Over time, technology has entered a lot in our everyday life. We use smartphones and many other devices that need recharging from time to time. Some time ago I wrote about the good wall sockets with USB, but today I want to present to you the best bedside lamp with a USB port that helps you a lot when your charger is in use.

What is the best bedside lamp?

Ideally, if the lamp doesn’t occupy a lot of space on the table so you will have room to put other items like your favourite book or your mobile phone. That’s why we should show you our list of the best bedside lamps with USB port.

1. COZOO Bedside Lamp with USB

COZOO USB Bedside Lamp

    This model has 3 USB ports with a 5W / 2.4A. Recognise the device and charge it at maximum speed. The good thing about this is that if your smartwatch is plugged in, you have free ports for your e-book or other devices. The set includes a standard e36 LED bulb so you will not have to think about it if you decide to order it. This modern lamp is of minimal size and is suitable for bedrooms but also fits perfectly in the living room.

    2. Pair of Modern Bedside Table Lamps

    Pair of Modern Bedside Table Lamps

      Made of high-quality materials combined with modern style. Chromed base and white matt glass with four-stage touch dimmer: low, medium, high and turned off. Compatible with E14 bulbs, we must note that dimmable bulbs are required for this model. Standard LED bulbs or energy-saving aren’t appropriate. This type is ideal for corridors, bedrooms and other living quarters. Each one is fitted with a single USB port for fast and convenient charging of compatible devices.

      3. USB Bedside Lamp Aooshine

      USB Bedside Table Lamp Aooshine

        The combination of wood and fabric transmits amazing comfort into the room where the lamp is. Possibility of charging two devices at the same time thanks to the double socket inserted in the base. Compatible E21 / E27 bulbs help with the soft light in the room overnight. Appropriate use in bedrooms, office tables, hotel rooms and other premises.

        4. Aooshine Crystal USB Lamp

        Crystal USB Table Lamp

          Here we show you another model from the Аooshine manufacturer. This time the model is a totally different style, polished chrome and Beautiful crystals makes it for people who fall on the shiny luxury stuff. Again it comes with a quick charge charger up to 5V / 2.5A. The little switch is very wise and you will not have to stand up to turn off the light.

          5. Smart Phone Charger Dimmable Bedside Lamp

          Smart LED Bedside Phone Charger,Dimmable Bedside Lamp

          The round shape of this bedside lamp makes it perfect for all kinds of rooms, bedrooms, corridors, children’s rooms and so on. Small in size doesn’t take up much space. The fixed rubber ring at the bottom doesn’t allow it to slip on the furniture you have placed it. Standard comes with a meter and a half long power cord. The two USB sockets are equipped with a green light for easy insertion of the smartphone in the darkroom.

          What is a bedside lamp?

          Bedside lamps are lighting devices that also fulfil a decorative function, being for
          some essential in the bedroom.

          However, a good model works not only in the sleeping area but also in any other
          room that is used for reading, watching television and perhaps even exercising.
          They offer good lighting and also add to the whole atmosphere of the room. So an
          important tip is to keep all table, bedside lamps in the same overall height range,
          for balance. This gives a more cohesive ow to the lighting in a room.
          Another detail is that because bedroom tables are often narrow in-depth, it is best to
          choose those that have screens that are not wider than the depth of the table they are
          placed on so that the screen does not hang. on the table. Now when we are talking about the bedroom, choosing the correct size depends on the size of the surface. A large bedroom has more space and can use a larger model, while a small room requires a smaller model that is more proportional to the size.

          bedside lamp with USB port

          Advantages of a bedside lamp

          If you are wondering what reasons you have to buy a lamp for your bedroom table, here are the advantages that we believe are the main ones.

          • Appropriate lighting in the bedroom: This is the main reason for having this type of lighting, and it is that they are specifically designed to provide a specific type of lighting that will be what you like to have in your bedroom.
          • Decoration: They are certainly a decorative element of your bedroom, both for the furniture itself and for the lighting it provides at night. If you choose well, the bedside lamp will decorate your bedroom in the best way.
          • Energy-saving: The appropriate model will allow you to save on electricity consumption. If you use LED bulbs especially. For this, and for other reasons that surely occur to you, in our opinion it is essential to have a good one on the table in your bedroom.

          How to choose the best bedside lamp

          It can be chosen in different ways. There are those who only take into account their appearance, while the most detailed buyers take into account aspects such as, for example, the following.


          One of the most common mistakes in room decor is choosing the wrong size bedside
          lamp. Very often, it is too small, so getting the correct measurement is a
          balancing act: the wider the table, the wider the lamp on it.


          Choosing the right height is especially important for a reader, who surely doesn’t
          want the light to shine on his head, nor does he want it in his eyes. Assuming the
          nightstand is the same height as the mattress, the best option is a lamp of the same
          height with an additional two or three inches.

          The switch can also become a problem. The ideal height of the same is
          approximately the same length as an arm. Of course, the most convenient of all is a
          bedside lamp with the on / off switch right on the cord and at the appropriate height.


          The key is that the correct size shade balances the lamp. In general, its height should be approximately two-thirds of the height of the body, measuring from the bottom of the lamp to the base of the bulb. The width of the shade should be approximate twice the width of the widest part of the lamp.


          The bedside lamps should be in keeping with the rest of the decor in the room. Think
          of them as a powerful accent in terms of style.
          Keep this in mind since the model you choose will be an important part to ensure that your bedroom has the warmth that you like the most.

          Type of Bulbs

          Of course, the type of light bulbs you use is also decisive and, if you want to prioritize
          energy savings, you will want to opt for LEDs, as they are more efficient from every point of view.


          If you have a table and using night lightening, it is definitely worth it to have the model with a built-in charger. You can also surprise someone with an elegant but also a practical gift.

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