5 Best Bodyboards for an Unprecedented Aquatic Experience

Bodyboarding is a sport that gets increasingly popular. Take your best bodyboard and go to the beautiful coasts of the Canary Islands and live an incredible, safe and fun experience. Whether you are a novice or not, having a product that shows safety indexes and high-quality standards is a must.

The current dynamics of the market, in the sport aspect, has diversified a lot showing really affordable prices and comfortable for the economy of all families, and athletes. Today, surely you would be interested in buying a good table; So do not talk anymore. We have made an exhaustive and interesting collection of the best brands that present optimal conditions for healthy activity.

From the most novice to even the most experienced, here you will find your choice, focusing on designing an interesting and well-complemented guide to making your acquisition as durable and satisfying as possible. Remember, due to the high pH of the sea, this table must have an interesting resistance to sea salt, and also to the corrosion that could be caused between the effect of the sun and oxygen.

What is the best bodyboard?

Take a seat, relax. Surely you are an athlete of pure category, you would not like a break while you read what your future purchase option will be. Below we have listed the 5 best products that after a hard investigation, we have listed as our favorites. They present a great price-value ratio as well as a good rubber lining.

They also have a strong grip to be able to surf the waves with greater comfort, and a high guarantee of success in reaching the coast without falling off it. Get carried away by the water wave, and make your purchase today, which will undoubtedly be your best sports bet.

1. Black Marlin Sporting Goods bodyboard

A very compact product

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This option represents the high-end sports, with an exquisite blue colour that is evenly combined with the colour of the sea more intense. Its price is marked by significant incorporation of resistant materials, as well as a range of high quality that will provide a greater guarantee when it comes to developing aquatically.

Made of polyethene, this table offers great grip and maximum flexibility to give the body a better feeling when playing sports. It is a very useful tool for colleagues who are just beginning in the area of ​​bodyboarding, they will feel comfortable and safe navigating in this product manufactured by Pride.

2. Arin bodyboard complete

A tag option

This table is designed from the factory to give the most masculine that sense of manhood and supremacy which they like to be used to.

It has an excellent quality / price ratio. Its shape has been designed to provide great ease in the hydrostatic thrust. Its position of lying on the table is thanks to the widest point of the table that was slightly more advanced. Its aerodynamic shape will increasingly give the support and greater agility and versatility at the time of sailing.

3. MOREY Cruiser Bodyboard

Incredible quality

This product is designed under the strictest quality and safety standards to ensure higher performance and performance even in the most complicated waters and greater volatility of marine currents. Submerged in a deep dark black with red markings, they will make you stand out when practising.

Its finish made with large padding will resist the strongest marine strikes, and even ensure greater durability of the board so that the hard you spend on acquiring one does not have to be reinvested in buying a new one. With this Morey bodyboard, you can be calm of any damage.

4. ALDER X-MESH Bodyboard

It has no competition really

X Mesh Alder 42 Bodyboard - EPS Core, Crescent Tail, 60/40 Rail and...
  • ✓ EPS Core - Provides a stiff and buoyant lightweight...
  • ✓ Clipped Crescent Tail - This versatile and...
  • ✓ HDPE slick - A High Density Polyethylene bottom...
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This product comes by default in sizes 42. Its really accessible price provides that resistance and grip when interacting with the liquid surface of the water. Despite certain faults such as stringers, this Alder board could be said to have no rival or competition if we talk about the price.

Its aesthetic design is well manufactured, colourful and thought about highlighting the male and female supremacy with colours that combine with the typical beach attire of the practitioners of this sport. Bathed in blue, or greyish colour is a product that can not miss on your next trip to the beach or the coast. You can find it at a price that will really surprise you, and you’ll want to have it with you immediately. The users who have acquired it have not regretted it.

