With the approach of summer, the desire for grilling is becoming more and more tenacious. To meet these wishes, the charcoal BBQ remains by far the best equipment. By opting for such equipment, you will effectively benefit from a number of breathtaking advantages, each time you use it. However, it must be recognized that now there are hundreds of charcoal BBQ grills all more different from each other that exist and finding the right one is not necessarily an easy task. To let you know which is the best charcoal barbecue according to you, we will tell you all about it in this article.

The best Charcoal BBQ grills in comparison

In this buying guide entirely dedicated to charcoal barbecue, we will give you all the elements that will help you make the best choice possible. But above all, we wanted to explain to you concretely how a charcoal barbecue works so that you have a first overview of the advantages you will enjoy by opting for such a product. Then, after presenting you with the best charcoal BBQ grills of the year, we will give you the precise list of the pros and cons of a charcoal barbecue and then we will present the best brand you have probably heard of. Finally, we will conclude by clearly explaining to you how to choose the right barbecue, which will allow you to launch your research while being certain to find the ideal device according to you.

1. CosmoGrill Smoker Charcoal BBQ grill

Enjoy a more enjoyable afternoon using this incredible grill manufactured in the USA, and made especially for those consumers who seek long durability over time. Its ignition is really simple and is done through an innovative system called One-Touch.

It has a deposit to store coal or firewood and has a lid to give faster and complete cooking to the protein. It is made of steel and provides an impeccable aesthetic to decorate your home.

2. Broil-master Charcoal BBQ Grill Smoker

This charcoal BBQ grill has the advantage of having a very large chrome cooking surface. Like Alice’s Garden model in this comparison of the best charcoal BBQ grills, it contains a built-in thermometer on the cover, numerous ventilation flaps, as well as a very practical heat retention grid.

It contains more storage than the model described above: side storage, one at the front and another under the combustion chamber. I appreciated, here too, the removable ash container.

This model is the ideal ally to enjoy the good weather and delicious grills with family and friends. Many accessories make this charcoal BBQ a complete and ready-to-use model.

The novelty of this model compared to its competitors, you can turn this BBQ grill into a smoker by simply closing the lid. The wheels present are very practical for transport. Its modern design, all black, stands out for its elegance. The assembly of this Broil Master charcoal BBQ is do-it-yourself but remains very simple. In addition, its notice is a real positive because it is very clear and detailed.

3. Charcoal BBQ Landman

Patented with high-level technology, this charcoal BBQ will provide complete and safe satisfaction, allowing you to have control of the temperature while you are making the grill.

The grid is made of vitrified steel, it has been designed to provide comfort in its application thanks to its ergonomic structure. It has a regulating valve, as well as a removable side table where you can immediately chop the food for everyone.

4. Azuma Black Steel Barrel charcoal BBQ

Are you looking for a medium-term or something lighter? Now, with the versatility of this product, you can regulate the distance from the grill to the fire, so it is easy to roast at different heights to achieve different flavours and colours.

Is it about to rain, or do you need to move the unit? Do not worry, despite being large enough to include a large work surface, this charcoal barbeque integrates wheels with which you can easily move.

5. BBQ Smoker M110356 Charcoal grill

Easy to assemble and gin, this option is great for those who get along with the tools of work. Its excellent construction – especially for cast iron – will allow us to enjoy rich roasts for a long time.

It has a relatively lightweight and includes wheels under the car for easy transportation. It has a storage room at the bottom that is quite spacious where you can store your kitchen utensils to impress as a real Chef.

6. Tepro 1087 Biloxi BBQ

Not only will you give the exterior of your home an attractive and beautiful outfit with this impeccable smoker, but you can also enjoy foods prepared directly with the cooking of the smoke that gives a more uniform texture and a unique flavour.

Its temperature controller is ideal to control the speed of smoking, in addition, because the meat is not in direct contact with the flames, you can have fun without having to constantly monitor the food.

7. BBQ grill NK22CK Napoleon

Feel like the protagonist of a Hollywood movie by placing this product in your home, its attractive, luxurious and impeccable design includes accessories made in porcelain such as its lid – which also acts as wind protector – and boiler.

Its intelligent manufacturing allows it to be folding equipment for greater comfort and ease of use. Integrates a work table in stainless steel to make cuts, and more easily seasonings and an adjustable grid made of steel. Non-stick surface.

8. Tepro Toronto Charcoal BBQ Grill

This BBQ grill is designed by specialists to cover the user’s expectations. It’s suitable for the great summer nights also for the cold winter. The lid on the grill is powder coated with stainless steel handle which brings the luxury feeling when using it. The integrated thermometer over the lid is very useful when you are cooking, that helps to keep the steaks juicy and tasty.

Equipped with wheels makes it so handy especially if you have to store it on different location or in the garden shed.

9. Azuma Black Steel Charcoal BBQ Grill

If you do not want to spend all your savings on the purchase of charcoal BBQ but you still demand to enjoy reliable and efficient equipment that can also be versatile, then Azuma charcoal BBQ grill will know how to hold your full attention. Indeed, it is a piece of equipment which is very successful with consumers since it can boast of being as efficient as most of its competitors whose prices are generally two to three times higher.

