This winter I have decided on the traditional and I want to find the best bed throw blanket available on the market. I want to spend my days comfortable and warm without any fright that snatches sleep.

What is the best bed throw blanket?

Find a good bed throw blanket depends on your preferences and the season if it is summer a good must be breathable, but if it is winter as comfortable and warm as possible. Establish a comparison between manufacturers is a good option to decide.

Some people get more demanding and expect their blanket to be machine washable or wrinkle resistant. With that it shelters you well, for me, it is enough. But if you do not have it clear, this list can help you with the decision:

1. Bedsure Sherpa Blanket Throw Blanket

Comfortable and light

Made of polyester and microfiber, this bed throw blanket is the most recommended if you want to keep warm when you sleep or to be in front of the TV watching movies.

2. Blanket MP51-542 Madison Park

Appropriate to keep you in warm weather

Designed especially for you to feel warm and warm, this microfibre bed throw blanket will provide you with warmth and softness without making you sweat excessively. It is machine washable.

3. Light Fluffy blanket SCM

Versatile and machine washable

Suitable for the bed, chair or sofa, this polyester throw blanket is ultra-soft and easy to care for. It can be washed with cold water and gentle cycle.

4. MF Black Queen microfiber blanket by Aeolus Down

Luxurious and comfortable

Made in satin plush and brushed microfiber, this model is completely reversible and hypoallergenic. It is cosy and most appropriate if you are allergic or asthmatic.

5. Flannel blanket Bedsure 7255

For all seasons

Light and comfortable, this blanket is the most appropriate if you want to stay warm in different seasons. It comes in different sizes and colours, it can be put in the washing machine.

6. Barefoot dreams throw blanket

Soft and delicate

If you are one of those who enjoy wrapping with blankets like a crèpe, this blanket of the Barefoot Dreams brand will please you. It is beautiful and soft.

7. Micro-Pro Grey Snowflake Design Throw Blanket

Warm and suitable for any season

Large and very suitable for a double bed, this blanket has good thermal qualities, you will feel comfortable and warm. It is very soft. Also, you can wash it in a washing machine 30º.

8. Bed Blankets Airee Fairee

Colourful, soft and light

Ideal for winter, this is the blanket that will give you warmth in seasons. It is made with imitation leather and comes with a storage bag.

9. Reversible Flannel Fleece Reversible Utopia Bedding EU0053

Perfect for winter

Suitable for sofa, bed and even for backpacking trips, this blanket made of high-quality wool resists shrinkage and can be machine washed.

10. Bedsure Fluffy Throw Blankets

Suitable for machine washing

Ideal to be used as a quilt or blanket, this blanket will give you shelter and comfort, it is large, made of polyester. It will give you a sensation of softness.

What is a bed throw blanket?

It is a versatile blanket that gives you comfort and can be used in bed or anywhere in the house. It has, in addition, a decorative effect will give you shelter and at the same time style.


There are lots of benefits that you will get from these blankets, to speak only of some it is necessary to tell you that these blankets are good because:

  • They take away the cold
  • They give a feeling of warmth and comfort
  • You save money on heating
  • Keeps the bed warm
  • It produces therapeutic effects

What to consider when choosing

It is important that you look at a series of details that will help you select the right one. You do not have to spend a bunch. You will find more than one economic model that has what you need. It is crucial that you pay attention to:


The blanket should adapt to what you need. You can search for large beds, extra large beds or single beds.


The material is variable according to your tastes. If you want to feel soft, warm or both at the same time and also depend on the season. The most popular in the market are:

  • Cotton: It has always been the material for the summer because it is fresh, but when it is warm it produces a moderate heat.
  • Down: They are similar to feather quilts, but blankets of this material tend to be lighter.
  • Lana: The best thing about this material is its versatility. You can find wool blankets that are made with breathable fabrics. However, wool is the most sought after for winter.
  • Fleece: It is ideal if you want to feel warm, their blankets are not especially thick, but they do warm well. You will find lots of material blankets made from polyester that will be useful for the cold.
  • Synthetics: If you want to buy something that gives you real warmth in the harsh winter, synthetics are a good option since many of them do not breathe or dissipate moisture, so they will keep you warm. The most common are acrylic and polyester.


The heat produced by one of these bed throw blankets is something that is linked to your fabric. For example, woollen fabrics are knitted, comfortable heavy and quilted, such as down. In contrast, cotton has a thermal pattern that allows breathability.


If you are in high temperatures synthetic, wool and fibres are ideal, as I told you, cotton is the most sought after in summer.

Machine washable

It is important that you pay attention to washing instructions, some very delicate washing machines are not recommended, in any case, what I always advise is that you follow the instructions.

Pilling and spill

Nobody likes that the blankets end up releasing fibres or they have formed the so-called “balls” after several washes, however, some fabrics are prone to this, regardless of whether it is a cheap model or not. This phenomenon of the balls is known as pilling and shedding is called that ability of some fabrics to go thinning while releasing fibres. If your blanket is one of these you should wash it carefully and try to keep it clean as long as possible.

Moisture wick

This is linked to the breathability of the blanket. Some have very breathable fabrics and remove moisture like wool, cotton and silk.

Protection against allergies

Some manufacturers label their models as “hypoallergenic” if you are one of those who sneeze for everything, this quality serves you, but if you want to sure choose one that can be washed at high temperatures because it eliminates more allergens.

Last winter was very cold and my husband brought home an electric blanket that kept me warm for many weeks, they are very easy to use and don’t consume a lot of electricity.

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