Many of us have apple phone and accessory manufacturers have not wasted the time to bring their products to market. So, you can find many cases for iPhone X and iPhone Xs and we also have many cases for ‘Xs Max’ the Smartphone that sets a record with its 6.5 “screen,  yes, You have read correctly, it is a large screen.

No one wants your mobile to suffer the damages of an accident, much less when it comes to the most premium, advanced and expensive terminal on the market. so protecting it seems to be almost indispensable.

Our pick for the best iPhone cases

To help you choose, we have thoroughly tracked what the market offers in search of the best iPhone X and Xs cases. In this article, in addition, you will also find the best ‘Xs Max’ cases. We have found very interesting options, brands that we know of covers for other terminals and that usually give very good results. There are also covers of different types.

We want to show you in our opinion the more interesting cases on the market.

ESR Clear Case for iPhone XS/ X

The bumper-style covers are really popular since they allow the terminal to be protected at all times, generating a minimum impact on the design of the device. The latter is accentuated, especially in transparent bumpers, which are the ones that respect the design of the mobile phone.

This transparent bumper for iPhone X and Xs of ESR perfectly fulfils these two tasks: the protection is guaranteed by the polyurethane TPU with which it is made, made by the German Bayer – yes, in addition to medicines they also produce thermoplastic materials – and of a quality superior to the usual in the market; In addition, the corners have been reinforced, is the most vulnerable area in case of fall, and the area of ​​the cover that surrounds the cameras is slightly raised to ensure that the lenses do not suffer any damage either.

ESR Clear for iPhone Xs Max Case

If you bought the iPhone Xs Max you have the same case exactly but in its large version, a thin and transparent case that will fit perfectly to the size of 6.5 inches.

And the respect for the spectacular design of the iPhone X and Xs and Xs Max is almost religious in this case, which will hardly impact the design of the phone, being extremely thin and light -18 grams of weight-, as well as completely transparent. Here the intention is that it is barely noticeable that the mobile has a sheath surrounding it, committed, without a doubt, achieved by ESR.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Spigen is one of the most recognized brands of accessories for SmartPhones and could not miss this collection of covers.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a transparent case, but very resistant. It is designed for all those who want to continue showing a fabulous design of the iPhone X or the Xs model but without giving up maximum protection against falls.

The back of the case is rigid, which will perfectly protect the back glass of your iPhone. The side bumper is made of TPU a little thicker than usual and protrudes just above the screen to protect it. The combination of these two pieces makes your iPhone safe from falls at any angle.

Ringke Wave Case

The double-layer covers fulfil two functions; the main one, which is to protect your phone from falls and another secondary, but no less important, which is to allow you to combine different colours to customize your iPhone as you want.

We have selected the double layer Ringke case for this selection of best covers for iPhone X, Xs and Xs Max because we think it is the most interesting proposal in terms of design and security.

This case has a first layer of flexible plastic (TPU) that fits the phone like a glove and is responsible for absorbing the impact properly and prevent both the internal components and the glass that covers the entire phone.

On the other hand, we have the outer layer, this is made of hard plastic and is designed to withstand the blows with force. Imagine that you carry your iPhone X in your hand and when you pass by a table you hit it on a corner, this hard plastic layer will protect your phone.

Ringke WAVE for Xs Max

The Ringkle Wave is also available for the iPhone X Max, it is a bit more expensive, but it includes all the benefits we described for your little sister. You can see it by touching the button below.

You have the double layer Ringke case available in 6 models and each of them combines two colours, one in each layer, therefore, if you buy two or more cases, you can combine the colours at your whim.

We are talking about a very low price cover for everything it offers.

Take a look at the video below in which they analyze one of the available models.

TORRO Leather Phone Case

If you are looking for a leather wallet case for iPhone X, Xs or for the XS Max this is one of the best choices. The Torro Case is made of genuine Italian leather and has perfect finishes. In addition, although it is a good leather case is very affordable, nothing expensive for what it offers.

This is a case for those who want elegance and maximum utility. Your phone will be covered by all your points as it is a cover with a lid, so in that sense, you can rest easy. On the other hand, its interior slots are designed so you can carry your cards and a ticket.

The TORRO case is fully compatible with the wireless charging of the iPhone X, Xs and Xs Max and the NFC chip for Apple Pay also work perfectly.

On the other hand, the engineers of the brand have achieved that its case fits perfectly to the iPhone X and Xs, but at the same time have designed a system of open corners so that you can take out and put the phone with ease.

As you can see the case has everything if you are a fan of this type of case (Leather and wallet with lid)

Torro has been one of the brands that have been in a hurry to launch a version for the iPhone Xs Max, and they have it available in their Amazon store.

For the iPhone X or Xs you have three colours to choose from, Brown; Dark brown or black, any of them beautiful. The Xs Max model has up to 5 different colours; Light brown, dark brown, black (with logopedias in red), red and all black.

