In three weeks I will go to visit my grandmother, the family will meet to celebrate her 70th birthday, obviously, we will go to the sea, that’s why I need the best beach bag available in the market.

An event like this doesn’t happen every year, I have asked for a couple of days in the school and I still have to take a job that doesn’t give waiting, but everything to enjoy with the midwife of the family.

That is why to travel to the sea, I must make sure to carry a bag that is waterproof and resistant and that allows me to keep everything organized and why not? Put the computer, my swimsuits and my towel.

These bags are very useful and, if you know how to choose well, you will have it for years. The important thing is that at the moment of choice you make sure to select a product that is economical and that suits your needs.

Oyr pick for the best beach bags

To find the best beach bag, the first thing you should think about your needs and priorities. It isn’t the same bag to put swimming suits, for example, outdoor games, food, cold things or a computer.

I always recommend to the girls, however, that whatever is selected, bet for a product of good quality, with durable material that you don’t have to replace the return of a year or even earlier.

A cheap product can be very nice, but it is likely that its durability isn’t as reliable as that of others for which you should give a few extra bucks. The most sought after are canvas, but it will depend on the use you want to give it.

For example, if it is to be in the sand or around the pool it should be a water resistant material, but if you have the bag placed on a comfortable table with umbrella near the sea, maybe a cotton one is enough.

An important detail that you should also look at when making the selection is the ease of transfer, there are large bags that become a real nightmare take them from one place to another, for more convenience, you must go with something very portable.

A good one should also be comfortable, easy to carry and should help you to be organized, the options with lots of pockets are good because they will help you keep everything in place.

Before choosing one, you should review what is available in the offer: materials, colours, manufacturers, price, features. With comparison, you can know which of all the options is the one that is most suitable for you.

If you are determined to buy, but you still don’t know what you can do better, maybe this list will clarify the ideas:

1. Fjallraven Unisex Totepack

Fjallraven Unisex Totepack

    Coated with double-layer fabric at the bottom, this model is just what you need to take to the beach or pool.

    2. Kipling XL beach bag

    Kipling XL beach bag

    The Kipling is the most recommended if you will travel for a short time, you can organize your luggage in all the available space.

    3. Dakine Women’s Party Cooler Tote Back Pack

    Dakine Women's Party Cooler Tote Back Pack

    Equipped with a thermal compartment, this travel bag is ideal for going to the beach, and packing the essentials for the weekend.

    4. ZWOOS Oversized Beach Bag

    ZWOOS Oversized Beach Bag

    With this one is not a problem to put a lot of things in and go on vacation. This one by ZWOOS is made of canvas and covered with fabric.

    5. Don Don Large Beach Bag with Zipper

    Large Beach Bag with Zipper

      Put the towel, sunglasses, sunscreen and swimsuit, will leave plenty of space to keep things in with zip and pockets.

      6. BEKILOLE Nylon Crossbody Purse

      BEKILOLE Nylon Crossbody Purse

      The brand Bekilole puts at your disposal this waterproof bag made of nylon. It has a main compartment and comes with interior pockets. It comes in multiple colors.

      7. Aubry Gaspard Hand Wattled

      Aubry Gaspard Hand Wattled beach bag

      Made of raffia, leatherette and synthetic leather, this model “tote” fabric is suitable for storing clothes, towels and personal effects and iros de finde.

      8. Canvas Beach Bag with Shoes Organizer

      Canvas Beach Bag with Shoes Organizer

      Made with saltwater canvas and woven belt, this model is what you need to go out on the weekend. It has an internal organizer and it is resistant.

      9. styleBREAKER Beach Bag with Colourful Hibiscus Flower Print

      styleBREAKER Beach Bag with Colourful Hibiscus Flower Print

        Ideal for the pool and the beach, this carry-on bag is a great option to store everything carefully.

        10. Newport beach bag

        Zicac Women

        With transparent plastic construction, this model is the most popular when it comes to the beach, it is breathable and will give you protection.

        What are the advantages and disadvantages?

        In addition to the advantages mentioned above, these bags are also widely used in swimming pools and other spaces where you go exclusively to cool off in the water and sunbathe. The idea is that it protects your personal items even if they get wet or fall on the sand.

        Fortunately, fashion has become more and more democratic and today it is easy to find beautiful models designed exclusively for situations like this.

        What you need to consider is if the model really meets the needs it should, or if it is just a bag with a different cut but not made of special material.


        • Most are waterproof
        • They are resistant to the sun and sand.
        • They are spacious
        • There are numerous elegant templates


        • Not all of them are waterproof
        • Some are too small
        beach bags

        Where else can I use it?

        Despite the name, this bag doesn’t need to be used exclusively on the beach, because the models are getting better and better and becoming part of the look.

        As we said, you can also use your one when you go to the pool, after all, you will need a lot of items when you are there.

        In addition, these bags can be used in summer, within the city. If you are on the coast but not exactly on the beach, this is even more possible!

        Some of the more exclusive models even allow you to go to cooler restaurants and bars with a summery atmosphere and even outdoor parties.

        The point is to abuse creativity and abuse your beach bag to configure looks on hot days. It works super good, you see?

        Buying Guide

        Choosing a beach bag is a daunting task, but for the avoidance of doubt we’ll give you some tips on what to keep in mind when shopping.

        • Material
        • Size
        • Color and print
        • Compartments

        Below we will explain in detail each of the topics.


        As we said, the safest materials for beach bags are straw, plastic, and canvas. Whichever you choose, make sure your choice is solid and will withstand contact with water and sand without damaging your objects.

        The material of your bag is what covers it, so it is very important that it is of good quality and offers good durability, okay?

        beach bag uk


        Forget the little ones. The compact options cannot carry all the objects that we take to the beach.

        Remember also that towels, clothes and sarongs take up a lot of space and therefore it is important that your bag is very spacious. Also, there is always that relative or friend who wants to put something in your bag.

        Color and print

        Choosing the color and pattern for your beach bag is very personal, so it should be based on your taste. However, keep in mind that there are options for everyone.

        If you want to match it with your bikinis, you may want to go for more neutral shades like black and white, which look great with any other shade.


        Some bags have smaller compartments or come with small organizer bags, which can be especially useful for carrying small things like earrings and money.

        Check if it has internal or external pockets, zip closure to prevent sand from entering. A compartment beach bag goes a long way in organizing small belongings that get lost in the bag.

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