10 Best bread makers to мake nice bread at home

Do you love bread but it is very cumbersome for you to be preparing it in the traditional way? Then you need a bread maker as soon as possible.

To buy the best bakery in the market you must first analyze what you want from that machine, review the models that are available in the market, make comparisons of their characteristics and, finally, check your pockets to see which of them fits your budget.

Keep in mind that a bread maker could be considered, in principle, as an expense. But if you get the right device, that meets your expectations and corresponds to your economic possibilities then you can already calculate the money you will save, at least in two years, from not buying bread from the bakery. Finally, it’s not an expense It’s an investment! But to buy one you must be very clear about your motivations and priorities.

What is the best bread maker?

To buy the best bread maker in the market, it is important that you analyze what your culinary priorities will be and what you do best with those functions.

You need to make comparisons with the available models and make a decision based on your needs and your budget.

Brands are often synonymous with quality, but you should also keep an eye on your pocket. The ideal is that you acquire a bakery that is easy to use, that does not complicate your life, that you do your job perfectly and that you do not hit your wallet.

Having a guide is never over, so we did a small test of the best breadmakers that are currently available in the market. One of them, for sure is the one you’re looking for.

1. Bread maker Moulinex OW210130

With three levels of bark toasting

The Home Baguette is, to say the least, a marvel of great functionality and, on the way, saves you a lot of headaches. It has an excellent quality-price value ratio and is available in white.

It is a high-performance product that works with a power of 1650 watts and, in the opinion of those who already have one, is a good quality device with resistant trays and trays that do not deform with use. It is ideal to prepare any type of bread.

With this model you can prepare a variety of bread: baguette, sweet baguette, baguette baking, basic bread, French bread, whole bread, sweet bread, fast bread, gluten-free, salt-free, omega 3, just cooking, cake, jam, dough and even pasta! The product comes with 12 different types of programs to prepare them.

This bakery brand Moulinex comes equipped with a function of hot maintenance, for an hour, keep your bread warm as if it was fresh out of the oven.

Its function of three levels of toasting of the crust offers uniform baking that avoids the annoying burns of bread and is a quality that is not usual in other bakeries. It is a tall and long appliance for which you must have adequate space in your kitchen.

The Home Baguette is equipped, in addition to two shovels that knead perfectly. Baking is homogeneous and creates a sponge cake. It is large capacity equipment in which you can bake bread of different sizes and not only the traditional bread mould

If you are willing to make this investment in exchange for a great product, do not wait any longer and look for it. Your purchase includes a recipe book and is available with a tambourine kit.

2. Morphy Richards Fastbake Bread maker 48281

Easy to use and easy to clean

Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker 3 Loaf Sizes, Gluten Free, Cool...
1,107 Reviews
Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker 3 Loaf Sizes, Gluten Free, Cool...
  • 12 programs from basic...
  • 3 Loaf sizes - bakes 1...
  • Instruction manual...

If you are looking for a low price bakery, with the same features as those offered by the most recognized brands, then the Morphy Richards Fastbake can be exactly what you need.

This model comes with 19 pre-set cooking programs, digital timer, LCD screen to control functions. It works with a power of 600 watts, which allows energy savings.

It is a fully automatic bakery: mixes and kneads bakes bread and has the option of maintaining heat for 60 minutes. It has a basic manual that offers the indications in a simple way.

The Morphy Richards Fastbake also has a non-stick coating lid with a viewing window, a plastic housing, a kneading hook, a water meter, a spoon, anti-slip feet and is suitable for being placed in the dishwasher. According to the opinion of those who already have one, it is simple to use and easy to clean.

With this machine to make bread you can prepare, with good results, gluten-free or traditional recipes: biscuits, bread, pizza; It even has a function to prepare jam and yoghurt. It has the capacity to bake up to 1 kilogram of bread.

It is a large team that, however, has smaller dimensions than traditionally have the bakeries. It is the most economical of our selection and is available in the market in white.

Taking into account the price – value relationship, and the quality of the equipment, is an option that you should consider.

