You must always think about your safety at all times and in all places. Even when you sleep, you need to make sure that nothing will disturb you. Sleep is all the more important since it is advisable to sleep 8 hours a day. One thing that can really disturb your sleep is falling out of your bed while you sleep. As unusual as it may seem, it happens to many more people than you think. Fortunately, there is a way to sleep safely in bed and this is thanks to the bed guard. The problem arises when choosing a bed rail for toddlers. Which model to choose that will go very well with the model of the bed.

The best bed guards in comparison

Deciding on a model of bed guard that is economical but also covers your needs and keeps children safe can be a nuisance.

To facilitate the work, the recommendation is that you establish some comparative brand, cost and most outstanding features of the guard, finally, you will choose the option that is most convenient for you.

Another detail that you should take into account is the use, if your children are not very big maybe you will find better safety rails, but if they are growing demountable could serve you.

You should also take into consideration that if it is a baby, the safety requirements are greater and the characteristics of the tool are completely different.

If you are determined to buy, then a guide of suggestions can be the solution to your problems and indecisions. Here I leave mine where the five best are.

1. Safety 1st Portable Bed guard

This portable bed guard is very practical when you have to sleep with friends or family who do not have a bed with bars to secure the children. With its metal frame and mesh interior, it will protect children so that they do not fall out of bed. The bed guard is compatible with a mattress with a thickness of 10 to 24 centimetres and a length greater than 156 centimetres. When folded, the guard measures only 66 centimetres.

2. Baby bed Guard – BABY BBZ 59inch Bed Rail

Made with a practical and resistant anti-knock mesh lined with padded coverings, this mesh is ideal for baby and you can use it at least until your child reaches two years or start to stand alone from the bed.

If you have this bed guard at home you can sleep with the peace of mind knowing that the child is sleeping warm, comfortable, safe and without danger of going to the ground.

This model is also often used by parents of those children who are in the stage of moving from the cradle to the bed. The idea is that the child feels safe and does not take unnecessary risks.

It has an anti-tilt safety system, it is light and does not require you to be specialists in installations of these devices, on the contrary, it is very practical and with which you slide the legs under the mattress, everything will be ready.

3. Hot Mom Portable Bed Guard Safety Rail

If in the room you have a trundle bed that houses more than one child, then you no longer need to be looking for more security bed rail, you have found the correct one.

As we have already said, the safety of the boys comes first, so this one comes from pearls because it is specially designed for various types, including the standard, although their strength is those multiple beds.

It is made with safety nets and extensible straps that will provide support in the installed area, the boys will not move an inch out of bed.

Its versatility covers everything, comes with attractive decoration for various types of environment and is a completely unisex product, it has a sobriety that hits both the environments of girls and children.

It is very easy to install under the mattress and you do not need to remove it to make the beds and put order.

4. Foam bed guard Purple Daisies

The protective bar of the manufacturer Purple Daisies, is the most discreet security device you can find in this range of bed rails for children.

It is a wedge with variable measures, made of foam rubber with very pronounced prominence that is placed directly on the edges of the bed and you dissimulate them with the sheets, it is practically invisible.

One of the most striking qualities of this device is that, in addition to keeping your children protected, it is completely safe for them, it does not harbour allergens or has irritating chemicals, so small children sleep safely and comfortably.

It is an ideal device for travel, for any type of bed and for children of all ages. Not being the typical bars that look like a prison, children feel like great superheroes.

Those who already have said that it is great for discreet protection for children.

5. Safety 1st extra large bed guard

Equipped with padded edges that protect the child from possible blows at the time of sleep, this rail is a basic, folding device, but according to the opinion of those who already have it, it is a safe product that fully complies with its function.

The manufacturer recommends it from a minimum age of 18 months, so if your child is younger than that age, you should look at another option that best fits the needs of the child.

It consists of a pair of side joints that open easily and easily to adapt to the type of bed and fold there in order to offer protection.

It is a light product, easy to store due to its portability and you can leave it installed permanently until you no longer need it and you do not need to remove it to put in order in the bed and the room.

6. BabyDan Wood Bed Guard

With treated wood manufacture and embedded in a solid and robust folding mechanism, this product is what you need if you will place it to protect children over one year.

If more striking quality is undoubtedly how flexible the folding mechanism behaves, just one click and you will have the bar ready for the protection of the children, and with another, you can dismantle it to organize everything.

The users who have already bought it praise its versatility and robustness, highlight that it goes very well with any decoration and fits perfectly to the vast majority of beds.

Some of those who use them indicate that the exception is, perhaps of some nest beds with which it is not fully coupled, you must ensure that this detail does not affect you if it is the case that your children’s bed is this kind.

7. Safetots Wooden Bed Rail Guard

Thanks to its universal adaptability, this bed guard will necessarily be well adjusted. Its different colours within the same range offer a wide choice to coordinate the rail to the colour of your child’s bed. Available in natural wood, this item is of high quality.

What is a bed guard?

The bed guards are simple to install, most are called up by two arms which slide under the mattress. Often, there are even Velcro fasteners that attach to the slats of the box spring for even more security.

