Less polluting than models with capsules or pods, but more imposing, automatic bean to cup coffee machine is also more expensive. Long reserved for roasting professionals or a certain elite, the automatic machines have become more popular.

In order to offer the same quality to individuals, manufacturers are committed to facilitating their use, providing them with screens or touch controls, automatic recipes, bright speaking icons or even preprogrammed functions. There are many devices just like the variety of options.

The espresso is obtained by injecting pressurized water (between 15 and 19 bars ideally) through the grind. Freshly ground coffee beans offer an incomparable aroma and taste. The trend is towards machines equipped for the preparation of milk drinks.

10 Best Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Before the purchase, the choice is difficult and the opinions on the products numerous. Therefore, it is essential to identify your needs and desires.

Delonghi, Jura, Krups, Philips, Saeco. All these brands offer automatic coffee makers with grinder with variable functions and prices. From entry-level to high-end, prices range on average between £250 to more than £2,000. To help you choose your automatic coffee machine, we offer this comparison with 10 best bean to cup coffee makers. You can also consult our guide to buying the best coffee makers of the moment.

1. Saeco Lirika Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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The SAECO Lirika is a coffee maker thanks to which I have many possibilities. Between the type of coffee, its volume and its intensity, my satisfaction is great.

Likewise, You can adjust the intensity of the device as you like, as much as the quantity of milk froth, the temperature, and the pre-infusion. All this is possible via the touch interface available to the device.

In terms of speed of preparation and maintenance, It benefit from the aquaclean technology, thanks to which you can prepare more than a five thousand cups without descaling. The machine also has a patented crusher in addition to a three-click cleaning and maintenance system, which honestly makes my life easy. It offers 11 possible hot drinks, all of which can be personalized.

2. Krups automatic coffee machine

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The Krups EA8108 coffee maker is a machine with a water tank of up to 1.8 litres of water. The model has a connected load power of 1450 W, and offers a bean and ground coffee input. It is a device appreciated for its convenience and simplicity of use that many users have appreciated.

Weighs less than a kg and was designed in plastic. I have no trouble transporting it from one point to another according to my desires. The maximum pressure of this coffee machine is 15 bar, for three adjustment levels and a 275 g bean container.

For most users, the machine is practical and modern.

3. Jura CD Piano Black Pressure Coffee Maker A1

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This espresso machine is considered to be the entry level of the prestigious Jura company . Despite everything, it is a superb machine and it is extremely effective! Very efficient in terms of extraction, it is able to fetch all the oils and all the aromas necessary to create a divine espresso.

You can also use beans or already ground coffee, depending on your preference. And like all Jura models, it is an extremely reliable machine that rarely breaks. Be aware, however, that it requires periodic maintenance.

However, the Jura A1 does not have a milk frother. As it is, it will only allow you to make espressos, lengthens and use hot water. This is why it is considered an entry-level model.

However, at this price for a Jura, you can buy a milk frother separately. By doing so, you will get more versatility and it will still be a good deal. And you will get a great performance machine at an affordable price!

4. De’Longhi Autentica Plus, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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This appliance is an automatic bean to cup coffee machine in a silver finish with an adjustable steam nozzle. Thanks to the functionality of this machine, You can save considerable time. For example, it offers me two lines of text thanks to which I memorize my favourite settings in order to vote for my coffee.

I like those who have this device and have already tested it, noticed that it was at the cutting edge of technology. It has various automatic functions, such as automatic start and stop, the counter for the number of cups passed, the energy-saving position and the automatic descaling and cleaning program.

5. Krups Evidence EA893D40 Bean to cup coffee maker

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The Krups Evidence is a coffee machine that meets the quality and speed requirements sought for this kind of device. It is an automatic coffee maker thanks to which you can freely switch between coffee and espresso, without wasting time.

The device has many features, including the intuitive OLED display, precise control, as well as 3 temperature levels. Likewise, you manage to opt for the fineness of grinding that you want, from this modern coffee maker. The machine saves my favorite settings, to give you the best possible cup.

