To give life to innocent and very fragile babies, women go through quite mysterious transformations. The pregnancy lasts nine months, and as these months go by, the woman’s belly takes on volume. All this has a great influence on the posture of the woman, because of the weight of the belly which tends to bring her back. In order not to deform while trying to better support this load, it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that you can hold or have close to you an effective device that would help keep the woman in a good position and at the same time relieve his back. So she needs a breastfeeding pillow. This is, therefore, the crux of the problem to which this comparison tries to provide solutions, by going to dig and select the best breastfeeding cushions on the web, that every mom would be proud to buy since they are of good quality. Here are just in the continuation of this test the best breastfeeding pillows of the web.

The best breastfeeding pillows in comparison

All mothers, whether experienced or new, are very careful when choosing products related to their babies. The idea is not only convenient and comfortable for the baby, but also whatever for Mom. In turn, it is important that you do the job efficiently and safely for both the mother and the child.

For these reasons, we have prepared the following comparative list with the best breastfeeding pillows in the market so you can choose the one that is most convenient and practical.

1. Bamibi Multifunctional Breastfeeding Pillow

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From all the breastfeeding pillows sold online, this one is the favourite of this comparison, because it is really special. This nursing pillow commonly called the Bamibi cushion is not only practical but also ultra-soft. Indeed, its maintenance is comparable to that of a very simple cotton garment, because it is removable, and machine washable at a temperature equal to trends degree Celcius.

Its softness comes from the origin of the manufacture of its stretch cover since it is here organic cotton. With pretty hearts patterns, the Bamibi cushion is filled with ultra-fine microbeads, which greatly reduces noise when lying down. It is very comfortable, and lying down, to put you at ease whatever position you take.

The great advantage you will get by buying this cushion is its evolutionary side: it is useful during pregnancy, after childbirth and for the baby too. Indeed, during pregnancy, the future mother can lie down in order to relieve her back, her chest, and her legs.

Once the baby is born, the Bamibi cushion helps to position the baby at the correct height for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. And a few months later, the same cushion will serve as support for the baby, in order to teach him to hold in a sitting position. Its price has recently been lowered and you can now get it for a price between fifty and seventy euros only. Then it is really accessible for you.

2. Nursing Pillow – Niimo

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Breastfeeding comes with many joys but also with many challenges, to make the hard work of being a mother easier, there are great products on the market, among them you will find this wonderful breastfeeding cushion.

illed with polystyrene microspheres, which allow adapting the shape of the cushion to different positions, making it a versatile tool, so your baby can use it while he sleeps. and play.

You can choose the design that you like best among the different colours offered by the brand.

To clean it you just have to remove the cotton cover and machine wash it. If you do not have a dryer, make sure to dry it in the shade so that the colour and quality of the fabric are not affected.

3. Breastfeeding Pillow Boppy Chicco

Chicco Boppy Pillow with Cotton Slip Cover - Woodsie
  • Feeding and nursing pillow that helps to maintain a correct posture
  • Miracle middle with a snug and secure fit that adapts to your shape
  • Suitable for breast and bottle feeding
  • Can be machine washed or dried

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The Boppy cushion is an award-winning design and awarded by the user community. If you want to buy an economical and versatile option that is useful for many stages of your baby’s growth, this model is for you.

You can use it for breastfeeding sessions, to feed your little one with a bottle or as a support pillow so that your baby strengthens the muscles of the neck and back during the time he spends on his stomach or sitting on the cushion.

The covers come in a variety of colours and patterns, as this fun and tender animal-themed cover. All are made of cotton, both the covers and pillows can be washed and dried easily by machine.

The Boppy filling is made up of a special fibre that provides firmness, softness and flexibility. It is a design approved by many mothers, who find in the cushion the perfect lifesaver to relieve the tensions of the back, neck and arms.

4. Nursing Pillow Hippychick

Hippychick Nursing Pillow - Breastfeeding Baby Maternity Pillow Removable-Washable Cotton Cover...
  • RIGHT POSITION DURING FEEDING – The pillow supports your new-born baby in the correct position allowing them to attach properly...
  • TRANSPORTABLE – its compact size and lightweight design makes this a great on-the-go feeding pillow. The polyfibre filling packs...
  • WASHABLE – The pillowcase is 100% cotton, completely removable and machine washable at 30°. The cushion is made of soft...
  • SECURE FASTENING – With the two ties on either side the Hippychick Feeding Pillow can be secured easier around the mother’s...
  • SUPER-VERSATILE – The pillow is an essential support for breastfeeding and bottle feeding, taking the strain off arms and back....

