5 Best Cigar Humidor to Keep Your Exquisite Flavor and Taste

If you are a cigar lover, you need to have the best cigar humidor, one that maintains the correct humidity and helps preserve the delicious aroma and flavour of high-quality cigars. The best keep them fresh and will also make you look elegant and stylish, either because you bought one of those flashy and luxurious shelf-shaped humidifiers made with beautiful woods and beautiful glass doors and keep it in your home or office, or because you always carry your portable humidor with you for trips.

In any case, this good product will also be a good investment, since it will allow you to keep your cigars, which we know are not exactly cheap, in perfect condition and even improve their taste and aroma, as if a delicious and aged whiskey. Come with us and learn everything about them.


The best cigar humidors

What is the best cigar humidor?

So that you can find the best one in the market and add it to your studio or office, we will show you this comparative list with the best 5 of today. We take care of adding the best quality options, all with excellent appearance, the best woods and, of course, the best ability to keep your collection of cigars always fresh and ready for you to enjoy them all.

There is also good variety because we know that not all users seek the same. Just as there are some who want one for their office, other people want another electric or smaller, ideal for travel, to give to a loved one or because they have a small collection and do not need such a large one.

1. Adorini Novara Deluxe cigar humidor

Very elegant and complete

novara deluxe humidor - Adorini
7 Reviews

There is nothing you can not like about this model, as it is elegant, modern, with very high-quality materials and an exquisite finish. It also comes equipped with a built-in hygrometer, so you will not need to make any additional purchases. Apart from that, it uses a humidification system of distilled water, it includes divisions for cigars, it has a functional capacity for your collection, and it gives an exquisite aroma.

2.Adorini Chianti Deluxe cigar humidor

Excellent capacity and quality

We are talking about a perfect humidifier to include in your office or in your studio at home since it has all the air of elegance you are looking for. It has three trays of cedarwood, a door with magnetic closure to maintain freshness at all times and a high precision hair hygrometer. The humidifier is bathed in gold and humidified with acrylic fibres and adjustable ventilation openings.

3. Germanus cigar humidor

For those who know

GERMANUS Cigar Humidor Cabinet Radix, Brown, with Digital Hygrometer...
9 Reviews
GERMANUS Cigar Humidor Cabinet Radix, Brown, with Digital Hygrometer...
  • GERMANUS Trademark Humidor Cabinet "Radix" in Brown
  • Spanish Cedar Wood Humidor with Digital Hygrometer and...
  • 4 GERMANUS Crystal Humidifier Boxes, 4 Divider (wooden)
  • Including our GERMANUS Humidor Brevier: Detailed...

This model has four easy to clean compartments in which you can store an approximate 40 cigars to preserve its exquisite aroma and freshness. It also comes with a built-in hydroscope and has an exquisite appearance in the shape of a box in brown or black. It also includes a beautiful glass door and weighs 3.6 kg, while the dimensions are 25 x 23 x 23 cm.

4. Large black humidor with crystal by Angelo

To keep cigars perfect

GERMANUS Desk Black Cigar Humidor with Digital Hygrometer and...
63 Reviews
GERMANUS Desk Black Cigar Humidor with Digital Hygrometer and...
  • GERMANUS Trademark Humidor
  • Spanish Cedar Wood Humidor with Digital Hygrometer and...
  • 2 GERMANUS Humidifier Boxes with crystals inside,...
  • Including my GERMANUS Brevier: Detailed instructions...

We speak of a large humidor made for those who have essential collections of cigars and want to keep them always fresh. In this case, this model has the capacity for about 100 cigars with its cedar trays and its four compartments well subdivided. It has a lock with key, hygrometer and front cover made of glass, the humidifier works with crystals of acrylic polymer, and the whole box is made with cedarwood.

5. Humidor with a hygrometer for 25 cigars, cigars or cigars Egoist JK00181

It comes with everything

Angelo Humidor for 25 Cigars with Transparent Lid and Exterior...
70 Reviews
Angelo Humidor for 25 Cigars with Transparent Lid and Exterior...
  • Humidor for 25 cigars
  • Transparent lid
  • Brass hygrometer on exterior
  • Includes humidifier with acrylic polymer crystals

In this model, you will be able to store about 25 cigarettes and keep them at the moisture level you were looking for. It is also made with resistant materials and high quality that allow optimal results. As for the mechanism, it includes the moisture reader, the compartment to place water, and even good scissors to cut the cigars. It weighs 1.5 kg and finished in red.

Types of cigar humidors

When you buy your dream humidifier, you have to check among the different types that are on the market. Here we explain to them:

Humidification room

It is the kind of humidor that we find in specialised stores and stores.

Furniture style

You can find them in the look of a cabinet or a table too, and they can be huge, like some that can hold hundreds to thousands of cigars. They also come with glass doors or different compartments so you can place your cigars in the most organised way possible. It is essential to beware to the material, the most important being cedarwood.

Desktop and staff

They are sophisticated to have in the study of your home or the office, they can carry between 20 and 100 cigarettes at a time and are usually cheap. For all that, they are ideal for those who start in this.


If you are an executive and travel a lot or want to have your cigars always with you and at the correct humidity level, you need a travel one, which takes at most ten cigars.

What you should consider before buying a cigar humidor

Apart from knowing the types of humidifiers and brands that are available to you, we recommend paying attention to the following aspects before making the purchase.

Consider the size

You will need a humidifier with the capacity of your cigar collection, no more and no less. It is that it is necessary that the positioning is uniform inside the apparatus so that all the cigars stay well.


If you are a backpacker, you will need a model that you can take with you everywhere, like those portable, folding and small.

Type of wood

The best models are made of cedarwood because it is the best wood to maintain the correct humidity. They can also be oak or mahogany.

With or without accessories

One of the recommendations is to buy a model that already includes a hygrometer and a thermometer since they facilitate the conservation of cigars.

A hermetic seal

You do not want excess humidity inside the box or, on the contrary, it escapes, so a quality closure is imperative.

Good ventilation

However, a good humidifier should have proper ventilation to prevent the appearance of mould and maintain freshness.

Quality construction

Look for one made with quality materials such as cedarwood, with quality closures and ventilation. It should also look elegant.