As for the other practical features, you won’t be disappointed. Its compact size, for example, makes it easy to use. This ease is reinforced by its intuitive control panel, a plus that many users have appreciated. Its water tank has a capacity of 2.3 liters and 260g bean dispenser.

6. De’Longhi Autentica, Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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It is a coffee maker that works with both coffee beans, or ground coffee with water tank capacity of 1.3 litres. It offers 13 levels of settings that allow me to have the type of coffee I want thanks to an integrated grinder.

For a two-year warranty, it has an aroma-saving cap. The Delonghi bean to cup machine is a fully automatic coffee machine, thanks to which I can make all kinds of coffees. From espresso to cappuccino, it offers me many possibilities.

Like most users who have given their opinion on this coffee machine, I appreciate its convenience and its ease of use. Better still, it allows me to make two cups of coffee from a brewing unit; ingenious it must be admitted. It offers me as many possibilities in terms of aroma; but also in terms of the intensity of the coffee, depending on whether I want it strong or slightly sweet.

7. Melitta F85/0-101 Barista TS Smart

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The Melitta is an automatic coffee machine that saves you time. It has many advantages in this sense. It offers a compact and minimalist design, as well as an unusual ease of use. I particularly appreciated the freshness of the ground coffee beans from this device.

When I started using Melitta, I had some difficulties with it. But since I started using the free Melitta Companion app, my satisfaction is full.

Tips for use, tip, tutorials are offered to me. The pre-humidification function of the coffee maker still appeals to me today, since it promotes the protection and development of aromas.

Thanks to its intuitive LED screen, I take full advantage of all the functionality of the device via the control panel. To perform a descaling or adjust the intensity of the coffee, I just press the right symbol, and I observe.

8. Philips 5000 Series ep5360/10

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The Philips 5000 Series is a fine and elegant automatic machine. Its narrow format will allow it to find its place in all kitchens.

Ergonomically designed, its use is particularly simple in everyday life thanks to its intuitive screen and side buttons. Its containers meet the expectations of the most demanding:

Although compact, this machine can hold up to 1.8 liters of water  and  250g of coffee beans.

Very easy to use, all compartments are directly accessible: bean container, water tank, coffee grounds container to make your life easier!

It allows you to make 7 different drinks based on coffee and milk that can be personalized in an extremely simple way (Espresso, Filter coffee, Americano, Capuccino, Latte Macchiato, Hot water tea, milk foam).

Are refined design, is composed of a shiny black facade underlined with chrome and a tray holder in shiny polished stainless steel.

  • Buttons + LCD control screen for simple and intuitive use.
  • Automatic shutdown.
  • On / off button
  • The espresso coffee machine has 7 programmed drinks, 4 of which have direct access, all of which can be personalized in a profile per drink by setting the intensity, the length in cups and the temperature (3 temperatures) for each drink.
  • The removable automatic milk carafe ensures the preparation of high-quality milk foam for a unique Latte Macchiato: smooth, dense, at the perfect temperature until the last drop in a single operation!
  • Ground coffee hatch for only one dose at a time otherwise risk damaging the machine!
  • Pre-humidification of the coffee grounds.
  • Removable hot tea nozzle (for setting up the milk drinks carafe).
  • Brew group, removable water tank and drip tray.
  • Possible settings: 5 coffee intensities, 3 temperature levels, 5 fineness of grinding beans, and coffee length.
  • Ceramic grinder, 5 levels of grain grinding finesse.
  • 1 to 2 cups simultaneously, short or long coffee (2 cups = 2 percolations).
  • The coffee spouts are adjustable in height up to a maximum of 14.5 cm.
  • This espresso grinder is compatible with Aqua Clean filter cartridges.

9. De’Longhi Magnifica S

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For the preparation of my coffee, I like to save time and preserve the aromas. And this is what De’Longhi Magnifica S allows me to make. It gives me the possibility of alternating between a very smooth cappuccino, and a quality latte macchiato thanks to its classic milk frother.