5. Flood company Dynamx Bodyboard

The most beautiful and cheapest option

Flood Bodyboard DyNamX Stringer 40 Blue Vellow
  • Heck: Bat Tail
  • Core : Eps Krypto Core
  • " Bottom " : Hdpe Slickbottom with Channels
  • Deck: Xepe Polyethylene

An unprecedented aesthetic finish that comes with endless colours for all tastes, and even adds a sensational product that will make your purchase irresistible for those beginners or intermediate who seek to delve much more into this beautiful and extreme sport.

Its star material is polyethene that has a great grip and maximum resistance for peak moments where the waves need to be navigated with comfort and adrenaline to reach the target safe and sound. Dare and make your purchase today; It has great durability that makes it even more attractive.

What is bodyboard?

This table differs from a surfboard in the fact that it is much shorter (typically 97 to 109 centimetres) in length and is made with different types of foam rubber. The modern product consists of a rubber core encapsulated by a plastic bottom, a softer rubber on the top known as the cover. The softer sides of rubber are known as bars.

The core is made with polyethene or polypropylene. The bottom is made of resin. The cover is manufactured with 8LB. Each type of foam core, shell, or bottom material gives the board a different amount of flexibility and control. The speed from the bottom increases when the athlete is held to the bottom and the board flexes and collects to release energy.

If the product flexes little or very easily, the speed is lost. The heart of polyethene is better suited to cold waters although they can also be flexible in hot waters. The Arcel and Polypropylene cores fit better over hot water due to their increased average stiffness.

At the same time, this sport is one of an aquatic category where the surfer mounts a board bodyboard on the crest, front part and the curls of a wave which takes the athlete towards the coast.

Is it easier to surf or bodyboard?

For many, this sport is the last one related to waves. Fans of this could say that their sport precedes surfing as an ancient outdoor activity. And for a few, this practice is just an easier way to be inside the waves.

There are athletes who, depending on the mood of the ocean, will mount a bodyboard or a surfboard. A significant minority of experienced practitioners would never trade one of these tables for a surfing one.

However, the eternal debate continues. Is surfing better than bodyboarding? Why should you be on your stomach when you can stand? Is there a natural way to enjoy the energy of a wave?

Thirty years ago, bodyboarders were not welcome in many of the best places to surf. People began to appreciate the new radical moves introduced by boogie boards. The practice of being upside down added more risk and wild variables to the way a wave can be controlled.

When these athletes reached the skies, literally, and included acrobatics, gravitational manoeuvres within the repertoire of the sport, the surfers had no choice but to accept them. Although it should be noted that this sport is not an introduction to surfing.

Today, bodyboarding is a highly technical water sport. It’s not an entertainment sport, forget that stereotype. You can not say you know how to practice it just because you surf. This sport cannot be compared to any other, never again.

Two main dynamics

Belly boarding

If you only try to do this practice, for example, only mount white water that goes straight to the beach from the depth of this, then the correct size is less important than if you are going to be using fins to swim. Personally, we believe that it is the same if you spend 100 pounds if you want to do belly boarding.

You will be surprised what you can get for 30 or 80 pounds. Look for a bodyboard that reaches your belly button when you’re standing on the floor, an extra inch can give you a little more buoyancy. A little more width in the table will also help.

Body boarding

This is the dynamic of using fins and riding through a wave, and these are usually trapped much further before the break of it. These fins allow you to generate the power to get inside the waves before they start to break.

Having the right board will make a big difference in your ability to catch waves and have control over the bodyboard while riding it, especially on the steep sections of it. Generally speaking, the correct length of the bodyboard should reach between your waist and your belly button. If you are a heavier athlete, look for a board with a little more width and finesse to get a flattering effect without sacrificing control of the face of the wave.

Tips to choose your bodyboard table properly

Things get serious. Being on this page means you are ready to choose your perfect board. Well, let’s go into the matter. Choosing the ideal product is an essential part of your progress as an editor. That your ideal characteristics and benefits coincide with the bodyboard will ensure that your sport is not just for fun, but that you take it really epic. Let’s take a look!


