If you are looking for a bike tool kit but you do not want to invest in many other tools or carry a heavy case, we have a solution for you. There are a variety of bike tool sets especially for cyclists, because they are not included in the normal toolsets. 

You can distinguish two groups, the compact bike tool kit, case with bike tools and the popular bike multi tool kits. But what to choose? It depends on your need! If you are looking for tools to help you out on the road, multi-tool bike kits are ideal.

To repair and maintain the bike in your own garage at home it is better to buy a full bike tool kit. With large tools, it is often much more comfortable and you have each key in hand without changing the bits.

What is the best bike tool kit?

Regardless of whether it is an MTB or standard, freewheel or cassette bike, you will at some time need tools to tighten loose screws, adjust your brakes or replace parts.

In this comparison, we evaluate high demand models in the market, which we recommend to cover the expectations regarding:

  • Materials: Elements such as aluminium, steel or plastic of good quality, both in your case and in your instruments.
  • Organization: Cases with a harmonious distribution of content, to facilitate its location.
  • Price: Between the cheap and functional up to the expensive and more technical, to satisfy all tastes.

Work Station from SuperB TBA9000

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The experts in the field of bike repair will appreciate this complete work module, provided with everything necessary for its technical attention. It has 7 organization drawers full of tools, combined keys, pliers, pliers and even a press. Its base has 4 wheels to transport you with ease.

Pedros bike tool kit

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If you are developing a passion for good bicycle maintenance, you can make use of this outstanding professional kit. The interior of this hermetic case houses 70 tools for repair and adjustment, with additional space for new acquisitions. It is impact and immersion proof.

Park tool EK-1 bike tool kit

Park Tool EK-2 - Professional Travel And Event Kit Tool
  • The ultimate travelling tool case and work station full of the best quality tools from the Big Blue company
  • A carefully selected set of our finest pro level tools, housed in the BX-1 Blue Box Tool Case
  • Perfect for professional shop and team mechanics, as well as the home mechanic who wants the ultimate portable tool kit

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A kit recommended for intermediate repair needs, which has 35 multifunction tools for bicycles. It keeps each of its pieces neat, without stacking them, allowing to include many more. All arranged in a beautiful blue suitcase, made of dents-proof plastic material and with lock. The boards are removable.

Bicycle repair kit Lezyne Port-a-Shop Pro

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By using your bicycle regularly you will want to have enough to repair it, so it will keep you running smoothly, avoiding major expenses. This is what the Lezyne brand offers with this affordable product, which puts at your disposal basic tools in fine finishing, for minor jobs that you can do yourself.

Topeak TPX-01 bike tool kit

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Bike rollers to train at home

Why buy a bike tool kit?

Buying tools separately can be tedious, and you may always forget one while shopping. By purchasing a kit, you make sure that all the essentials are included – and a little more – and you can also save a little because it is more affordable to take a complete kit than to buy each key separately.

Tools for experts

Mountain bikes often require more complicated repairs. They, therefore, need slightly more professional tools to work with chains and sprockets, brakes or rims. If you have the knowledge and expertise to use them, go for it.

Leave the difficult repairs to the professionals

If you don’t have the skills to carry out heavy repairs, you could end up damaging the bike or yourself. If you don’t know how to fix the problem yourself, don’t invent it.

Repairs and maintenance you can do yourself

However, there are many repair and maintenance tasks that you can not only learn but that you should learn, such as checking chains, repairing punctures, adjusting brakes, etc.

Bike multi-tool

bike multi-tool

The multifunction tools are handy for taking your bike tour. Their main advantage is that they are super compact and relatively light. These bicycle tools you can put in the pocket under the saddle or that of the jersey. The most important tools for essential work are included. Almost all models come with Allen keys (hex keys), as they are most important for bikes.

Also standard are the flat and Phillips screwdrivers, despite the fact that modern bikes no longer have a lot of classic screws. At the time of disc brakes, it became important to have Torx keys to change the discs in case of a case.

Not to underestimate are problems with the chain. If you are doing long tours, it may be important to choose a bicycle tool kit with a chain tool. With these tools, you will be able to easily reassemble a torn chain yourself. Open-ended wrenches and/or sockets are no longer important as before. Many modern bikes only use hex screws.

Bike covers to protect your bicycle

How to choose the best bike tool kit?

Not all tool kits are perfect, so in addition to looking for the basics, you also need to make sure of the presentation or the number of pieces they contain. Let’s go a little further:

Type of tools

Hex keys

They are known as Allen keys and come in different sizes and lengths, with longer levers or L-shaped or P-shaped. In addition, they are available in 3-in-1 presentations which, although they can be a little difficult to handle in closed spaces, can be very useful for more open rooms.

At the same time, they also should not be made specifically for bikes, just look for high quality and easy handling. Look for them in a range of 1.5 to 10 mm.

Multiple tools

They are like Swiss army knives that have multiple tools in one device. They have screwdrivers, pliers, knives and much more. They are ideal for making simple repairs along the way, without having to open a complete toolbox. Among them, there are simple presentations and others more complete and robust for more complex repairs.

Phillips screwdriver

Although they are already included in the bike multi-tools, you can also buy them separately and allow you to adjust the brakes, etc.

Rim levers

If you have a flat tire in the middle of your journey, having a specific lever for this may be your salvation. They are used to remove the damaged rim from the wheel chassis without damaging it.

Flat tire repair kit

Besides having the lever, it is also super useful to have a puncture repair kit to save the damaged inner tubes. So make sure you have a patch kit, with or without glue.

Chain cleaning tool

Cleaning a chain can be the most tedious part of maintaining a bicycle, but the truth is that it is one of the activities that prolongs the life of the bicycle the most. It is also true that there are several sets of high-quality chain and brush cleaning tools to make your job easier.

Tools for chains

If you suddenly have a damaged link or part of the chain that needs a quick repair, it’s good to have a tool like a bicycle chain saw or a gear stripping tool. They are usually included in good repair kits.

Cable cutters

They are necessary for cutting cables and cable sheaths, but it can also be useful to accompany them with a cable stripper for best results.

Spoke keys

They can go a long way in keeping the wheels in perfect condition, as well as the chain system. Also, always make sure they are the right size for your chain.

Pedal key

With this key, you can remove the most difficult to remove pedals, like those of some ATVs. Look for a vinyl handle on the faucet, which is easier to hold and won’t damage your hand.

Chain controller

Chains are one of the most worn components. In fact, they begin to show the so-called shark teeth soon after, especially when the chain has already suffered some wear and the links have also been weakened. In these cases, it is necessary to call a chain controller to find out how much time you have left and how long you need to make a replacement.

This can help prevent you from getting stuck in the middle of the track due to a faulty chain.

Cleaning brushes

A good cleaning brush is essential to remove debris and debris that can accumulate anywhere on your bike system, even in the most complicated places. They must always be non-abrasive so as not to damage the finish or the frame.


The pieces made in a material of low quality have a limited duration, and usually, break under the minimum pressure exerted. Try to buy some toolbox for bicycles with stainless steel instruments.

Efficient use

For average cycling you may need a couple of basic keys while the professional will look for more specific tools.