Bedside crib is a type of cot that allows babies and mothers to sleep side by side at night. The principle is simple, the retractable side of the cradle attaches to the parental bed so that the mother can monitor and feed her child easily. We can find different models of bedside cots on the market these days. Are you waiting for the arrival of your little one, and you want to buy a co-sleeping bed?

kinderkraft neste bedside crib

What is the best Bedside Crib?

The best way for your baby to sleep like a little angel is to give you the best comfort, and even more, to feel confident that nothing bad will happen while you also rest.

In the following comparative list, we will show you examples of co-sleeping cradles that you will surely love and that will also favour your pocket with cheap prices.

Chicco Next2me Side Sleeping Crib


This wonderful low-cost crib, with all the necessary features for the enjoyment of the baby and the parents.

It is fully adjustable in height and is extensible, it adapts to all types of beds. It has a soft and stable mattress, and the frame has a mesh window for breathability.

It has two wheels that help move the crib from one place to another without any inconvenience.

Its weight is only 9 Kg, it folds and can be carried in a transparent bag.

Waldin – Bedside Cot

With accessories

Bedside cot with ten adjustable positions. The adjustment of this model is based on screws and parts that correspond to the quality standards of European legislation.

The beautiful colour of this crib is achieved with non-toxic varnishes. It is foldable and has a locking device that secures the mobile guardrail.

This model comes with a comforter and protector that the customer can choose when contacting the manufacturer.

Hauck Dreamer – Bedside Crib

The Hauck Dreamer bed is not actually a co-sleeping bed since it is not possible to fix it to the parents’ bed, but nothing prevents it from being placed as close to you as possible during the night.

It still has many advantages, including its sleeping space which is particularly large compared to other beds of the same type.

It is also equipped with a storage pocket, and we really like its feet which allow a pendulum movement to help Baby fall asleep.

Are you planning a trip? The Dreamer folds with one hand and takes up very little space once flat.

Parents who use this bed all point to its ease of use, both for mounting, folding, storing, and moving – although no carrying case is provided.

The mattress provided with the bed is thick enough to guarantee the baby’s comfort. The bed is solid and stable.

Kinderkraft neste bedside crib

The Kinderkraft Neste bed offers a very good compromise, its price is reasonable without having to make sacrifices on the quality of the product. Its adjustable feet on 5 different heights guarantee adaptability to the vast majority of parental beds.

Two-in-one, it is both a very good co-sleeping bed or a fully-fledged independent baby bed. Like most other co-sleeping beds, its feet are fitted with wheels with brakes, to move it with ease.

We particularly appreciated the ease that we had in mounting the Kinderkraft Neste.

With long-term use, parents highlight the real value for money of the product. Practical to install and move, it fulfils its function perfectly.

The bed is supplied with a mattress which can turn out to be a little thin. Due to its height system on feet, it is possible that the bed is a bit wobbly when it is not fixed to the parents’ bed.

Star Ibaby – Bedside Cot

Soft and healthy

A durable model that your baby can enjoy from birth to 3 years of age. It has a built-in locking lock.

One of the best functions is the mattress, which can be placed in 14 positions, this is very beneficial for the child’s evolutionary stage.

The mattress is extremely useful, because it is viscoelastic foam, with the treatment of bamboo oils and aloe vera, which makes it softer, ergonomic and healthy for the baby.

Bedside Cot – Bolin Bolon


Modern product made of solid lacquered pine wood. It has several functions that make it convertible into a mini club, toy, bench to sit and even a practical desk.

For its mobility, it has 4 brake wheels, several height positions. The mattress is filled with excellent quality material in polyester, and the fabric of the cover is made of cotton and polyester.

Their assembly instructions are very clear and simple, so you will not have any problems.

SnuzPod 3 Bedside Crib 


It is an excellent alternative to breastfeed and reassure the baby. It can be adapted as a cot, crib or bassinet.

It has height adjustments between 35 – 57 cm. It is fully fit from 0 – 6 months. It adheres safely to the double bed by means of straps, also to a divan and framed beds.

An award-winning model in the 2016 Platinum Junior for its excellent presentation and quality.

bed side crib

Why choose a bedside crib?

There are many benefits of having bedside crib at home, but among the most important is that you have the baby at your side to feed or comfort at night. You will be in a safe space, in your own space.