Size is the most important element to consider when choosing your new table. The weight and width will make a difference to your performance. Even one wrong inch can affect your ability to capture waves and manoeuvre into a greater challenge.

The ideal product should reach from your knees to your hips. The most experienced ones are advised to choose one that increased width for extra flotation and strength.

Choose the right one for your skill 
When you choose your table, you usually get what you pay for. A high-end product will not necessarily make you a world champion in seconds, so it’s important, to be honest with yourself. Do not spend your money on a table with incredible features if you are not able to use it.


Guaranteed. You can not see the current core of your product, but it is the most important element. Define the table, and used in the right circumstances, it will allow you to progress, enjoy the sport and reach your maximum potential. Getting the wrong type of core will give you more chances of never being able to beat your colleagues. And it will not feel good.

The type of foam used in each heart determines the performance of the bodyboard in the water. So think about the kind of conditions in which you will be using your new friend. Consider the water temperature, the size of the waves, the type of waves and your own dimensions.

PE versus PP

PE is the most common core used in these products, especially in the United Kingdom. Despite being significantly heavier than PP, it has more flexibility which in turn offers more control. Ideal for colder waters.

PP cores are preferred for hot water athletes. They are lighter and stronger than their PE counterparts and thus offer faster mounting and extra speed. A PP bodyboard also has the ability to coat your original shape extremely well preserving your life span, even more than PE.

Although a PP bodyboard may seem tempting to use in Spain, its extra rigidity can make it uncomfortable and uncontrollable during its assembly, especially for the winter. The lack of flexibility can also make simple movements become real challenges. Some athletes like this extra hardness and feel that it gives them speed and makes the bodyboard last a good amount of time.

Despite this, the tables sprayed with PP have turned the standard industry into a high performance because the manufacturing process allows an increased consistency in core density. This means that the PP has better buoyancy properties which make some movements easier and generally that means faster, especially in smaller waves.

Shape of the back

Another great component that influences the performance of the bodyboard is its back. This is as important as the nucleus because it dictates the directional movement and is released through the manoeuvres. The two most common forms are crest and bats. A narrow back allows you to free yourself from movements more easily and is less buoyant while a wider rear provides greater stability. For more advantages and control you should choose a half moon. For more surface area and better movement choose a Bate type. Which would work best for you?

Features that will improve your practice


You guessed! The shed is the material on which you lie. The usual configuration for the material of the shed is 8 pounds (density per inch). The PE cover is soft and flexible such as the cores, but likewise, after a while, they are unable to find their original shape. The bones and bending in areas under pressure are also quickly damaged in PE sheds.

Companies are looking for ways to stop these events, but some athletes prefer to be warned of the continued use of the products that are purchased.

The alternative to these sheds is known as crossed, thinner 6-pound structured cells that absorb less water in turn that are more durable but tend to be stiffer. This is often used in tables of less than 100 pounds value and due to its price is slightly easier to produce. If you buy one of these numbers, you should be careful if you need more wax for traction, this is due to its vinyl touch.


Although the contour improves the attractiveness of your board, it is specifically designed to increase flexibility, response and control. They offer extra support, comfort and help you hold you lie across heavy waves. Do not skip the contours while you are examining a new table to buy.

They can make an incredible difference during practice. Athletes who are new to this practice may also find that they help improve their ability to put their hands and elbows in the right place when riding.


The skin is the material that is under the bodyboard which is in direct contact with the water while surfing the waves. There are two types of material commonly used for skins: resin and high-density polyethene.