What makes all the interest of this Azuma charcoal BBQ is the fact that it offers a very generous cooking surface of 59 x 40 centimetres which will allow you to be able to cook for 8 people at one time. In addition, thanks to its rounded lid, this charcoal BBQ will allow you to smoke your food to give them more flavour. And as if that were not enough, the brand has also thought of including work tablets which will considerably increase general ergonomics. In short, Azuma grill has it all!

10. JOM Kettle Charcoal BBQ grill

The JOM charcoal BBQ grill has a thermometer which makes it easy to cook the food but also to maintain the temperature. Its 45 cm diameter cooking surface will allow you to cook for many guests. The grill will be able to withstand high temperatures thanks to the lid, you can enjoy both direct and indirect cooking.

The JOM BBQ grill also has a stable structure with four legs, two of which have casters. An ash collector will allow you to quickly and easily clean your barbecue while a practical shelf will hold the utensils and seasonings you will need.

charcoal bbq grill

What is charcoal BBQ grill?

A charcoal BBQ is a type of grill that works direct fire that is formed with firewood or charcoal. Pieces of firewood or charcoal are placed in the base and lit with the help of a match or lighter. On top, the BBQ has a cooking grid where food is placed which is cooked on the coals.

Types of charcoal BBQ grills

Portable grill

This option is the cheapest on the market and is usually preferred of those who are looking for a portable grill to carry camping thanks to its small size. However, its surface is very small, convenient for a few people. Its cooking capacity is better for foods that require a shorter time.


This type of charcoal BBQ grill, unlike its counterpart, offers a long surface to cook more comfortably and for more people. Its structure makes it ideal for foods that require less direct and slower cooking. It gives them that characteristic smoky flavour. It usually costs a little more than the boiler type.

Ceramic type

Ideal for cooking a wide variety of recipes and types of different foods. It manages to better contain smoke and heat thanks to its compact design. It heats quickly, storing the temperature efficiently for even cooking, but at a higher cost than the two previous models.

How to choose a charcoal BBQ grill?


When we talk about size, it is important to evaluate two aspects. The first is the amount of space available, either at home or in the car to transport, in the case of portable grills, for example.

If you intend to use it on the balcony of an apartment, please measure the chosen area to facilitate your choice within those dimensions. For larger grills that can be used outdoors, evaluate the location where it will be stored.

In general, space does not need to be as large as you can fold or remove the side tables.

Another relevant factor is the cooking space, that is, how much meat you can cook at the same time on your barbecue. Some barbecues look great, but accessories make up the majority and it doesn’t influence the amount of meat that can be broiled.

On the other hand, some that seem small, have a very interesting grill area. Try evaluating these measures to ensure satisfaction with your purchase.


The manufacturing material will guarantee the durability of your BBQ grill. The stronger the raw material, the longer its useful life.

Some materials can be damaged by time or exposure to intense heat. Street barbecues, for example, should be more resistant to the sun and eventual rains.

Brass grills, exposed to heat and weather, may show signs of wear such as rust or peeling of the tint.

Care must be taken with hygiene to improve the durability of these models, although some have already been modernized in terms of dyeing and sealing the material.

Barbecues developed in steel with aluminium finishes are quite resistant, but you will certainly need special care to maintain their quality like any other item.

There are still options in cast iron. Like cast iron pans, this material requires a lot of care and maintenance to prevent rusting.

round charcoal bbq grill

Cooking uses

For more gourmet foods, a traditional option would not be very convenient. Get a ceramic type or portable to achieve better versatility in recipes and cooking.

Temperature control

In this aspect, it is key to have a good lid and a couple of regulators that allow oxygen to enter and exit properly for better temperature control.

Ease of cleaning

This factor is key if you do not want to have to spend hours before you can start roasting. Make sure it’s easy to clean, and if you have an ash collector you earn more points.


Place a few euros more, and acquire a product with good quality materials that accompany you for many summers.


This is one of the most important aspects especially if you have small children. Read the instructions provided by the brand for the sake of no success.


The cost is one of the biggest concerns of the consumer. At this point, it is important that you know that the price varies in relation to the size. The bigger, the more expensive.

Characteristics and accessories

  • Grate quality: All charcoal barbecues come with grids, but the quality of them makes a big difference in how durable and useful the product will be.
  • Multiple sections: Some products with larger cooking surfaces offer multiple sections so you can cook different foods at different heat levels at the same time.
  • Adjustable: Some products include this feature that allows you to adjust how far the charcoal is from the cooking surface.
  • Thermometer: This factor is important to know the temperature and thus achieve better results, giving the term you are looking for.
  • V-shaped grill: Ideal for cooking pork ribs or chicken wings as it keeps them in place more easily.
  • Ash collector: A really useful accessory to make the cleaning process much easier.

Where to buy charcoal BBQ grill?

Stores specializing in camping supplies and even DIY or household items offer countless options for BBQ grills. Nowadays, if you go to a grocery store, you can go out with the barbecue under your arm and prepare the grill as soon as you get home.

For you who have already defined your selection criteria, carried out the necessary research and even measured your available space, the best option is the Internet.

At Amazon, the leading e-commerce store, you can find the best-known and recommended brands and models. Stores, such as Argos or DIY store B&Q can also be an alternative.