Likewise, and like many other users, I appreciate the ease of use of the device, as well as its intuitive screen and its clear and precise controls.

The efficiency of the water filter is also a point on which my assessment corroborates those of users who have advised on the merits of this coffee maker. The De’Longhi Magnifica S offers an intelligent system for preparing coffee at a perfect temperature.

10. Best Budget Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Melitta SOLO E950-103

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Benefit from original espressos in the comfort of your home, any time of the day or night with the Melitta Solo E950-103. It’s never been easier to make barista-style drinks with the adjustable cappuccino system. This brand has mastered the art of making espresso for you and will be a welcome addition to your kitchen counter.

The automatic bean to cup coffee machine includes all the modalities of a full-size machine, but in a smaller and more practical format. You and your guests can enjoy sublime espresso at any time. With this espresso machine, you will make many envies!

What is bean to cup machine?

It is an electrical device used to prepare a coffee rich in aroma. The preparation is then done thanks to the percolator principle which exerts a strong vapour pressure on the coffee for a few seconds.

Hence the bean to cup coffee machines which allow you to obtain an intense and tight coffee as in cafes. Depending on the model of the device, some use capsules and pods, while others require the use of ground or bean coffee.

What are the differences with the conventional coffee machine?

The difference seems obvious: one is automatic while the other is manual. And yet there are many other aspects which differentiate them and which it seems advisable to take into account. The bean to cup coffee machine or also called, “automatic coffee machine” is the one that we generally find in households for ten years now. Its automatic nature is due to the fact that you only have one task to perform: press a button. The machine will take care of everything else, from running the coffee to filling your cup. There are several types, but often it has its own coffee bean grinder or requires capsules. On the other hand, the manual machine or the classic coffee machine requires manual effort on your part. So you have to take care of your coffee yourself.

Advantages of an automatic bean to cup coffee machine?

For those who are picky and who place a lot of value in their daily practices, it does not seem obvious to suddenly change their practice. However, the automatic grain coffee machine offers many more benefits than you might think. Indeed, it facilitates not only the use of the fact that it is automatic and that, therefore, all you have to do is press a button, but also and above all, because it allows you to quickly prepare your coffee while you are doing other things.

Indeed, the preparation generally takes a minute. As for the variety of drinks, from the capsules, you can change the flavor when you want just by changing the capsules! Depending on your taste, you can easily prepare your coffee and without much effort to deploy. Moreover, automatic coffee maker does not require special skills. Note that the manual coffee machine requires minimum knowledge for its use!

Types of automatic bean to cup machine

The automatic bean to cup coffee machine does not only come in one form. Indeed, there are three. The fully automatic machine is the simplest form. The latter is the one that allows you to save the most in time and physical effort. The only thing you have to do is to press a button to make your coffee. It will take care of the whole process and will only require you to grind and pack your grains, if necessary.

As for the super-automatic machine, it is on a whole new level compared to that which is fully automatic. It can go as far as performing all the tasks necessary for your coffee. Indeed, the fully automatic machine may still ask you to tamp or grind your coffee while it will only ask you to watch and choose the programmable options so that you can control the brew.

It can take care of grinding, packing your beans until you draw the coffee itself. A semi-automatic machine may be related to a fully automatic machine. The only difference is that with the latter, you can decide when to stop preparing your coffee. Generally, it admits features that are fully automatic and gives you not only control but also convenience in all preparation. Choosing the type of automatic bean machine would be an art.

Why buy an bean to cup coffee machine?

Аuthentic flavours

The use of a bean to cup machine does indeed have very great advantages, particularly in terms of the taste of coffee obtained. First of all, you should know that coffee retains all of its flavours better in its bean form.

And thanks to the built-in grinder of the automatic machine, you will enjoy a creamy and flavorful cup of coffee right after the coffee beans are ground.

And in addition to that, you have a wide choice of high-end coffee, whether it is 100% Arabica, black, organic, Italian blends, or decaffeinated and flavoured.

