The iPhone 8 Plus are already here, and one of the main concerns of those who get one of them will undoubtedly keep it well protected and safe from accidents and possible eventualities; and, for this, nothing better than a good cover.

The new model of Apple, although it has changed the aluminium for the glass for its casing, has dimensions almost identical to those of its predecessor.

Our pick for best iphone 8 plus cases

In BuyNewUK we want to make sure that you can find a case for iPhone 8 Plus that you are looking for, and that is why we have selected very different models that can satisfy different types of needs, depending on your priorities. Below, we show you the best covers for iPhone 8 Plus.

1. Ringke Apple iPhone 8 Plus Case

Ringke Apple iPhone 8 Plus Case, [Fusion] Crystal Clear Transparent Case with Shockproof TPU Bumper...
  • Made with crystal clear transparent back with silicone TPU bumper protection for Apple iPhone 8 Plus 2017
  • Available in multiple color bumper with built-in wrist strap holder. The inside TPU corner cushions protect your iPhone from drops
  • Shock Absorption clear view protection with advanced clarity coating. MIL-STD 810G - 516.6 Certified Military Grade Drop...
  • Active Touch Technology allows easy and natural access to all essential ports and buttons. Compatible with Wireless / Qi charging
  • Ringke iPhone 8 Plus clear case silicone tpu clear bumper back cover, Compatible with Apple iPhone 8 Plus 2017

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The covers bumper type -“bumper” – transparent are very popular, for a clear reason: they respect the design of the terminal to the maximum, offering at the same time protection that is very effective with respect to scratches, and quite decent before falls accidental And, among all those that can be found in the market of this type, the “queen” is the Ringke Fusion.

Made of high-quality TPU thermoplastic polyurethane, the case fits like a glove to the iPhone 8 Plus, leaving all its ports and buttons accessible and adding very little thickness and weight to the set – no more than 27 grams. The casing, in addition, has a nice touch and a good grip and has anti-static technology to repel dust. The corners, in turn, are reinforced to make the terminal less vulnerable just in the areas that most hits usually receive.

In short, it is the perfect basic cover for those who want to show off without hiding the phone design.

2. RhinoShield Bumper Case

RhinoShield Bumper Case compatible with [iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7 Plus] | CrashGuard - Shock Absorbent...
  • Global Store items have separate terms, are sold from abroad, and may differ from the UK version, including fit, age ratings, and...

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One of the most recognized brands in terms of covers and protectors is RhinoShield, whose products have earned the prestige of being some of the highest quality in the market. Now, coinciding with the launch of the new iPhones, has launched its new Mod Cases, a line of modular cases with which you can “fabricate” the case to your size, as you want.

The base is in its frame type bumper, already present in versions for previous iPhones, and that only covers the edges of the phone, leaving the back part of the terminal bare and altering as little as possible, thus, its appearance. Interestingly, with this minimalist design, RhinoShield has managed to offer very good protection.

And it is that the shapes of this frame type bumper are specially designed to avoid as far as possible to hit the front or back of the iPhone when it falls, with bevels that protrude slightly from the height of the screen, and also the Funda has a honeycomb shape inside that absorbs impacts with great efficiency.

To this we must add the enormous quality of the manufacturing material, exclusive to RhinoShield and which the brand has named ShockSpread: it is so resistant that, thanks to it, the sleeve has received the MIL-STD-810G certification, an award that it is granted after passing a series of tests following US military standards. To give you an idea, this certification means that the housing has made the smartphone stoically survive falls of up to 3 meters. And that’s just talking about the frame type bumper.

3. TUCCH iPhone 8 Plus Case

TUCCH Case for iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7 Plus (5.5"), Wallet Stand Folio Case with[Kickstand][Magnetic...
  • ★COMPATIBLE WITH★ iPhone 8 Plus/ 7 Plus which with 5.5 inches mobile screen, made of high quality premium soft PU leather and...
  • ★4 CUSHION BUFFERS & 3D TEXTURED★ iPhone 8 Plus leather case is not only made of premium TPU material, but also adopt new...
  • ★HANDS FREE VIEWING & MAGNETIC CLOSURE★ This iPhone 8 Plus wallet case has stand function which will bring you more...
  • ★LARGE CAPACITY WALLET DESIGN★ The leather wallet case is designed with specifically several storage slots inside so that you...
  • ★LIFETIME WARRANTY★ In order to pursue a higher customer experience, all leather cases sold by TUCCH offer LIFETIME WARRANTY....

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Some users prefer wallet-type cases instead of bumpers since with the latter the iPhone screen is exposed to scratches when you carry it in your pocket, while with the former you can take it more protected when you transport it. In addition, this type of casings can perform a double function, since they can store, to seniors, a credit card, or your ID or driver’s license.

The Tucch cover, in addition, not only provides everything said in the previous paragraph, but it does so within a product made of high-quality materials: PU synthetic leather – in the case of the outer zone and TPU silicone the interior part. The first brings elegance, the premium look and the nice touch to the case, while the second fits perfectly into the shapes of the iPhone 8 and makes it safe and secure. In addition, the interior is made of soft Nubuck lining, which protects the phone screen from scratches and scratches. You can see that the case is designed to offer functionality and security.

