The carpet sweeper is the optimal equipment for cleaning rooms in the house without getting tired. If you want to buy this type of equipment soon, the advice in our comparison will be of great help to you. When choosing the equipment, it is imperative to pay attention to the operation, practicality and autonomy of the battery.

What is the best carpet sweeper broom?

Finding the best broom for carpets was a bit complicated, due to the huge number of options that I found in the market, from manual to electric models, there are countless brooms that can help make our lives much easier.

Taking into account some features, tips and reviews, I could find what I was looking for, an ergonomic carpet sweeper, very light and easy to use, and that, being economical, I could not let it pass.

So, if you are in the same search, this comparison that I have put together will be quite useful.

1. Gtech SW02 Power Sweeper

Ideal for occasional cleaning, the SW02 from Gtech offers good autonomy for 1 hour. It is a cordless model with a telescopic handle that weighs just 1.6 kg.

Two positive points: its swivel head which makes it handy and its rotary brush which makes it possible to clean several types of surfaces. It guarantees impeccable cleaning because even small debris is perfectly vacuumed.

We appreciated its large 500 ml dust trey which empties with one hand. This model works with a long-lasting Ni-MH battery. Indicator light indicates the charge level.

2. Bissell Supreme Sweep Turbo Sweeper

Bissel multiplies the references of electric carpet sweeper and the least we can say is that each time, the quality is there. This is still true with this electric carpet sweeper by the sweet name of Supreme Sweet Turbo. This model is equipped with a unique pin of very good quality. The fibres are nylon, ensuring optimal absorption of dust.

We are dealing here with a carpet sweeper, with an impressive power motor. Respecting the market trend, it works with a rechargeable battery. The best possible choice very clearly, because the absence of a power cable has the advantage of making your broom more mobile. Daily use is very comfortable, so you quickly get used to taking it everywhere with you to clean everywhere in the house. Although a little is heavier than some models (1.8 kg), its handling remains good and its use is very fluid.

3. Kärcher KB5 carpet sweeper

At Karcher, the design of a product does not make concessions in terms of design, even if it is a simple carpet sweeper. Although simple is not exactly the most appropriate term for this KB 5 carpet sweeper. As we said earlier, the design is successful, we are in front of an object which is pleasant to see and which exudes quality.

From a more practical point of view, there is no shortage of qualities either. The length of the handle to start is quite sufficient with its 112cm, enough to ensure comfortable everyday use. What’s more, the handle also has a flexible double joint. It is easy with the Karcher carpet sweeper to reach the most difficult to access areas, whether in your living room, kitchen or bathroom. Still in terms of use, many will appreciate the fact that it operates using a battery, thus avoiding constantly dragging a power cable.

Then, like many other manufacturers, Karcher has integrated a bag system to receive dust and other dirt, the size of which (0.37L) is quite reasonable. We would have appreciated a higher capacity but at least it prevents the mechanical brush from being too bulky or too heavy.

This Karcher carpet sweeper also has a special mode for quick cleaning: the Quick’n’clean. The name is quite evocative, the sweeper becomes more efficient thanks to an accelerated rotation of its brushes. Very practical for cleaning quickly in an emergency.

4. Sweeper broom PSA215B-GB Black + Decker

If you are looking for a carpet sweeper that is perfect for home use, office and any other room that has a carpeted floor, this Black + Decker is an incredible model that can become a great purchase. It is easy to handle and has side brushes for cleaning.

5. Shark Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper

The Shark spares no dirt thanks to a rotating brush attached to the front that removes dirt and a wipe to the rear that collects fine dust. It has up to 60 minutes run time, which is more than appreciable autonomy.

The advantage of this cordless carpet sweeper is that you can use it with or without a wipe depending on the extent of cleaning and the nature of the surface. Big advantage: it is suitable for carpets as well as tiled floors, parquet floors and even laminate floors.

6. Carpet Sweeper Leifheit Rotaro S

This is an ideal carpet sweeper for those who have pets and children at home, as its three brushes are responsible for removing all dirt soundproof since it does not work with electricity. The rubbish is removed from its removable tray.

7. Ewbank Evo3 Manual Floor and Carpet Sweeper

For those who are looking for a cheap carpet sweeper that does the job of cleaning carpets at home very well, this may be the winning option.

It has a very strong sweeping brush that, without electrical connection, removes all dirt from different surfaces.

How does the carpet sweeper work?

Before choosing your carpet sweeper, it is good to find out how this cleaning accessory works. It is a type of broom with rotating brushes, the activation of which is ensured by an electrical process.

I recommend that you choose a carpet sweeper with small side brushes. These allow, in fact, to catch dust particles optimally. The ease and speed of pickup are effective! Thanks to the rotating brush, your carpet sweeper guarantees you an excellent cleaning result on the carpets. Do you want a carpet sweeper? You can find models equipped with a container using technology for easy emptying in a bin. For this purpose, the user will just have to press a button to open the container.

Karcher KB5 cordless carpet sweeper

Benefits of using a carpet sweeper

Among the benefits of these sweepers are:

  • Ease of use and kindness to the environment in the case of manual models.
  • They can pick up larger pieces of carpet that a vacuum cleaner is not capable of.
  • They are much quieter than a vacuum cleaner.
  • They do not represent a great electrical expense.
  • A cordless carpet sweeper or manual can be used anywhere.

Types of carpet sweepers

They are classified into two large groups, which are manual and electrical:


These do not use electricity to work, you just have to push them and they will take care of collecting all the dirt from our carpets easily.


These sweepers require an engine to work, hence the electric part, this keeps your sweeping brush in motion and picks up all the dirt very efficiently, leaving behind a very clean carpet.

Things to consider to choose the best carpet sweeper

The choice of an electric carpet sweeper is not trivial given the importance of the offers of this article on the market. To avoid getting lost, you should learn about the specifics of this presentation before finalizing your choice. 

This is to prevent the risk of spending unnecessary money with an unreliable item. it is especially necessary to know its functioning, its practicality and its autonomy before the acquisition. There are few more certain factors and characteristics in which you can look to find the best sweeper:

cordless carpet sweeper


It is a tool that you will be manipulating quite often, so opting for one that is light is a great idea.

Brush width

This factor will depend on what you will be using these sweeping brooms, since, for larger sites and more carpet, a thicker brush with a greater number of blades is recommended.


The blades are the brushes that are responsible for removing dirt, these can be made of bristles or rotating rubber sheets.

Corded or cordless

If you choose an electric model, you should also consider whether you prefer it to be wireless or not.


Some models have more power than others, so you should consider the use that the carpet sweeper will have and what kind of dirt you will have to remove.

Run time

The cordless carpet sweeper can be used anywhere, but, they have run time and they must be charged, so you have to take this into account.


Always opt for a practical sweeper that suits the space you have at home, that is light and easy to use.

Special features and accessories

These sweepers can have accessories such as interchangeable heads to reach areas of difficult access.

Sweepers or vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is the new trend of household appliance. It is very practical for cleaning carpets or rugs and is very easy to use the tool. But these many advantages do not convince all buyers. There are still those who opt for brooms and dustpan. Sweepers have long been used to clean up dirt and get rid of dust. These tools are much more economical than the others, in fact, their use does not require electricity consumption. Vacuums make a lot of noise and their thread is lying everywhere. By cons, using a simple broom, there is no noise and no cord. Brooms and shovels that have a handle are the most suitable not to bend during cleaning. The set of brooms and shovels can be purchased at an affordable price.