3. Lakeland Compact 1lb Loaf Bread maker

With digital display and acoustic signal

Lakeland Compact 1lb Daily Loaf Bread Maker - White
183 Reviews
Lakeland Compact 1lb Daily Loaf Bread Maker - White
  • There's nothing like the...
  • Compact size taking up...
  • Features 11 pre-installed...

This equipment is an option of interest for those who are already in the bakery world and know how these machines work.

Like other similar devices, if we make comparisons, you will find that this bakery has 11 cooking programs, with 31 possible combinations for bread preparation, has a fast cooking function, prepares salted, bases, pies, only dough, and reaches cooking-only functions, sandwich and even a program to make jam.

One of the most striking qualities of this breadmaker is its completely electronic handling with which you can regulate the level of toast and the amount of dough that will be used in the bread preparation.

The bread making a machine of the Bomann brand has a quick cooking function. In addition, it has a capacity of three litres, which yields for the bread of almost a kilo and a half. It is available in the market at a low price and in white.

If you decide to buy this, the package includes measuring cup, pasta hook, silver hook, baking dish and a manual with recipes.

4. Russell Hobbs Compact Fast Bread maker 23620

Functional and diverse

Russell Hobbs 23620 Compact Fast Breadmaker, 660 W, Black
565 Reviews
Russell Hobbs 23620 Compact Fast Breadmaker, 660 W, Black
  • 12 functions including:...
  • 55 minute fast bake
  • 13 hr delay bake timer

One of the most interesting qualities of the bakery that took the Imetec brand is precisely its functionality and a design that allows making a variety of bread in different shapes and sizes.

If we make comparisons, it is a device with characteristics similar to other machines on the market, it has a programmable start-up, 12 different programs for the preparation of bread, a screen that controls its functions and even memory in case of power interruptions.

The added value of this equipment is that, in addition, bread preparation programs are classified according to your needs including French, Gluten Free, Jam, Whole Wheat.

Another feature that has liked the users are the sizes of the pans for bread. This bakery has three different ways of preparing them: muffins and muffins, ciabatta and cakes and, finally, the traditional bread and add the moulds to prepare them according to those sizes. As an added value, the moulds are non-stick.

If you are looking for a diverse product, that has a good price and a lot of variety of use, this is an option that you should analyze carefully.

5. Bread maker Panasonic SD-ZB2512KXE

With intelligent yeast and nuts dispensers

Panasonic SD ZB 2512 KXE
586 Reviews
Panasonic SD ZB 2512 KXE
  • Panasonic SD-ZB2512 bread...
  • 5025232819959
  • SD-ZB2512KXE

The Panasonic model also enters the group of the best bread makers in the market, it is intelligent and completely automatic and, in the opinion of those who already have one, its price, in the long run, more than an expense, represents an investment.

As often happens with this brand, it is a very high-end product, with materials resistant to use, of good quality, professional range and available in silver, black and white.

An interesting quality that this machine has is that it comes with intelligent yeast and nut dispensers, you place them in the dispenser, you activate the program, and, at the right time, the bread maker will incorporate them into the bread mixture.

The Panasonic bread maker also has a total of 33 pre-programmed modes for you to use whenever you want, including brioche modes, gluten-free, new rustic programs of sourdough and yeast type “royal” and even a compote mode and marmalade.

The equipment consumes little energy, prepares the bread in three different sizes and also incorporates three ways to select the toasting of the crust type. It has a programmable timer for up to 13 hours and a function screen.

It is certainly a Premium device whose price can make you think twice before putting your hands in your pocket, but those who already bought it are of the opinion that it is worth it until the last ticket.

If you want to enter the world of bread makers by the big door and your budget allows it, then this is an option that can be of great interest.

6. Sage BBM800BSS – Custom Loaf Pro Bread maker

A multi-tasking to prepare different recipes

Sage BBM800BSS the Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker - Silver
92 Reviews
Sage BBM800BSS the Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker - Silver
  • A very clever interface...
  • Internal light and large...
  • Large LCD screen with...

