Technology’s seamless integration into our daily lives is undeniable. From smartphones to tablets, our devices often require frequent charging. While I previously explored wall sockets with USBs, this time around, let’s dive into the world of bedside lamps with USB ports. These not only illuminate your spaces but also ensure your devices stay charged, especially when your primary charger is occupied.

What is the best bedside lamp?

The best bedside lamp should be functional without overwhelming your bedside table space. This ensures you have room for other essentials, such as your favourite book or phone. Let’s delve into some top recommendations:

1. COZOO Bedside Lamp with USB

This contemporary lamp sports a black charger base complemented by a white fabric shade. It offers 3 USB ports with 5W / 2.4A capacity, ensuring your devices charge at maximum speed. Additionally, if you’re charging a device like a smartwatch, you still have ports left for other devices.
Features: Comes with a standard e36 LED bulb, making it hassle-free for users. The design is compact, fitting seamlessly into both bedrooms and living rooms.

2. Pair of Modern Bedside Table Lamps

Crafted from high-quality materials, these lamps showcase a modern aesthetic with a chrome base and white frosted glass. They come with a touch dimmer with four settings: low, medium, high, and off.
Features: Compatible with E14 bulbs (note: requires dimmable bulbs). Each lamp is equipped with a USB port for easy device charging.

3. USB Bedside Lamp Aooshine

Marrying wood and fabric, this lamp exudes warmth and coziness. It’s versatile, catering to dual device charging, courtesy of its double sockets.
Features: Compatible with E21 / E27 bulbs, it ensures gentle illumination, making it apt for bedrooms, office spaces, and hotels.

4. Aooshine Crystal USB Lamp

A touch of luxury graces this model, with its polished chrome and embedded crystals.
Features: The lamp supports quick charging up to 5V / 2.5A. Its intuitive switch design ensures you don’t have to get up to turn off the light.

5. M zimoon Bedside Lamp with Wireless Charging, LED Touch Table Lamp USB Night Light

Its round design fits various settings, from bedrooms to children’s rooms.
Features: Non-slip rubber base, a 1.5-meter long power cord, and two USB sockets with a guiding green light for nighttime device insertion.

What is a bedside lamp?

Bedside lamps aren’t just about illumination; they’re an aesthetic statement. While they’re integral to bedrooms, their versatility makes them apt for reading nooks, TV rooms, or even workout areas. Cohesiveness in lamp height is crucial for a harmonized look. And considering the dimensions of your bedside table, the lamp’s shade shouldn’t overpower the table’s depth.

Why Choose a Bedside Lamp with USB Ports?

Is there anything quite as inviting as a bedroom bathed in the soft glow of a lamp, a haven of tranquillity after a long day? Bedside lamps are not just sources of light anymore. The dawn of inbuilt USB ports in them effortlessly bridges the comfort of the past and the tech needs of the present. Imagine reading your favourite novel, and while you drift into its world, your phone charges beside you. Bliss, right?

The Decorative Panache

Your bedroom is a canvas, a portrayal of your inner self. A bedside lamp with its varied designs can be that perfect brushstroke, that piece of art or even a topic of your next chat with friends. They’re not just lamps – they’re a testament to your style.

Eco-friendly Illumination with LED Bulbs

As we journey towards making green choices, shouldn’t our lighting follow? LED bulbs are the heroes of energy-saving lighting, letting you make a difference one bulb at a time.

Convenience Tailored for the 21st Century

Our lives are webbed with technology. Lamps have acknowledged this, integrating USB ports ensuring our tech-needs are met even during our sleep.

Beyond Just Illumination

Today’s bedside lamps wear many hats. They are chargers, they set moods with dimmers, and some even boast of wireless charging. They don’t just light up a room; they light up our lives in multifaceted ways.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing a bedside lamp is more intricate than one might think. It’s about blending design with practicality and ensuring the lamp resonates with both your room’s style and your personal taste.

Optimising Sleep Through Lighting

Did you know that lighting can be the bridge to dreamland? Bedside lamps with varying lights can be the lullaby your body didn’t know it needed.

Expressing Individuality

Lamps can be the unsung heroes of our bedrooms, adding that unique touch. From minimalistic designs to ornate classics, they stand as pillars of our design ethos.

Investing in Durability

What’s beauty without longevity? Quality craftsmanship ensures your lamp endures, becoming a cherished piece over the years.

A Nod to Sustainability

Every bulb changed, every energy-efficient choice is a step towards a greener earth. Our choices today dictate our tomorrow.

Value for Money

An LED bedside lamp might seem like just a purchase but think of the pounds saved in the long run. An aesthetic delight that’s kind to your pocket? Yes, please!

Strategising Placement

The position of your lamp can change the game. Symmetry, focus, and diffusion play roles in elevating the experience.

Universal Compatibility

USB ports are magicians. Phones, tablets, smartwatches – you name it, and your lamp’s got the charging covered, de-cluttering your space simultaneously.

How to choose the Perfect Bedside Lamp

  • Width: Match the lamp’s width to your table. Avoid lamps that dwarf or get dwarfed by the table.
  • Height: Ideal for readers, the lamp shouldn’t shine directly into your eyes or over your head. Aligning the lamp with your mattress height, adding a couple of inches, usually works.
  • Switch Position: The switch’s accessibility is vital. Ideally, it should be arm-length and conveniently positioned on the cord.
  • Shade: Strike a balance. The shade should be around two-thirds of the lamp’s body height and double its widest part’s width.
  • Style: Ensure the lamp complements the room’s decor. It’s a significant style accent.
  • Bulb Type: Prioritize LEDs for energy efficiency.


Bedside lamps with built-in chargers marry functionality with style. Whether you’re considering an upgrade for yourself or gifting someone, these lamps are both elegant and immensely practical.


Why are USB ports in bedside lamps gaining popularity?

They offer a blend of design, convenience, and tech integration, making them a perfect fit for modern lifestyles.

Is LED lighting better than traditional bulbs?

Yes, LED bulbs are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.


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