With age, I started to lose my hair. Simple troubles, it became real anxiety and I thought only of that! I have tested a few anti-hair loss products, more or less effective, until a friend told me about  Biotin supplement. Presented as a miracle pill, this vitamin B based food supplement promises to solve hair loss problems. Does it really work?

biotin supplement

What is the best biotin supplement?

There are lots of supplements on the market, in this case, it is useful to look at the brand and make a comparison of what each manufacturer offers you, but also to do a test of what you really need of this product and choose accordingly. We elaborate on this small list of suggestions that we hope, will be useful to you.

1. Incite Nutrition Biotin 10,000 mcg – 200 capsules

Suitable for diabetics

Indicated for brittle nails and hair growth, this product is free of lactose, soy, gluten and yeast, which makes it ideal for diabetics and allergic in general.

It is economical and you get it in a presentation of 200 tablets per bottle, with supply for, at least about 6 months.

2. Solgar 10,000 mcg

Suitable for vegetarians

It treats of a product soluble in water, of very high power, friendly with the vegetarians, that offers big benefits in the skin and helps to provide energy to your body. Taking into account that they sell it in the presentation of two bottles of 120 capsules, it is the least expensive of our selection.

3. Pure Nutrition Biotin Supplement

Suitable for allergy sufferers

With a combination of zinc and selenium, these biotin tablets offer you a dose for one year. They are ideal for people with allergies and ideals as a compliment that measures the growth of your nails and hair. They have a high price, but it is a good quality product with GPM certification.

4. Biotina Nu U Nutrition

Without colourants

With an advanced formula, powerful, which affects the natural growth of hair and iron levels, this supplement comes without special colours and flavours and is suitable for vegetarians. It is affordable and in the opinion of those who already have, it is an effective product that fulfils what was promised.

5. Vegavero – Biotin + Zinc 180 capsules

Strengthens hair

The Vegavero biotin supplement helps you to have fine hair and to grow naturally. It offers great benefits to the metabolism, nails and skin and, also in the improvement of the spirit.

It has a low price if we start comparing with similar ones in the available offer.

6. Nutravita biotin supplement

Pure and high quality

Complemented with coconut oil, this supplement is the most recommended to obtain all the nutrients that biotin offers you.

It is a powerful and high purity product, ideal for hair, skin and nails. You will see the results immediately.

7. Biotin Hair Growth Supplement –

Powered by Zinc

The Nutribioticals Ltd puts at your disposal this vegan biotin supplement that is supplemented with zinc and magnesium, thus helping the health of hair and beard.

It is a natural product, safe and without any additives.

8. MAX ABSORPTION Biotin Liquid Drops, 5000mcg

SBR Nutrition

Suitable to provide the nutrients responsible for healthy hair, this is one of the best supplements in the selection.

It has double power in comparison with others of different manufacturers. It is a superior formula, safe and soluble in water.

9. Biotin PPAZ1998 from Natrol

Great value for the price

The natural biotin supplement from Natrol is economic, made with pure ingredients and without chemical agents or contaminants, which makes it a true quality product in relation to its cost.

Its consumption gives strength and shine to the hair.

10. Puritans Pride- Biotin  Supplement

Powerful and hypoallergenic

Accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet, this supplement is ideal to strengthen the tone of the skin, nails and hair. It is one of the most sought after in the market.

If you are interested in buying, this option is suitable for allergy sufferers.

What is Biotin?

It is a vitamin that intervenes in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, amino acids and purines. It is usually susceptible to oxidation, but stable to heat, soluble in water and alcohol and is commonly used to strengthen hair, nails and skin.

In the case of hair is indicated for people with total or partial loss, however, it works, above all, in the restitution of the hair of those people who have a deficiency of this vitamin. It is also known as Vitamin B or Vitamin B7, and although you can see it in beauty products, it is not efficient in lotions or topical treatments, it is a product that is recommended to be taken orally.

Biotin plays an important role in helping the human body convert food into usable energy. This vitamin B complex is abundant in a wide range of foods, including nuts, legumes, cauliflower, whole grains, mushrooms, eggs, oysters and organ meats.

Although it is present in a series of foods, not everyone can consume enough of them on a regular basis. When this happens, taking a supplement is a smart way to take advantage of the benefits of this vitamin.

What do biotin supplements do?

