Cash register now presents in almost all types of businesses. These devices make life easier for customers, but also for sellers since they make it possible and above all to record a payment in a few seconds.

For a trader, however, buying one can be problematic. Indeed, there are so many models that it is difficult to know which are the best.

In order to guide your purchase, we will discuss a few subjects about cash registers and then we will present the best models sold on the market.

What is the best cash register?

Buying the perfect product requires a moment of research and reflection, remember that in the market there is a sea of ​​alternatives and browsing the shelves can become an overwhelming task when you do not have clarity about exactly what equipment you need to condition your business.

For this reason, we invite you to consider the following factors, these are the most relevant data to take into account when choosing a cash register:

Types of cash registers: There are 3 types, the basic cash registers, the middle line and the commercial ones.
Screen types: Choose between basic display screens or LCD
Programmable taxes: Opt for a programmable team, to adjust the taxes specific to your country.
Slot for SD card: Cash register with SD card slot allow you to store a more extensive and detailed record of transactions
Inventory record: Select a team that allows you to track each item and service for sale.
Ready to start? Check our comparative selection and find the efficient equipment you need.

Cash register Sharp XE-A507

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We present a modern and great cash register, this team has two display screens, one for the customer provided with 5 lines of information and one for the operator.

It has a barcode scanner, 99 departments to organize your products by categories, an SD memory slot that allows you to easily copy the records, a thermal printer and Quickbooks accounting software.

In addition, it is provided with an extra-large security drawer equipped with different compartments for bills and coins. It comes in a sober black design and is equipped with large and durable programmable buttons.

Cash register Sam4s er-260

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It is an effective and compact cash register machine, ideal for small businesses. This equipment is manufactured by the renowned Catering Store Direct Ltd brand, has a display screen, 10 users for different operators, a maximum registration of 10,000 products and a thermal printer, capable of printing receipts quickly and efficiently.

The machine offers detailed reports on capital inflows and outflows. It also has a large security drawer to store cash and coins in an organized way.

It is provided with a board with large keys, easy to control and configure.

Casio SE-S400MB-SR GDPdU

CASIO SE-S400MB-SR GDPdU Thermal Paper Cash Register, 10 Lines - Silver and Black
  • CASIO SE-S400MB-SR GDPdU thermal paper cash register. Drop-in paper loading, raised keys, 200 product groups, 3000 items / PLUs,...
  • 50 operators / 200 product groups / 3000 items (PLUs) with freely definable alpha text with 12 characters / 4 tax rates /...
  • Anti-bacterial raised keyboard keys with 2 x 25 product groups / receipt logo (company name): editable alpha text - 5 lines with...
  • Thermal printing of 14 lines per second; thermal roll: 58 mm +0 / -1 mm x 80 mm diameter; receipt or register print; LCD operator...
  • - -

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If you are looking for an economical and efficient cash register this model is perfect for you. This equipment has 2 LCD backlight screens, one for the operator with 10 lines of information and one for the customer.

It is equipped with a programmable 25-button keypad for quick access to different options, it has a built-in silent and fast thermal printer, capable of printing 14 lines per second on purchase receipts.

In it, you can register a total of 3000 different products. In addition, it allows you to configure 25 sales departments, tax rates, date, time, header and footer.

Olivetti ECR 7700

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It is the cheapest model of our selection, this cash register helps you efficiently track sales records and control of your company.

It is provided with a double alphanumeric viewer, one intended for the use of the operator and another for the customer, it also has a compact safety drawer equipped with 8 compartments for storing coins and bills.

The team offers the user an electronic diary of 3000 lines of information. It has a thermal printer and is able to accept 4 different payment methods: metallic, checks, cards or charges.

It also allows the user to register up to 999 articles in 40 different departments.

Olympia CM 960 SF

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This wonderful equipment is provided with an easy-to-use and configure control keyboard so that you can register up to 20,000 different products, different tax rates and 99 sales departments.

It has a drawer with 8 compartments for coins and 4 for bills, an LCD screen with 10 lines of information and a thermal printer silent and fast at the time of printing the sales receipts.

The team provides the user with detailed reports of the transactions of the day or month, according to your preferences, it is also able to record the volume of sales by departments, products and operators.

Why buy a cash register?