You will be very happy to buy this automatic and multifunctional bakery with which you can make bread, cakes, jams, rice, pizzas and pasta.

The brand incorporates a dispenser of extractable ingredients to enrich the preparation during the selected process, among the 60 work programs of this machine; which can be checked on the illuminated LCD panel, to control the type of dough you wish to prepare and to the degree of toasting of the bread.

The casing with stainless steel endings is resistant and through the window, the preparation can be visualized. The mould with the non-stick surface without Teflon is very easy to clean, like the kneading hooks, which are free of harmful chemicals in their composition.

It is suitable for coeliacs and other allergies because this machine allows you to take control of all the ingredients that are incorporated into any recipe to avoid episodes of food intolerance.

It is a functional machine and very easy to use, clean and store; to prepare healthier and safer foods.

It goes very well as a family gift because getting up and having freshly baked bread with the most special people is a way to show love and start the day with the best energy.

7. Tower Digital Bread Maker 13 Preset Functions

13 different preparation programs

Tower Digital Bread Maker 13 Preset Functions Including Gluten Free...
251 Reviews
Tower Digital Bread Maker 13 Preset Functions Including Gluten Free...
  • Bake a delicious homemade...
  • 13 digital programs...
  • 13 hour programmable...

If you are looking for an authentically in the kitchen, surely this machine can satisfy any expectation to serve bread, biscuits, yoghurts, jams and many other preparations without complications and with perfect, incomparable results.

The baking mould is a bit longer than other bakeries, to achieve the same form of bread that can be bought in stores, the big difference is that making your own bread allows you to add, discard and control the quality and amount of ingredients you prefer in each recipe.

It is very easy to clean because the mould is made of special materials to avoid the adherence of food during preparation, not to mention that its energy efficiency is class A, and is perceived in the electricity bill.

Although it is not the most economical on the market it is worth paying, and you can barely notice it: very well packaged and designed, it is accompanied by the necessary accessories to achieve anthology dishes, without complications and with the minimum investment of time, money and effort.

With the glass and the measuring spoons, the illuminated control panel and the viewing window you can fulfil the recipes to the letter and establish one of the 13 programs, follow the process closely or leave it completely until the bread reaches the level of golden brown selected and ready to eat.

8. Morphy Richards Homebake Bread maker 502001

Includes 12 months warranty

Morphy Richards Homebake Breadmaker 502001 White
130 Reviews
Morphy Richards Homebake Breadmaker 502001 White
  • 14 programs including...
  • 2lb loaf capacity
  • 3 crust settings

Artisanal bread lovers can enjoy a delicious version with cinnamon and raisins, and then accompany the dinner with delicious rolls, all freshly baked and warm, thanks to this fabulous machine, which can also prepare yoghurt, rice, stews and much more.

The 14 work programs with a 15H timer can be adjusted so that you can knead and bake bread at night without making a sound, and have a warm breakfast in the morning; or expect a similar result within two hours.

This sober and elegant countertop machine with stainless steel casing is intuitive to use and so cheap that it deserves the best place in the cost-benefit comparison for these kitchen accessories.

With dispenser and removable tray for ingredients, supports 1Kg of weight and its function of conservation of heat for 15 minutes without energy consumption, allows to follow the process when there is a failure in the supply.

The machine is easy to use, the removable mould is suitable for the dishwasher and the control panel is simple to program each step of the process, even the colour you prefer in the bread crust: light, medium, dark.

9. Kenwood BM450 Bread maker

Timer and other complementary functions

Kenwood BM450 Breadmaker - Black & Silver
564 Reviews
Kenwood BM450 Breadmaker - Black & Silver
  • Automatic ingredients...
  • Comes with 15 programs...
  • Features 58-minute rapid...

This machine is also an excellent choice because it fulfils everything it promises: knead and roll the ingredients of sweet, salty, rustic, loaf, biscuits, cakes, doughnuts, buns, dumplings and more, that can be baked in there with the adjustable degree of browning, or in the conventional oven.