You can see the different versions of the Torro cover.

RhinoShield Modular Case

RhinoShield is one of the most prestigious brands in terms of covers and protectors for the iPhone, a condition that has been won by the tremendous quality that often presents its products. In fact, his CrashGuard, a bumper type “frame” that only wrapped around the edges of the phone, exposing the back, is one of the most popular cases for previous models.

Now, coinciding with the arrival of the iPhone X, RhinoShield has presented its Mod Case, a modular case with which they intend to adopt as never to each user, providing, in all cases, “top” protection to the phone. And you can mount the case as you consider: you can only install the frame type bumper and, if you want, add a touch of colour, or a backplate to make it a more complete bumper, and even a wide-angle lens to get everything out the match to the iPhone X camera. Completely impossible!

Bisikor iPhone XS Case

Apple itself popularized cover type leather bumper, which launched versions for earlier models, and of course, has once again put on the market an official case this type for the new iPhone and X, XS. As always happens there are manufacturers who have launched a casing of this type for the brand new smartphone of the apple company, and it looks very similar to what usually show the official options.

The material used to make the Hoco cover is synthetic leather that obviously does not have the excellent quality of genuine leather, but it is more than enough to look good, have a nice touch and offer a more than a decent level of protection to the terminal. It is a case, also, very thin and quite lightweight – it only weighs 32 grams – and that gives an extra touch of distinction to the iPhone XS / X.

If you use wireless charging of the iPhone X / XS or Apple Pay, you will like to know that you are fully compatible with both systems, you will not need to remove it to use them.

You have the case available in 6 different colours at a substantially lower cost than the official Apple cases.


The High Pro Shield of VRS Design became, thanks to its mixture between elegance and resistance, one of the best-selling covers of the previous generation of iPhone. Now, in its new version for iPhone X, the Korean brand repeats bet and shows us a casing that will undoubtedly satisfy a multitude of users.

It is a case that has two pieces made of different materials: the one that embraces the iPhone, both on the back and on the edges is thermoplastic polyurethane TPU, while the frames are reinforced by an extra piece of polycarbonate, harder, which guarantees superior protection right in the area where the phone suffers the most in the case of fall-the corners and edges.

The result is a case with a level of resistance above average, but that does not renounce elegance and good taste in the design section: it is not as thick as other high-strength housings, it adapts perfectly to the lines marked by the iPhone X and presents a balance between elegance and protection very remarkable.

Retro 3D Game Case for iPhone X

This is one of those oddities that every geek we would like to have, it’s not just a case for the iPhone X, it’s a Game Boy!

Well, maybe we are exaggerating a bit, in fact, the only thing that has Game Boy is the way, but even if it is not the original Nintendo console if we can play.

The case incorporates a whopping 100 games, among which we can find classics such as Tetris or Snake. The games are those that back in the 80s were the delight of the children of that time, among which I include myself. They are LCD games, composed by pictures, but equally addictive, at least some of them.

When it comes to protecting the iPhone it is clear that if it falls, the back will be perfectly protected, although we can not say the same about the LCD console, that is very likely to break. The front is not covered completely for this Game Boy case, so it’s better to be careful with it.

The best thing is that give yourself the whim and buy this original case is not going to cost much.

Black Leather Case for iPhone X

Some of them – among those who subscribe to these lines – suffer too often when we see how our iPhone slips between our hands and inevitably falls to the ground again and again. If you also happen to that and want to give very powerful protection to your new iPhone X, then this will be one of the covers that suit you. Not in vain, the Defense Lux Series of the renowned X-Doria brand provides certified protection of military grade.

The “military grade” is not a simple joke: the case has passed a series of tests following US military standards, obtaining the MIL-STD-810 certification. The aforementioned tests try to simulate the adverse conditions that the housing would suffer throughout its useful life, and the certification obtained ensures that the iPhone X can withstand falls of up to 3 meters without suffering damage when wearing this case.

To make your Defense Lux one of the strongest covers on the market, X-Doria has incorporated Air Cushion technology – air shock absorber – on the edges, which efficiently absorbs and dissipates the effects of blows, in addition to giving an extra lift to the 4 corners and including anodized aluminium frames to further strengthen the casing.

In the back, X-Doria has included a layer of synthetic leather to give a good appearance and a nice touch to the case, which, of course, is appreciated: the protection should not be at odds with the attractive design. Of course, we are talking about a carcass somewhat thicker and heavier than the previous ones. It is the toll to pay to achieve a first level resistance.

The X-Doria Defense Lux a slightly higher price than usual but will undoubtedly gladly pay those who want to give “top” protection to your brand new phone and is available in 3 different finishes.

Feather-Light Rugged Military Drop Tested Case

If your priority in an iPhone X or iPhone Xs case is the maximum resistance this Urban Armor Gear case should be a more serious option for you.