Many traders buy one or more cash registers without knowing what they have to offer. These people generally only use these devices to store money and to avoid misbehaviour of the cashier, but the cash drawers are not only used for that.

These machines are more than just gadgets, they make it easier to close daily accounts and some can help you manage your inventory. They also save you from calculating the VAT for each purchase. Cash registers apply all tax surcharges to each customer order. To do this, they often have calculation software that can be updated to take into account new laws and other provisions.

The most common models have equipped with barcode and credit card readers as well as a printer that outputs receipts. More sophisticated cash drawers can support customer relationships. They send the invoice by email for the most significant purchases. In addition, they manage loyalty cards and offer discounts to deserving buyers.

Some cash registers can even provide you with a proper balance sheet at the end of the month. All this to tell you that these devices are real management tools that simplify the life of the merchant and his customers.

Digital cash registers

These devices are Digital cash registers the most basic and easiest to use.
They are equipped with a digital display, a digital keyboard (with only numbers), a printer and sometimes a barcode reader. Basically, these models are big calculators with a drawer to put money. They are only used to calculate the amount to be paid, to store the amount given by the customer and to print the receipt.
Some digital cash registers give you the opportunity to enter the seller code, which is a little extra for those who manage businesses that employ several cashiers. Either way, these devices are ideal for small grocery stores and medium-sized supermarkets.

Alphanumeric cash registers

These devices offer more functionality than digital models, their keyboard presents numbers and letters (hence the alphanumeric name) as well as specific zones to define pricing methods and apply special operations (discounts, sales report, etc.). They are generally equipped with a printer, two displays (one for the cashier and the other for the customer), and sometimes a barcode and credit card reader.

These templates allow you to manually enter the name of items and they can clarify your accounts. Indeed, all cash register receipts are more detailed and give you all the information to optimize the management of your stocks. These devices are ideal for bakeries, restaurants and retail stores. They bring more transparency during the payment since the customers see directly the amount which they must pay on a display intended for this purpose. This component avoids misunderstandings as well as currency problems.

Electronic cash registers

These are the most sophisticated cash drawers, they are very similar to alphanumeric models, but they are generally intended to be linked to the computer system. This makes it possible to centralize registrations and offers easier account tracking. These devices are almost all equipped with a barcode reader and Alphanumeric cash registers credit card as well as a display or screen for the cashier and customers.

Some models highlight touch screens as a command interface. These are practical and save time. In addition, they generally offer more than interesting features. Connected to the Internet, it is possible to see in real-time all the payments made from this type of cash register. Some major brands even produce cash drawers that can be controlled and managed using your smartphone.

How to choose a cash register?

With the cash register, many operations will be simplified and your key figures can be checked at any time. The customers will no longer have to wait in long queues.

When purchasing this type of innovative collection equipment, there are a few things to keep in mind. These few tips may be useful in choosing your point of sale terminal.

Define the needs of your customers

It is according to the nature of your activity that you can determine the needs of your customers. In any case, we know that consumers appreciate a quick POS solution, saving them from queuing and waiting for long minutes.

Make sure that your collection equipment has a reliable and functional cash drawer, which is not likely to break down. To find the ideal model, do not hesitate to consult comparatives.

Whether you manage a restaurant, a bakery, a hairdresser or any other type of business, you can easily find the cash register software that will adapt to the needs of your customers.

Targeted products to develop your business

For you who are looking for a cash register in order to progress in your activity, a large number of suppliers offer you ranges of targeted products. Each box corresponds to diversified needs but which still allows the simplicity of the payments made by your customers.

Among the many alternatives offered on the market, you will find certified models, portable data entry terminals, cash drawer security, ticket printers. The professional sellers are, of course, ready to direct you to the best choice of checkout equipment according to your activity.

The touch screen

The tactile cash register is interesting because it avoids calculation errors. Then, its functionality and practicality offer a considerable saving of time: the passage of customers to collect is carried out quickly.

Several other operations can be carried out with a touch screen, among others:

• Order management
• Organization of deliveries
• Implementation of a strategy
• Reservations

Note that this device allows remote control, a solution for you to be at a real-time current of all operations taking place in your business. Besides, you can always have a quick overview of your key figures thanks to personalized dashboards.