Learning boxing is good, but it’s immediately less fun when you take a bad shot. Boxing is a sport, and although there will always be some pain in training, there is no reason to put yourself in danger and risk injury. This is why there are suitable protections, to have fun, without hurting yourself. The boxing headgear is essential if we want to be the sparring partner and take the blows from our opponent.
I invite you to discover a selection of inexpensive but good quality boxing headgear, and I give you as much information as possible about this type of protection.

The best boxing headgear in comparison

Well, if you are determined to protect yourself with the best headgear, it is essential that you take into account some particularities so as not to lose your money. For example, the exterior material must be of good quality to ensure that it will remain durable and will not wear out even after prolonged use.

The interior material, sometimes, is considered more important than the exterior material as it affects the feeling of comfort that you perceive when you are hit on the contrary. If the product has additional padding, it will allow to reduce the blows more lightly and play an active role in the comfort of the consumer.

If you are looking for complete protection of the face, verify that the unit you are going to buy has a kind of bar that protects the surface of the nose, but with side effects that interfere with vision and proper breathing. And do not forget that it should fit well over your head. But calm, here we leave you five good products.

1. Ringside boxing headgear

Protect your face from the constant attacks of your opponent with a mask of spectacular design, with subtle but lovely colours.

Protect the cheekbones, the lower part of the nose, and the entire cranial part of your head with this unit that has enough extra padding to provide a comfortable experience while you are inside it — the weight of just 363 grams that will not impede your mobility at all.

2. Venum Elite head protector

Let your opponent’s first impression of seeing you with this protector be of fear. Its red and black colours give an aggressive look, ideal to impose respect.

Made in pure leather, this product is awarded as one of the most durable items with greater resistance to wear, as well as a field of vision of 180 degrees without difficulty, while you adjust it with a Velcro closure according to your degree of comfort. Recommended practising box.

3. Reyes Boxing Headgear

The interior feel of this beautiful boxing headgear is remarkable, also, the exterior finish in light blue unicolour design is spectacular.

Manufactured essentially to provide greater comfort and convenience during sports practices, this item has padding that fits perfectly to the shape of your face to provide maximum coverage. Be the king in training or the gym at a very low price.

4. Ringside Competition Headgear

Show the grip you carry inside and get the championship to the best boxer while you show an entire face without any confusion.

By using this headgear, you will find safety and protection like no other product can provide. Your cheekbones will be taken care of, plus you can feel how the contour of the protector is adjustable to your face to give you a more flush sensation for a much more effective and winning movement.

5.Venum Elite Unisex Headgear

It does not matter if you’re a man or a woman, give your opponent a good boxing lesson with this unisex, lightweight, super compact and well-made headgear.

Made without sparing resources, this product offers a construction made of 100% leather, while facilitating the field of vision by not obstructing the look. Its interior has foam with three times more density than usual, absorbing like no other any impact that hits it.

How to choose boxing headgear?

The wearing of the boxing headgear is sometimes inconvenient, it can represent a gene during a fight, so it is better to choose a well thought out model. A good headgear can last you up to ten years, so it may be worth putting a certain price in your headgear so that it can last a long time, rather than wanting to buy cheap and end up with a good boxing headgear market that will have to be renewed every year.

Here are a few things that you have to conseder when choosing:


The boxing headgear must be comfortable to wear but it must also allow the boxer to keep all his performance during a fight.


It is the lining which will determine the comfort of the headgear. But beware of those that are too smooth because the headgear can then slide more easily. I’m not telling you the embarrassment that it can cause during a fight. Many prefer plush liners, and I understand them. It’s comfortable and it doesn’t slip. But you have to be careful because, over time, this kind of lining becomes really difficult to clean.

Chin rest

Many blows to the jaw often lead to a knockout. I think it is no longer necessary to talk about the importance of the chin strap during a fight. But beware of overly wide chin rests or those that are too tight to the point of feeling strangled.

Good visibility

When we talk about boxing headgear, these are not blinders, so make sure to choose a headgear that does not act as such. I advise you to choose boxing headgear with the widest possible panoramic vision.

Quality padding

Good boxing headgear is a headgear with padding that does not lose its density over the years. In addition, you should know that good padding should tend to take the shape of your face after a few months.

How to maintain the boxing headgear?

To make your boxing headgear last over time (up to 10 years), nothing like attentive maintenance! You will not regret it as it could lengthen the life of your boxing headgear. Never forget that the worst thing about a headgear is humidity! So be careful not to leave your headgear in your bag after a session during which you have perspired well. Adopt the reflex to systematically take it out to ventilate it and allow it to dry well. In addition, we recommend that you clean your headgear regularly with soap and water with a fairly mild pH. Remember to repeat this cleaning for example once every two weeks or every week depending on the number of your workouts.


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