The Urban Armor Gear Monarch is not satisfied with obtaining the degree of military certification, but rather duplicates it. To give you an idea, this case gets the phone to present zero damage after throwing 26 times from a height of 5 meters, not a scratch, nothing wrong eh …

This extreme protection is achieved thanks to the 5 layers of protection composed of the following materials:

  • A polycarbonate cutting plate
  • A layer of top grain leather
  • Impact resistant rubber coating
  • Hard plastic exterior armor
  • Fastening with special metallic alloy screws

All these virtues make the brand dare to apply a warranty of 10 years in this case,come on, that almost certainly will last longer than the iPhone X.

Its resistance makes it especially suitable for users who want to take the iPhone X to practice outdoor sports, work or anything else in which the smartphone is at risk of falling.

Even with all this protection, this case is compatible with the wireless charging of the iPhone X / Xs and with Apple Pay.

This case certainly worth it if you want to keep your iPhone X safe from almost any misfortune.

You can learn more about this excellent case, and see the excellent scores of users who already have it.

TENDLIN iPhone XS Case

TENDLIN offers a truly original alternative with this case: the TPU silicone bumper has a thin layer of wood on the outside, an element that gives the case a unique touch that will attract a multitude of users. Of course, the case has a very striking appearance and is also quite thin and light -27 grams of weight, so it is comfortable to use.

Of course, it has been designed to fit like a glove on the new iPhone X and, in addition to having a very nice touch, provides a good grip and a more than decent protection to the phone – although it is not, of course, the case more resistant market.

The TENDLIN cover is available in 2 different finishes.

iPhone X Battery Case

If there is something that brings a lot of users head-on, it is the battery life of their smartphones. With the iPhone X and the Xs, Apple has promised 2 hours more autonomy than in the iPhone 7, but whoever makes especially intensive use of their device may need an extra to reach the end of the day without problems. For this, there are two possible solutions: opt for aportable charger such as the item you just linked, or get abattery case like this one.

You already demonstrated its good work in this field with its battery-cases for the previous models, and we must say that with this last one they have overcome in the field of design: this year the case looks more beautiful than ever and, although it is more thick and heavy than other iPhone X cases – something inevitable with a built-in battery – no longer turns your device into a heavy brick-like it used to be.

The housing has been manufactured with polycarbonate and ABS plastic, and incorporates a 3200 mAh capacity battery; this means that you will double the autonomy of your iPhone X when it is worn while protecting it. Not bad, right? The best part is that its price is not, at all, high.

Ringke Air Prism iPhone X Case

If you want to give a really striking touch to your iPhone X or Xs and you do not have the sobriety of a transparent bumper or monochrome, Ringke has the solution for you: your Air Prism, a case whose design is one of those that can arouse hatred or passions – depending on the eyes that look at it but that, of course, do not leave anyone indifferent.

Made of TPU polyurethane and thin and light design fits like a glove on the iPhone X and gives it’s back a look that imitates the diamond and even in its most daring versions has the look of a 3D hologram. In short: you will love her or hate her, one of two.

If you are one of the first, you must know that you have it in 3 different finishes.

Running Phone Case for Sports

If you love to run and want to transport your new iPhone comfortably, in order to track your activity with a running application, to listen to music with a Bluetooth headset or simply be connected, you will need a good sports bracelet.

This Portholic is one of the best value in the market, Amazon, for example, has a score of 4.5 stars after more than 500 ratings, thanks to its ease of use and the combination of lycra and neoprene in its manufacture, materials that allow the terminal to resist sweat.

The screen, likewise, is also covered, but you can use it at all times. What has been said, an essential purchase for sports lovers. 

LifeProof Frè Series for iPhone X

If you like to take your phone to absolutely everywhere, and you want it to be protected in any situation, then your case is the Frē of the renowned brand LifeProof. And is that, in addition to a resistance first shock and falls, this casing provides protection against water, mud, snow and sand. Come on, you just need to resist explosions of atomic bombs!

The case absolutely seals the iPhone X-including the screen- and, although the terminal itself already has water resistance, with the LifeProof Frē the level of protection rises to the standards of the IP-68 certification -the certification of the iPhone X is IP-67: that is, you can submerge it up to 2 meters deep during a period of 1 hour. A great alternative to recording videos in the pool, underwater.

The integral seal also means that you can take the phone to the snow without it suffering its inclemency, or a desert in the middle of a sandstorm: it is, most likely, the most complete case, which can withstand more types of situations. It is not, in addition, a case that adds too much thickness to the phone for the level of protection it provides.

The LifeProof Frē is one of the most expensive of this list, but it is a sum that will be worth it to those who only comply with maximum protection at all levels. It is available in 3 different finishes – black, blue and violet; You can see them – and buy the one you like the most- by clicking on the links that you just left.


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