The electric oven has become an indispensable appliance in all kitchens. It is perfect for making delicious recipes quickly and easily, and best of all healthy recipes!

If you are looking for an electric oven for your kitchen and you want to know how to choose one, welcome to our guide for the best electric ovens.

Here you will find comparisons of the 10 best models, buying advice, offers and all the information you need to know before you make your choice.

Best build-in ovens at a reasonable price

Among the all built-in electric ovens tested, we selected the best 10. The winners – all ovens with pyrolysis cleaning – deserve to be recognized and highlighted. These are practical, more energy-efficient and particularly efficient. Follow us in our tests, our recommendations and find the rare pearl to make your pizza a success as well as perfect cakes.

1. Bosch Electric Oven Self Cleaning Function

One of the most attractive functions of this oven is undoubtedly the pyrolytic cleaning function. It helps you clean the oven automatically, turning any food or fat residue that may have fallen on the bottom of the oven into ash. So later you simply remove it with a damp cloth, for example. In addition, when viewing the technical sheet, a strong 2.99 kW power is appreciated that will allow you to reach high temperatures in a short time.

Other than that, this oven has excellent capabilities. One of them is the ability to heat up and down, or each side separately. The internal ventilation as well as the interior light, which together with the large window hinged door, allows you to see the interior of the oven at all times to continue to close the cooking of food.

It also has an intuitive control panel from which you can select modes, adjust the temperature, choose preset programs, and set the timer you can use the touch panel and the LED display.

2. Sharp K-61V28BM1-EN Oven with Pyrolytic function

Not only is it an oven beauty, but it also has everything for you to become the most expert cook in your family. We started because it has about 68 litres of capacity, which makes it one of the highest capacity electric ovens among the simple models that we have seen so far.

Apart from this, it has a power of 2600 W, which together with its energy efficiency grade of type A, make it one of the fastest to preheat and cook uniform and controlled without generating much electricity consumption. In addition, it is super quiet and has up to 8 different functions and a fan to distribute the heat evenly in any mode.

Now, one of the things that users like the most is that it has a self-cleaning pyrolytic system, which leaves all the surfaces of your oven in perfect condition, removing all accumulated fat and food remains. It also includes a rack and tray and the door has 4 glass layers to keep the heat in the oven, so you won’t get burned by touching it.

3. Bosch electric oven

The great power of this oven of about 2.4 kW allows it to reach amaximum temperature of 275 ºC, which also in its different modes of heat distribution gives you the great facility to cook any meal perfectly. It has upper, lower heating, and both modes at the same time; quick heat function, allowing for greater energy efficiency; and even a reheating function to be able to return the heat and that feeling of freshly made to the food you have stored.

As for the glass door, it opens up and down and also has a safety that blocks it so that children or pets cannot accidentally open it. It is made of glass and also has an interior light so you can see the food during cooking. It is very nice to see the fantastic results it gives, with spongy, light and lifting cakes, in addition to the fact that the grill is fast and can handle whole trays of bread.

Other quite interesting additions are the integrated clock with a screen that, together with all the stainless steel finish, is quite modern and pleasing to the eye.

4. Beko BIF22300W electric oven

This Build-in electric oven from Beko has a capacity of 71 litres and made of stainless steel, which you can install without problems as an oven under the countertop, or also as a built-in oven in the kitchen, next to your microwave oven or anywhere else you want it. To top it off, it has a LED controller, wide-opening door with a glass that allows you to see the entire cooking process of your food without having to open it.

Regarding its operation, the first thing to mention is its 2300W power, plus it has the 5 essential and most sought-after functions: fan oven, lower heat, upper, upper and lower heat, and grill mode, which allows you to grill. Perfect for topping a pizza or the top layer of lasagna.

In turn, it comes with accessories such as a tray to avoid oil dripping and a grate for gratin. It is also prepared for cleaning with water, so the cleaning process will not be that complicated. You will only have to place distilled water in the lower part, put the oven at 90º for half an hour and then remove the remains of fat with a damp cloth.