You can easily remove it if you ever have to go to family or friends who do not have a bed with bars. It is also possible to find foam models or even inflating guards. In fact, they are installed differently, just wedge this foam or plastic block between the mattress and the fitted sheet. Anti-slip strips help keep them even more effectively. You can choose a shorter bed guard, or even two if the bed is not against a wall. For the little ones, you may want the guard to be the full length of the bed while for the older ones if the guard measures one meter this will be sufficient. The most common models are plastic with fabric, the feet are metal.

Pretty wooden guards are available in several colours, to combine the useful with the pleasant. It is convenient to have a foldable bed guard for easy access to the bed. Here are several models that will meet your needs. to combine business with pleasure. It is convenient to have a foldable guard for easy access to the bed. Here are several models that will meet your needs. to combine business with pleasure. It is convenient to have a foldable bed guard for easy access to the bed. Here are several models that will meet your needs.

bed guar for toddler

Benefits of using a bed guard


A railing is an ideal accessory to ensure that the kids will not fall out of bed. This gives parents enough confidence to sleep better and save dangerous accidents.


Placing the guard is an additional signal of bedtime. Since I use it my son has less desire to jump to play as he feels more physically content to his space.


Not only is it an invitation to calm the energies or a way to secure them against overturning, but the children themselves feel more confident when sleeping with protection. It gives them warmth and if they just leave the crib it will make them feel in a familiar environment.

Types of bed guards

Although the types of bed rails can be considered as selection criteria, it is best to set them apart. The type is indeed a criterion to be considered, it is besides that to be considered before all the others. There are mainly three types of bed rails. They are to be chosen considering the character of your child.

The foam bed guard

It is not the most common type of bed guard on the market or even the most purchased, but it is a bed guard that counts. It is made entirely of foam and can be of various colours. The advantage of foam guars is that they are very comfortable and ergonomic. They can be directly installed on the mattress and be covered with the sheet. In addition, with it there is no need to fold the guard for the child to access his bed. The problem is that they are often not tall and can even sag over time.

The bed guard with bars

It can be plastic or wooden. It is manufactured according to the model of cradles with bars. So either wood or plastic, the structure is robust and solid. This type of bed rail is most of the time foldable in order to give access to your child. The disadvantage with the bars with bars is that they are not pleasant when your child while sleeping clings to them.

The mesh bed guard

The majority of bed rails have a metal frame and threads inside the frame. It is the type of bed rail suitable for hyperactive children. There is no risk of shock. The net rather absorbs shocks while the bars will contribute to the force of the shock. The net bed rails are also foldable most of the time. They are robust, solid and stable.

bed rail

What to look for when choosing a bed guard?


A railing will be efficient insofar as it can provide safety against falls and this goes through a robust construction, a rigid installation and the ability not to wobble with night blows.

Type of bed and mattress

Bed changes are common when the child grows so I advise you to look for compatible universal models with more than one structure and mattress format.

Base type

The form of adjustment is important because there is a lot of variety. You may need tweezers, perforations or flanges according to the type of spring and frame that the model brings.

Ease of cleaning

Accidents with bodily fluids can occur and if it is an accessory at night it is important that we are prepared for a simple cleaning when they occur or, better yet, go for a product that is anti-stain.


Although it is a children’s item, there are elegant and fun finishes. There are also options in wood, plastic or light aluminum.

Folding guard

The possibility that the bed guard is removable facilitates cleaning and supports the independence of the children.


No matter how fanatic you are from DIY it is always better to go for an intuitive installation.

Eco friendly

In addition to respecting the environment, you will be reducing the possibility of allergies if you go for natural manufacturing.


There are plenty of fabrics and patterns to combine and disguise a guard if you prefer.


It is important that the bed guard does not impede the natural flow of air for the cool nights of your children, we do not want that instead of a safe nest we transform the bed in a sauna.


It can be useful for your rail to be higher or lower. But the most important thing in collapsible styles is that they must have a hidden anti-child safety device to prevent trapped fingers from small children.


A correct fit and installation should leave everything in place and this happens to avoid empty spaces that can leave a trapped foot or a pajama hooked between the mattress, the wood of the structure and the rail of the guard.

bed safety rail for toddlers

Use of bed guard

Children are used to turning and going back to sleep, which is why they are prone to falls, hence the importance of the bed rail. In order not to make mistakes at the time of use, we offer you some practical tips for use.

Install the rail

The first step, before the actual use, is the installation of its safety device. You don’t have to be a professional to do this. You only need to follow the instructions in the user manual, and you will get there in no time.

Regular maintenance

Obviously, the bed rail needs maintenance for use in optimal hygienic conditions. Regular cleaning will allow you to keep the bed guard clean while eliminating germs that can be harmful to your baby’s health.

Regular checks

Even if the equipment is properly installed, we still recommend that you check it before your child goes to bed. This will allow you to identify anomalies if there are any, and to provide suitable solutions.

Teach your child to be careful

To avoid constantly changing the bed rail, it is important to let your child know that it is not a toy, but a device put in place for their safety. Thus, under no pretext, it should not sit there, play or climb there. In this way, he can use it for several years!

The bed guards are simply essential devices. Thanks to them, you will be quiet. They watch over the safety of your children, allowing them to sleep in peace, without the risk of falling!