Co-sleeping cribs favour the prenatal stage and natural upbringing of the child, helping him to rest placidly especially in the night, which in the opinion of experts, contributes to neuronal development.

Parents can practically sleep with their baby, without losing their personal space.

Benefits of bedside crib

  • The baby sleeps better: like all of us, a baby sleeps better and relaxes.
  • The baby is more secure: in those first months, the parents are more aware of the sudden death of the newborn.
  • Parents sleep better: most parents worry less and therefore sleep better with the baby nearby.
  • Nocturnal food: breastfeeding or bottle feeding is much less complicated. It favours and promotes secure attachment.

That means they can both stay in a dream state, which makes it easier to go back to sleep later. This is critical to developing healthy sleep patterns.

With the sidecar cradle you also have these additional benefits:

  • Cradle safety: Many parents doubt that the baby will sleep in the marriage bed, due to the danger of suffocation and the supposed risk of sudden death. With a co-sleeping bed, your child is in his or her own safe place, with no risk of a parent standing on top of him or her, or the risk of rolling on the bed.
  • The baby learns to sleep on its own: many parents avoid sleeping first because they fear that the baby will never learn to sleep alone. The layout of the header prevents this.

The relative independence of the dream will be an important help later when sleeping alone is one of the priority topics on the agenda.

  • The baby will be comfortable: as comfortable as lying next to mom or dad, many babies sleep without rest when they are really sleeping. Being in their own bed gives them all the comfort they need to sleep soundly.
  • Mom and dad will be comfortable: they do not fight for their space: everyone has enough to sleep well.
  • It adapts to small rooms: if you have limited space in your bedroom, the co-sleeping crib takes much less space than a separate cot.

This wonderful crib is adapted for twins. It has a full, large and safe size for two babies.

kinderkraft neste bedside crib

How to choose a bedside crib?

Before you buy a bedside crib, you will need to ask yourself a few questions.

If you want to be in constant contact with your child, you will need to opt for a 3-sided bed, or a 4-sided bed including a fold-down bed, so that you can fix it directly on your bed and make the sleeping space a shared space.

It can be interesting to opt for a two-in-one bed, which can be both a bedside crib and a classic free-standing bed. This can facilitate the transition to a separate, larger bed as the baby grows.

The beds offered on the market are generally easy to assemble and quite practical to transport. If you plan to move it often, to go on vacation or to allow it to fall asleep easily with its grandparents or with friends, we suggest you opt for a light bed, which is easy to fold, and which don’t take up too much space when it is!

For this, cribs with a metallic structure seem to be the best suited.

What to pay attention to when buying bedside crib?

co-sleeping bed

If you plan to attach the bedside crib to your matrimonial bed, make sure that the height adjustments make them compatible. Indeed, some beds offer fewer possibilities in terms of settings than others and it could become complicated, if not impossible, to fix them to your bed if it does not have conventional dimensions.

Note also that there is no classic size for co-sleeping beds, and there are a wide variety of dimensions on the market, as well as the mattress, which is usually supplied for purchase.

It is in your best interest to ensure the comfort of the mattress and to check that its thickness seems sufficient to you because it could become complicated to have to replace it. It is, however, possible to make it more comfortable by adding layers of sheets under the mattress.

How to practice bedside crib without risk?

To practice bedside crib without risk, there are some rules to respect:

To start with, make sure that the baby cannot fall out of the bed or get trapped between the mattress and the bed. The room temperature should be between 16 ° C to 18 ° C, no more, no less. Make sure pets do not sleep in the bed or near your toddler. If any of you smoke cigarettes, avoid smoking in this room at all costs.

Never leave your baby alone in the bed, especially when he starts to move a lot, as he may risk falling on the other side, where there is no crib.

As for baby, do not cover it too much to avoid hyperthermia. Make sure the blanket does not cover his head.

Finally, in certain circumstances, it is better to avoid co-sleeping: taking medication, illnesses, dependence on drugs or alcohol, premature baby, abnormal fatigue.

Up to what age to do co-sleeping?

Co-sleeping is essential from birth to the 4-6th month. But it can continue during the breastfeeding period, that is to say, up to 2 to 3 years as long as it suits both parties, the child and the parents.