The casing, likewise, is foldable so that you can use it as a support to leave your iPhone in “stand mode” on the table, and thus view more comfortably videos or photos, and also has a magnetic closure with which it prevents the lid opens alone when you do not want it. To all that, in addition, we must add that the brand offers a lifetime guarantee with the purchase of the case: if it is broken, they repair it or replace it with a new one without any charge.

In short, it is a solid option, which also comes in 3 different colours to choose from.

4. StilGut UltraSlim Case

StilGut Slim Vertical Flip Case for iPhone SE/8/7 (4.7"), Genuine Leather iPhone iPhone 8/7 & iPhone...
  • ✅ GENUINE LEATHER: Handmade cowhide vertical flip case for iPhone SE (2020 model), iPhone 8 and iPhone 7
  • ✅ FULL PROTECVITE CASE: The microfiber lined, durable plastic shell case protects your phone from damages and scratches
  • ✅ NO MAGNET: A small, non-magnetic clasp holds the device and keeps the case closed, the flip cover can be folded to the back...
  • ✅ SIMPLE & ELEGANT DESIGN: Slim and lightweight. Made of the best materials for the classy look, suitable for any occasions
  • ✅ PRECISE CUTOUT: Precise cutouts for all functions: cameras, speakers, cables can be used without taking off the case. Also...

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If the synthetic leather is not worth it, and you want to get an authentic leather case for your iPhone 8 Plus, you will find in this StilGut UltraSlim the answer to your prayers. It is a case with a lid and vertical opening – a disposition that is not very usual – that looks very attractive and elegant.

As its name suggests, the case is really fine and, despite having been initially designed for the iPhone 7 plus, it also fits like a glove on the iPhone 8 plus. The quality of the materials is above the usual, and the finishing of the seams is very well done. We are talking, therefore, of a really sophisticated cover that dresses the telephone in a very distinguished way.

The leather case of StilGut available in different colours – not bad for an authentic leather case.

5. VRS DESIGN Simpli Lite Case

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Apple is still proposing, for the new version of its smartphone, a bumper-type case that looks simple and monochrome but of great quality. We are talking about a really thin and lightweight casing that, as you can imagine, fits perfectly to the new iPhone 8 Plus, providing good protection at the same time as elegance.

The official Apple case for iPhone 8 Plus is the same as the Cupertino had already marketed for the iPhone 7 and has two versions: one of them made of silicone and one with more premium finishes made with the real leather first level. In both cases, the symbol of the bitten apple looks in the back, so that no one can have the slightest doubt of which device you have in your hand.

It is an ideal option for Apple’s staunchest fans, those who do not want to use even an accessory that has not been designed by the apple company. You can buy it in several different colours, depending on the version you choose.

6. AlphaCell iPhone 8 Plus Cover

AlphaCell iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus Cover 2-In-1 Screen Protector & Holster Case Full Body, Military...
  • TRIPLE PROTECTION This tactical 3-layer armor case is a heavy-duty hybrid armor with full body military grade protection....
  • BUILT-IN SCREEN PROTECTOR -Each hard, reinforced TPU defender case offers four corner screen edge protection with a protective...
  • VIDEO KICKSTAND -The back of each hardshell iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus cover features a durable clip to attach to your belt and a rear...
  • NON-SLIP CARRYING GRIP -Carry our tough hard case with confidence thanks to the strongest cushion layers, thick outdoor design,...
  • NO VISIBLE BRANDING-Offering a clean look, snug fit and unmatched resiliency, every Alphacell smartphone case is backed by...

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AlphaCell is a world-renowned brand for manufacturing the most resistant cases on the market, and the case is its most powerful model, a casing designed to give your iPhone 8 a protection not only of the first division but of Champions League.

To achieve this, the AlphaCell cover provides three layers of protection that surround the iPhone not only on the back and edges but also on the front – the case has a built-in screen protector. With this, to start, they seal the phone making sure not to get a speck of dust, and to continue to get the phone does not suffer any damage even if there is a fall from 2 meters high, whatever the circumstance of such fall -The housing has a certification that indicates it.

It is, therefore, an ideal cover for those who tend to fall for the iPhone very often, or for those who have children at home who like to mess with their boy’s smartphone without being too careful with it. Of course, you have to take into account that its thickness is higher than usual – a toll to pay to achieve maximum resistance.

7. LifeProof Fre Series for iPhone 8 Plus

LifeProof Frè Series for iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus - Night Lite
  • Crafted for a form fit, FRE follows the clean lines of your iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus and adds only a hint of extra weight
  • All of the features and functions that you love about iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus stay accessible inside FRE - from the...
  • Underwater depth: Up to 2 m. Waterproof , droproof , dirtproof and snowproof
  • Compliant standards: IP68,MIL-STD 810G 516.6

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Although OtterBox is known for making ultra-resistant cases, LifeProof goes one step further with its Frē and, to resistance as powerful as that presented by the Defender of which we spoke a few lines above, adds one more feature: waterproofing.