5. Hotpoint SA4544HIX Electric Oven

Perfect for those who have space in the kitchen, this oven with just 71 litres of capacity will give you everything you need, since it has up to 8 different cooking functions to adapt seamlessly to any recipe or cooking style.

At the same time, it comes with a fan that helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout the cavity of the electric oven. This also greatly influences the fact that the oven has an A energy efficiency certificate since it handles consumption very well despite having 2400 W of total power.

For its part, the external finish is stainless steel with black details that is quite modern. In addition, the glass door has two panels to avoid heat loss, so it always stays cool and so you don’t get burned when you touch it.

6. Russell Hobbs RHEO6501SS Stainless Steel electric oven

This is a multifunction electric oven that has 9 different functions and a temperature range that varies between 50 and 250 ºC. In addition, it has 4 different levels of rails for the positioning of the trays and achieves versatile cooking results to adapt appropriately to any recipe. A great advantage is that, despite all the functions and its power, it is still in energy class A, which guarantees low electricity consumption.

The external finish is in stainless steel that prevents dirt from fingerprints, while the glass door lets you see the inside and supervise the entire cooking process. The door is double glazed to avoid heat loss, maintaining the internal temperature and preventing the door from getting hot and burning when touched.

7. Cookology COP609SS Pyrolytic, Self-Cleaning Oven

Another oven that will not give you problems when it comes to maintenance, since it has a self-cleaning system through pyrolysis, which allows you to forget about wasting your time rubbing the surface to remove food and fat that adhere to the surface. from your oven.

Among its main features, it is a 65-litre capacity, 3.2 kW oven with fan included, which gives rise to a rapid preheating function to save you a little time and electricity costs.

At the same time, the oven is quite complete and has other special functions such as defrosting or reheating, in case you forgot to defrost today’s dinner or need to reheat any of the week’s leftovers.

It also comes with an interior light to see everything through the glass door, an integrated LCD digital display with timer and residual heat indicator, and thermostat for temperature.

8. Indesit IFW6340IX Built-In Electric Single Oven

This model has 66 litres of capacity and a power of 2.4 kW perfect for cooking quickly and with low consumption since it heats in a more efficient way and with less expense.

On the other hand, the stainless steel finish is very modern, easy to clean and combines easily with many kitchen decorations. On the inside, you have the comfortable rails with brake, with which you can place the trays easily and with total precision.

The hinged door with glass window and interior light allows you to see fully what is being cooked in a temperature range of 50 to 250 ºC. This temperature range can be accommodated in 8 different modes so that each recipe is on point. At the same time, it has a timer so that you do not have anything longer than it should.

9. SIA SO112SS Buid-in Oven

It is a slightly smaller oven than the previous ones in our comparison since it has a total capacity of 56 litres. This makes it ideal for small kitchens or those who simply don’t need to cook too much at once. In addition, it has a power of 2 kW, which translates into less electricity consumption, but at the same time thinks that it will take longer to heat and cook the food.

The good thing is that, despite being very simple and not allowing you to change heating modes to lower or higher heat only, it has a fan that helps distribute the hot air evenly through the oven and to guarantee cooling when it is turned off. At the same time, it includes a digital clock with a built-in display for better control.

10. Cookology electric oven and ceramin hob

This electric oven is that it comes with a ceramic hob included, which has three burners and touch control with a residual heat indicator to prevent you from getting burned by touching the hob when it is still hot.

However, with respect to the oven as such, it comes loaded with features and functions of the high-end models, such as conventional cooking, conventional cooking with a fan, lower heat, electric grill, soft grill and fast preheating so that you spend less time waiting for it.

An advantage is that it has a fan, so the heat is distributed much better to cook everything evenly. For its part, the folding door has two glasses and also has an interior light to see everything clearly.