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It is a C-shaped breast cushion with two breastfeeding surfaces: one soft and one firm so that it can adapt to your situation when breastfeeding and your baby’s preferences. The firm surface gives a stable platform for the little one to hold correctly to the nipple and you can breastfeed well, while the soft one is ideal for babies while they grow up.

Its design is made in conjunction with experts in breastfeeding and has a removable and adjustable belt. It should be noted that the firm side has removable foam padding. This model is machine washable if you remove the foam filling and disconnect the belt. In turn, it has ample space to rest your arms.

5. Theraline Original nursing pillow

The Original THERALINE incl. cover "grey"
  • Maternity & Nursing Pillow
  • The perfect pillow for pregnancy & nursing
  • Genuine sand-like micro bead filling with a perfectly fitted high quality cover

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If you are looking for a convenient and comfortable model, but do not want to spend a lot because you plan to breastfeed your little one for a few months, you need this affordable cushion.

It is a simple model with a comfortable material for your baby that is also free of polluting chemicals and prevents the appearance of odours or harmful substances.

In addition, it is really portable, which makes it quite convenient to travel and transport, so you can breastfeed almost anywhere.

This cushion measures 180 cm, is available in different colours: turquoise, brown, red, yellow with flowers, blue, beige and more. It includes a protective cover and also has the least expensive price on our list.

6. Clevamama Clevafoam Nursing Pillow

ClevaMama ClevaFoam Nursing Pillow and Baby Nest - Coral
  • Versatile - 10in1 nursing pillow for anywhere you and your baby need extra support
  • Soft and firm cushion - super comfortable and safe for breast and bottle feeding
  • Made using clevafoam - our scientifically proven foam to prevent flat head syndrome (plagiocephalie)
  • From pregnancy up to 2 years - back support, breastfeeding, nest, bolster, bouncer, tummy time and seat supports
  • Machine washable cover - zippers around the cushion to allow you remove the cover easily

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Breastfeeding your baby is a unique, wonderful and unequalled experience. But it is also true that the epic breastfeeding sessions, so frequent and necessary for the baby, are exhausting for many mothers if they do not have the necessary support.

This breastfeeding pillow will help relieve tension in the back, neck and arms while keeping the little joy super comfortable and curled up, in the proper posture so that it can properly latch on to the breast.

It offers multiple functions for both the mother and the baby. During pregnancy can be used to improve the resting hours of the future mother, after pregnancy, their functions multiply: At times will be a breastfeeding pillow, at other times the perfect place for your little one to take a nap and when you start to grow, it will become the favourite game station.

It has an outer cover made of polyester, a removable design, easy to remove and put thanks to its zipper closure. It also comes equipped with a central harness for the little ones.

7. Unique 4 in 1 Deluxe Soft Quilted Nursing Pillow

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A super functional model that will make the time to breastfeed your baby more comfortable. It is a very innovative breastfeeding pillow, the model has a curved design filled with foam that allows the baby to be placed in an appropriate posture to favour digestion.

The user can choose his favourite model among six different designs. It is a perfect pillow for babies up to 3 years old. If you wish you can buy additional covers, it is always convenient to have an extra cover* while the others are washed.

8. Nursing Pillow Theraline

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The extra-large size of Theraline will adapt perfectly to women of any size. It is a cheap model but of great quality, it has a total length of 190 cm, in addition, it has a flexible and manageable structure that allows accommodating its shape to a wide variety of positions.

For users looking for a good relationship between quality and price, this turns out to be a great alternative.

The design has a removable outer cover, made of 100% cotton with hypoallergenic properties. Inside the model, we find a filling composed of polystyrene micro-beads that provide the consistency, comfort and stability that both mother and baby need.

The community of users agrees that it is a very versatile product with great durability. The outer case has a system of zippers that allow you to remove it and put it easily and quickly.

