5 Best Bags to Store Breast Milk Safely

When choosing the best bag to store breast milk, the economic is not always appropriate, because it is about the health and well-being of the baby. It is a children’s item with very special characteristics that you must buy so that you can store your milk with all the requirements that guarantee its correct preservation.

Perhaps for reasons of time, employment or a lot of production, you must have them so that the precious liquid does not decompose or spill. The most recommended is that you use a practical pump so that you can pump and store properly in a freezer or refrigerator.

What is the best bag to store breast milk?

Containers for breast milk can be obtained in the market in countless brands, but the important thing is that they are safe and hygienic. In this comparison you can detail options that can meet your needs.

Always pay attention to the material in which they were made so that there is no risk of contamination or leakage and fulfill their function of preservation. You should also look for those that allow you to label the date so that you have control of its use and storage. Some are reusable and others are for single use. Therefore, this characteristic is of great attention for all mothers.

1. Breast Milk Storage Bags – First Steps

Practical and resistant

Breastmilk Storage Bags x100 Pre-sterilised, BPA Free and Easy to use,...
29 Reviews
Breastmilk Storage Bags x100 Pre-sterilised, BPA Free and Easy to use,...
  • Pack of 100 Breast Milk storage bags
  • LEAK PROOF: Designed with a zipper to ensure that no...

It is a fantastic container that will allow you to store the bags with breast milk in the freezer. It is very helpful because it will not mix or damage with food. It is excellent for proper preservation.

2. Dr Brown’s Breast milk Storage Bags

Quality conservative

Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage Bags, 25 Count (Set of 2)
30 Reviews
Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage Bags, 25 Count (Set of 2)
  • Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage Bags, 25 Count (Set of...

It is a recommended option to efficiently store milk in the freezer because it guarantees hygiene and comfort. They are reusable and bring a robust closure that avoids the annoying spills. The pack brings for 25 servings.

3. Breast Milk Storage Bags Lansinoh

Hermetic and safe

Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags Breastmilk Pouches (50 Piece Pack)
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Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags Breastmilk Pouches (50 Piece Pack)
  • Pre-sterilised Breast Milk Storage Bags made from food...
  • Hold up to 6floz/180ml of breastmilk in each Lansinoh...
  • Pump directly into Lansinoh's breastmilk storage bags...
  • Convenient write-on tab for labelling the date, time &...

You come with the proper security seals for you to open and use quickly. They are for single use and that’s why the box offers you 50 units. With its double zipper prevents leaks.

4. Breast Milk Storage Bags -Momcozy

With meter and marker

Breast Milk Storage Bags 200ml Pre Sterilized Breastmilk Pouches 100...
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Breast Milk Storage Bags 200ml Pre Sterilized Breastmilk Pouches 100...
  • LARGE CAPACITY & LABEL MARKED: Pack of 100 counts,...
  • PRE STERILIZED & BPA FREE: Made from BPA Free food...
  • LEAKPROOF & EASY TEARING: Our breast milk storage bags...
  • SELF STANDING & CONVENIENT STORAGE: Self-standing for...

It is a bag for free storage of BPA and with a modern design with which you will store without risk. Its bottom prevents it from falling and its nozzle is anti-drip. Easy to use and clean.

5. Medela breast milk storage bag

Original and modern

This bag for storage you will love because it is designed to not only store breast milk but to transport and heat it at the time you want. Bring a pictogram as a guide for use.

How are bags used to store breast milk?

You must start by washing your hands very well before starting to pump. At the end of the process you can open one of the bags to pour everything extracted. Use the safety zipper in the right way. Most bags have a double seal and a form that indicates how to use them and how to keep them properly sterilized. It is important that all packages are labeled with the extraction date so that you can monitor their validity and thus there are no dangers in the healthy nutrition of the child.

The freezer bag should be in a special area so that it does not mix or deteriorate with the food you have in the refrigerator.

How to transport a bag to store breast milk?

First of all you must guarantee a good quality in the stock market because the cheap has its cons, and in this case it can negatively affect the child’s health. Use one that has the property of maintaining the temperature. Once the bag has been opened, you must move it to the bottle and when you get the desired heat, you will be able to feed the baby wherever you are. Check that they are waterproof, that they seal well, and make sure that the liquid does not acquire a plastic odor, which can generate the frustrating rejection in the infant.

Benefits of using breast milk storage bags

Storing breast milk in bags can bring lots of benefits, not only for you, but also for babies. The experts speak of five fundamental reasons that make the use of these bags prevail over other storage devices and are:

  • You can freeze or heat them without problems, they are thicker than the average storage bags.
  • It facilitates the spill thanks to its special design.
  • They are carefully designed for storage.
  • They are free of BPA.
  • They maintain the quality of your milk, they are free of bacteria and germs.

What to consider when choosing

Before choosing one, it is essential that you look at a series of qualities that will make your selection more accurate and you can ensure that you have the right model on hand and that it suits your needs, so before buying, it is essential that you look at these details:


This quality is measurable with the thickness of the bag. If your purpose is to store the milk to freeze it then you should make sure it does not leak. A thick bag will be more durable than a thin bag.


Generally these devices are filled through two systems. Or you pump directly into the bag, or you do it in a bottle and then into the bag. You should go with the one you find most comfortable and practical.


It is advisable not to fill it beyond its capacity because, however resistant they are if you overlap it will be more prone to leakage. You should check which of the sizes works best for you. They come in sizes of 4 ounces and 6 ounces.


You should avoid union seals or labels because they are more prone to leaks. I recommend screw caps or double zippers.

Easy to use

A bag that is not difficult to fill and that is thick and with a pouring spout will come in handy. Do not complicate your life.


Given the delicacy of the content, you must ensure much of this point. I recommend you go with a brand of remarkable reputation with all its certifications.


This refers to storage. The good is that you get everything in one. Bag and breast pump to do all the work at once.


You must make sure that they have this feature. The opposite can be an unnecessary risk to the health of the baby or a lot of complication for your lives.


Babies usually drink certain amounts of milk, so a bag in which you can measure the content is a very useful idea. So you can pour into the bottle only the amount that the child will drink.

Foot function

Since they will surely go to the refrigerator or freezer, the fact that they can sustain themselves without having to put them in horizontal position which carries risks of leakage. This quality is essential because you can place it in the fridge or countertop without worrying about falls and spills.

Compatible with a pump

Some bags come package all in one, but if it is not the case you must make sure that the selected one is compatible with your milk extractor pump.

Ready freezer

Given the storage levels you have designed for these bags the most advisable is that you decide for a group that is resistant to cold and able to get into the freezer. It will facilitate your life, storage, it will last longer and you will be calmer.

It is sold in a dispenser

This allows compact storage and undoubtedly takes away from problems and complications.