As for accessories, it comes with two trays and a grill rack and comes in arecessed design. It has a total capacity of 65 litres.

budget electric ovens

Tabletop electric oven

It is characterized by being asmall electric oven, its capacity is limited to preparing small dishes, however, some are larger than others and allow you to cook any dish you can think of.

Regarding their operation, you can find them conventional cooking, steam or a combination of both functions, they include the defrosting mode, some have rotating skewer accessories for roasting chickens and meats, the glass is generally safety, they have crumb trays and internal light.

Some are so small that they are called amini electric oven, theyare recommended for very small spaces and simple preparations, however with a good recipe book you can get incredible dishes, it is the electric oven forquick and easy pizza.

Despite their size, the great utilities that some of these ovens have may surprise you, you can get them from different brands, some quite recognized worldwide.

Built-in electric oven

They are those ovens that are permanently embedded or embedded in the kitchen, in a space provided for this, so it is very important to pay attention to the information regarding the measurements of the oven drawer and exterior.

Its size is greater than that of atabletop oven, at the same time its power is also greater, it allows the preparation of any dish and quantity you wish to prepare, with this oven you can surprise your family and prepare unique dishes.

Nowadays, depending on the use you want to give them, you can choose between a little homemade or a more professional one.

You will get conventional ovens, those that have been used for years, heating by resistances, convection ovens that thanks to a fan distribute the heat throughout the area offering drier cooking, multifunction ovens that offer between 3 to 10 different functions, combining properly use the heating elements, the fan and the grill, and finally steam cooking ovens.

Generally these ovens include cleaning functions, which can be: pyrolytic or catalytic, even with non-stick layers on their surfaces.

They can be obtained in many brands, models, sizes and colours, they are designed taking care of aesthetics and beauty with quality materials.

Industrial electric oven

They are those ovens intended for people who like to go beyond the basics, who risk having more functions, size and design, in the same appliance.

Ovens with features that go beyond an electric rotisserie oven, or the typical electric pizza oven. Arguably, they are ovens for the most demanding. As we talk about pizza you may be interested in electric pizza maker which allows you to cook the best pizza at home.

They are characterized by having great power, for example, some exceed 9000 watts, which will allow you to prepare dishes that will not have to envy cooking made in a wood oven.

The most basic functions of a professional oven are heat up and down, quick preheating to save time in preparation, adjustable grill function ideal for gratin dishes as you need it, air circulation that facilitates roasting meats, temperature control, among others.

If you do not have a specific space for the oven, you can also think about the alternative of buying agas hob and electric oven, or agas hob and electric oven, which are a good option since you can get very good equipment from different brands.

Electric Oven Buying Guide

There is a wide variety of types, brands and models of electric ovens designed to facilitate your day to day in the kitchen. So many that sometimes it’s hard to choose, right?

If you haven’t decided on any yet, don’t worry, with our buying guide you will be able to assess all the important technical characteristics that you must take into account to choose the best electric oven on the market. Take note!

When shopping for an electric oven, most people consider brand, design, and price, but these are not the only important factors to consider. There are many other aspects that are key so that your purchase meets your needs and expectations, that is, that it is good, beautiful and cheap.

Size and capacity

One of the practical aspects to consider is the size of the equipment to make sure it will fit in your kitchen. If you choose an integrated model, take into account the measurements of the hole where it has to be fitted.

If you are going to buy a tabletop model, make sure its dimensions are optimal for the space you have reserved for it. As you may have already noticed, in this category you will find models of very varied dimensions, so if you are going to install the portable oven in a reduced space, take into account the measurements of the model.

In addition to the external dimensions of the appliance, it is also convenient to assess the internal capacity of the oven. This characteristic is expressed in litres and will determine the space you have to cook. To assess this aspect well, it is convenient to take into account the number of people who are going to taste your recipes.


This is one of the most important aspects to take into account when buying an electric oven. The power of the equipment is directly related to the temperature it is capable of reaching and the time you will need to bake your recipes.