  • Resin: This is the material most commonly used by companies. Believe it or not, it’s the same plastic used to cover golf balls. It is a rubber composition of ethylene resin and copolymers which has elastic properties. These make the responsive tables and cover them in an original way when they are stretched. They also make these products faster by providing a superior projection through the waves. This material increases the longevity of the product and prevents bending so it is a good quality addition. Due to its elasticity, it is the most expensive of the two types of leather materials, but it is the favourite of the champion athletes. And they know a little more.
  • High-density polyethene: This is the most economical alternative. In terms of attractiveness, and tact there is a bit of separation from its resin counterpart. However, this polyethene tends to look like an economical material for beginners, so unless you’re just starting out, it’s usually worth paying a little more for a resin one. Having said that, experts prefer to get away from this type of material because they provide less pressure on the board. This means that longevity is not affected. This polyethene has less performance, but it gives great value to money while increasing your skills.


These are small holes in the bottom of the shed. They help hold the face of the wave in almost the same way that a fin works on a surfboard, improving directional control and movement. Most channel designs have a narrow entrance to the water in front of the tank with a wide outlet in the rear. This creates an increased surface area so your table holds the water better through its bottom and directs the directions.

A feature known as Concave is a long channel that traverses half the length of the bodyboard through the back of the pod. It usually starts with an approximate 20 to 25 inches from the rear with a gradual channel through its back. The concaves add better control and are designed to maximize under the line of speed and driving.


It is a wire-like plastic that is between the skin and the nucleus. Improves the projection and makes the bodyboard more durable. Also, the cushions make the table receive better movements more aerial. It’s good to know the next time you have another airtime.


  • Dual: Polyethylene and propylene are the two main blocks when the core of a bodyboard is built. As we have already mentioned, they represent each end of the spectrum. Rubber foam rigid and flexible. As technology advances, manufacturers have developed products that now include the characteristics of both materials. They are also known as 3D axes. They use columns of both compounds to create a sandwich that offers greater durability and performance.
  • Low-density polyethene cores: These also start to appear with a lower density which means they are less rigid. However, these go by different names depending on the manufacturer. For many athletes, this design offers the best of both worlds: a lightweight product with good buoyancy and flexibility when the water is cold while holding in hot water if changing from mode to jelly boarding.
  • Polystyrene: They have been designed for beginners or short budgets. This rigid but low weight foam rubber provides the ideal platform to dive into broken waves and surf them to the beach. It offers great buoyancy and a reasonable amount of flexibility. Perfect for novices who grasp their first aquatic experiences.


If you want to go much further in this beloved sport, the suspenders are an essential element of your product with which you need to familiarize yourself. They are tubes made of carbon fibre or fibreglass that run through the core.

Not only do they allow them to last much longer, but they also increase performance. Both are important for maintaining the speed of the table’s memory (the ability to return to its original shadow). So consider when you are in a table that is likely to be used before deciding the configuration of these. We are talking about the conditions of the waves and the temperatures of the water. This step is vital. Choosing the wrong configuration could ruin your experience.

In cooler waters, a simple central tether is a norm. However, two and even three shoulder systems are now appearing in the design of these bodyboards. Some companies are also experimenting with oval-shaped braces that help keep the retreat in each direction.


The flexibility is something that you will hear a lot of athletes. So let’s unpack this slang. When you look for your partner, you need rigidity but you also need the flexibility to return to the beginning. The speed with which your board moves or reforms to its original form creates the projection. Effectively this is speed, what every bodyboarder craves. The ability of a board to return to its original shadow is called memory.

The older and more used a bodyboard is made, the easier it loses its ability to roll back. It will slow down. At this point, it’s time to buy a new table.

Shape of the back

  • Half Moon:  The most widely used posterior design is the crescent moon. As the name suggests, it forms a wide u shape which puts your body in contact with the surface of the water. This provides more control and adjusts to the fall of the knees, and athletes face down.

It is great for beginners who are in the early stage of development, make it easier to position your hips on the bodyboard to catch waves. They are also comfortable as you row towards them. Generally, the crescent moon is a popular feature and is more manageable in terms of manoeuvrability and comfort.