9. Nursing pillow My Friend Brest Deluxe

My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow, Green Sage Dotted Daisies
  • Wrap around design secures to the body helping mom and baby maintain positioning and latch-on
  • Back rest helps you maintain good posture during feeding and prevents sore back and neck; Arm and
  • Firm, flat cushion keeps baby from rolling
  • Adjustable, silent-release strap fits moms or dads comfortably and unlatches without waking baby
  • Convenient pocket keeps water bottles, burp cloths, phone, and other items within reach

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This model is wrapped around the mother’s body so that she and her little one maintain proper posture and have a good grip on the nipple.

In turn, has lumbar support to maintain a correct posture during breastfeeding and thus avoid back pain, neck, shoulders, arms and elbows.

Its ergonomic design with a firm and flat pillow helps the baby is fully stuck to the body of his mother so that it does not slide or roll on the cushion. At the same time, their silent and adjustable buckles can be placed and removed quickly without waking the baby.

It also has convenient pockets to store water bottles, your smartphone, your baby’s handkerchiefs and any other accessory. It is made of cotton and comes at an excellent price.

10. Nursing Pillow Jane Mother

Jane Mother Cushion (Star)
  • 4 in 1 multi-functional design
  • 1 - pregnancy support cushion. Can be used to provide pre-natal back, knee or tummy support whilst sleeping – the perfect...
  • 2 - feeding pillow. Comfortable and supportive feeding pillow once baby has arrived
  • 3 - baby nest. Very versatile, just add the separate cover with harness to use as a baby nest, helping baby to rest
  • 4 - baby support cushion. As your little one gets older, baby can also use the mother cushion as a pillow

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Jané is a brand known for making very good quality products for babies, such as this safe and comfortable pillow with a bowl design.

It is a model with a removable cover that facilitates the care and cleaning of it, as well as a harness that ensures the baby in position and facilitates breastfeeding.

This harness allows the baby and the mother to adopt the correct position when breastfeeding so that both are relaxed and calm. The baby could even take a nap after feeding so relaxed.

It is available in two different prints, is made of soft and pleasant material to the touch, weighs only 100 grams and is available at a fairly convenient price.

11. Dr. Brown’s breastfeeding pillow

Dr Brown's Gia Pillow Cover Beckie
  • Protect your Gia pillow from everyday use
  • Quilted Cotton covers for luxurious comfort
  • Easily slips off for cleaning – no zips
  • Machine Wash & Dry
  • Can be used with or without cover

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This pillow for breastfeeding made of cotton comes in a crescent shape and fits correctly to mom’s body to prevent back, neck, shoulder and more pain. It also gives an appropriate posture to the baby to help his digestion, since it places it with the head more inclined than the feet towards the breast so that the process is more comfortable for both.

Its padded material has an antibacterial treatment that also repels water and liquids so that it stays clean longer. Its design with one thick end and the other thinner makes it more versatile and convenient to offer almost unlimited breastfeeding positions. It is machine washable and can be used with or without protective covers.

breastfeeding pillow

What is the breastfeeding pillow for?

Baby bouncer, stroller, breast pump? It is important to have the necessary for the arrival of a baby, especially during a first pregnancy. Just like all these baby items, the breastfeeding pillow is just as important.

For the future mother

After learning about the arrival of a little piece of cabbage, pregnant women prepare for 9 months of happiness. However, these next three quarters will not be easy, starting with typical nausea in early pregnancy, not to mention the abdominal pain once the belly has reached its first 6 months.

In order to relieve the pains that you certainly haven’t experienced, nothing beats the effectiveness of a breastfeeding pillow. This little gadget will even become your best ally, especially during the endless last weeks. Whether to support your heavy legs, to soothe your back and neck pain or to sleep and serve as support for your big belly, the breastfeeding pillow is a real masterpiece to have on hand in all time.

For mom

Know that the maternity cushion remains essential, even after the birth of a baby. As soon as you leave maternity hospital, you may already need it to relieve back pain after nappy changing, bathing or feeding your baby. Just put it on a beanbag to lift your legs and relax or put it behind your back to take advantage of a few minutes of respite when the baby sleeps.

For the little one

If this accessory is named “breastfeeding pillow”, it is, in particular, to be used during feeding hours. Baby will find a real moment of pleasure in his little cocoon. The mother can also wrap it around her waist to relieve the weight of the baby, and especially if she has twins. By adopting a breastfeeding pillow, you can at the same time enjoy a moment of sweetness with your little angel and free your hands for something else. In addition, there are progressive breastfeeding pillows that can also be used as adeckchair and equipped with a seat belt to place baby on the ground from 2 to 3 months. Bottle feeding or breastfeeding has never been so smart.

nursing pillow uk

How to choose a breastfeeding pillow?