The bread can grow to its own limit because the machine comes with a flexible lid, which rises easily; However, this multitasking can also make yoghurt, custards, sauces, stews, soups, creams, risottos and much more, almost effortlessly. A real kitchen helper.

The removable aluminium mould without adhesion is super effective to fulfil the function of mixing, kneading and baking, and the panel of the control allows to make adjustments of the program with the 15 preset configurations to fulfil a multitude of functions and tasks.

Its special gluten-free program makes it especially suitable for coeliacs. With a capacity of 0.5, 0.75 and 1Kg of weight, mix, knead, leek and bake in the perfect times.

10. electriQ Multi-Function Compact Bread maker

You can keep the bread warm up to 60 minutes

With a capacity to knead and bake up to 1Kg of ingredients, the machine is super affordable and offers 14 operating programs to prepare gluten-free recipes and very varied bread that can be ready to eat in an average of 3 hours.

Although it does not have the tray that allows you to add ingredients, the cookbook offers a lot of alternatives to put everything that will take the preparation at the same moment and forget the matter until the timer tells us that the food is ready.

The control screen allows programming, which includes kneading, raising and baking at night, for a delicious breakfast with warm, fluffy and soft bread.

The upper lid has a peephole that allows you to check the cooking and browning status that has been programmed, although the machine will turn itself off and keep its preparation warm for one hour.

Teflon cup-type mould prevents food from sticking or burning and cleans easily. It has accessories to dose and measure the ingredients with precision to achieve great results.

Surely you will feel like you have a mini homemade bakery when you get up and feel the rich aroma of bread throughout the house, a bread free of chemical additives and hydrogenated fats, perfect for making a rich and healthy breakfast.

Why use a bread maker?

Everything depends on your preferences. However, the domestic bakeries are machines that are designed for people who like to enjoy homemade bread but have neither the time nor the patience to spend a few hours of their day in baking or kneading.

Special mention deserves working mothers and, in addition, are housewives. They have to take care of their jobs, take care of their children, prepare food, sweets and desserts, often attend to their husbands, and the day has barely 24 hours for all that! Then, for them, a breadmaker that solves a few problems for them would be nothing short of a blessing.

A machine to make bread also turns out to be useful equipment for those people celíacas, with an allergy to the gluten or that have special indications in their diet, since many of these machines contemplate functions especially thought for the needs of these people.

So, if you are in some of these three lines of people, a bread maker would not have anything wrong. However, there are also other factors that make these machines truly useful objects. Here, we mention some.

Easy use, easy cleaning

Using a machine to prepare bread seriously makes your life easier, its operation is much more than easy, it is practical and functional. Most bakeries work if you pour all the ingredients at once, you do not even need to dissolve the yeast. Close the lid keeping all the ingredients that you incorporated into the mixture inside so that the cooking begins. And that’s it!

When finished you will only have to clean a saucepan and a blade. And in less than what you think you have the equipment completely clean again. It is a big advantage.

Less time of kneading

While mixing the ingredients to knead a bread that you prepare in the traditional way can take, at best, about 20 minutes, and as many if you want to wait for the dough to grow; with a breadmaker, you have everything in five minutes because it is a machine specially designed for that.

In addition, the bakery bread has nothing to envy to the bread kneaded and baked to the traditional way, both are of excellent texture, quality and flavour if you put the right ingredients and in the required quantities.

So, if you are one of those people who have little time to devote to the culinary arts, or perhaps little patience for the art of kneading and baking, the best thing is that you think of a good bakery to not complicate your life.

The bread increases more and the texture is finer

There are some prejudices that the traditionalists hold about the bakeries, but they are all pure myths. We know that we will not change the way of thinking of those who prefer the traditional way, but what is certain is that the breadmaker offers advantages that only the very professional obtain with the bread dough by hand.

To begin with, the kneading blades of the bread making machines do a more uniform work than you can achieve with your own hands so you take many minutes to master the dough.

The traditional bread by hand sometimes has a coarser texture, instead the uniformity of the movements of the kneading machine that bring built-in breadmakers tend to make the dough increase a little more than in the traditional kneading and texture of the crumb is softer and finer.