  • Shape of bat: This product looks like the shape of a bat. There are no surprises there then. Its shape is designed for heavy athletes or smaller waves. This is because it produces more backward lifting of the body which provides more speed and maneuverability with less momentum. While the head that protrudes back may feel uncomfortable to lie on at the beginning, it is a very functional design particularly created for speed. This design is the first choice for many European surfers and some British sportsmen confess that these products do bodyboardingin European waters easier. It is a popular belief that this type of bat-shaped products help you move more easily and generally offer a smoother ride through the shifts. However, in much larger waves, these products can become a little unstable and lose some of their sustaining power.


The rails are the side edges of your board that run from the nose and down to the back. The differences in design can determine how much success you have within the face of a wave and your ability to free a rail to perform manoeuvres. Let us explain.

First, there are two sections attached to a rail. The upper part of the bodyboard is called “crest” and the part of the bottom is called a rail. There are two different types of rails present in most of these products: 60/40 and 50/50. These numbers tell us how much of the ridge is at the top and how much rail is at the bottom.


The nose of your board is the front part at the top and its width affects the manoeuvrability of the athlete. A wider board such as one between eleven and thirteen inches (which fits better those that are upside down) will be more stable. While a narrower one which could be anywhere, it varies from a rounded nose to a 10-inch nose and will be lighter and more manoeuvrable.

If you choose a very wide one for your practice style, you will begin to lose speed. Also, choose a bodyboard with a very narrow nose, and you will have a hard time controlling your board. Most of these boards have a similar size to the nose, so do not stress over it too much. Choose the type of nose that best suits your needs. It is simple.

Clamping points

They are also called little heads in the nose, and they are one of the many names that are given to your grip points on the bottom side of your board. They are designed to increase control of the hands and fingers, and also increase strength and durability in this area of ​​the bodyboard.

Observe these characteristics if you love riding large and heavy waves. They are a really functional design, and once you get used to them, you will never have another one without these points.

Sizes and dimensions

The dimensions of your board incredibly affect its performance in the water. There are a lot of light variations that use different elements to mount waves that can fit athletes of certain shapes or weight more than others. Let’s develop this topic a bit more

  • The wide point: The widest point of any product is measured from rail to rail and affects flotation and the ability to flip. For example, a wider board will offer more flotation but it will be more difficult to flip. In the past years, these products have become narrower, mostly under 22 inches, to accommodate in difficult and critical situations.
  • Nose to the wide point: This is the distance between the nose and the widest point of the table. Yes, you are learning fast. Determine the average shape and pattern of your product. A wider point creates more surface in the area around the nose and offers more stability if you mount it upside down. A lower point narrows this area which increases manoeuvrability. A low wide point is commonly preferred for athletes with dropped knees.
  • Bodyboard size: The most important element of the shape of a board is the length. You must get the right one. If it is too big you will not be able to control it or paddle very effectively. Your knees will hit the back while you shake your fins. A bodyboard that is too short in size simply will not offer enough flotation. This will make your cruise slower and harder to catch waves.

The best brands of body boards


NMD has been built with the collective effort of an incredible group of surfers, designers, distributors, and friends.

The NMED team has been driving the strength of the company’s success and have had the joy of working with the best in the world including Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Jase Finlay, Pierre-Louis Costes, Joe Clarke, Eddie Solomon, Steve ‘ Bullet ‘Mackenzie and Michael’ Eppo ‘Eccleston.

These athletes have been instrumental in redefining the art of riding the waves through a constant progression in their technique and their equipment. They direct you and let you know the review of the products created by NMD for a constant improvement of their forms and the construction of their nuclei.


It is a company that was born as an initiative, and now they produce 100% of their products that they are really proud of. They travel around the world testing their brands in different types of climates and aquatic states.


It is a unique project where the goals of its founders were to establish a new system to promote all unknown athletes who deserve a place in world sport. This idea, together with using the best and most up-to-date technology available on the market, makes CORE a TOP line for the best athletes worldwide.

Among other outstanding brands are also VS and NOMAD that provide high-quality standards and state-of-the-art technology.