As you probably know, the iPhone 8 Plus already has water resistance on its own, but if you add the LifeProof Frē to the equation, you will go one step further up the level, since its certification is IP-68 – instead of the IP-67 that presents the phone-, which means that it will allow you to submerge your device to a depth of up to 2 meters during a period of 1 hour, without it suffering any damage. This will make this case the best friend of anyone who wants to record water videos in the pool with their phone during the summer.

But the LifeProof does not stop there: it has a strong resistance to elements such as dust, sand, falls and even snow, presenting the corresponding certification in this regard. With it, you can take your iPhone 8 to the mountain when you go skiing, or go on a desert safari. It is, most likely, the basis of the market that you can most demand, in any type of environment.

In addition, although it adds more thickness than other cases to the iPhone, it is not too excessive if we consider all the protection it offers: your mobile phone will not become a brick with the LifeProof Frē on. Of course, as you can imagine is one of the most expensive cases of the market.

8. fitBAG Rave Green custom tailored sleeve

fitBAG Rave Green custom tailored sleeve for Apple iPhone 8 Plus | Made in Germany | Fine suit...
  • Handsewn to perfectly fit Apple iPhone 8 Plus only. Snugly fits your device (you must first remove any other case, bumper, cover...
  • Expertly sewn: Made in Germany | 2 year warranty. Protection against dust, scratches and light impacts.
  • Very fine and fashionable fabric
  • Automatic display cleaning function by integrated high-end microfibre
  • Designs from Alcantara to Zebra to fit everyone’s taste

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If you liked the concept of “case-type case” because you want, when you’re using it, show off your new iPhone as Apple conceived it, but you want something cheaper, or just do not call it leather covers, it’s fit. It could be the iPhone case you were looking for.

Here we are not talking about a case that resists wild falls, this is a type of cover for a very particular audience, including myself, people who want the phone is protected from the scratches that can occur when they carry it in the bag or pocket but do not want anything else, when they take out the phone is to use it as Apple brought it to the world.

The fitBAG case, made in Germany, is hand sewn to the exact size of the iPhone 8 Plus (depending on the model you choose) and incorporates an interior made of microfiber so your iPhone always stays clean.

The good thing about fabric covers is that, when working with this material, the colours and designs can be almost infinite. In this case, you will be able to choose between 16 different colours.

9. TENDLIN Case for iPhone 8 Plus

TENDLIN iPhone 7 Plus Case iPhone 8 Plus Case with Wood Grain Outside and Flexible TPU Silicone...
  • One-piece flexible case consists of wood veneer and soft TPU rubber, two materials are synthesized; Natural wood grain on the back...
  • Exact-fit, slim profile does not add any bulk to your device without sacrificing protection, slim-fit soft body just enough to...
  • Camera cutout is deep to protect camera from scratching or touching the ground; Raised lip lift screen off flat surfaces to avoid...
  • Precise cutting and enlarged ports fit most cables; Easy to press to all buttons with responsive button cover; Easily to install...
  • TENDLIN ultra-thin screen protector for extra protection of device's screen; Compatible with Apple iPhone 7 Plus (2016) 5.5-inches...

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With this case, TENDLIN offers a tremendously original look option; It is a bumper with an exterior wood finish, and inside it is made of TPU polyurethane, materials that make it a flexible housing and that adapts perfectly to the shapes of the iPhone 8 plus, showing a curious external appearance.

In addition, the layer of wood that incorporates makes the case has a really nice touch and has a good grip, providing a sober-not extraordinary, of course-level of protection for the terminal. Undoubtedly, an interesting option for anyone who wants to go a little beyond the typical transparent or monochrome bumper.

10. Mopaclle iPhone 8 Plus Belt Clip Case

Mopaclle iphone 8 Plus Belt Clip Case,Premium Leather Holster Pouch with ID Card Slots for iPhone XS...
  • Internal dimensions: 16.3 cm x 8.9 cm x 1.3 cm, suitable for iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 8 plus,...
  • Soft inner lining helps protect your phone from nicks and scratches.
  • This pouch is equipped with a sturdy belt clip, 2 additional secure belt loops, two ID card slots and a front magnetic closure.
  • The easiest type of protection for your smartphone
  • 100% RISK PURCHASE: At Mopaclle, the satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority. If for any reason you do not meet...

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If you do not like to carry your mobile phone in your pocket, but you want to keep it handy and avoid carrying it in a backpack or purse, this will surely be the ideal solution for you: a case with a clip to carry the smartphone attached to the belt.

The housing of Mopaclle, in addition, not only limited to add that extra feature to its design, but it is a good quality case, made of a synthetic PU leather that brings elegance while a pleasant touch. In fact, completely enclosing the phone provides comprehensive protection to it, so we are talking about a solid alternative.

The case also includes card slots and a magnetic closure that makes it terribly comfortable both when removing the phone and when putting it back.

So far our review of the best cases for iPhone 8 Plus. We hope we have helped you in your search and, above all, that you enjoy your iPhone and always wear it well protected. A collation of this last, perhaps you are also interested in installing a tempered glass on the screen of your smartphone; If so, take a look also at our selection of the best screen protectors for iPhone 8 Plus.