Breastfeeding at home is very natural and a special moment with your baby, but when you are in a public place or just outside your home, some people may be disturbed at the sight of your breast, or some modest moms may feel embarrassed as well undressed. In order to be able to continue breastfeeding your newborn discreetly, out of sight, there are breastfeeding covers or scarfs that will hide your baby during feeding. No more trying to isolate yourself and find yourself alone when you are in the middle of a discussion.

These specialized breastfeeding covers can also protect you and your baby from the cold when you are outside and there is a cool wind, or protect your baby from the sun’s rays.

Besides breastfeeding, during your working day, this also allows you to use your breast pump with more discretion in the designated room of your company.

When the baby starts to be more awake, noises and the presence of people around can distract him and distract him from his diet.

Finally, we do not really choose the time of feeding, when the baby is hungry, he is hungry, and stressing the mother even more with this concern for breastfeeding in public is not preferable. And as it is not bulky, it will easily find its place in your diaper bag, in the storage of the stroller or in your handbag simply.

What is the best breastfeeding cover?

You will find it with several different names like breastfeeding cover or scarf, the important thing is that it fulfils its main job: to cover your baby and your breasts while you feed your baby.

It is important that it be foldable, as most are cloth, they can be stored and carried with ease. Some models allow visual contact with the small while others limit it, I leave it to your choice.

What I do recommend is to find a coat that is machine washable so that you are not a slave to its cleaning, but do not wear it out soon.

If you are worried about your budget, it will be a relief to know that in my comparative list you will see the best brands at the most economical price.

Breastfeeding Cover BebeChic.UK 100% Cotton 

If you are currently looking for a soft and pleasant nursing cape, then there is no doubt that the BebeChic.UK model is made for you. Designed with a premium cotton poplin fabric, the cape is opaque, light and soft. In addition, it has the distinction of minimizing the possibility of excessive heat by promoting optimal air circulation.

The frames were designed in polyester to create a rigid neckline that allows optimal contact between the mother and her child. On the other hand, the cape will not fly away at the slightest gust of wind. It is a very practical model which can also be used as a baby blanket.

The BebeChic.UK nursing scarf comes with a nice fabric storage bag. This makes it easier to transport and store it. it is a very comfortable and pleasant product to use that I highly recommend to all mothers!

Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover

It offers you great coverage when you use the breast pump and when you feed your baby directly. Everything with delicacy and good taste. It is made of breathable fabric so that the air circulates freely without drowning your little one. Easy to use, easy to store!

PinkMaus nursing Cover

Not only is it a matter of privacy, but this cover also goes much further because it can protect the baby’s skin from harmful UV rays on a sunny day. The fabric is so light that you will not feel warm and your baby will be comfortable.

Breastfeeding Cover Tineo

It is so elegant that it feels like a piece of clothing more, sober and delicate to look at. It is very easy to place and is completely washable, so it is easy to clean, to always look impeccable. Comfortable for mothers and babies alike.

Nursing scarf Pure Mom

This layer of an infinity of infinite design is quite broad and versatile, with at least 10 ways to wear it. You will love using it at all times. It comes in such beautiful designs that you will feel it as one more piece of your wardrobe. It is breathable and soft.

PinkMausi breastfeeding cover

It is so wide that it is the perfect ally of discreet and comfortable breastfeeding. No matter where you are, you will feel only the connection and complicity of your little one and you. You will protect your child while you both feel comfortable. It fits your body!

What is the Breastfeeding Cover?

This is a cloth cover which is perfect to cover your bust when it comes to breastfeeding your child at home or outside, anywhere we feel we want total privacy and discretion feeding our children.

Why use breastfeeding cover?

Although at home, the nursing scarf will not be of much use to you, it can, however, save you the stake when you are outside, in a park, a restaurant or others.

It allows you to breastfeed your child in complete privacy to avoid prying eyes. The warmth of the scarf and the feeling of security it provides also help to relax your baby, in addition to the closeness he has with his mother.

The nursing scarf is the ideal accessory for all nursing mothers. In addition, it can also act as a blanket or visor depending on its thickness and the type of fabric with which it was designed.

breastfeeding cover

Different types of Breastfeeding Covers

Not only will they help you maintain breastfeeding discretion, but they also offer great comfort to your children so that they can be more pampered and sheltered in order to adapt to your needs. Find the one that best suits you!

  • Apron design: They are very easy to use, maybe that’s why they remain in effect. You just have to put the strap behind your neck. It gives you the opportunity to see your child feeding, with the certainty that he receives enough air. Its weakness would be that, by its design, it is more vulnerable to a pull of your child and can expose your breasts.
  • Infinite design: Give for everything! Not only is a lot of fabric, lightweight and breathable, to cover your breasts and snuggle your baby, but it can take many different forms.
  • Poncho: All covered, without risk to fall easily. Unlike regular ponchos, it is not heavy so your baby will breathe comfortably.

How to choose the best breastfeeding cover?

Comfort, style and functionality are not the only characteristics that your layer must fulfil. Lightness, breathability are other very important.

  • Season / Temperature: This is really important when we talk about breastfeeding outdoors. Since, if you will do it in the middle of summer, you will need a very light and breathable fabric. The ponchos can be reserved for lower temperatures.
  • Pumping vs Breastfeeding: If you want to do it in public, a scarf-style coat is not the best choice. Surely it will be better to choose a coat style apron or a poncho.
  • Importance of modesty: This is a concern for many mothers, few want to be discovered while feeding their children. For them, it is best to be very sure that they will not be exposed and that confidence is given by the poncho-like layers.
  • How your baby responds to covers: If your baby also likes to be covered while feeding, you need a broad style that covers him as well. If not, just covering your breasts will be fine.
  • Versatility: Adjustable to any situation? A multipurpose model is the best option so you can use it wherever you need without the inconvenience.