Minimum attention required

When you prepare bread in a traditional way you must be very aware of what you do: mix the ingredients, knead, get the desired texture, leave it to rest until it grows, watch the dough grow, put in the oven, check the temperature and that everything is in order. It’s a detailed job! Well, with the breadmaker you forget all that

It is not necessary to change the sheets or mixing speeds. There is no need to grease a bowl, find a cover or look for a hot spot for the test stage because the breadmaker takes care of all those details automatically. A glimpse or two under the lid about 5 or 10 minutes into the mass cycle is all that is necessary. Undoubtedly, the breadmaker is a machine that is very helpful in your kitchen.

They have useful timers

Another of the great advantages of the bread makers is that a large part of their functions can be controlled with timers, which are extremely useful for the proper use of the machine.

Programs a time to knead, another to prepare the bread and you can even put the timer to work at night while you sleep and in the morning you wake up with a warm breakfast and a delicious aroma throughout the house, this type of time programming It is commonly known as a delay timer.

So, with a baking machine, you will not spend hours at home in front of the oven watching the bread being prepared, as it happens with the traditional preparation. You can go to work, to the movies or shopping at the supermarket and program your machine so that it is working and when you arrive you will have your bread ready. Some even have another timer so that the bread stays warm for at least an hour, once done.

How to choose a bread maker?

To choose a bakery, you must consider several factors of interest. First, choose the one that is more economical if you have the certainty that you will not give much use. This will save you money, it will let you know the operation of these machines and determine if you like them or not.

If it turns out you do not like them, you will not have spent a lot of money and if you finally end up liking you will know the characteristics of these machines and, later on, if your budget allows you, you could opt for a more expensive and a little more specialized with the functions that you want.

Secondly, you should avoid those bread makers that have no guarantee that covers, at least, one year. They are not reliable, because neither the same manufacturer trusts the longevity of their machines.

Third, do not get carried away by the extras when choosing a breadmaker. Remember, the only features that a bread maker should have is a white bread or basic cycle function, a manual or dough cycle and a timer. Other elements incorporated into the bakery are just an extra.

It is also important that you look at the manual and the cycle times. Bakeries usually have a preheat cycle. This is not bad if it’s about 5 or 10 minutes, but on some machines, it can take up to 45 minutes or more. Also, look at the times of the function of white bread, this should be a little over 3 hours, but its quality will be questionable.

As well as these, there are a number of factors that are important to consider; We consider that the following are the most interesting when buying the best breadmaker in the market.


When we talk about quality, we do not only mean that the products are functional, they are well made or they are made with good materials. Even the best brands, which usually have very good quality control, can bring to market at least one machine that is not as good as the others, so here it would be convenient to ask what are the guarantees that are behind that product.

When buying such a useful and indispensable equipment for your kitchen as a bakery, which will undoubtedly save you time and money, it is therefore essential that you take into account if the customer service of that product or brand can meet your expectations if a problem arises in the operation of your machine or if it just comes out defective.

It is necessary that you also take into account the guarantee of the machine you choose. These guarantees normally vary from 3 months to 2 years, although users have stated that the best brands of these products last up to two or three times longer than their warranty period.

The best value a product can have is probably having the company behind it, which believes that its machine is strong enough to last at least one or two years. On average, you can expect your machine to last 3 years. That at a rate of three loaves a week during that time. Some machines go much longer and set a useful life that is around five years, but three of average is a good guarantee of quality.


It may sound irrelevant, but when buying a bread maker it is very important that you look at the design of your machine, because this can always make a difference.

A suitable design is not only beautiful, with good aesthetics, but also functional and comfortable and will allow you the freedom to make almost any type of bread.

So when choosing your machine you must take into account the shape of the moulds, if you get it easy to handle, if it is easy to read the control panel and if programming it does not involve great mental effort. All these small details are part of the design and the more comfortable, simple and functional, everything is better.


In this case, it is important that you take into account the ease or difficulty with which your bread maker works with certain products. Some find it more difficult to handle 100% whole grain bread because these grains make it heavier than refined flour.