As we said, this vitamin plays an essential role in the metabolism of amino acids, fats and hydrates and, additionally, it helps to strengthen the hair avoiding its fall and making it grow strong and bright. The hair is built up of a protein called keratin. Biotin reacts with cellular enzymes and produces the amino acids needed to build keratin, so taking a biotin supplement will make your hair grow fast and thick.

Impressive benefits of biotin

Consuming a supplement of this nature gives you a series of benefits that result in a better quality of life, a healthier appearance and a healthier appearance, here we explain what they are:

biotin benefits
  • Thick hair: Stimulates hair growth making it thicker and brighter. The growth with biotin is usually faster and the strands of hair are more resistant. In addition to giving healthy people an extra boost, supplements can help people struggling with nutrient deficiencies improve their hair loss, making it healthy and eliminating dry and brittle hair.
  • Improves the skin: Conditions such as acne and psoriasis are often related to a biotin deficiency. Also dry and itchy skin evidence this feature. This vitamin can correct the problem, improve the skin and help to give it more shine and vitality.
  • Strengthens the nails: This vitamin is also known for its ability to strengthen the nails, in high doses, significantly improve the nails with spots, brittle and scaly, giving them more thickness and strength.
  • Rebuild tissues: Neither muscles nor tissues are everlasting, the body relies on B vitamins to help rebuild them after they are broken or damaged. Biotin rebuilds muscle strength and helps tissues grow. It also has a key role in relieving inflammation of the muscles and joint pains.
  • Help with cell growth: Biotin also helps in essential body functions. One of them is to regulate the formation of DNA, which ensures that the genetic information in each cell works and reproduces correctly.
  • Promotes the development of fetal and baby: Biotin is especially essential for pregnant women, in fact, an absence of this vitamin can cause some abnormalities in the birth of the baby, which is why doctors indicate a lot in pregnancy, in occasions, with similar importance to that of folic acid intake. A biotin supplement will ensure the baby’s health, stimulate fetal development and minimize complications of pregnancy. Even after the baby is born, if the mother is deficient in the vitamin, she can consume it to give it to her baby through breast milk, this in order to prevent the child from developing the deficiency too.
  • Protect your brain: Keeps your nervous system functioning perfectly, improves the conditions of your memory, prevents neurodegenerative disorders, senile dementia, and diseases such as Alzheimer’s, among others. It also helps in concentration, keeps you in a positive perspective and establishes defences against cognitive problems.
  • Increase energy and mood: Due to its ability to metabolize fats and carbohydrates, it also helps to synthesize certain amino acids and fatty acids so that your body fills with energy. It also plays an important role in the conversion of nutrients into the fuel your body needs to walk. When there is a deficiency of this vitamin, you often present fatigue, mood swings, fatigue and very low energy.
  • Aids in weight loss: As this vitamin increases your metabolism, it can help accelerate weight loss, especially when combined with chromium. However, neither is it a diet pill or a weight loss treatment. Biotin will make you as long as you combine it with an exercise routine and a healthy diet.

How to choose the right biotin supplement?

Biotin Hair Growth Supplement

Among the available offer there are large numbers, however, when looking for yours must take into account certain elements that will make your supplement the best and most appropriate. To achieve this, you must pay attention to the following factors:

  • Quality: You should avoid supplements with synthetic and unnecessary ingredients, this is because in most cases these ingredients have not been sufficiently tested and far from consuming a good degree of biotin you will have diluted the vitamin or other chemicals that you do not know, they are not necessary and they reduce effectiveness. Remember that when it comes to your health and your body, quality must always be in the first place.
  • Dosage and safety: When choosing a biotin supplement, look for one that is manufactured in an installation that is certified under good manufacturing practices (GMP) or approved by the FDA. If you suffer from allergies then it is necessary that the product you choose is free of allergens, among other elements. You should also consider the dose. If you use it for your hair a dosage of between 5,000 and 10,000 mcg is appropriate. Remember that when it comes to your health, the selected product should provide you with confidence and safety in your consumption.
  • Friendly with vegetarians: If your diet and eating habits do not include the consumption of meat of any kind, you should check the label to see if the product is vegetarian, that is if it is made with pectin, which is an alternative derived from the plants. Many brands use a gelatin capsule from an animal source, which is sometimes unexpected.
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