5 Best Bicycle Covers Weather and Waterproof

Before finding the best bike cover, I went through several low quality ones that, honestly, were useless. One was nylon, which, although it was quite resistant, did not protect much against sunlight and ended up discoloring and cracking. Another one was too loose at the bottom and allowed water to enter, while there were no holes to install a safety lock when I stopped my bike on the street. I felt that I would never find the best in the market.

What is the best bicycle cover?

The truth is that, among many brands and materials, yes you can find a cover that fits what you want. You will even find t-shirts made especially for the beach and others only for indoor use. Luckily, I managed to find mine and now I am willing to give you a hand. In fact, I have created a comparative list of the 5 most recommended bicycle cases today, between outdoor and indoor models that will protect any type of bike.

1. Bicycle Indoor Storage cover YISAMA

Modern and convenient

YISAMA Bicycle Indoor Storage Cover, Dirt-Free and...

Made with polyester and spandex, it adapts perfectly to all types of bike. It is made for interiors, with the aim of covering only the tires to prevent them from dirtying your home or office. It dries quickly and is easy to adjust.

2. Pro Bike Tool – bicycle Cover

Comfortable and easy to use

Pro Bike Cover for Outdoor Bicycle Storage - Large...
93 Reviews
Pro Bike Cover for Outdoor Bicycle Storage - Large...
  • SAFE & SECURE FIT - Front lock-hole...

Made 100% with high strength and durability polyester. One of the advantages is that the purchase includes a bag to store the case while you do not use it. Thus, it becomes a totally portable model. It is practically universal and protects from dust and dirt.

3. Bicycle cover BTR

Of the most complete

BTR Heavy Duty Waterproof Bike Cover. Bicycle...
57 Reviews
BTR Heavy Duty Waterproof Bike Cover. Bicycle...
  • ✅BTR EXTRA LARGE, Heavy Duty, Tough &...
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This cover works as a sunscreen, snow, rain and other elements thanks to its 210D Oxford fabric and PVC coating, which makes it water resistant. Also comes with waterproof lining, buckle to adjust the straps and washers to use your padlock.

4. Bicycle Cover – Mantle 

Pretty versatile

  Waterproof Bike Cover for Outdoor Storage,...
139 Reviews
Waterproof Bike Cover for Outdoor Storage,...
  • AIR VENTILATION - 2 Air Vent pockets...

It is made of 190T Polyester, which gives it resistance to UV, rain and dust, so it has everything to protect your bike from the elements. It fits easily to the bottom thanks to the elastic band and has a hole for safety chains.

5. VGEBY bicycle cover

He does not lack anything

VGEBY Waterproof Motorcycle Cover Outdoor...
  • Protect your motorcycle against rain,...
  • Lightweight cover and easy to apply....
  • Cover dimensions: 183 x 89 x 100cm / 72...

It is made with Oxford 210T, which protects against snow, rain, sun and even the wind since it includes elastic straps equipped with buckles that make the cover completely cover the bike. It also has padlock holes and reflective bands for better visibility.

Why use covers for your bike?

Most people do not take them into account, which can be a serious mistake, since a good bicycle cover can prevent deterioration, protect your bike from oxidation and offer many other important benefits:

  • A case will keep your bike protected from water, sunlight, dust, dirt and other particles, which can oxidize metal parts.
  • That same protection will have a noticeable effect on the appearance of the bike: it will look very shiny and new for longer.
  • It will keep the eavesdroppers away. You will be sure that this curious little cousin or friend will not be sniffing around on your ride, road bike or any other type without permission.
  • The main components of the bike will also remain in perfect condition. The chain, the brakes and the changes will rust less easily and will lock up much less.
  • Maybe it’s the least important of the reasons but the truth is that it looks great to have your bike under a bike case.

Choosing the best bicycle covers

What is it made of?

Being the protection of your bike against UV, water, dust and other elements, your bicycle protection cover has to be made of a very resistant material that supports all adverse conditions.

The size

There are covers that serve to keep all kinds of bicycles, whether they are for competition, for a ride or even mountain bikes. However, not all are universal, and you have to make sure that the one you choose is compatible with your bike and that it covers all the components that must be protected.

Closing system

It is not worth buying a cover that covers the outside of the bike but that leaves parts without protection, because, if it rains, the water usually finds the way to oxidize and damage the components. Make sure that the case has some closure system such as buttons, zippers or straps.

Resistance to water and dust. Breathability

A good cover must be waterproof or even waterproof, but it also has to be breathable, so as not to accumulate excess moisture inside the cover. Of course, it must also be anti dust.

Light weight

The covers are usually quite light, although it is still worth making sure that it is also compact when folded, as to be able to take it everywhere. That is, look for it to be portable.

Holes for padlocks

A good feature is that the case includes holes to place padlocks and safety chains for your bike. So you can stop it outside with ease.


It is always a good idea to have them, since they allow you to handle the case with greater ease and comfort, in addition to that it also facilitates placing it on the bike. It is worth having reflective material, since it improves visibility when there is little illumination.

Clamping straps

To offer a better fit and greater degree of protection, it is always very convenient to have fastening strips that secure the cover to the bicycle with greater stability. In general, even the cheapest cases include them, although the best ones have good quality plastic buckles that are more comfortable to wear.

The metal ones tend to scratch the paint and also oxidize in a short time.

Securing the bottom

If you go for a large case, it is important that you have some way to close the bottom, preventing open spaces. There are with elastic cords and with ropes that are pulled to close the cover.


The most economical do not usually have ventilation but it is a good idea to include it. It is usually in the form of two holes located near the handlebars, so that the moisture escapes and there is no rust or mold.


It may not seem like such an important decision but, in fact, the color can help the bicycle is more protected against thieves to go unnoticed. For example, a black case will draw less attention than an apple green.

It is also worth considering the amount of sun because black covers can trap more heat than white or clear.