If you expect to bake mostly with whole grains, then look for a bread maker with more power for easier handling of the heavier whole grain flour, which, moreover, is more healthy.

Most bakeries that are new to the market can handle heavy paste effortlessly. However, it is a good idea to always listen to your machine when kneading the heavier grain flour. If it sounds as if you made an effort then it is necessary to add a little more liquid so as not to force it so much.

Now, if the machine you choose has a cycle of whole grain or whole wheat, you should not have problems with the heavier mass. The double pallet machines, very common nowadays, also make a job easier and with good weather with the whole grain mass, these bakeries also tend to do a better work of kneading to boot.

Bread Trays

Bread pans come in many different sizes and shapes. The machines produce oblong, round, rectangular and square loaves. If you want to make bread for primary use, let’s say sandwiches, the shape of the tray will make the difference.

Make sure that the machine you choose produces the right shape for your culinary needs. Currently, in the market, you can find pans or bread trays horizontally and vertically, although the latter is getting a little harder to find.

They also vary in their capacity of 1, 1.5 and 2.5 pounds. The ones of one and two and a half pounds have become unusual and difficult to find, in addition, in the opinion of experts, horizontal bread pans are usually better because they make bread much more useful.

If you’re going to do most of the things in the dough cycle, then the pan shape does not make much difference. If your plan is to make bread without gluten, then the best option is a machine of 1 to 2 pounds vertically.

Another thing to consider is what the saucepan is made of. All bread pans are made of aluminium with a non-stick coating. However, some are made of thick cast aluminium, which will make the barks thicker and darker, while some are made of thin aluminium, which tends to make lighter and thinner barks.

There are exceptions to this, but 9 out of 10 times this rule is met. Also, the type of bread you make will affect the crust as well.

Domes or Windows

Nowadays, manufacturers are bringing to the market bread making machines equipped with windows and not domes. In the opinion of its most common users, bread makers with windows are more comfortable and practical.

There are a few machines with domes, but they are usually old and it is unlikely that you can buy them again. The problem with them is that glass allows a large amount of heat loss. This can cause the bread to not be baked or browned on top.

Although breadmakers with windows are preferable, it is necessary to recognize that this feature is not very useful in some points. Most of the time you should use a flashlight to see inside, so it is easier to open the lid and look, this also gives you the opportunity to feel the dough to make sure it is the correct consistency, but it is not advisable to open the lid during the cooking cycle.


The machines to make bread have different types of a timer, which work according to the criteria of the engineers designated by the manufacturer to make the machine. Make sure the timer is easy to use. Try different models and brands in the store.

Avoid any timer that is confusing, most machines require you to count the number of hours between the time you set on the machine and the time you want the bread to be made. Therefore, if you are setting up the machine at 9 o’clock at night and you want bread made at 8 o’clock in the morning, then you must set the timer for 11 hours.

Some of the machines allow you to set the timer as a regular digital alarm clock. Others light up at the indicated time and the bread is prepared without problems.


In theory, the only cycles that a bread maker needs to fulfil its function are two: a basic or white bread cycle, and a manual or dough cycle.

All bread and dough products can be made using only these two cycles. However, the extra cycles on some machines allow you to create some varieties and fast bread.

These cycles are convenient for special uses, and, for you to make a better acquisition, you need to consider what types of loaves you will make when you select the machine you want to buy. For example, if your family prefers sweet bread, you may want to choose a bakery with a sweet bread cycle; this also applies to whole wheat bread, French bread, among other varieties.

