Bowling is a very popular activity that many people enjoy. A bowling ball is essential for the practice of this game, you must pay attention to its choice. Having your own bowling balls is an advantage for users who care about their comfort and hygiene. In view of the varieties of models that exist on the market, you may have difficulty choosing your bowling ball. Before you start looking for the best bowling balls, here is some practical information that you should take into account.

What is the best bowling ball?

It is not an easy question since in general everyone must choose a different weight, design and size. However, I dare say that everyone has a perfect model according to their type of game.

First-timers will have to opt for more controllable options, daring games for ones with length performance and the most strict for well-balanced designs.

The secret is to know what skill you want to reinforce with your tool and what you are willing to work in a technical way.

Bowling Ball TZone Indigo Swirl Brunswick

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It is the favourite of many beginners who begin to take bowling seriously. It is easy to control and therefore makes excellent straight routes with great precision. That possibility of easy handling also makes many high-level players consider it a replacement.

Bowling Ball by Brunswick Rhino

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Another great ball of this brand for entry-level. Balances a good power with a controlled hook, is not too reactive so it will not go crazy in the throws. In addition, when the game is already advanced and the lane begins to dry, it is best played.

Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Ebonite Maxim Pre-Drilled Bowling Ball, Purple, 12
  • This bowling ball ships pre-drilled. There are 5 sizes and the sizes that we drill are based on the weight of the ball.
  • X-Small: 6lbs- Ages 8 and under, Small: 8lbs and 9lbs- Ages 8-11 and womens ring size from 8-11, Medium: 10lbs, 11lbs, and 12lbs
  • Ages 11-15 and Adult Ring size 10 or lower, Large: 13lbs and 14lbs, Mens ring size 10-12 or people with larger hands, X-Large:...

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It is a pass in versatility and performance, is capable of making newbies feel like professionals thanks to their defined straight lines. In addition, it has a very cool colour for dark lights and is one of the cheapest options of all.

Brunswick Twist bowling ball for beginners and professionals

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This ball allows a higher level of play something important in competitive bowling. Its reactive core design for a great movement arc and a long glide for a forceful response. It also comes with a reactive pearl shell, being a powerful option for any level.

Pro bowling ball ebonite bowl

Ebonite Pro Bowl Bowling Ball Ruby Gold Grey 10 lbs
  • Run in polyester ball, perfect straight
  • New and in original packaging, Un-drilled
  • Available in 8 – 15 lbs

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This bowling ball is great for tournaments and throws straight that will not stop strikes. It is also an economical alternative for those who can not spend too much, but it works like the highest-end ones. It has a unique brightness and can be perforated according to the needs of each hand.

Storm Timeless Hybrid Reactive Bowling Ball

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It has been created with champion Jason Belmonte for maximum performance in the market. It has a super-strong acceleration and a fleeting rotation rate so many beginners can have problems in controlling it, but they will see in it a hook of advanced technique.

Track Tundra reactive bowling ball

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Another reactive ball that with its light design allows a better distribution of energy. It is the step for professionalization. For its price, power and value it is worth having it to match a bowling bag that allows to have all the accessories together and protected.

Roto Grip Exclusive Alliance Rule bowling ball

Roto Grip Alliance Rule International Oversea Reactive Bowling Ball For Beginners And Professionals...
  • Reactive bowling set for ball of the HP4 line by red grip bowling, perfect for players with a need extra Bogen.
  • International release extremely rare, premium quality just like as seen on home Storm/Roto grip
  • Rare as the bowling ball doesn't take the normal catalogue erscheinen
  • Viel backend movement, suitable for men and women
  • Core from the Roto grip cell, a Legend, while the mouthpiece is in the ball no and shouldn't be a PRO SHOP close to you.

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It is a unique piece to collect. Its great virtue is its asymmetric nucleus and it is polished give a presentation of 10 that responds to the most daring movements of the hand. It is worth buying this ball if you want a unique piece with the quality of the best.

Different types of bowling balls

You can find two types of bowling balls on the market, the hard balls reactive balls.

Also called straight or rack balls, hard balls have a hard foam core. They are covered with polyurethane or dense plastic which allows moulding. This gives different colours to the ball.

As for the reactive balls, they are coated with grippy resin. This makes it possible to modify its inertia and its reactions. These are the balls that you buy to improve your scores, once you have mastery over the straight balls. These balls increase performance.


Why buying a bowling ball?


The quick and personalized access to a ball that fits our needs is very cool and more if we go regularly to bowling, whether professional or not, is a great way to always have on hand a suitable weight and a ball that we like.


Having a ball that weighs just enough that rolls correctly and that balances the movements of our hand can make us better players without even working on our power. So there is no better way to score more in each game than with a new personal ball.