To choose the most convenient model for mom and baby, it is important to take into account several aspects such as the comfort and convenience of the article, as well as its subjection, quality and more.

The pillow you choose should be appropriate for the place where you plan to breastfeed your baby and it has to be comfortable and adjustable. In turn, it is important that it is machine washable, which makes it much more convenient. You can also consider an organic or BPA-free model.

Expected duration of Breastfeeding

The first thing you have to ask yourself is how long you expect to breastfeed your baby. Surely this will change as your little one grows teeth, begins to eat solids or have to return to work, but having an estimate is always advantageous.

If you plan to breastfeed for only 3 months, durability will not be a big problem, but if you want to breastfeed for an entire year exclusively, then it is better to invest in a more durable model.


It is important that the cushion fits your torso and that the baby is comfortably lying at the height of your nipples. There are larger models that are ideal for taller women with longer torsos, while other models are smaller for smaller women.

Types of breastfeeding pillows

There are breastfeeding pillows in the form of C, O, or crescent. The C-shape fits almost any body type and offers excellent arm support regardless of which side the baby is breast-fed on. The O-shape is wrapped around the entire body for lumbar support, while the crescent models They fit on one side of Mom’s body, but it does not fit very well with small women.

Fastening systems

There are models with buckle closure, others with a locking system on one side. The downside is that these models are not so easy to put on and take off, which can be bad when your baby is hungry and wants to breastfeed quickly.

The models with magical closure are more convenient because it is not very comfortable for Mom to hold a hungry baby with one arm while trying to secure a buckle with the other.

Breastfeeding place

You never know where your baby will be hungry, so it is best to have a breastfeeding pillow that will help you breastfeed even in the busiest places such as the kitchen or living room of your home.

Also take into account that after 4 months the baby is more easily distracted, so you should look for a quieter place. The style of the cushion you choose depends on whether it is a sofa, the bed, the table or a rocking chair.


Look for a model that is easy to place in the car without problems or that can be deflated and folded to put in a suitcase. This will make the difference when you have to feed your baby away from home.


It is very common for babies to drool and vomit when feeding, so you will have to be patient to clean the pillow regularly. The most practical is that you look for a machine washable model and that has protective covers.


The material varies greatly between each item and is very important, as it determines the ease of cleaning and the degree of support it offers.

Remember that fire retardant chemicals do not really give your baby more security, so it’s best to keep him away from these chemicals.

There are organic models, free of BPA and without chemicals that can harm your baby. The cushions with liquid-repellent cover are very convenient. In turn, it is important that you consider the material well because your baby will spend a lot of time in contact with it. There are cotton, synthetic polyester, foams and organic cotton blends.

Breastfeeding is a training

Breastfeeding sessions of newborns usually last up to 40 minutes or a couple of minutes nothing more and, in fact, the average is that every newborn is fed 8 or 12 times a day in sessions of between 20 and 40 minutes. Then the baby takes a nap and the mother eats something, and when an hour has passed, the baby is already nursing again.

While the child is growing, the frequency and duration of the sessions are reduced a little until he starts eating solid foods. However, in this interim, the baby continues to gain weight and therefore the mother needs ergonomic and comfortable support that allows it to withstand all that physical stress.

Without adjustable support, mom will feel fatigued, fatigue and pain of all kinds in arms, shoulders, back, neck and wrists. While the baby may have trouble holding onto the nipples and the sessions will be bad for both. The right pillow prevents pain.

Once you see that you are going to breastfeed your baby between 5 and 8 hours a day, the maternal cushions are no longer a luxury and become a necessity, since, in addition to all the comfort they offer, they help create more powerful bonds and best between mother and son.

Lactar does not have to be a fatiguing and tiring activity. In fact, it can be a beautiful moment of relaxation between the two.

On the other hand, it is good that you consider the prenatal period as the preheating to breastfeeding. Remember that learning to breastfeed properly can take weeks for both mom and baby, which can be quite strenuous.

With the appropriate breastfeeding pillow, Mom can place her breast in the right way with one hand while helping the baby to position herself in the best way to hold the nipple better. In turn, allow Mom to use her arms to snuggle and rock the child and give her more space to rest her arms and adopt a correct posture.