The more powerful the model, the faster it will heat up, and the less time it will take to bake food. But beware, if your goal is to give it intensive use, keep in mind that these devices consume a lot of electricity, so it is advisable to choose the energy-efficient models of class A, in this way you will save on your electricity bill.


Not all foods are baked at the same temperature. To have flexible equipment that allows you to roast any type of recipe, choose a model whose maximum temperature reaches at least 200ºC, although, if you are looking for a more versatile device, opt for those that reach at least 230ºC, this way you can bake pizzas, meats, fish, cakes, etc.

Keep in mind that small electric ovens can get a bit hot on the outside, therefore it is important that when operating it is located away from plastic or flammable objects.

oven timer


This function is very useful when it comes to gratin or brown certain dishes since you can adjust the timer to the cooking time required by your recipe, in this way it will never burn you.

The most complete models even have delayed programming, with which you can program the start and end of cooking, and generally have an acoustic signal that indicates that your recipe is ready.

Cooking Modes

Most electric ovens will have at least two heating elements, one on the top and one on the bottom of the appliance. The most complete models have different operating options, among which the most recommended is convection, which emits heat through a fan that allows the heat to be distributed more evenly inside the appliance.

In addition to the heat source, it is also interesting to take into account the different cooking programs offered by the equipment. Some of these programs are specifically designed to achieve the best result for certain dishes, such as the pizza mode that offers specific baking to achieve a crispy and golden dough.


If you are one of those who think it is better to invest a little more and buy a good appliance, then choose a multifunction oven.

The most modern models usually include very useful functionalities that will facilitate your day to day in the kitchen. In this group, we can include functions such as the delayed start, temperature control inside the oven, thermosetting probe, defrosting, rapid heating system and 3D or 4D heat, clock, timer, among other advantages.

self cleaning function

Self Cleaning

If you are one of those who want to make the most of your time, the best alternative for you will be apyrolytic oven or with an analysis cleaning system.

Pyrolysis is a self-cleaning system that allows the oven to clean itself. The system works basically by heating the oven to 500 degrees, in this way carbonizes the dirt and embedded grease. The result is a clean, grease-free oven.

Unlike pyrolytic cleaning, aqualysis uses the value of water as a cleaning agent, being a faster and cheaper system.


Another interesting aspect to consider is the accessories that the model includes. In general, it is advisable to choose the models that include a rack and baking tray, a safety hook to remove the tray or rack without the risk of burns and in the case of compact models, it is very useful to include acrumb tray to prevent debris from sticking. of food in the lower base of the oven.


There is a wide variety of brands specialized in the manufacture and marketing of electric ovens, both built-in and tabletop. In general, each brand usually has different types of ovens and low, medium and high-end models. When choosing yours, opt for a reliable brand, with good customer service and technical service centres, so if you have any problem you can solve it quickly and easily.

As for the price, in general, cheap ovens are usually more basic, although, if you go by our comparison of models you will see that the price is not always at odds with the quality. In fact, in our online store, you will find alarge selection of models at very affordable prices.


If you are going to choose a tabletop appliance, weight is an important aspect to consider if your goal is to locate it on a wall mount. Placing them at a high height can be a very good alternative for homes with children, in this way possible incidents are avoided when the equipment is hot, and space is also saved.


So far we have talked about the most important technical characteristics that should be taken into account when buying an electric oven, but what about the aesthetic part?

There is a wide variety of designs, colours and materials that play an important role in creating a harmonious composition in your kitchen. For example, for a small, dimly lit kitchen, awhite oven may be a good option, as it helps create a feeling of spaciousness and more light.

There is a great variety of models, with very varied aesthetics, from rustic to modern models, so when choosing an oven for your kitchen, be guided by your needs and also your aesthetic tastes.

Also, when you are shopping for electric oven, if you want to save money, check for bargain packs that include ceramic hob and cooker hood.