More security

The accidents in the bowling can be very catastrophic for each player, it does not matter if we have bowling gloves or if we take more or less distance in our field of play the ball can always cause wrist, fingers, knee or shoulder pain.

However, correct adjustment and weight can increase the player’s confidence while decreasing the risk of injury.


Let’s be honest no one likes the idea of ​​sticking their fingers in holes where hundreds of other unknown people have also done it before. But it is not just a matter of disgust, the presence of bacteria is real so to avoid this contact it is best to have your own ball at home.

bowling balls

What to look for in a good bowling ball?


There are a series of measures that all balls must comply with, these may seem very technical aspects, but if you are going to have a ball at home it is better to know what “species” it is.

For example, the density must be equal to or less than 3.80 g / mL, the weight is less than 16 pounds and varies according to the strength of each user, the hardness is over 72 and the measurements of the circumference between 26 and 27 inches.

Manufacturing materials

  • Plastic: This type of covers are smooth and give little friction, something positive for novices because it is very predictable performance.
  • Urethane: With more controllable and hard. Its greater friction results in a greater hook to the track so its route is constant and less prone to deviate.
  • Reactive resin: More sensitive and more difficult to control, but preferred by experts for its good latch and pin action.
  • Proactive: These are the covers that work best on oiled tracks. They are light and with good length of movement.


The treatment of the cover can be polished or sanded. These procedures determine the hardness, roughness and oil absorption, factors that affect the overall performance of the game.


Indeed, in the market, there are many varieties of bowling ball weights and choosing among them is complicated especially for a beginner who is just beginning to know the codes. In any case, you should know that the colour of a bowling ball matches its weight. Indeed, the weight of a bowling ball varies between 6 and 16 pounds and a colour code has been implemented so that players can easily recognize the ball they need. This has been done because the recommended weight for a bowling ball is 1/6 of the user. This reduces the risk of aches for those who start to learn this sport and promotes ease when throwing the ball.

Custom holes

You are probably still wondering what type of bowling ball performs best? We advise you to look at the piercing of the ball. How can holes determine the purchase of good equipment or even influence your score? you will ask us. Well, we are talking about the grip of your ball here. Indeed, with vulgar little holes where you can simply insert your fingers, you can optimize your chances of winning. 

To have a good grip on your ball and especially for optimal comfort when launching, you must have a good quality of piercing. To do this, find a ball whose piercing is neither too small, because you risk getting your fingers caught in addition to having difficulty holding your ball, or too wide not to slide it and miss your skittles.


This factor may seem at odds with the criteria given above, but if you are wondering how to buy a better value bowling ball, it is not the least. Obviously, a bowling ball specific to each member of your team represents the ultimate, but if you have a limited budget to provide decent equipment to your small team, the best is to turn to a model that can suit pretty much to everyone. 

Indeed, a versatile bowling ball can do the trick for a group of players including both adults and children. It also allows better learning for novices and better still, it contributes to the development of their levels. If you are going into a price comparison, this kind of ball is the most recommended.


For many, the coolest are the colours and I will not lie to you, yes they are cool on the track rolling the pretty designs. So do not miss the opportunity to give more fun to this sport and choose colours that you like more with brightness in the dark or other qualities.


It is the ability of the ball to bend when it approaches the end of the track to hit the correct and separate pins.


  • Of pancake: Perfect for the initial players since they give balance. They are placed on one side.
  • Symmetrical: They are larger and give more ability to curve and break in the slip.
  • Asymmetrical: Its shape does not have a pattern and therefore are more difficult to handle being this a challenge and surprise factor that the most advanced ones like very much.

How to maintain the bowling ball?

Regular scrubbing

Rubbing the ball with a cloth after each use is essential to eliminate traces of oil, dust or particles that may adhere to the cover and affect the final performance.

Additional cleaning

Every few months it is a good idea to take the ball to a professional store to keep your own cleaning gel for amore economical ball cleaning routine.


To protect your bowling ball you can buy a bag for transportation and storage.

The rules of the game bowling

The rules of bowling are simple enough to allow anyone to enjoy the game.

  • First of all, the player must make sure that he is well relaxed to be able to play the game easily. Concentration is considered essential in bowling activities.
  • In addition to concentration, the player must throw the ball with an appropriate technique. He must ensure that the ball is held with perfect grip, which allows him to be comfortable at the time of the throw.
  • The other rule of bowling states that it is important to find the perfect shoes for playing. Bowling shoes help the player to systematically slide, throwing the ball in the right direction.
  • The final rule concerns the maximum number of bowling points. There are ten frames in the pins and the maximum number of points a bowler is expected to score is 150 points. The player must ensure that he has reached this particular target limit.

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