One wrong move and that’s the fall. Your Note 8 is precious, but it is also fragile: it needs to be protected. A simple slide from the desk can be fatal! Smartphones generally have a very large and tactile screen: in the event of a fall, it is the most easily damaged part. Its destruction often makes the smartphone unusable. The shock can also cause irreversible damage to the circuits inside the phone. So no hesitation: opt for good Galaxy Note 8 case!

The best cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in comparison

Although no one has it yet, there are already many designs of covers and covers in the market, different brand and price for this smartphone. Then, you can go reviewing which one you like the most and which one will take care of the integrity of this little electronic treasure. Yes, the case is an accessory but it is essential, nowadays, for the security of our investment.

The variety of models that are available may make you a little dizzy. You have to discard and leaving only on the list those cases that have good quality, and a low price or at least that is economical and much more affordable than the phone, right?

Well, to help you a little we have prepared a comparative list with the ten best cases. There are rigid or flexible structures, purse type, polycarbonate, etc. so you can choose to your liking.

Samsung Note 8 Clear View Cover Cover

This case is skinny to preserve the feeling and lightness of the Smartphone. It provides effortless access to all ports, controls and connectors.

It completely covers the screen for greater security. It is also resistant to fingerprints and fearsome scratches. It is compatible with Qi wireless charging systems. It serves as a mirror when it is not in use.

Ringke SLIM

Those who prefer to leave with few things this case will go great. Its design available in several is simplistic, made of thin polycarbonate that protects the mobile very well.

Bring a handy slot to carry up to two ID or credit cards. Prevents scratches on the surface. The access is very easy to all the connectors and controls.

Galaxy Note 8 SPIGEN Slim Armor CS Case

If you want super protection, this case is an excellent alternative for the Galaxy Note 8. It has double layers and an air cushion with anti-shock TPU interior. The exterior is made of polycarbonate.

Its design is slim and elegant appearance. Includes a compartment to store credit or identification cards.

Caseology Legion series

If your Smartphone lives more on the floor than in your hands, this case, which comes in several colours, is ideal because it absorbs shocks very well.

Its design is thin and has a protective frame. It is made of TPU and PC. It includes sensitive covers on the buttons, and the openings are precise for the connectors.

Samsung Note 8 Alcantara

Conveniently compatible with Qi wireless charging, this model has a unique Alcantara design. Its texture is corrugated and very beautiful and is available in various colours.

Its shape is made with an official design for the Galaxy Note 8. It has good access to connectors, ports and buttons and keeps the phone slim and light.

LK Housing Leather cover

With an elegant leather cover, it is a nice wallet-shaped version with a perfect design for the new Samsung Smartphone.

It has multiple card slots, and its inner skin has soft TPU to absorb shock. It offers a hands-free position when opened like a book with a support foot and comes with automatic magnetic closure.

Simpeak Transparent Case

Ideal to not lose the elegant lines of the new Galaxy Note 8, this transparent case protects it without hiding it. It offers exact compatibility with the buttons and ports of the device.

Also, it is shock and scratch proof, avoiding dust and oil accumulation. It favours a higher heat dissipation.

Caseology series Parallax

This model brings a beautiful geometric 3D design, available in various colours to please various tastes. It combines a double layer of TPU and PC that resists impacts and wear.

It is non-slip, thin and has sensitive covers for the buttons. It is compatible with most screen protectors.

Samsung Note 8 Led View Cover

It is a cover made of high-quality synthetic materials. It has an ideal cover to protect the screen when the phone is not in use.

It includes a convenient slot to store credit cards and protects the device from bumps and scratches, especially the front. It is available in various shades.

Grandcaser Clear Complete View Flip

The front of this case is translucent, and the back offers a matt look. Its premium texture is soft and sober and professional in appearance. It is connected in such a way with the mobile that when it is opened it activates and when closing it the device it goes to sleep. Its construction is solid and protects against daily bumps and scratches. It has a hands-free option.

Have you checked them all? Do not forget to tell us what you think of the best case and which one you liked the most? Which one you believe that it will provide more protection for your new Samsung phablet.

How to choose a case for your smartphone?

It is not really rocket science, but above all, you need to know and identify your needs. As said before, there are lots of different protective cases, and it can sometimes be difficult to find which one will best suit your phone. Ideally, the latter should protect your precious mobile from occasional falls. But it would be a shame if its function was limited to a single-use. In fact, you should rather aim for a shell favouring flexible or solid materials, such as silicone or plastic.

Then there are two schools: those who prefer a thin shell and those who prefer to use large means and opt for maximum protection with very thick hulls to withstand any disaster. A fine shell, generally around 1 mm thick, follows the main aesthetics of the smartphone and therefore does not completely distort the grip. While a thicker shell will really change the way you handle your mobile. These shells adopt different sizes which thus modify the appearance of the smartphone. If you don’t give much credit to the aesthetics of the smartphone, head to these models.

Finally, take a good look at the type of protection offered by each hull. Some hulls may not fully cover all parts of the smartphone, or they may not provide enough protection for the screen or photosensors. With an integral shell, you will be assured that during an impact on one of the sides, the latter will only suffer a minimum of damage. And if the hull ever rises a little above the surface of the screen, a glass breakage can be avoided if your phone falls with the display facing the ground. Little advice if your mobile is compatible: check that the installation of a protective shell does not interfere with the use of wireless charging. The majority of the hulls do not prevent it, but if you want to opt for a very thick model.