit almost anywhere.


When it comes to the physical construction of these products, do not forget to remember to evaluate the quality of the material with which it has been built. Some brands offer better quality articles than others. To avoid losing money, make sure that the chimney you decide to buy is made with high-quality parts that guarantee its efficiency.

Electricity requirements

An key point is knowing what the electricity requirements are for a designated fireplace / electric heater. Do not forget to verify that your apartment or house can provide the amount of electricity demanded by the product. However, compatibility is usually not a problem.


The variety does not represent any problem with these electrical devices. They are available in an incredible number of designs. Although it is a personal preference more than anything else, some factors can contribute to making a much more valuable acquisition.

Among them is the ability of the unit to appear realistic, that is, to provide an appearance of real flames. Also, depending on your taste, you can choose between if the screen reproduces trunks or stones in combustion although some models include both styles for your choice.

Finally, the color of the flame is also something that you would like to adjust or customize to your liking. In our list, you can find several models that offer up to twelve different colours.

Heat emission

The primary purpose of buying electric fireplace is to provide heat. What you need to know is how much heat you need and how much control you have over this energy that is provided by the equipment. Generally, these units provide enough heat for any room.