Many interesting features

With an automatic bean to cup machine, you are sure to enjoy the cup of coffee that will please you the most.

Indeed, it is a device that offers a set of very practical settings and programming allowing you to make a drink exactly to your taste. Therefore, whether you are a big fan of classic coffee, ristretto, espresso, lungo, macchiato, latte or cappuccino, the device will satisfy all your desires.

In addition, the quantity of drink prepared is much greater compared to those prepared with a conventional espresso machine which uses pods intended for making small cups.

bean to cup coffee maker

How to choose a good bean to cup coffee machine?

The options

The bean to cup machine comes in a wide variety of models, with different options and features that you can often find useful. Automatic devices are certainly the most practical since they use capsules or pods.

Thus, the user will no longer need to adjust the quantity of coffee suitable for a single cup, unlike the use of an espresso bean machine which requires more handling. In addition, the combined espresso machine is particularly recommended for those who like to vary the pleasures, because it allows a double preparation of each type of coffee.

Certain functions such as the grain grinder, the milk frother, the choice of the length of the coffee are also essential points which can influence your choice. Of course, it is always better to have a screen to facilitate the control of the device and the selection of programs.

In fact, in addition to the manual models, most classic espresso machines offer different pre-saved recipes for easier preparation of espresso, tea, hot chocolate and others.

If you have a semi-automatic device, you can then favor the recipe memorization function to facilitate your next preparations.

And for practicality, there are machines equipped with cup warmers, an automatic dosing function for ground or brewed coffee or a double cup holder to be able to serve two cups at the same time. The automatic shutdown function is also very popular, especially for models of devices allowing the preparation of a large quantity of coffee collected in a jug.


Today, bean to cup coffee makers are no longer content to create a quality product for the sole purpose of offering good espresso to consumers. Indeed, they do everything to attract customers at first glance by offering them beautiful machines designed in more attractive shapes and colours.

Far from us the little sought after design of the traditional coffee machine made in a cubic shape, with a good old steel frame and a very simple ABS coating. So now you have a wide choice of models for the design of your future jewelry.

Delonghi coffee makers are however the best known for their classic design, designed in fairly cubic lines and in sober colours like grey, black and white. They are particularly suitable for those who favour the efficiency of a coffee machine with a grinder.

On the other hand, there are also brands that offer tools with a more sophisticated and rounded design. And for people looking for modernity or who want to enhance their device at all costs, we recommend the Jura espresso machines. The latter have perfectly worked lines, even on the back cover and the use of quality materials is easy to see.

On the cleaning side, it must be ensured that your appliance is fitted with removable accessories in order to guarantee in-depth maintenance. This is very important to maintain the performance of your espresso machine and the quality of your coffees.

Thus, most automatic coffee makers have a manual cleaning system, while some models, such as the Tassimo espresso machines, have automatic cleaning systems using tablets. The main thing is to regularly change the filter cartridge, carry out descaling, clean the milk circuit. In all cases, it would be best to choose a device with a systematic cleaning and rinsing program to make your life easier.

How to maintain your espresso machine?

What to do

Make sure that the water tank is always emptied when the appliance is not in use. The same is true for the bean container and the coffee receptacle, which must not contain drinks for more than 24 hours.

If possible, always use filtered water or a filter cartridge to prevent your machine from scaling up quickly.

And for the location, avoid placing the machine too close to a stove so as not to risk damaging these components.


Ideally, clean your bean to cup machine after each use. Proceed by operating the device with water for a few minutes. The water tank and the filter can be washed in the dishwasher. To decrease your appliance, you can use a detergent once a month to remove fat deposits. Also, remember to clean the steam wand with water and rinse aid.


Regular and intensive use of the coffee machine requires weekly descaling. For this, we strongly advise against the use of white vinegar, as it is corrosive. Gel or tablet descalers are the most recommended for this type of appliance. Proceed by filling the water tank in which you will add the descaler and operate the machine until the deposit disappears.


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