Once you know what you want to bake, you can choose the machine with the cycles that work best for you. The cycles available in bread making machines are generally:

  • Basic or White. This is the multiple-use cycle used for most bread. You can use it, adapting according to the instruction manual, for almost any type of baking.
  • Quick. This cycle reduces the cooking time by approximately one hour. Some machines are programmed as fast baking. Its regular cycle is as short as 1 to 2 hours, so all the loaves made in this way are very quick to bake.
  • Whole wheat or whole grain. This cycle provides longer times, which are necessary for heavier bread. With some machines, you may have to make some adjustments if you do not have this cycle or if you do not have the option of programming longer kneading and baking times. You can stop and restart the breadmaker after the first kneading cycle, if necessary.
  • French bread. It decreases the amount of time of kneading and increases the time of growth of the dough. This is the ideal way to prepare recipes with low fat and sugar and, in addition, bread with a crunchy crust.
  • Pasta or Manual. Use this cycle to mix, knead and allow the dough to rise. Then, you can enjoy shaping the dough with your hands and preparing your bread in a conventional oven.
  • Raisins or nuts Actually, this timer signals when to add the nuts so that they do not break or dry before the baking begins.
  • Just bake. This cycle is good for baking frozen dough, although most of what a just-baked cycle does can be done in a conventional oven.
  • Sweet bread. Sugar affects the growth time and the cooking temperature, and this cycle compensates for that weakness. Consult the instruction manual of the manufacturer of the machine you select to know when to use it or to adopt a machine without this cycle when making sweet bread.
  • Sourdough. In this cycle, only available in a few machines, the ingredients for the fermented dough snack are placed. Then mix and ferment, then ask for the rest of the ingredients, finally, knead, let it rise, and cook.
  • Marmalade. It allows you to make your own jams and jellies.
  • Rice. This option is for you to cook the rice in your bread machine.
  • Cake or smoothie bread. It is to make sweet bread and unleavened bread like banana nut bread.
  • Pasta. Knead the dough and unfold it.
  • Pizza dough. Makes the dough, unfolds it out and bakes a great homemade pizza.
  • Programmable. This allows you to program in your own cycle. This gives you control over the kneading time, how it goes up and how far you want your dough to rise to bake it

Size of bread trays

The size of the bread pans varies according to the capacity of the breadmaker. The trays of the machines have measures ranging from 1 to 2.5 pounds. We recommend that you buy at least one machine that is between 1 and 1.5 pounds.

In theory, a 1 pound loaf will make 8 slices, a 1.5 pound will make 12 slices, a 2 pound will make 16 slices, and a 2.5 pound will make 20 slices.

However, this is not always the case. Some manufacturers label their machines as 2 or 2.5 pounds, but the size of the pan is the same as that of a 1.5-pound breadmaker. Because of this, you may not get the expected number of slices.

The other thing you should keep in mind is that horizontal machines, with double-kneading paddles, do not do a good job with 1-pound recipes. There simply is not enough mass to work well. If the 1-pound recipes are what you want, then you’d better decide on a vertical 1.5-pound machine.

Selection of the color of the bark

This function allows you to control the brown of the bark. It is important to be careful with some bakeries since the lighter setting of this function can result in bread that is rubbery at the top, especially if it is sweet bread.

Control of the bark is a nice feature to have. Generally, the breadmakers are elaborated to obtain three configurations of bark: clear, medium and dark. Some machines have a sandwich setting that makes loaves with a lighter tone than lighter crusts.

Energy Saver

The energy saver is a memory device that keeps your bread in case of power failures, such as an unnoticed pull of a plug or a temporary loss of power. The energy saving in some bakeries gives you only 10 seconds to restore the passage of electricity, in others it gives you up to 10 minutes.

If the energy is restored within the established time, the cycle will continue where you left off. If the energy goes out during the baking process, it is advisable to discard the bread and start over.

Due to its characteristics and the great advantages provided by a function of this nature, it would not be otherwise if you included it as one of the functions that the bakery that you are going to buy should have.


There are machines to prepare bread with a price range that goes from 50 pounds to more than 200 pounds. But paying more does not always translate into a better breadmaker, it all depends on its functionality, the quality of its materials, the use you give it, and even the quality of the ingredients you use to prepare your bread.

The advantage is that when looking for a competitive bakery there is a variety of prices and you can decide on the one that best suits you and that also has those functions that make it your favourite.

It is important that you are clear about how much you want to spend and what you want to do with your machine, so you can buy a bakery that is less expensive and fully fulfils that function for which you bought it.